Best CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers: No More Troubles at Night

We have gathered and reviewed the best CPAP masks for side sleepers on the market to help you make an excellent choice.
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Traditional CPAP masks are not considered terrible, but folks still hesitate to use them because of their complex features. However, do you know you can get the best value and simplicity from modern CPAP masks?

Modern CPAP masks come with three main components; mask frame, headgear, and cushion/nasal pillow. There’s more; the three main components ensure that these upgraded masks are lightweight, hence eradicating complexities and bulkiness.

We have reviewed some of the best CPAP masks for side sleepers that are available in the market. If you wish to get the most effective and comfortable CPAP mask suited for you, then stick to the end of this article.


ResMed Swift FXEditor's Choice

  • Therapy Pressure: 4 to 20 cm H2O
  • Resistance: at 50 L/min: 0.4 cm H2O; at 100 L/min: 1.4 cm H2O
  • Size: adjustable
  • Material: plastic
  • Warranty: 90 days

Other features: around the ear loops, dual walled pillow

If you need a CPAP mask that would seem almost invisible during usage, then you might want to go for Resmed Swift Fx. Regarded as the overall best CPAP face mask in the market, Resmed Swift Fx has soft, flexible, and adjustable silicone construction that would make your sleep effortless.

Over the years, Resmed Swift CPAP mask products have improved. Before Resmed Swift Fx came into the market, there were three other previous models. Resumed Swift Fx is the outcome of changes and upgrades made on its previous models. Unlike its previous models (Original Resmed Swift Mask, Resmed Swift II, and Resmed Swift LT), Resmed Swift Fx is less noise during usage. It’s also much lighter than its previous versions, has no strap buckle at its back that causes discomfort, and comes with an enhanced and flexible dual walled cushion and a set of three soft wrap pillows (small, medium, and large). If you have sensitive skin, then you should consider going for Resmed Swift Fx because of the nonexistent irritable chemical substances in the mask.

What makes it stand out?

  • We have chosen Resmed Swift Fx as the Editor's choice because of its unique features. In fact, there are hardly any cons attached to this model. Resmed Swift Fx is specifically designed in a way that allows firm attachment on the face. At the same time, it is super light and easy to use; hence it does not feel like a burden on the face. For better comfort, it also comes with a barrel cozy that can be purchased separately. Women who have a thing for style can purchase its pink headgear version with cuter/smaller nasal pillows. In fact, if you are new to CPAP masks, then you should go for Resmed Swift Fx.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • The only adjustment that needs to be made on this super CPAP model is its nasal pillow quality. Although the nasal pillow is really comfortable and effective during usage, it has a short lifespan. It usually doesn't last a month, so this is something that can be improved.


Simplus Full Face CPAP MaskPremium Pick

  • Therapy Pressure: 4 to 20 cm H2O
  • Resistance: at 50 L/min: 0.4 cm H2O; at 100 L/min: 1.4 cm H2O
  • Size: S/M/L
  • Material: plastic
  • Warranty: 30 days

Other features: RollFit seal, ergo form headgear, advanced air diffuser

Simplus Full Face Mask is a CPAP mask that covers the mouth and nose simultaneously during usage. For those who have problems breathing with their mouth during sleep, the Simplus Full face mask is the best fit. Three features make this brand of mask special. They are; Simple cushion with a roll fit seal, Ergo foam breathable headgear, and an Easy clip around the face.


Unlike its previous versions, this Simplus Full Face Mask is extremely lightweight with a single and simple clip for locking around the face. The single and simple clip eliminates the complexities/bulkiness that comes with wearing a CPAP mask. Another added feature to the Simplus CPA mask is the simple cushion with a roll fit seal that comes with the Simplus full face mask. This roll fit seal is meant for the nose, allowing the seal on the nose to roll comfortably. If you need a CPAP face mask for your mouth and nose and you do not want any bulky feeling or complexities around your face, then you should go for Simplus Full Face Mask.

What are our favorite features?

  • Apart from its four special features, the Simplus full face mask has five points on its headgear. These five points on the headgear allow you to easily adjust the mask around the face, no matter the size. Another beautiful feature is the minimalistic design that almost makes it seem like there isn't even a CPAP mask on your face so that you can sleep better. In our opinion, this is the best full-face CPAP mask for side sleepers.

What could be better?

  • Yes, the Simplus full-face CPAP mask has impressive features, but one disadvantage is that it can hurt its users at the bridge of their nose. Reviews on the mask have also shown that the mask is vulnerable to air leakages.


Bleep DreamPortBest Headgear Free

  • Therapy Pressure: 4 to 20 cm H2O
  • Resistance: at 50 L/min: 0.4 cm H2O; at 100 L/min: 1.4 cm H2O
  • Size: no size
  • Material: latex
  • Warranty: 90 days

Other features: hypoallergenic, lightweight

Minimalistic, highly comfy, high-quality seal and headgear free features that come with the Bleep Dream Port Face Mask. This mask is quite different from others because it is the most portable and adaptable CPAP mask in the market. It requires no headgear for clipping as it already comes with medical-grade adhesive strips to help seal the mask around your face. Hence, no need to worry about scratches or irritation caused by the use of headgear. Secondly, the mask is adaptable because it can be used on any CPAP machine, regardless of the brand.

Bleep Dream Port Mask is actually the first of its kind produced by Bleep company. Its lack of headgear separates it from other CPAP masks. Unlike any other CPAP product, Bleep Dream Port makes use of disposable adhesive ports with connectors. The Bleep Dream Port comes with a pack of 32 ports plus connectors that can be used for 16 nights. A disposable mask port with connectors means no need for constant washing, and you still get to maintain hygienic practices with the mask. If you need a low-budget CPAP mask that is highly comfortable with no headgear and yet firm seal around the face, then Bleep Dream Port is your best bet.

What stands out?

  • Bleep Dream Ports are made up of hypoallergenic surgical foam tape. These surgical tapes are gentle on the skin. It is also stretchy, comfortable and very suitable for active sleepers. Bleep Dream Port is also an amazing CPAP mask because no matter the size or shape of your face, the mask would fit perfectly.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • What we've noticed about the Bleep Dream Port is that the mask is not hot water resistant. The mask is selective of its cleaning agents. Therefore, agents such as bleach, cleansing products that contain alcohol or anti-bacterial cleaning materials easily damage or change the shape of the mask. The mask could also be quite noisy compared to other quality CPAP models. One would have to turn down humidifier to reduce noise from the mask.

Philips Wisp PediatricBest for Kids

  • Therapy Pressure: 4 to 20 cm H2O
  • Resistance: at 50 L/min: 0.4 cm H2O; at 100 L/min: 1.4 cm H2O
  • Size: 3 (SCS, SCM, SCL)
  • Material: silicone
  • Warranty: 90 days

Other features: 360˚ rotating elbow, click-fit headgear clips with adjustable straps, lightweight

Philips Wisp Pediatrics is the overall best CPAP face mask for children. Hard, bulky, irritable to the skin, non-flexible, these demerits, and more are reasons caregivers/ parents don’t get CPAP for children. Philip Wisp Pediatrics is a CPAP facemask that is children-friendly, comes with a beautiful giraffe-print made out of soft silicone, and a modified cushion curvature to help kids feel more comfortable. 


Over the years, CPAP masks for adults have been modified, making rooms for better flexibility, adjustments, and other features. CPAP masks for children are rare to come by, and for that reason, children’s nasal masks have hardly been modified. Philips Respironics products have upgraded their products to make room for children. A similar Philips Respironics product that is comfy, soft, and minimally invasive is the Philips Wisp Minimal Nasal Mask. However, the Philips Wisp Pediatric can be considered an upgraded model of the Wisp Minimal Nasal Mask. The upgraded features of the Philips Wisp Pediatrics are: It’s children-specific with 3 cushion sizes designed for children up to 7 years. It has a leak correction dial that allows parents to fix leak issues without disturbing the child’s sleep, and it is made out of silicone.

What are our favorite features?

  • In our opinion, Philips Wisp Pediatric is unique because it is specifically made for children with sleep apnea. This mask supports non-invasive ventilation (NIV), has a 360° rotating elbow, gives room for flexibility during sleep, and has a leak correction dial. And one other special feature is that this mask comes with a colorful/ animated video demonstration for children.

What could be better?

  • Although kids would very much enjoy this mask, it can easily break. This is because of its delicate features that prevent pressure around the child's face. The cloth material on the silicone mask is also prone to discoloration due to natural oils present on a child's skin.


Philips Nuance ProBest Value

  • Therapy Pressure: 4 to 20 cm H2O
  • Resistance: at 50 L/min: 1.4 cm H2O; at 100 L/min: 5.5 cm H2O
  • Size: adjustable
  • Material: silicone rubber
  • Warranty: 30 days

Other features: gel pillow, non-slip headgear, lightweight

The Philips Nuance Pro is popular for its nasal gel features. It is regarded as the Best Value in the market because it has a gel-padded frame with non-slip headgear that firmly holds the mask in place without many readjustments. The Philips Nuance Pro is simply a gel_padded pillow mask representing the best value for sleep therapy. 


The Philips Nuance Pro Mask with gel is an upgraded version of the Philips Respironics Nuance Pro (without padded gel). Unlike its previous model, the Philis Nuance Pro with gel has a gel_padded frame with a non_slip headgear that allows firmness around the face. The product is stretchy (hence adjustable), and it is a bit larger than the former version, so it doesn’t cause discomfort around the skull. The Philips Nuance Pro is perfect for active sleepers and patients who love a high/standard performance look.

What stands out?

  • We admire that the Philips Nuance Pro comes with a silicone rubber that aids flexibility yet firmness. Its gel_padded frame with non_slip headgear is also a unique feature that can't be found in most CPAP masks. This nasal mask's gel pillow conforms to different nostril sizes and also reduces nose irritation. Furthermore, it has other special features such as; silent exhalation port for quiet usage, a simple attachment hub, and four cushion sizes for a firmer seal.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Although Philips Nuance Pro offers great value, its tendency to break easily makes it a bit less preferable. Its pillow pieces are also prone to fall off when one takes off the mask. Lastly, its rubber gear, although it allows flexibility, can quickly wane out. This is normal for a typical elastic material, but hopefully, its rubber material would be much firmer after future modifications.

Things to Consider

We have reviewed the top five modern CPAP masks in the market. However, there is still some other information you may need to know to aid you in making a better brand choice. In this buying guide, we would highlight some key factors that should be noted when purchasing a CPAP mask.

What types of CPAP are best for side sleepers?

As a side sleeper Trusted Source Choosing the Best Sleep Position | Johns Hopkins Medicine Could one sleep position be better than another? A Johns Hopkins expert explains when and why position matters. , there are certain factors you have to consider before picking a brand or model of CPAP mask. One thing to note about side sleepers is that they can’t seem to keep their CPAP mask in place because of the tossing, turning, and friction against the pillow during sleep. In this case, the minimalistic Bleep Dream port, which is headgear-free, has a 360° rotation and adhesive strips for seal holding is one of the best options for side sleepers CPAP mask users.

One might also ask, “What is the best CPAP mask with soft buckles and surface for side sleepers? Well, side sleepers are vulnerable to pressure soreness during sleep. For this reason, the Philips Wisp Pediatrics and Ergo foam breathable headgear is the perfect fit for side sleepers who require extra soft features in a mask. Although there are different brands of CPAP masks fit for side sleepers, one should note the major qualities available in three specific styles of CPAP masks mentioned below. These three styles of CPAP masks are

Nasal Mask

Best CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers: No More Troubles at Night

Nasal CPAP masks seal over the top, or under the base of your nose and can accommodate a higher pressure setting than a nasal pillow mask.

The Nasal mask is the most common style of CPAP mask on the market. This mask is usually held in place by a four-point headgear and sits just on the bridge of the nose.

One of the best nasal CPAP masks for side sleepers is the Resmed Swift Fx. As a standard Nasal mask, the Resmed Swift Fx is a perfect fit for beginners/ those who find the full face mask quite complex or uncomfortable. Most Nasal masks have minimalistic designs that do not obstruct one’s vision even while awake. As a result, many patients can even wear the mask while awake or during the day.

Nasal Pillow Mask

In most cases, Nasal pillow masks are even preferred to Nasal masks. They are placed directly under the nose, smaller than the typical nasal mask, hence have better minimalistic features. The nasal pillow mask has two pillows/cushions that guide the nose, and because it is just under the nostrils, it reduces air leakages as air goes directly under the nasal hole.

The Nasal Pillow Mask works well for those who have facial hair, are active sleepers, or have issues with having the pressure of CPAP masks on their faces and, not to forget, those who wear glasses. Two recommended Nasal Pillow masks are the Philips Wist Pediatric and the Philips Nuance Pro with gel-padded pillows.

Full Face Mask

If you have issues breathing with your mouth during sleep, then Nasal or Nasal pillow masks won’t do the trick. The full face mask is the best option for mouth breathers. The full face mask delivers airflow to the mouth and nostrils at the same time. Although many would prefer nasal or nasal pillow masks because they are more minimalistic and unobstructed, not everyone can use these two kinds of masks.

Best CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers: No More Troubles at Night

Modern/upgraded full face masks can give one the same feeling as a nasal pillow mask or even better.

A modernized full face mask can be minimalistic enough to reduce claustrophobic feelings (feelings that come with pressure on the face) while also having a firm fit on one’s face. An example of a modern full-face mask that does wonders for mouth breathers is the Simplus full-face CPAP mask. This mask has minimalistic features with only three main parts; the frame, headgear, and cushion.

Features to consider

Although the five CPAP masks reviewed above are top-notch, however, you still have to know which particular mask or brand works best for you. A Doctor’s recommendation, size, price, and material consideration are some of the features you’d have to note when getting ready to purchase a CPAP mask. Below are some of these features.

Doctor’s Recommendations

It is crucial to visit the doctor before making a CPAP mask choice. The doctor is in the best position to tell you what style or brand of CPAP mask fits better. For instance, a mouth breather can’t use a nasal mask because of the dangers it could pose. Those with certain allergies or sensitive skins can’t choose on their own; hence a doctor is needed. Apart from this, beginners or younger patients (children) who have developed sleep apnea are still quite vulnerable to CPAP masks, so they shouldn’t decide on their own.

Therapy Pressure

There are different levels of air obstruction experience for every patient with sleep apnea. The main reason why CPAP masks are needed in the first place is that some people don’t get the right amount of air into their lungs and nostrils. This is why the CPAP mask recommended would set the correct level of air into the lungs or nostrils so that the patient can sleep better.

No matter the brand of CPAP mask you are using, you have to ensure that the CPAP mask is suitable for your specific level of air intake. In most cases, the CPAP pressure is set between 4 to 20cm H2o, the average being 10cmH2o.

However, you would have to consciously keep an eye on your CPAP pressure setting because it might need to be adjusted from time to time to fit your specific air pressure needs.


The resistance control setting is on the CPAP machine and it aims to fine-tune the level of air ventilation going into the mouth or nostrils. For most CPAP masks, like the five recommended CPAP masks mentioned here, the resistance control is usually set at 50L/ min for 0.4cm H2o and 100L/min for 1.4cmH2o.


The size of your CPAP mask matters a lot. A CPAP mask should be held firmly against the face but not too tight, or else the mask’s seal can fold over, eventually making room for air leakages. Instead, the top of the mask should be firmly placed below the nose’s bridge and not obstruct the user’s view. Headgear size and fitness could also affect the firmness of the CPAP mask on the face. It is important that the headgear is easily adjustable and tight enough so that the mask can have a proper fit.

While some CPAP masks come in sizes (small, medium, and large), some are easily adjustable, like the Bleep Dream Port or the Resmed Swift Fx.


The material of a particular CPAP mask could significantly influence the durability, firmness, and comfort of the mask. This is why materials have to be considered before getting a CPAP mask. The standard CPAP mask is made with sturdy plastic for durability and soft silicone material for comfort and flexibility. For instance, the Philips Wisp Pediatrics and Nuance Pro are made with silicone so that their users can get maximum comfort. The rubber attached to the Philips Nuance Pro would also ensure firmness and flexibility at the same time.

Furthermore, one has to consider the possibility of an allergic reaction before getting a particular material. If you’re allergic to silicone or plastic, other great material options are; foam, cloth, or the gel-padded mask like the Nuance Pro.


A warranty is meant to protect against defects on a product. Most CPAP masks (like the ones discussed here) have an average warranty period of around 90 days. Within 90 days, a customer can make complaints or return the CPAP mask with money still intact if a default comes up.


Prices usually influence the choice and quality of products purchased. However, when it comes to CPAP masks, the price of the brand doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. The five top-rated CPAP masks reviewed here are within the price range of $74.95 and $149.00. So, you can get the maximum quality for an affordable price. You can also reach out to your insurance agent first to know if your budget covers a particular CPAP mask brand.

Other features

Apart from size, durability, and therapy pressure, there are other features to look out for when getting a CPAP mask. For instance, getting a CPAP mask with a 360° rotating elbow is an excellent choice for active or side sleepers because of its flexible construction. A lightweight CPAP mask is also important because it takes out the pressure applied on the face during usage.

A dual-walled cushion also gives proper contour or a sluggish feeling to the nose and ensures comfortable air passage into the nasal holes. Another notable feature that can’t be underestimated is the adjustable straps/elastic headgear in some CPAP machines, providing proper sealing and firmness on faces.

Included components

Best CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers: No More Troubles at Night

CPAP headgear is used to hold your CPAP mask in place with straps that go around your head.

In every CPAP mask, the three main components are the mask/frame, the headgear, and the cushion. However, some other components can be attached to the mask to make it more effective. For instance, the Resmed Swift Fx comes with an optional fleece-lined strap that ensures firmness on the face and makes side sleepers more comfortable without the fear of headgear removal during sleep. The Philips Numace Pro comes with the choice of a frame. Hence, it is easy to attach either fabric or gel-padded frame to this brand of CPAP mask.

Advice for Side Sleepers with Sleep Apnea

As a side sleeper with sleep apnea, you might find it a bit difficult to rest your sides on the below comfortably. As a result, constant turning and tossing, which is more likely to cause sleep invasion, might be what you would face most nights as a side sleeper.

We advise that side sleepers get a thicker but fluffier pillow to support the head and neck during sleep. Using a quality CPAP mask like the Nasal Pillow mask that prevents face friction during sleep with a thick body hug pillow is the best bet for maximum effect.

However, these are not the only tips to practice. If you are a side sleeper with sleep apnea Trusted Source Sleep apnea - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. , you would have to do a lot more than getting a good pillow and CPAP mask. Maintenance of the CPAP mask is of premium necessity. Below are ways you can properly manage your CPAP masks.

Clean CPAP mask frequently

Hygiene is key. No matter how effective your CPAP mask is, maintaining regular cleaning would keep the mask in good shape and prevent infections. The frame/mask, headgear, cushion, and CPAP tube should be cleaned at least every three to five days. The CPAP mask should be washed manually and with lukewarm water. Cleaning agents should not also have bleach, alcohol, or other harsh ingredients in them. Also, it is advisable to wash your cushion/nasal pillow daily after use.

Replace CPAP mask’s component

Yes, get a quality CPAP mask, but you still need to replace components/pieces from time to time. Components such as cushions and headgears should be replaced monthly for effective functioning.

Get a CPAP pillow

CPAP pillows can go a long way in making CPAP Therapy easier. Some CPAP pillows can be attached to your mask and hose. This type of pillows would reduce friction caused by tossing and turning and prevent leakage and seal failure.

Get a CPAP chinstrap

This tip is meant only for those who need a full face mask to accommodate their mouth and nostril at the same time. The CPAP chin strap is made up of a padded chin cup and headgear that would keep the jaw/mouth properly closed while asleep.


Of course, sensitive and durable equipment such as the CPAP mask would be covered by insurance. Apart from that, CPAP masks are also part of the medical coverage that comes with an insurance package. However, attached components such as tubing or replacement headgears are usually purchased separately without insurance. Furthermore, you should check with your insurance agent to ensure that the CPAP mask is part of your insurance package before purchasing one.

As long as your CPAP masks have a secure seal and an adjustable/moderately tight headgear, you can sleep comfortably/ peacefully at night. Nasal/Nasal pillow masks are a great fit for side sleepers because they are much lighter and less complex, reducing face friction during sleep. However, certain full-face masks like the Simplus Full Face Masks can be used without feeling pressure.

Our Verdict

We have looked into the five top_ quality CPAP masks that you would find in the market.  While every CPAP mask brand has its merits, these five were specifically chosen because of their impressive features: minimalistic feature, adjustable headgear, 360-degree elbow rotation, silicone and plastic material, and three-sized nasal pillows. This review would help you make a good choice on the best CPAP masks for side sleepers.

However, three CPAP masks are preferable to others because of their unique features. The Resmed Swift Fx was made the Editor’s choice and is considered at the top of the chart because it is the best for active sleepers and those with sensitive skin. It also comes with added components such as an enhanced dual cushion, no strap buckle, and an optional fleece-lined side strap meant for side sleepers.

The Philips Nuance Pro was given the “Best Value” title because of its gel-padded feature and non-slip headgear that properly holds the seal in place and assures fitness. Simplus Full Face CPAP mask also made the “Premium Pick” because it is the most minimalistic full face mask on the market. Its components such as a simple cushion with roll fit seal, ergo foam breathable headgear, and air diffuser make it one of the best CPAP masks for side sleepers and the most useful fuller face mask for all levels of sleep apnea.


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