8 Best Headboards to Give You All the Essential Support

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A headboard can complete the look of your bedroom. It not only adds an aesthetic quality to your room, but can enhance your comfort. Whether you like to read in bed, sit up and watch television or enjoy breakfast in bed, a headboard will ensure that you feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, not all headboards are as good as their sales description. You may be mistaken if you think you know what to look for in a headboard. Don’t be fooled by a quick look, as you need to assess more than the first impressions.

In our quest to find the best headboards, we considered the style of headboards and available sizes. We also looked at the choice of colors to complement your room decor. Finally, we assessed the construction materials, which not only impact comfort, but also the durability of your new headboard.


Modway Lily Upholstered HeadboardEditor’s Choice

  • Available sizes: Queen, Twin, Full, King
  • Construction materials: fiberboard, plywood, soft linen fabric, foam
  • Available colors: navy, gray, ivory, beige

Other features: tufted headboard, adjustable height

The Modway Lily Upholstered Headboard may be one of the best upholstered headboards on the market today and this is why it’s our Editor’s choice. Let’s face it; a good headboard can be expensive and this is a real drain if you’re buying or renting your first home. If you need a headboard for a guest room that isn’t in regular use it doesn’t make sense to invest in a more expensive headboard. So, if you want a great combination of quality at an affordable price the Modway Lily is a great choice.

The Modway Lily is a queen size upholstered and tufted headboard with a basic and solid construction. The height is customizable for better positioning, the fabric is long lasting and the simple design will fit with pretty much any other bedroom decor. This headboard is covered with high quality polyester fabric and it’s available in four different colors. This headboard comes with a 1-year guarantee against any manufacturer defects.

What stands out? It has simple lines to complement any room.
What could be better:
The legs seem a little thin, creating a wobbly feel.

  • Available sizes: Queen, Full
  • Construction materials: hardwood, polyester fabric, foam
  • Available colors: white, beige, black, gray

Other features: adjustable legs, faux crystal button-tufting design

The Baxton Studio Rita Upholstered Headboard is an elegantly designed plush headboard that’s our Premium pick. The queen size Rita headboard is built on a hardwood frame, this is covered in a generous foam layer and then upholstered with a thick polyester fabric that has a leather like finish. This particular headboard is available in four colors, white, black, gray and light beige. This is a scalloped frame design with a tufted design with chic rhinestone buttons. This design looks great but it provides exceptional support and this is one of the best headboards for reading in bed.

When the Baxton Studio Rita Upholstered Headboard arrives some basic assembly is required. There are five pre-drilled holes to make simple height adjustments and the user only needs very basic DIY skills to install this headboard. Once the headboard is set up correctly the black colored leg supports are invisible and this adds to the elegant lines. This headboard is manufactured in Malaysia and it makes a wonderful addition to any modern bedroom.

Why is it special? It’s very easy to assemble.
What could be better:
The packaging is a little insufficient which can lead to damage in transit.


Modway Curl Upholstered Queen HeadboardBest for Adjustability

  • Available sizes: Queen, Twin, Full, King
  • Construction materials: a solid wood, particleboard, linen fabric, foam
  • Available colors: smoke, café, dark brown, ivory, sky gray

Other features: adjustable height (44” – 51.5”), fashionable nail button trim

The Modway Curl Upholstered Queen Headboard can give your bedroom a deluxe finish and it’s a comfortable option. This is a clean and rectangular design that offers a great deal of style for any bedroom. A variant with a curved upper edge is also available and there are five different colors to choose. The outer edge of this headboard is a polished nailhead trim that provides stylish framing that adds a touch of elegance. The surface texture is a rich linen fabric that is soft to the touch and yet easy to clean.

The construction is a solid wood frame and the main panel is a strong particleboard. The foam support is thick and comfortable when leaning, reading and relaxing in bed. The Modway Curl has six pre-drilled adjustment holes that allow the user to move the headboard from 44” up to 51.5” in height. This means that you can hide the supporting legs and get the exact headboard height that you need. The Modway Curl can be easily attached to most queen bed frames and it makes a fashionable addition to any bedroom.

Why is it special? It has a clean, elegant style.
What could be better:
The fitting bolts could use work to help them fit a standard bed frame.


LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered HeadboardBest for Small Rooms

  • Available sizes: Queen, Twin (XL), Full (XL), King/Cal King
  • Construction materials: Siberian larch wood, polyester
  • Available colors: stone, beige, black, charcoal, cobalt, pearl

Other features: adjustable height (34” x 46”), 3.5-inch thickness, lifetime limited warranty

The LUCID Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard is a functional and fashionable headboard that will complement virtually any bedroom. There are six colors to choose from, including: Pearl, Stone, Charcoal and Cobalt. The headboard is available in a full range of sizes, such as: Twin, Full, Queen, King and Californian king. This midrise headboard is designed to fit most bed mounts and frames allowing for a number of customization options. The headboard legs are pre-drilled and supplied with a pair of wall mounts and plates.

This LUCID headboard is upholstered with a linen inspired fabric that is comfortable and durable. The headboard construction is Siberian Larchwood which is backed with a limited lifetime warranty. The height of the headboard is adjustable in 2” increments from 34” up to 46” in height. This will ensure that you can achieve your optimal headboard height and hide the supporting legs.

What do we love it for? You can adjust the headboard in 2-inch increments.
What could be better:
The installation can be tricky.

  • Available sizes: Queen, Twin
  • Construction materials: solid wood
  • Available colors: ebony/black, gloss white

Other features: bolt-on bed frame mounted, 3-year warranty

The Glennwillow Farmhouse Style Wood Panel Headboard is a traditional “farmhouse style” headboard panel. This is a great way to get contemporary clean lines and have a rustic style in your bedroom at the same time. There are two available colors, they are: Ebony/Black and Gloss White and they are designed to fit a queen size bed. These headboards are built with high quality solid wood, no particleboard is used in the construction.

All the hardware required to install the panel is included and it’s simple to bolt the headboard in place. The full dimensions are 44” H x 55” W x2” D and it weighs a substantial 42lbs. For people that want a rustic looking headboard to complement a more traditional bedroom it’s hard to fault this product. This is an ideal way to get a relaxed country atmosphere and only a moderate amount of assembly is required.

What makes it stand out? It’s made with high quality solid wood.
What could be better:
It does require assembly and is a substantial 42 pounds, so it can be unwieldy.


Zinus Jessica Upholstered Metal HeadboardBest for Reading in Bed

  • Available sizes: Queen, Twin, Full, King
  • Construction materials: metal, foam padded upholstery
  • Available colors: gray, taupe

Other features: 5-year limited warranty

The Zinus Jessica Upholstered Metal Headboard is simple and yet stunning headboard that oozes style. This headboard is well made with ample foam padding and it will match pretty much any bedroom decor. Zinus have made the Jessica headboard to sit at the same level as the frames of their platform beds and this means that the mattress will sit on and not inside the frame. However, the Zinus Jessica can be used with any other bed frame and mattress too.

Zinus have made great efforts in recent years to make products that are very easy to assemble. The Zinus Jessica headboard is no exception and you can be enjoying the classic shape soon after your delivery. The Jessica is available in gray and taupe colors at the moment and there are tufted button options available too. Zinus are offering a generous 5-year limited warranty with this headboard which shows outstanding confidence in their product.

What are our favorite features? The product is supported by a five-year warranty.
What could be better:
It can leave a gap.

  • Available sizes: Queen, Full
  • Construction materials: steel, high density foam
  • Available colors: gray, light gray

Other features: 1-year limited warranty, vertically-stitched upholstery

The Zinus Satish Upholstered Headboard is a classy looking headboard that offers tremendous value for money and it’s our best value pick. This headboard is constructed with a study steel frame that’s covered with thick high-density foam. The luxurious gray headboard cover is 100% polyester and detailed with eight vertical stitches. Zinus offer this headboard in Full and Queen sizes and a 5-year limited warranty is supplied with this product.

Many budget headboards are flimsy and they have an extremely basic look that may be functional but it certainly isn’t classy. With the Satish, Zinus have managed to make a headboard that won’t break the bank and yet it’s extremely classy. This headboard can be assembled in around 10 minutes, it weighs only 18lbs and it can be attached to a metal bed frame too.

What stands out? Quick assembly.
What could be better:
The bolts may not fit all beds.


Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase HeadboardBest for an Organized Bedroom

  • Available sizes: Full, Queen
  • Construction materials: engineered wood
  • Available colors: Jamoca wood finish, oiled oak, white

Other features: includes two small storage drawers

This is the only headboard on our list that’s more like a piece of bedroom furniture offering built-in storage options. This headboard is part of the wider Shoal Creek collection and provides you plenty of storage for all your bedtime needs. There is an open shelf that you can use to store your current bedtime reading materials, alarm clock, reading glasses and a place to charge your phone (with a cord access hole at the rear).

At the sides there are a pair of cubby holes with easy glide drawers for additional storage. The top of the headboard is a great place to store your favorite picture frames and other knick knacks. The Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard has no fabric elements at all but it’s a great way to organize a busy bed area. It’s available in Full or Queen sizes with an Oak or Jamocha finish.

What stands out? The solid construction.
What could be better:
The drawer bottoms are a little flimsy.

Things to Consider

A headboard can improve the aesthetics of your bedroom and make it feel more comfortable. However, with so many headboards on the market, it can be tricky to find the best headboards. So, here we’ve compiled a buying guide including features to consider and answers to some common questions to help you make your purchase decision.

Why should you invest in a headboard?

8 Best Headboards to Give You All the Essential Support

A headboard is a sound investment because it gives you some essential support when sitting up in bed and it will protect the wall behind against abrasion. A headboard such as the Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard may offer built-in storage options but most do not. But, adding a good headboard to any bedroom can give the space a touch of instant class.

It may seem trivial but if you don’t use a headboard you may cause significant wear and tear to your bedroom wall. We frequently wash our bedding because we sweat when sleeping, this is a natural process and that moisture soaks into your pillow. When the pillow is up against the wall that moisture can cause damage and smudges to your bedroom wall decor. When you use a headboard your pillow will stay in place, it cannot touch the wall and this keeps the wall clean.

Many people like to sit up in bed to read, use a mobile device or watch TV and leaning against a wall isn’t comfortable.

The best tufted headboards are covered in a thick layer of foam that offers support for your back when sitting in bed. This is extra special if you’re getting breakfast in bed but it’s a great idea to pair your headboard with a good pillow. This will ensure that you’re reducing the risks of back and shoulder pains when sitting upright in bed.

When you don’t use a headboard you may notice that your pillow doesn’t seem to stay in place. Many people wake to find that their pillow has ended up jammed in the gap between the bed and the wall. This is irritating but it’s also back for your neck, shoulders and back, because you’re not getting that pillow support when the pillow moves around. Adding a good headboard such as the Baxton Studio Rita Upholstered Headboard will solve this problem.

The sleeping temperature that we choose can have a dramatic impact on the quality of our sleep. This is especially true in summer when the hotter weather can make sleeping uncomfortable. During the winter months the bedroom may feel cold and leaning against the wall will be uncomfortable. A headboard solves both of these problems because it insulates you against the temperature of the bedroom wall.

A good bed headboard such as the Modway Lily Upholstered Headboard will help to create a cozy feeling. Many people prefer an upholstered headboard over one that offers built-in storage because they add a touch of comfortable ambience that’s extremely relaxing. There are many styles and colors available and this makes it easy to find a headboard that complements your bedroom decor.

Washing bedding and cleaning your mattress regularly is highly recommended and the same goes for your new headboard. Many headboards such as the Zinus Jessica Upholstered Metal Headboard are easy to clean. A simple vacuum each week can remove germs and dust and you can spot clean with a clean damp cloth and a little water. Always take care to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions carefully for your headboard.

How to choose the best headboard for your bed?

Upholstered Headboards: These are the most comfortable options and they can make a tremendous impact on your bedroom decor. Some people prefer a simple flat design with neutral colors and other like tufted button designs with bolder colors.

Leather Headboards: This type of headboard brings a sleek and contemporary look to any bedroom. But, leather is naturally a cold material and sitting with your back against it can make people sweat. If you choose a leather headboard invest in some extra pillows to improve your comfort levels.

Metal Headboards: These are covered with a generous depth of foam cushioning and you don’t need to worry about cold metal surfaces. This type of headboard is a great option for fans of minimalism because they give your bedroom a modern urban look.

Wooden Headboards: If you’re a fan of traditional or country style bedrooms a wooden headboard is a great option. Wood feels warm and some headboards may even have built-in storage options. A full wooden headboard will not have foam padding or a covering of fabric and extra pillows will be needed to stay comfy when sitting up in bed.

Available sizes

A headboard may be available in different sizes to fit various types of beds. There are some headboards that are made to fit only Queen size beds and others that may fit multiple bed sizes. These are a more versatile option but it’s important to check the sizes carefully and measure your bed to find the right headboard to suit your needs.

Construction materials

8 Best Headboards to Give You All the Essential Support

As we showed above, headboards can be made with four main materials. Many people have their own preferences related to style, durability and flexibility. Some people prefer a metal headboard such as the Zinus Satish Upholstered Headboard because it is long lasting and comfortable. But others may prefer a wooden frame because it is durable and typically less expensive.

Style and color options

The design of the headboard needs to be functional but let’s face it no-one wants to look at an ugly piece of bedroom furniture. The best designs will add a touch of class to your bedroom but there are a couple of simple design tips that may help you to make a final choice. A headboard with a simple flat look will add sleek sophistication and a design with tufted buttons and patterns will add comfy ambience.

When you choose your headboard color, look for something that can match your current decor. It’s a good idea to look at your bedroom in blocks of color or use the headboard color to match highlights. If you cannot make a final decision go with something neutral and you can create accents with pillows and soft bedroom furnishings.

Freestanding vs. detached

If you purchase a new bed you may want to get a headboard included and this will guarantee that the headboard fits correctly. But, your headboard choices will be limited in terms of style and color. Also, when it comes time for a change the bed and headboard will need to be replaced. If you’re looking for a divan bed headboard there are more choices and it’s easier to keep the bed and change the headboard separately. Always check the bed fittings before you make a final purchase because some headboards don’t fit every bed. Measure the screw holes to make sure that you will get a good fit for your new headboard.


Many headboards such as the Modway Curl Upholstered Queen Headboard are height adjustable. Certain headboards may not be high enough to suit a tall person and a smaller child will need a headboard that is shorter. An adjustable headboard is a great compromise because you can change the height as needed to suit growing children and visitors using your guest bedroom.


The thickness of the upholstery foam on your headboard will depend on the look and feel you want to achieve. However, an ideal is at least two inches thick.

A pillowstop is a slim upholstered board that fills the gap between the bed base and your headboard. This prevents your pillow from slipping down into the gap compromising your comfort.

Our Verdict

As you can see, there are some great headboards on the market. From the Modway Curl, which offers a choice of colors and adds elegant style to your decor to the Baxton Studio Rita that has a classy look and is super easy to assemble, there are some great options.

However, the stand out as the top choice of the best headboards has to be our editor’s choice, the Modway Lily Upholstered Headboard. This offers a solid combination of affordability and quality. It has an upholstered and tufted finish with solid construction. You can even customize the height to ensure your ideal position. The Modway Lily is also available in seven colors and is supplied with a 1-year guarantee.

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