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New studies suggest there's more to the deep sleep phase than it was known before.

Sleep deficiency has a detrimental impact on your physical & mental health. A study revealed that even after 1 week of recovery, you might not be in a position to fully recover your functions.

Chronic insomnia has physical and psychological implications, and a recent study revealed that almost 8% of middle-aged Austrians are struggling with it

Big Health collaborates with Healthy Minds Bucks, an IAPT service in England, to help people who are seeking treatment for anxiety, depression or sleeping difficulties

There has been a link between maintaining healthy diets and good sleep-time recovery, a study among working-age Finnish adults reveals

New developments have been achieved in energy collection research that can lead to amazing advances in the future.

The association between the lunar cycle and sleep has for long been elusive when it comes to men. Most studies provide conflicting results, but this new study has intriguing results

Promoting more sleep among school-going children could be the secret to reducing stress among teenagers in a post-pandemic world