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Last updated: October 15, 2022

Odyssey Blanket Review (Winter 2022)

Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Last updated: October 15, 2022
Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Snuggling on the couch
  • Suitable warm cover for overnight sleep
  • Camping, especially in hot or warm regions
Main features:
  • The blankets high-quality fabric-cotton linen that is easily breathable
  • Good quality manufacture material making it machine washable
  • Carefully weighted, giving that soothing feeling while in use
  • Guaranteed 90-day warranty of full money refund
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Talk About Sleep is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Sleep is a significant factor that highly influences optimal brain functionality and provides for general body relaxation. Physicians recommend a range of six to eight hours of sleep duration; however, researchers have found that sleep quality matters more, and better sleep quality offers more satisfaction than longer sleep durations. Customer preferences when purchasing blankets include but are not limited to comfort, performance, and quality. Unlike other blankets manufactured by competitor companies, odyssey blankets are made using high-quality materials and designed for optimal performance to enhance better sleep for users.

Also, the product is cautiously weighted, giving a soothing sensation to the users, thus allowing them to obtain a restful sleep when using the product. Further, the product is retailed at very affordable rates, making it more available even to average-income families. Therefore, Odyssey blanket review is important due to the exquisite features and the amazing deals that odyssey blanket offers to their customers.


Cotton linen and ceramic beads
Machine washable
90-day money-back guarantee

Customer satisfaction is a crucial part of profit-making; thus, products are made to best suit the customer’s needs. Odyssey blankets are designed with specific features that allow them to meet the intended function by the producers and enhance customer satisfaction. The blankets are weighted to 15lbs using ceramic beads that are non-abrasive, thus providing the customer with a cozy and relaxed feeling while using the product. The blankets cover case is made of an excellent quality cotton linen that ensures free airflow, thus enhancing the breathability feature of the blanket.

The ceramic beads are used to provide for good thermal regulation hence achieving the temperature control feature of the blanket.

Further, the high-quality fabric used allows for easier washing and maintenance of the blanket. Also, the odyssey blankets are relatively affordable and with a three-month money-back refund if the customer needs are not met. All these fantastic features make the odyssey blanket review worthwhile while concurrently providing helpful information regarding the product. Regardless, it is important for customers to carefully look into the specific features of the odyssey blanket to gauge if their needs are met before purchasing it to avoid unnecessary spending.

Overall performance and functions

Odyssey Blanket Review (Winter 2022)

While shopping for blankets, customers pay greater attention to product features that they rely on to gauge the blanket performance and functionality. The carefully selected materials for odyssey blankets greatly impact the product’s performance and functions. First, odyssey blankets are filled with ceramic beads, which adequately enhance the product’s thermal regulation quality. Further, the ceramic fills are consistently distributed to cover all blanket parts, improving the blankets’ quality maintenance.

Unlike plastic and glass beads, ceramic beads used in the manufacture of odyssey blankets give it just the optimum weight, making the blanket suitable for use anywhere in the house.
Be it on the couch while unwinding or in bed while sleeping. Also, the blanket is covered with a high-quality cotton outer case that ensures efficiency in its breathability. Therefore, high-quality materials in the manufacture of odyssey blankets offer a guarantee of durability compared to other blankets made from poor-quality raw materials.

Available sizes

Odyssey blankets are all weighted to 15lbs; hence it’s the only size currently available in the market. The blankets’ dimensions are 48 inches by 72 inches. While the specific size of odyssey blankets may be a unique feature for its brand, many customers may find it disadvantaging. Especially for those living in colder regions or requiring a heavier or lighter blanket, diversifying the product size ranges may be debated.


Odyssey blankets are carefully weighted by the use of ceramic beads fills. The blankets’ fills are of high –quality than other fill products such as plastic and glass beads, thus enhancing the blankets’ durability. The blanket’s casing is made of high-quality material –cotton- that allows free air circulation, improving the blanket’s breathability feature. Further, the ceramic fills are non-abrasive, evenly distributed, and stitch help maintain the blankets’ weighting, giving a soothing feeling to its users.


Odyssey blanket is purposefully designed to give sufficient sleep to its users, making it more suitable for people who experience trouble sleeping as the blanket’s quality and design promote comfortable sleep. The blanket is manufactured using top-notch quality fabric that makes the blanket soft and snug. Odyssey blanket is skillfully tailored using ceramic beads fill and quality cotton casing.

The ceramic fill gives the blanket the weighted feature, which gives customers the feeling of tranquility while using it.
Moreover, the cotton fabric allows air to flow freely, thus making it more breathable. Further, the blankets manufacturing materials used allow for easy washing of the blanket, which can be hand washed or machine washed at ease. All these factors enhance the blankets’ designed purpose, enabling customers to attain adequate sleep.

Allergy information

Currently, there are no allergies reported from the use of the odyssey blankets. This may be primarily because of the high-quality materials used in the products’ manufacture.


Odyssey blanket can be easily maintained primarily due to the careful selection of quality raw materials and the skilled production of the blankets. The use of high-quality materials- good quality cover casing and ceramic beads that are non-abrasive- makes the product’s cleaning and maintenance very easy.

Odyssey blankets are safe to wash using the machine.


Odyssey blankets come in one color- grey.

Durability and warranty

Odyssey Blanket Review (Winter 2022)

Odyssey blanket’s durability is affirmed by the high-quality raw materials used in the manufacture of the blankets and the skillful tailoring of the blankets that enhances the product durability. In addition, odyssey blankets offer a warranty of three months, during which unsatisfied customers can get a refund of the money in full. The blankets’ durability is further asserted by the blankets’ easy wash feature whereby, washing the blanket using a machine does not lower its quality. Further, the ceramic beads used are non-abrasive and of higher durability than plastic and glass beads, thus ensuring the blanket’s durability.

Price tag

One odyssey blanket goes for 99.95 us dollars, and the company guarantees a full cash refund within 90 days if the product does not meet the customer’s needs.

Key features

Odyssey blankets are exclusively designed to provide comfort during sleep, thus providing sleep satisfaction to the customers. The blankets are made of high-quality materials that ensure breathability and are soft to touch, giving a soothing effect to users while asleep. The blanket is weighed t 15lbs, where ceramic beads are used to weigh it, making it warm and comfortable while in use. Also, the ceramic beads used to fill odyssey blankets are non-abrasive, guaranteeing durability and easy maintenance. Odyssey blankets can be safely washed using a machine with another laundry with no significant implications. Furthermore, odyssey blanket offers a full refund to unsatisfied customers returnable within three months.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
  • Odyssey blankets can be hand and machine washed
  • Odyssey blankets are only available in selected sizes, 15lbs, thus reducing customer options
  • Odyssey blankets are made of high–quality fabrics and materials; thus, durability is guaranteed
  • Odyssey blankets are only available in one color-grey- thus may fail to meet the needs of customers with different color preferences
  • Odyssey blankets have enhanced performance due to the blankets weighted feature and fabric softness


Ultimately, Odyssey blankets review is crucial; It sheds light on the high-quality blankets produced by the company while laying out the specific features of the odyssey blankets for use by interested customers. The design and manufacture of the odyssey blankets guarantee improved performance and increased durability of the product, thus meeting the purpose of the product. The odyssey blanket durability is fully affirmed by the company’s willingness to give full refunds to unsatisfied customers by offering a three-month warranty.

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