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New findings suggest that wind farm noise is no more disruptive than other sounds! Read on to learn more!

Scientists from Australia test new mattress sensor technology that will help people to cure their sleep disorders.

Scientists discover new enlighting facts about how the sleep cycle can be naturally improved.

This article will explain how milk helps with the sleep schedule and how to use this knowledge to get better rest!

Recent research suggests that motherhood comes along with serious issues like sleep deprivation, which causes even more harm to overall health.

As more people suffer from the consequences of a virus, more concerns about its link with sleep issues appear.

The increased use of various gadgets before sleep leads to the question if it's actually safe for our health to go to bed with electronics and bright screens.

Read on to find out more about our sleeping patterns and how they are related to motion, as well as a unique experiment involving fruit flies that made the discovery possible.

A new MIT study shows unexpected results about the link between sleep quality and productivity.

Serious issues have been indicated in the work of CPAP machines made by Philips. Read on to learn what happened!