Top 5 Sheets for Dog Hair – Your Furry Friend Deserves Their Place By Your Side!

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From silk to linen, we have reviewed the best bed sheets for dog hair on the market. We have also ranked them on our list of the best sheets and blankets for dog hair.

The best sheets for dog hair are tightly woven, easy to clean, low on static, and durable enough to handle your pet. When shopping for the best sheets for pet hair, you must consider the fabric, weave, and thread count. Mistery to be uncovered: is there a universal material that is perfect for pet hair? We are about to find it out.

We have also considered the fact that many pet owners face not only hair on the sheets but also stains, foul odor, and germs. We were surprised that some types of fabric could handle each of these common unpleasant facts!

Top 5 Sheets for Dog Hair Review 2021


Molecule Sateen Performance SheetsEditor’s Choice

  • Material: TENCEL (advanced fiber) sateen
  • Sizes: all
  • Available colors: 4

More features: durable, wrinkle-resistant, unfavorable for bacterial growth

Molecule Sateen Performance sheets are soft, wrinkle-resistant, and durable that features advanced TENCEL materials optimized to provide cooler, cleaner, and recovery-focused sleep. Each set of Molecule Sateen Performance sheets include:

  • One fitted sheet
  • One flat sheet
  • Four pillowcases, including two pillowcases for twin sets
  • Extra deep sheets
  • Available colors include ivory, white, cloud grey, powder blue, and more

What makes it special?

  • Molecule Sateen performance sheets are our top pick for a wide range of reasons, including the wide variety of colors, the easiness of cleaning, and they are wrinkle-free. Moreover, they are anti-microbial, which means that they are also hypoallergenic. These sateen sheets have a slick surface and a high thread count, which means that the dog hair will slide off without the need for too much cleaning. Moreover, the slick surface is oil repellant.

What cons did we find?

  • While the Molecule Sateen Performance Sheets are the best bed sheets for dog hair in the market today, there is room for improvement. For starters, darker colors will hide the hair from dogs of all shades. In addition, they provide very light colors - these sheets will make the dog hairs more visible. For the price they are offering, they could use with a discount for holidays and repeat customers.

Luxome Sheet SetThickest Bamboo Fabric

  • Material: 100% bamboo viscose, 400 thread count
  • Sizes: full, queen, king
  • Available colors: 8

More features: certified fabric, thermal-regulating and moisture-wicking material, the sheets have the highest bamboo thread count ever

The Luxome Sheet set has one of the highest thread counts of any set of bamboo sheets ever made. It is softer than the luxurious 1000 TC Egyptian cotton sheets. The sheets are woven to provide optimal cooling, luxurious softness, and extreme durability. It is a four-piece set that includes:

  • One flat sheet
  • One fitted sheet with 17-inch pockets for a perfect fit
  • Two pillowcases


The Luxome Sheet set is made from 100% viscose bamboo and is not blended with synthetic fabrics. This ensures a luxurious soft feel for the ultimate comfort for you and your pet. Moreover, the bamboo viscose ensures natural moisture-wicking that aids in temperature regulation.

The 400 thread count sheets ensure little room for dog hairs to cling to the sheet. However, the temperature regulation features ensure that your dog does not overheat while it is under the sheets. For people that would mean that during warm summer nights they would feel themselves very comfortable unber cooling and silky smooth blanket.

Why is it special?

  • The first thing we liked while doing this best sheets for dog hair review is the softness of the sheets. It has a silky smooth finish, and this means that the dog hair will simply fall off the sheets meaning less cleaning when you want to get rid of the dog hair. The sheets are good-looking, comfortable, and they come with a free carrying bag for easy transportation. The Luxome Sheets are breathable and are eco-friendly since bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and requires only 1/3 of the water used by other plants such as cotton to grow.

What are the flaws?

  • Of the eight available colors for purchase, only one (charcoal) is suitable for hiding dog hair from dogs with a darker fur shade. This means that you will need to get sheets from other manufacturers of a darker color. Another thing is that the 30-day return window is too short since there can be unexpected delays during shipping, and this will close out most people who might need to return the item.

Nestl Bedding Sheet SetBest Sateen

  • Material: Double brushed microfiber
  • Sizes: all
  • Available colors: 44

More features: extra durable, wrinkle-free, tear and fade resistant since it is made to withstand several wash cycles without the colors fading

The Nestl Bedding Sheet set is one of the best bed sheets for dog hair. It is not only durable, but it comes in a whopping 44 different colors. The package is a set of 4 pieces which include:

  • One fitted bed sheet
  • One fitted flat sheet
  • Two pillowcases with a modern 3-line design


Nestl Bedding Sheets are made of double-brushed microfiber, which means that the bedsheets are thick and do not leave room for the dog hairs to cling onto the bedding. It offers a plush and soft comfort that feels better than 1000TC bedding made from Egyptian cotton.

The sheets are resistant to pilling and snagging, which makes them pet-friendly and durable. Moreover, the microfibers are durable and will not disintegrate soon after buying.

What do we love it for?

  • The Nestl bedding sheets come in various sizes, including California King size, King size, Queen size, split king, twin size, and Twin XL size. Moreover, they have a variety of pockets ranging from 17- to 21-inches. In addition, the fitted sheet has a durable and stretchable elastic band that ensures that it fits snugly to the mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep for you and your pet. We also love that you get to choose from over 40 colors that include both light and dark shades.

What were we disappointed with?

  • While this Nestl bed sheet set provides a wide range of colors, they could use a size that fits single beds as well as kid’s beds. We have also realized that the microfibers might deteriorate after several rounds of washing or if you leave the bed sheet in the dryer for too long. In addition, the colors are mostly light in color, which means that the dog hairs will be more visible.

Brooklyn Bedding Tencel Sateen SheetsBest Hypoallergenic

  • Material: TENCEL (advanced fiber) sateen
  • Sizes: twin, twin XL, full, CA king, split king
  • Available Colors: 4

More features: absorbs moisture

The Brooklyn Bedding Tencel sateen sheets are some of the best bed sheets for dog hair in the market today. Not only are they affordable, but they are also durable. The sheets have a natural silky sheen and silky hand that wraps the body in comfort, ensuring an enhanced sleep quality. The set includes:

  • One fitted sheet
  • One flat sheet
  • Two pillowcases for queen sizes and above

The TENCEL fiber used on Brooklyn Bedding TENCEL Sheets is gentle on the skin. The fibers have a sleek cross-section and weave that enhance the level of comfort and softness even after several washes. It is different from other TENCEL fibers in that they can absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton, and thus the sheets have enhanced thermal regulation features. The TENCEL is made from sustainable wood sources, and this goes a long way toward conserving the environment and protecting our natural forests.

Why is it special?

  • Unlike other bedding manufacturers, Brooklyn Bedding has its factory, which ensures that they can control the quality of their products. They use the highest quality TENCEL fibers, and this ensures improved thermal regulation. The products are eco-friendly too, since they source the fibers from sustainable wood sources. It is also very soft to the touch, and this gives a sense of sleeping in luxury. The sleek, smooth surface also prevents dog hair from clinging onto the bedsheets.

What are the flaws?

  • Most of the best bed sheet and blankets for dog hair we have reviewed today shows that they get two pillowcases in the set irrespective of the size of the sheets. You will get one pillowcase for sizes below queen size, which could deter most buyers. Moreover, the sheets are brightly colored, and this will make the dog hairs more visible.

Schilucheng Store Sheets SetBest for Summer Nights

  • Material: 1800 thread count Percale microfiber
  • Sizes: all
  • Available colors: 15

More features: fade and wrinkle-resistant, and it keeps its shape for a long time

The Schilucheng Store Sheet Set offers the best bed sheet for dog hair since it has the highest thread count at 1800. This means that you will enjoy a smoother and silkier surface. The sheets are made of percale microfibers which provide fade resistance and are devoid of lasting stains.

In the set you will find:

  • One flat sheet
  • One fitted sheet
  • Two pillowcases

The high thread count means that the weaves are tight, leaving little room for pet hair to cling on the bedding. You can get rid of the pet hairs easily with a lint remover or a pet sponge without the need for constant washing.

What are its best features?

  • We liked that the fitted sheets have sturdy 16-inch deep pockets to ensure that it fits snugly to the mattress. The fibers used also ensure quick drying, and it is wrinkle resistant due to the elasticity of the fibers, which keeps the sheets from crumpling up. They also offer as many as 15 color variants, and you will have no trouble finding a dark shade that will make the dog hairs less visible.

What could be improved?

  • While the sheets are made of 100% polyester fade-resistant fiber, it could be better to use natural fibers. This means that the synthetic fibers will attract pet hairs more easily, but the high thread count will help reduce the chances of the hairs clinging onto the bedding. Unfortunately, customers will have to rely on the availability of the Schilucheng Store Sheet Set on Amazon, which means that you might have to wait for an indefinite period before the set is available for purchase.

Things to Consider

Now that we have looked at the best bed sheets for dog hair, getting the right one for you and your canine pet is not easy. In this section, we will look at the only buying guide you will need.

Consider the Thread Count

Top 5 Sheets for Dog Hair – Your Furry Friend Deserves Their Place By Your Side!

Thread count refers to the number of thread strands per square inch of the fabric. This means that it is a measure of the quantity and not the quality of the bedsheets. However, some advertisers will say that a high thread count ensures high quality. For this reason, you must consider the fiber content when considering the quality of the best bed sheet and blanket for dog hair.

In that light, how do you count? Firstly, a ply is a long filament of twisted fibers. The ply forms a thread, and two twisted plies make a two-ply thread. One hundred threads used in weaving a square inch of fabric produce a 200 thread count fabric according to some company standards, while others will use a 100 thread count.

Consequently, there is no set standard for the number of threads per square inch of fabric in the bedding industry. However, some will add horizontal threads known as pick threads to increase the thread count.

Tightly woven fabric leaves little space for the dog hair to cling on, and the thread count will help you tell between loosely and tightly woven fabrics.

The higher the thread count, the tighter the weave, and that makes the best bed sheets for dog hair.

Liquid and Stain Resistant Fabrics

For a house-trained dog, the chances are that they will hardly pee or poop on your beddings. However, this does not mean that they will not lick their paws or drool. If you believe it is something your dog will do, we suggest that you consider water-resistant bed sheets like Luxome Sheet Set. This will make it easy to remove any dog hair and stains that might be left on the fabric.

Anti-Microbial Bed Sheets

The best bed sheets and blankets for dog hair should have an anti-microbial feature. Some dogs have the affinity to sleep on the same spot as you in bed, and sooner or later, you will notice a foul smell.

Most anti-microbial bed sheets are not only water-repellant/resistant, but they also repel oil and keep your bed clean, thus requiring less washing. In addition, anti-microbial bed sheets and blankets are hypoallergenic, meaning that they will protect you from allergenic attacks, and the best one here is Molecule Sheets Set.
Top 5 Sheets for Dog Hair – Your Furry Friend Deserves Their Place By Your Side!


While shopping for the best bed sheets for dog hair, it is important to consider the thickness of the microfiber. The thickness is measured in deniers. Bed sheets with a high denier equate to thicker bedding, leaving less room for dog hair to cling on the bedding, making Schilucheng Store Sheet Set the best option with an 1800 thread count.

Ease of Cleaning

Whether or not your dog sheds a lot or not, it is essential to ensure that the bed sheets and blankets you use are easy to clean. In addition, it is important to use at least two rinse cycles while washing the bedding to ensure that you have removed as much dog hair as possible.

You should use a lint-remover for any remaining dog hair, especially those with peel-able sticky tape. Here are more ways to remove dog hair from your bedsheets and blankets.


The type of material used in making bedding will determine how easy it can be for the sheets to repel dog hair. However, the bottom line is that you need to settle materials with a high thread count.

At the very least, you need to settle for the following materials:

  • Thick cotton with a super tight weave, which means there are fewer spaces for the dog hair to be trapped in
  • 100% crisp linen has high pet hair repelling abilities at the same time being breathable and durable
  • Sateen and silk fabrics have a smooth weave and work well at repelling pet hair. The fur will easily slide off the surface

Why Consider a Particular Type of Bedding for Pets?

Top 5 Sheets for Dog Hair – Your Furry Friend Deserves Their Place By Your Side!

As we have demonstrated above, there are several reasons why some bed sheets are best suitable for pets. But, in hindsight, what bedding is not ideal for pet owners? This section looks at the bedding that is not suitable for pets:


Irrespective of whether your pet sheds a lot or not, it is not easy to clean loosely woven fabrics. The thinking behind this is that the loose weave will provide a larger surface area where the fur will cling. Moreover, it becomes much difficult to clean and remove the fur.

Drooling and Paw-Licking

Have you ever wondered what pets do all day when you are away? It is believed that they sleep much of the day, only waking up to go to the toilet and eat. Afterward, they lick themselves, and this accelerates shedding.

Temperature Throughout the Year

Dogs, like humans, are social creatures, and they crave attention. Therefore, they can develop depression if they are not tended to, including them jumping in bed with you at any time of the year.

For this reason, you need to consider the insulation and weight of the bedding. This ensures that you and your dog have the proper comfort without getting overly hot under the covers, whether it is winter or summer.

However, dogs and cats tend to lick their paws when they get comfortable. Dogs, on the other hand, tend to drool. The worst part about it is that it will make the spots wet, making sleeping or resting after a long day nearly impossible.

For this reason, we recommend that you get water and oil repellant bed sheets and blankets. It will save you the trouble of constant cleaning.

With that said, there are some fabrics you should avoid, including materials with a rough texture and an open weave. This includes fabrics such as wool, velvet, and synthetic fabrics.


Several fabrics do a great job of repelling dog hair, such as sateen, silk, linen, and cotton. However, you might note that there is fur left on the bed sheets and blankets after a cleaning. For starters, you could use a pet lint roller that is easy to use, affordable, and reusable.

You could also get a pet hair sponge that is used as a regular sponge but make easy work of removing pet hair from bedsheets and blankets. Additionally, regular washing your bedding and ensuring at least a 2-rinse cycle will get the dog hair off your bedsheets.

Ideally, you should choose bed sheets that are of the same color as your dog. However, light colors and white make the dog’s hair more visible. So, to be on the safe side, get dark-colored bed sheets and blankets to mask the hair from dogs of different shades.

There has been a lot of debate on social media and among pet owners on whether a perfect type of sheets for pets exists. The answer is no. This is because pets shed fur, drool, lick their paws, and do a myriad of other things that will affect the durability of the bedsheets. In addition, you will be forced to clean them regularly, which will consequently loosen the weave, meaning more space for the hairs to cling.

Before you put the bed sheet or blanket in the water, hang it outside and whack it with a tennis racket, a clean broom, or an oar. This will help release the dog hair trapped between the fabrics. Next, put the sheets into the dryer and throw in a couple of dryer sheets. The hair will cling to the dryer sheets, but you will need to do it a couple of times if the sheets have a lot of hair.

At this point, when most of the hair is removed, you can then wash the sheets. However, you should run the sheets through two rinse cycles to ensure that all stains, hair, and bacteria have been removed.

Our Verdict

After going through the bed sheets on this best bed sheets for dog hair review, we have decided which is the best one you should choose. We considered various factors, including the thread count, type of fiber, and availability of colors, durability, and more.

Although, all products would worth your attention, as for the most cooling and smooth material, Luxoft Sheets Set has become our personal favorite, due to its outstanding qualities. Schilucheng Store Sheet Set though has the biggest variety of sizes and colors – every person can find something that would perfectly suit him. However, after much discussion and comparison, we have settled on the Molecule Sateen Performance Sheet Set as our pick for one of the best sheets for dog hair available on the market today. It is not only durable, but it also has a slick, that leaves little room for dog hair to cling on the bedding.

We are committed to ensuring that you have the best experience as you cuddle with your canine friend and other pets without the nuisance of having pet hair everywhere.

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