5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

We cover some of the most common and practical styles of bedroom décor and give advice on how to make it a better place right now!
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Decorating your room is not an easy task, especially because there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration. Your room and its surroundings are the first thing you see when you wake up and that sets the mood for your day ahead. Since there is no pressure to impress others in your own room, you have complete autonomy to have everything that makes you happy in your room! This article will delve into some amazing bedroom ideas for women, which are both practical and pretty.

First of all, your room is your safe space, so selecting the correct aesthetic and style is extremely important. You need to feel a positive energy when you enter your room,

and the right aesthetic will work wonders to do so. Research shows that decorating your room to your liking has notable positive effects on mood. Secondly, no amount of style can beat comfort, so make sure if not every corner, then at least your bed is cozy and inviting. Continue reading for five very easy, yet fantastic ideas for women’s bedrooms!

#1. Boho Chic

5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

Boho or bohemian aesthetic Trusted Source 18 Ways to Embrace Boho Style in Your Home | Better Homes & Gardens Boho style incorporates an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures. The relaxed, global-inspired aesthetic bends traditional design rules to create a layered, personalized look. Embrace the style’s laidback vibes with these bohemian decorating ideas. www.bhg.com is timeless and never goes out of fashion. If you also secretly wish you were as cool as a hippie, you can always decorate your space to fulfill your heart’s desire. Boho aesthetic is all about clutter but strategically placed and visually appealing clutter. Imagine the 70’s vibe, with natural wooden furniture, psychedelic tapestries, knitted throws and macramé hangings. This is still a very popular aesthetic, especially for small rooms and apartments. You need soothing hues of browns and beiges for the background to make all your stuff stand out.

The best thing about a boho style bedroom is that it is extremely easy to decorate and very budget friendly. You don’t require any fancy fittings or furniture either; a simple floor pallet bed would look amazing!

The second you walk into a room that is decorated boho style, you should feel peace and tranquility. So naturally, you need lots of plants. You can have artificial vines or take a page from urban jungle’s aesthetic by adding real plants in every flat surface you can find. You can hang artificial vines over the headboard of your bed, or even have a complete wall dedicated to several vines hanging from the ceiling to the floor. A big and leafy plant pot can take a corner spot, while wooden floating shelves can house smaller plant pots, along with an hour glass and wooden frames. You can also do the same with a bookshelf in your room. Cactuses look amazing in cluttered spaces, so make sure to get at least one cactus plant for your shelves and desk.

Sheets can do wonder for your room. The best thing about a boho style room is that even plain white sheets look extremely stylish, however, you can always add printed sheets if you like. Make sure to get the right colors and prints, like palm tree leaves and coffee bean prints. You can add throw pillows and cushions in hues of white, gray and brown to complete the bed. A canopy over your bed, made from a see-through net will definitely help you get an authentic bohemian vibe.

For decoration, you can have macramé hangings at the door frame, a psychedelic rug in the center with some floor cushions and even a globe or a world map. A standing lamp, with a cozy reading corner is how we imagine completing the perfect bohemian room!


#2. Modern Glam

Women have a wide range of options when decorating their rooms. The most fascinating thing about modern and elegant bedrooms is that they are gender neutral, however, feminizing this style is very easy. The first thing for a modern décor is neutral shades. You can pick a range of neutral colors, from whites to grays. We personally love ash gray wall paint, with sleek furniture to bring out the truly modern and laid back vibe.

5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

One thing that most modern rooms need is mirrors! Be it a large full-length mirror, a mirrored ceiling or even an elegant chandelier. The best thing about mirrors is that even if you have a smaller room, with not a lot of open space, a mirror will make your room appear bigger. So, go ahead and get yourself a huge mirror for your room! Now when we said chandelier, we did not mean those ones that hang out dining tables or in foyers. A relatively smaller but equally glamorous crystal chandelier over your bed will surely have you waking up and feeling like a modern-day princess!

The next thing is accessorizing your room. If you want a modern aesthetic, the main thing to remember is clarity. Most modern rooms appear to be clean and spacy. So, having less clutter is the way to go. We have all heard the saying, less is more. Well, it applies here perfectly. When shopping for decoration items, make sure to look for statement pieces that enhance the overall aesthetic, but don’t take away from the elegance of the room. This includes delicate light fixtures and switches, a simplistic flower vase, sleek and neutral accented lamp shades.

We would recommend skipping the wallpaper for a simple painted wall, unless you find an elegant wallpaper that you absolutely cannot pass.

Moving on to furniture, you will need simple, yet stylish pieces that remove the need to add a lot of decoration items. The bed is perhaps the most prominent thing in your room and dictates the overall style predominantly. Look for a bed with a large headboard but make sure not to go for larger-than-life designs. Comfort shall not be compromised for style, so a foam-infused, plush headboard will be your best bet. We recommend a comfortable, queen sized bed frame to bring out the true essence of the modern room aesthetic. This Canyon bed frame is perhaps the perfect pick for this room aesthetic. Moreover, pillow shams are extremely important to have your room looking well put-together even after sleeping on the pillows. You can get some great pillow shams in different materials and colors to match your sheets.

In order to add some glam to your simplistic modern bedroom, you can always look for glittery items, such as fancy perfume bottles, shiny makeup brushes and some sequin throw pillows to complete the look! A small and compact couch or stool would do wonders for this room, adding a touch of feminine charm to your overall understated vibe. This modern round velvet ottoman stool can be one of the statement pieces we mentioned earlier, adding a splash of color to the otherwise neutral hues of your room.

To keep with the clean, modern look, opt for a minimalist yet striking flower shop – a simple glass vase with a few stems of flowers in a neutral tone will add a touch of nature without clutter. The key is not over-accessorizing, so let the flowers make their quiet statement amongst the rest of your décor.

#3. Teenage Girl Pink

Women are often stereotyped for liking the color pink, but it’s not that simple Trusted Source www.cnn.com ! Well, we are not complaining because in our opinion, pink is an extremely soothing and uplifting color that we would love to have in our room! We absolutely love a girly girl aesthetic, with everything pink you can find in the world. However, let’s not go overboard with the pink. The key to having a perfect teenage girl bedroom aesthetic is to have different shades of pink, along with accents or darker shades, like purple. You can go for a soft baby pink wall paint, or plain white walls. It is better to have plain walls, so you can add color through accessories and get a greater choice of things you can put in your room.

5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It


The first thing you see when you enter a room is the bed. If you are going for a teenage girl room aesthetic, a single bed is the best option, unless you are an adult who refuses to let go of their teen years. In that case, a twin sized bed will also be a good choice. But remember that you do not want your bed to be consuming the entire space, so sticking to compact and smaller bed frames is best. We love a metal bed frame that has a delicate design. When it comes to having a girly room, sheets can do wonders for you. Having floral and printed sheets will add personality to the bed area and bring out the true teenage girl essence. High nightstands are also in great demand. You can have white or light pink furniture and utilize the nightstand to keep your alarm clock, lamp, photos of your loved ones and a cute plant!

For decoration, we recommend posters of your favorite bands, movies and artists. This can work for both, a college dorm or your bedroom at home.

Posters add a pop of color and personality to even the dullest of rooms. What better to be surrounded by than your favorite pieces of art?

Dresser is perhaps the most important part of this aesthetic. You need a cute dressing table, a round mirror and a baby pink furry stool to truly capture the teenage girl vibe. There are several things you can keep on the dresser to decorate the room. Moreover, a desk or workstation for your laptop and books is always nice to have. You can add photo frames, snow globes and fairy lights to finish the look. You can also hang a neon sign that reads your favorite lyric or quote to have a cool, yet artsy vibe.

You can never be too cozy, so always remember to have a comfortable mattress that swallows you in the second you hit the bed. Imagine sleeping on a comfortable couch and waking up to a teenage girl’s heaven? You can also get plushy cloud pillows to complete the look. We recommend a cloud duvet cover that will have you wishing you never had to leave your bed! Moreover, a frilly and luxurious bed skirt would complete the princess look you want by framing your mattress nicely.

#4. Rustic Cottage Core

Cottage core is a minimalist aesthetic that is quite similar to bohemian in some aspects but has its own country girl charm. If you want to decorate your room around a chill, free-spirited vibe, this aesthetic is the one to go for. Your room will not only look effortlessly beautiful but also inviting and warm. We have so many ideas for you to turn your room into something out of a fairytale, so let’s have a look at some.

5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

Firstly, you need neutral and earthy colors to bring out the truly traditional and old-time charm of rustic interior design. The walls will look great if painted in a dull peanut or ashy white color. The best thing about minimalistic walls is that you can add all kinds of decoration, with all kinds of rusty colors that you wish. A forest door and wooden floors, with a simple rustic rug in shades of cream, orange and yellow will do wonders for your cottage core bedroom. The thing about cottage core is that it takes you back to simpler days, where you could sit in the sun and eat fruit all day, while reading your favorite book. So a book shelf is a must have. This bookshelf can also hold other items, like letters, scented candles, pot pourri and pebbles.

When it comes to the comfort of rustic rooms, you need a bed that will call out to you as soon as you enter the room. Consider getting a low, four poster bed to get the perfect old school cottage vibe. Keep your furniture wooden and small, with one larger chest that you can use as a dresser. Having a rectangular mirror, with a wooden frame will go beautifully with the dresser chest. You can keep jewelry and makeup organizers, along with vintage candle holders on the dresser chest. A dream catcher over your bed will complete the fairytale theme. Having too many plants will take away from the overall theme, however one or two smaller floor plant pots will add a touch of nature and uplift the whole aura. Lanterns and strings of stars are never a bad idea, so go ahead and recreate Taylor Swift’s Cardigan music video in your room!

You can get all kinds of bed sheets for this room; however, our personal favorite is floral prints. Flowers and cottage core go hand in hand, so make sure you fill your room up with dried flowers, pressed flower art and other fruity patterns to capture the true villager aesthetic.

One thing that always comes to mind when you think about cottage core interior is fairy lights. You can hang them in creative ways from the ceiling, or on the bed posts, along with a canopy to make your bed look like a makeshift tent. Keeping an artificial fruit basket, bread tray and other snacks over knitted table mats can quickly lift the entire mood of the room. Also make sure that you use light drapes on the windows, to let the sunlight filter in. This interior will not look nice and make your room look dim if you don’t have big windows or get plenty of sunlight.

#5. Industrial

When you live in a loft, your first thought is to style your house in an industrial fashion. This is because it is both easy and practical, with its own understated charm. However, this style is mostly dominated by male homes and bedrooms. It is time that women also claim the industrial aesthetic that they are too scared to admit they like. Breaking stereotypes is all we are about because everyone should be free to choose what they like and if an industrial style room is what you want then have at it!

5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

The old factory, open space charm of industrial bedrooms is unmatched. The first thing you need is some form of unfinished construction to truly capture the inherent essence of this style. You can have exposed bricks, or a wallpaper with a similar effect. This will set the backdrop of your room.

The bed has to be comfortable no matter what aesthetic you are going for. You can have a plain steel or metal bed frame that is both sturdy and durable. If you really want to make the industrial aspect of your room stand out, you must have at least one furniture item that goes against the unfinished raw theme. A cozy couch, ottoman or even your bed can be this item. You can consider getting this modern swoop accent chair to your industrial style bedroom.

When buying sheets and mattress covers for your industrial style room, make sure you stick to solids and minimalistic prints. Adding a lot of patterns is not the best idea. However, you can decorate other parts of the room using patterned prints, like a symmetrical rug or a statement wall art piece.

Next is metal. You can add metallic fittings, decoration pieces and other accessories. Industrial style lamps are very popular, and you can get both wall hanging light fixtures and free standing lamps that are made from industrial pipes. Don’t forget that industrial style bedrooms usually have low lighting, even though there are several exposed bulbs. So, if you are someone who likes having a bright room, this might not be the best idea for you to decorate your room around.

How to Revamp Your Old Bedroom

You don’t have to decorate your room from scratch. You can play with new colors, patterns and pallets to beautify your existing room, while staying within a budget. There are some simple ways that we will outline in this section that you can use to redecorate your old room.

Add a New Corner

5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

This can be done in several ways and the best part is that you can make your bedroom more functional as well. Adding a small armchair and a magazine holder in an empty corner of the room will help you add both a personality and style to your room. A new reading corner also means that you can lay back and relax with your favorite book on a Sunday and look forward to spending more time in your cozy new safe space.

Use a New Pattern

5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

Another thing you can do is play with new patterns. Don’t be shy to go a little overboard with patterns, as long as you have direction. Geometric patterns have a way of making a statement and you can use that to your advantage! You can introduce new patterns in several ways. It can be a statement rug that catches attention when you walk in. It can be new patterned throw pillows with different color pallets to add some colorful fun to your bed. You can also get a new wallpaper to achieve an instant revamp without changing much!

Mismatched patterns, especially in bedding and cushions is very fashionable and lifts the entire mood of a space instantly.

Rugs and Mats

5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

Rugs and mats are a cheap and easy way to instantly brighten your room. If you feel like your room is not inviting or cozy enough, a new fluffy rug is the way to go. You can go with existing colors in your room or choose a completely unrelated but complimentary colored rug to decorate the empty area.


5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

As we have mentioned before, lighting can make or break your entire aesthetic. Make sure to use lights that make you feel good. We highly recommend getting a lamp that has a soothing shade. You can get a salt lamp, which has healing and calming properties.


5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

If you feel like there is a lot going on at once, as a result of you decorating and adding items over time, we recommend boxing the clutter. Sometimes removing things can open up new spaces in the room that you can utilize for better things. So, clear out those empty lotion and perfume bottles on the dresser, donate old books that still sit on your shelf and reorganize your closet to make more space.


5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

Adding simpler, earthy and neutral shades will also help your room look cleaner, bigger and calmer. The best thing about painting your walls in a neutral shade is that you can add different splashes of color in other parts to make them stand out and keep changing it to achieve fresh looks every week. Like a printed floral sheet will be more prominent in a room that is painted in soft shades and when you change your sheets the room will have a brand-new look.


5 Bedroom Ideas for Women and Easy Ways to Rewamp It

Lastly, you need to recycle and reuse. This is an excellent way of being environmentally conscious, practical and responsible. If you have things lying around that are not of much use, try to make something new out of them. We personally spend hours on Pinterest, saving creative ideas to incorporate in our home. Some of our personal favorites include recycling bottles. If you have a beautiful but empty perfume bottle, use it as a makeshift plant pot. Put fairy lights in an old glass bottle and have your very own fairy lantern. An old ladder from the shed can also be repainted and used as a small shelf to hold your decoration items and other things that you would like to display. However, remember to keep it minimal. There is no harm in being bold and we highly encourage you to play with new colors and patterns but be careful not to make your room look like a hoarder’s heaven. So, let your creativity flow and fill your room with positive vibes and charming spaces.

Other Things to Consider

The style and aesthetic of your room are not the only thing you need to take care of when decorating. Even though we have outlined some great aesthetics that you can plan around, you can be as creative and as personal as you like. We encourage all women to put anything and everything in their room that brings them happiness. You can play around with different styles and combine two completely unrelated aesthetics as well to achieve a new look. We personally really like having a touch of both rustic and bohemian styles in one single space to create a magical fairytale aura.

Other than decoration, we believe that comfort and practicality also greatly influence the overall mood of your bedroom. Make sure you find a mattress that helps you sleep well and have a healthy lifestyle! Some people prefer hard mattresses, while others like the softer ones that make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. You can also customize your sleeping area with pillows. If you like to snuggle while sleeping, you can get a full body pillow to hug at night. There are some amazing huggable body pillows that you can get for your bedroom. The best part is that they go with all styles and interiors!

Some people prefer working in their rooms, especially if you are working from home. This means that you need proper back support. So, when you are shopping for a bed frame, make sure to consider the headboard carefully. No matter what style, you need to have the essential support your back requires. You can find excellent bed frames that have a superior headboard, which offers both support and protects your wall paint from chipping.

Moreover, lighting is essential. You need either good sunlight in your room or artificial lighting to illuminate the space that you have spent time and energy in decorating. We personally love fairy lights and neon signs, but you don’t have to stick to these options. You can get a sunset lamp or LED lights, as well, depending on what mood you want to set.

Other things that you can get to make your room cozier and homier include cushions, rugs, a small projector and wall art. You can also consider mixing color palettes of your choice by picking art that is both personal to you and compliments your bedroom. You can paint murals, add post-its with motivational quotes and embellish your room with what feeds your soul!

Final Thoughts

Decorating your room is both exhilarating and taxing. Just like women, women’s bedrooms also come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, so do not let practicality or tradition limit you. You can choose from different kinds of furniture, just make sure you don’t compromise on the quality. How you choose to decorate your space depends on your personal likes and preferences of interior design. Your room should be a place where you feel safe, yourself and free to recharge, relax and enjoy. We hope you found our bedroom ideas for women helpful. We bet you are excited to revamp your personal living space after reading this article. We are also excited to hear your feedback and experience with decorating your new room! There is always room for new ideas and creativity, so feel free to let us know what we missed!


18 Ways to Embrace Boho Style in Your Home | Better Homes & Gardens
Boho style incorporates an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures. The relaxed, global-inspired aesthetic bends traditional design rules to create a layered, personalized look. Embrace the style’s laidback vibes with these bohemian decorating ideas.
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