How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored Sheets

We've picked eleven most helpful ways how to get blood out of sheets without ruining them.
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Bloodstains are bound to find their way onto your sheets in one way or another. Furthermore, they might come at the least expected times.

Notably, these stains can come as a result of periods, Trusted Source Why Period Stains Are Actually Funny | Teen Vogue Find out why period stains are actually funny, and how you can react when you have one. nose bleeds, or cuts. It is normal. Maintaining white sheets can be hefty with bloodstains on them.

Furthermore, if you let the stains stay on your sheets for too long, you can experience hell removing them.

Knowing how to get stains out of sheets will help you maintain the covers and save the expense of regularly purchasing sheets.

Fortunately, there are several ways of getting stains out of sheets. The best method of getting blood out of sheets will enhance your comfort.

Best Ways to Get Blood Out of Sheets

Bed stains should not worry you that much.

Don’t be concerned about having a bleeding nose, bug bites, and cuts. Women are more likely to have stains on their sheets. The menstruation period can be tough to handle. Walking around with stains on the pads is uncomfortable, especially for those with heavy flows. Women at times forget that they’re going through their periods amid busy days and jump in the bed without loosening up.

This factor is a core reason why women should understand the details of how to get period blood out of sheets.

Stains on the sheets are a turn-off. No one likes their sparkling sheets being ruined by blood. Removing these stains is tough but possible with the best ways of getting them out.

Enlighten yourself with how to get dried blood out of sheets to overcome the challenges of removing stained blood that stays on the sheets for long.

Well, dried stains can be around for the rest of your life if not removed. Here are the best tips for removing stains from bed sheets.

With Cold Water

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsAccustom yourself to washing sheets with cold water.

It has more benefits than washing with warm water. Warm water will ultimately damage your sheets. It increases bloodstains. So instead of getting blood out of your sheets, you will be increasing it. This is because bloodstains contain elements of proteins.

Using warm water is close to cooking – the surface area of your stains will expand. You should inspect your sheets for any stains that might be present. Once you notice some stains, ensure that the water you use is as cold as possible.

Cold water is more instrumental in removing stains than you might think. In your quest to know how to get blood out of white fleece sheets, you will realize that it’s one of the best methods.

With a Laundry Stain Remover

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsYou can use a laundry stain remover to clean stained sheets after soaking them in cold water. This process addresses how to get old blood out of sheets too.

Laundry stain removers are effective in eliminating several types of stains. They remove the blood and leave your sheets sparkling clean.

These are excellent choices out there. Look for your personal best and settle for it. Take your time while inspecting stain removers.

Experts recommend the Shout Triple-Acting Laundry Stain Remover as the best laundry stain remover. This product is outstanding in cleaning blood-stained sheets. Laundry stain removers eliminate blood stains, whether new or old.

With Hydrogen Peroxide

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsHydrogen peroxide is one of the best solutions for stained sheets. Hydrogen peroxide removes all kinds of stains from sheets.

Hence, understanding how to get blood out of sheets with hydrogen peroxide will certainly offer you a quick solution to your problems.

However, it would be best if you took some caution when working with it. Darker sheets don’t rhyme with hydrogen peroxide. It does extensive damages and might leave your sheets looking messy. Hydrogen peroxide works best on white sheets or those that have lighter colors.

We recommend pouring hydrogen peroxide in the basin where you soaked your sheets. Of course, you should soak the sheets in cold water. Bubbles will start forming.

Rub the sheets to remove the blood stain once the bubbles disappear. Rinse the sheet with cold water. You will need to perform the process repeatedly if the stains are not yet out.

Lemon juice might also work the same as hydrogen peroxide.

With Enzyme Cleaner

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsEnzyme cleaners are also excellent at removing bloodstains.

They remove bloodstains in the most effective way. Most enzyme cleaners remove blood stains within fifteen minutes.

You will find it quite helpful to soak sheets with enzyme cleaners and cold water for approximately 10-20 minutes. The enzymes form a reaction with bloodstains to eliminate them.

They are also found in several stores countrywide. According to most of the reviews on Amazon, the best enzyme cleaner remains the Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator. The enzyme cleaner eliminates odors, stains, and residue. Furthermore, it can wipe every surface at every time.

With Salt Water

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsSalt is also helpful in removing stains from sheets. This method is also cost-effective considering you only need salt and water. Another good thing about this method is that it does not limit you to just one particular type of salt; instead, you can use multiple types to remove stains.

You will find this method among the top in the list for how to get blood out of sheets without washing. First, mix your salt with cold water. After that, stir until all the salt has dissolved and then put in your stained sheet. Leave it to soak for about three hours, then take it out and rinse using cold water. This process will ensure blood is completely removed from your sheets.

With Baking Soda

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsBaking soda is also excellent for removing bloodstains, though not commonly recognized.

Easy access to this product makes it a convenient way of removing stains. Stores rarely lack baking soda.

The process of using baking soda is straightforward. You should make a cleaning paste using baking soda (cornstarch can also work). After that, mix with cold water and smear the paste on the stain. Let it rest for thirty minutes, then rinse gently.

With Ammonia

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsAmmonia never disappoints when it comes to removing tough stains.

You should make a mixture with ammonia with water in the ratio of 1:1 and then stir over the stain.

Let the mixture rest for a while. Remove the sheet and rinse it afterward. Ammonia might not be readily available in the store.

Should you find yourself in that situation, it will be safe to use ammonia that is used for window cleaning.

With Vinegar

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsAnother common liquid similar to it is white vinegar.

Using white vinegar follows the same process as ammonia. Mix vinegar with water in the ratio of 1:1, let it rest for a while, then rinse with cold water.

Vinegar and ammonia can be used for the same purpose as they offer almost the same level of cleaning. Bloodstains have no chance of remaining on the sheets after passing through vinegar.

With Aspirin

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsAspirin also does the trick. The steps you use do not really matter.

Aspirin will clean your sheets in the same way as most of the processes. Take a couple of aspirins, crush them, and mix with cold water in a bucket.

You should never use hot water when washing your garments. They are prone to bleach or lose quality when washed for long in hot water. Furthermore, using aspirin with hot water may result in the stain sticking on the cloth. Instead, use cold water and dry after the cleaning process. Drying will only need the heat from the sun.

With Cola

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsDon’t be surprised by this method. Cola is used to clean bloodstains. Colas are especially useful since you can find them in most stores.

Furthermore, they work well with colored sheets – not a lot of methods will clean your colored sheets without staining them more.

You should simply soak the stained sheets in soda should you have a good capacity for it. Allow it to soak in the soda for some hours, then remove.

Cola has chemicals that lift bloodstains from the surface of sheets and garments, hence, it makes it easy to remove the stains while washing.

With a Meat Tenderizer

Unsalted meat tenderizers can also remove bloodstains. This fact might be as surprising as using cola, but it is an efficient method.

There are some essential steps that you should follow while using meat tenderizers. Sprinkle the tenderizer on the part of the sheet that has stains.

After that, add water and mix with the powder to create a paste. You should then leave the mixture for about thirty minutes before rinsing. Make sure you use cold water for mixing; you can then wash your sheet.

Stain Removal: Useful Tips

How to Get Blood Out of White and Colored SheetsRemoving bloodstains might be cumbersome. However, the best methods of removing these stains will leave you satisfied with your washing. These are some of the tips you should consider when removing blood from sheets.

Chlorine bleach offers perhaps the quickest stain removal. Should you have it, then consider yourself lucky.

Avoid using colored sheets with it as its bleaching rate is quite high. You should also avoid rubbing the sheets with force. Overall, ensure you follow instructions, which is usually found on the bottle.

Experts say you should run your sheets in a rinse cycle for the best outcomes. Manual removal of bloodstains may be difficult. Thus, use the machine, then afterward use a launder. Make sure you use warm water for this process too. Once you launder, leave it in the sun to dry up.

After you have cleaned your garments, ensure you dry them under the sun. Leave them out for the longest time possible to eliminate minor blemishes that might still exist on the sheets.

Final Thoughts

Bloodstains on the sheets are one of the worst things to have. It might be horrific to the extent that it gives you sleepless nights. There are suitable methods of removing bloodstains in sheets without a fuss.

Take time and learn how to get blood out of sheets to eliminate these annoying stains immediately. Never forget that cold water is the best for removing these stains.

It will never stain sheets or bleach them whatsoever. On the other hand, warm water may not give the desired results. Take time and find the method that works best for you.

Once that is done, you will never have to deal with bloodstains in your sheets. Furthermore, old blood will be a thing of the past.


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