How Can PEMF Help to Manage Insomnia?

Learn about the benefits of pulsing electromagnetic fields therapy and find out whether it suits your needs.
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Last updated: August 11, 2023
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Tired of consuming pills to have adequate sleep? Consuming sleeping pills for a prolonged duration is not safe. It’s high time to look for a safe alternative to manage insomnia that has no side effects. This is where PEMF therapy helps.

Let’s first explain the significance of insomnia and PEMF therapy to understand how PEMF can help to manage insomnia.

What Is Insomnia?

How Can PEMF Help to Manage Insomnia?Insomnia is a relentless daily impairment in initiating sleep or maintaining it. This condition will affect the quality of sleep despite having enough sleep duration and opportunity.

Circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles that are usually in sync with day and night. Within those circadian (daily) rhythms, ultradian rhythms are 90–120-minute cycles that occur numerous times per day, both day and night. Both are necessary for a good night’s sleep.

Circadian rhythm disruption is a typical symptom of sleep problems. Circadian rhythms control hormone production and are essential for human survival.

During sleep, these internal clocks cause a slew of functional changes, including brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and movement. That is why it is critical to control these rhythms.

What Are the Types of Insomnia?

There are four different types of insomnia, and they include:

  •         Acute (short term) insomnia
  •         Chronic (long term) insomnia
  •         Maintenance insomnia with trouble in staying asleep
  •         Childhood behavioral insomnia

What Is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF stands for pulsing electromagnetic fields. PEMF devices use inductive coils to provide electric and magnetic fields to the tissues to treat a variety of acute and chronic disorders.

This therapy has grown in popularity in recent years, however, PEMF devices have been utilized for therapeutic purposes for over a century. It promotes bone repair, wound healing, antibacterial properties, and the reduction of pain, inflammation, and edema.

Furthermore, PEMF therapy can be used to treat a wide range of disorders in both humans and animals as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other therapies.

PEMF devices have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in humans to treat orthopedic problems such as certain bone fractures, sports injuries, and post-operative pain.

How Does PEMF Therapy Help Insomnia?

How Can PEMF Help to Manage Insomnia?Sleep disorders can be effectively treated by synchronizing brainwave patterns to return disrupted patterns to normal. PEMFs are one of the strategies for accomplishing these adjustments.

There are two stages of sleep:

  •         Rapid eye movement (REM)
  •         Non-rapid eye movement (NREM)

The frequency and intensity of brainwave activity will differ in the above two stages. When the brainwave activity reaches the lowest frequency (1-4 Hz), this duration is called the sleep phase. The brain neurons undergo slow electric activity in this phase.

Hence, the application of a high-intensity Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) at one hertz develops slow waves to spread across the brain’s cortex region. These slow waves promote deep sleep at the frequency range of 0.5-4.5 Hz to enhance brain restoration and memory.

In short, PEMF can enhance your brain’s electrical activity by just changing the frequency range. The application of PEMF at low frequency helps in synchronizing the brain waves, allowing them to shift to a sleeping pattern, resulting in better sleep quality.

A 2001 research study reported that PEMF has improved sleep disruptions and delivered superior sleep results within four weeks. By using a low-intensity magnetic system, the length of treatment has a significant impact on the consistency of the outcomes without any adverse complications.

What Are the Factors to Be Considered Before PEMF therapy?

No research study reports any adverse side effects due to PEMF use. However, avoid using PEMF in case you:

  •         Are pregnant
  •         Are breastfeeding
  •         Have severe epilepsy
  •         Have a defibrillator or pacemaker
  •         Have dental implants

Furthermore, talk to your doctor in case you are taking chemotherapy. In that case, enquire your doctor about PEMF dosage.


Would you like to undergo a completely safer and natural therapeutic option to get rid of your sleep disturbances? You need not have to visit the clinic to undergo PEMF therapy. Buy one for yourself at an affordable cost! Contact Sentient Light, one of the top-notch PEMF equipment suppliers in the United States.

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