5 Best Skirts for an Adjustable Bed – Choose Them Carefully!

Here, we’ve picked 5 best bed skirts for adjustable beds and even compiled the useful information on how to make a bed skirt yourself!
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Bed skirts have been the most loved bed accessories for ages. They are both aesthetic and practical. Besides covering up the view under your bed beautifully, a bed skirt acts as a dustproof. It prevents dust from gathering under your bed. In fact, bed skirts are also popularly known as dust ruffles. The issue is, traditional bed frames are increasingly becoming unpopular. Non-conventional bedframes are taking over the market by storm, especially those with adjustable bases and platforms for your head and feet that can be inclined separately.

It is impossible to use a traditional bed skirt on an adjustable bed. You can either buy a ready-made one or DIY one. This article provides detailed reviews of some of the best skirts for an adjustable bed in the market. Some of the features we considered in our review include: type, size, drop, material, and color options. They are the main determinants of the bed skirt’s aesthetic appeal and overall quality.

Top 5 Skirts for an Adjustable Bed Review 2021


PureFit Wrap-Around Ruffled Bed SkirtEditor’s Choice

  • Sizes: Twin/Full, Queen/King
  • Drop: 14”, 18”, 22”
  • Material: polyester
  • Colors: 23
  • Machine washable: yes

Other features: built-in adjustable elastic strap, fade-resistant fabric

If you are looking to achieve a romantic yet tailored look, then this wrap-around ruffled bed skirt is your best bet. The bed skirt boasts a luxurious design that is softly shirred 100% silky satin-like microfiber fabric. On top of being incredibly soft and smooth, the fabric is dust, stain, and wrinkle-resistant.

The bed skirt distinguishes itself with its generous 18-inch drop length that easily flows to the floor to hide any storage you have under the bed. It also gives your bed a uniform and sleek look while deflecting dust particles that may collect under your bed.

The PureFit wrap-around ruffled bed skirt is ideal for anyone looking to achieve a luxurious aesthetic look and prevent dust from settling under their bed at the same time.

What makes it stand out?

  • the best thing about the PureFit bed skirt is its platform-free easy wrap-around stretch and elastic construction. You don’t have to lift the mattress to fix it. We also liked that it comes in 23 different colors.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • we realized that the bed skirt may be too long for most beds. This means that it has to be adjusted constantly by folding and tucking at the elasticized area to prevent it from bunching unattractively on the floor.
  • Sizes: 120*200cm, 150*200cm, 180*200cm
  • Drop: 16”
  • Material: cotton polyester
  • Colors: 3
  • Machine washable: yes

Other features: the set includes a bed skirt, cover, and pillowcase

This is one of the best bed skirt sets that money can buy. You get a beautifully designed bed skirt with a cover and a pillowcase. The bed skirt is made in a quilted design with comfortable, warm, soft, and durable polyester fabric. It is filled with a whole sheet, and the quilting process is properly fixed without deformation, highlighting the bedding’s unmatched quality.

The bed skirt set is best suited for anyone looking for an elegant and chic look with delicate workmanship. It offers a uniform and neat look with its 16-inch drop length that can cover most standard bedframes well.

What are its best features?

  • the most impressive thing about this bed skirt set is its ultra-soft polyester fabric meant for all-season use. It is lightweight and super-comfortable, and it comes in 3 beautiful colors that can complement any decor. We also liked the elastic bands on the cover's corner that ensure it remains secure on the bed.

What could be improved?

  • We didn't like that the bed skirt set only comes in 3 colors. The color options are quite limiting, especially for people who take color coordinating and interior décor seriously.
  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Drop: 15”
  • Material: microfiber
  • Colors: 5
  • Machine washable: yes

Other features: wrinkle-free, fade-resistant, 30-day satisfaction guarantee

The Bedding Kraft bed skirt is one of the few bed skirts designed for both style and durability. It is made of a luxurious microfiber material that effortlessly adds a fine touch of class to your bed set. The 3-sided skirt is also ideal for concealing the stored stuff under your bed and protecting them against dust.

This bed skirt collection is perfect for anyone looking for an easy-to-maintain option. It is machine-washable and doesn’t need any ironing as it is wrinkle-resistant. No kind of expensive cleaning is required to keep it in top form.

Why is it special?

  • we instantly fell in love with this bed skirt collection when we saw that it has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with it, you can give the company a call for a full refund. We also liked that it is fade-resistant and will look new for a long time.

What are the flaws?

  • we didn’t find any alarming issues with the Bedding Kraft luxury hotel collection bed skirt. However, we thought it could come in a few more colors. Also, its drop length may be short for some bedframes.

MEILA Wrap Around Bed SkirtBest Value

  • Sizes: Twin/Full, Queen/King
  • Drop: 14”, 16”, 18”, 24”
  • Material: polyester
  • Colors: 12
  • Machine washable: yes

Other features: one elastic side and three fabric sides

For a big bang for your buck, nothing comes close to the MELIA wrap-around bed skirt. It is made with a smooth microfiber polyester fabric that is fade-resistant and more durable than cotton. It comes in various sizes for different bed sizes and can fit different types of bedframes perfectly.

The bed skirt is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a beautiful and durable option on a low budget. It is also very easy to maintain. You can easily throw it in the washer and run the cold, gentle cycle without bleach.

What do we love it for?

  • Smartly designed wrap-around bed skirt made with durable, soft, and super-comfortable microfiber polyester fabric suitable for different types of beds.

What were we disappointed with?

  • the bed skirt stands out for being highly versatile and suitable for various bed types, but we didn't like that it cannot be used with beds that have footboards and posts. Also, it is not wrinkle-resistant, which adds ironing to your maintenance routine.
  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King
  • Drop: 15”
  • Material: polyester
  • Colors: 1 (white)
  • Machine washable: yes

Other features: tailored design, wrinkle- and stain-resistant

If convenience is your top priority, then this is a solid choice for you. The Bed Maker’s wrap-around microfiber bed skirt comes in a tailored design that features split corners and 5 box pleats that go well with any kind of bed setting. The 100% microfiber polyester material used to make it is soft, comfortable, colorfast, pre-shrunk, and hypoallergenic.

The bed skirt is ideal for anyone looking to hide their box springs, bed frames, and legs in just seconds. It is specially designed for easy putting on and removing. Maintenance is also a breeze as the bed skirt is both stain and wrinkle-resistant.

What makes it stand out?

  • we really loved the quality of the microfiber material used to make the bed skirt. What stood out for us the most are the split corners that allow you to use the bed skirt on different types of beds, including those that have footboards and posts.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • we just couldn’t get a thumbs down for the Bed Maker's Wrap-Around Microfiber Bed Skirt, except for the fact that it comes in 1 color; white. If you love a pop of color, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Things to Consider

Bed skirts come in myriad styles, from the classic pleated style to ruffled and natural linen skirts. The options can be so overwhelming that choosing one within your budget and needs can be challenging. This buying guide contains useful information that would help you make the best-informed choice.

Can you use a traditional bed skirt with an adjustable bed?

Well, No! An adjustable bed has a platform with an adjustable base that can be raised and lowered. A traditional bed skirt is designed to go over the platform. If spread on an adjustable bed, it will get stretched and even torn every time you adjust the angle of the bed’s head or foot. There’s also the risk of it getting frayed and stuck in a cranny between the bed’s platform and frame, which could compromise the functionality of the bed’s base.

How to choose the best skirt for an adjustable bed

Here are some of the crucial aspects to consider when selecting a bed skirt for an adjustable bed:


5 Best Skirts for an Adjustable Bed – Choose Them Carefully!

You can go for a wrap-around, velcro strip, 3-piece or no-sew bed skirt to fit your adjustable bed. Or you can even make one yourself.

There are various types of bed skirts that work with adjustable beds, and they include:

Commercial wrap-around bed skirts– if you have an adjustable bed, this is the easiest solution to getting a bed skirt for it. These bed skirts are easily accessible in most bedding stores and require very minimal effort to install. PureFit ruffled bed skirt is an example of this kind of bed skirts.

Velcro strips bed skirts– these are the best you can get if your adjustable bed has sides that move independently of each other. The Velcro strips are usually attached directly and easily around the bed frame. Installing Velcro strips bed skirts requires high precision and keenness to avoid damaging the Velcro. You can also purchase Velcro strips separately then attach them to a ready-made bed skirt for use on your adjustable bed.

3-piece adjustable bed skirts– these come in 3 pieces and are usually attached on the sides and foot of the bed by sewing or gluing. You can adjust the dimensions of a 3-piece bed skirt to suit your bed’s measurements.

No-sew bed skirts– these are attached to the bedsides with pins. They are pretty easy to install and don’t require much time. You can get upholstery twist pins for the job. Here Trusted Source DIY No-Sew Drop Cloth Bed Skirt When we mentioned that we made the bed skirt ourselves out of panter’s drop cloths, and no sewing was involved, many of you asked for a tutorial. Here goes! is how to do a no-sew drop cloth bed skirt.

DIY bed skirts– this allows you to achieve a custom look that compliments your bedroom décor perfectly, as you can choose the type of fabric and color that appeals to your tastes.

Size and drop

5 Best Skirts for an Adjustable Bed – Choose Them Carefully!

Pay close attention to the length of your bed skirt, so that it fully covers your bed frame.

You must consider the size of your bed before choosing a bed skirt. Go for a bed skirt large enough to cover your bed frame beautifully. It should also have the perfect drop length that doesn’t bunch on the floor unattractively or hang too high. According to experts Trusted Source How long should your bed skirt be? – A standard measurement for ready-made bed skirts is 15″, but they do vary. If your “drop” measurement is 16″, the standard bed skirt will not go all the way to the floor. If your “drop” measurement is 14″ the bed skirt will drag on the floor. , the standard drop length for ready-made bed skirts is 15 inches. Consider a brand that makes all the bed sizes like the popular Bedding Kraft Luxury Hotel Collection Bed Skirt.

Material and available color

These are a matter of personal preference. Go for material that is durable and super-comfortable. It should also be easy to maintain with stain and wrinkle-resistance capabilities.

How to make a DIY bed skirt for your adjustable bed

Making a DIY bed skirt is pretty simple, provided you have all the requirements. The essential starter kit for making a DIY bed skirt includes:

  • A tape measure
  • Sewing kit
  • A pair of fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric glue
  • Velcro strips and upholstery pins

To make your own bed skirt, you must sew 3 separate panels of fabric before securing them to the bed frame or platform. Begin by measuring the length and height of the bed’s foot. Add about 1.5 inches to all the sides for the hemming. Cut the fabric according to the measurements, then sew the hems. Attach the Velcro strips to the skirt fabric.


A bed skirt is a piece of fabric that goes between the mattress and the platform of a bed to block the view from the underside of the bed.

Modern bed skirts come in separate panels that can be wrapped around the sides of the bed easily without lifting off the mattress. Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions regardless of the type of bed skirt you have bought. Generally, installing a bed skirt involves getting started at one corner of the footboard then working around the bed in sections to finish attaching the bed skirt fabric to the frame. You can use either bed skirt pins, Velcro strips, elastic, or choose to sew the bed skirt depending on the type you have bought.

Our Verdict

A bed skirt adds an elegant finished look to a room. It also allows you to use the space under your bed for storage and protects your stored items against dust. Although you can’t use a traditional bed skirt on an adjustable bed, you can get the best bed skirt for your adjustable bed from a bedding store near you or online.

Our best pick, PureFit Wrap-around Ruffled Bed Skirt, scooped the top spot because of its luxurious silky satin design. Its multiple color options also set it apart, plus, it is incredibly easy to put on. The premium pick, ABBBHHJL Bed Skirt for Adjustable Bed, may be the best bed skirt set out there. It offers premium comfort and unmatched beauty with its quilted design and high-quality cozy polyester fabric. Our third choice, the Bedding Kraft Luxury Hotel Collection Bed Skirt, stood out with its 30-day guarantee. This speaks volumes of its quality. It also distinguishes itself with a fade-resistant fabric.


DIY No-Sew Drop Cloth Bed Skirt
When we mentioned that we made the bed skirt ourselves out of panter’s drop cloths, and no sewing was involved, many of you asked for a tutorial. Here goes!
How long should your bed skirt be? –
A standard measurement for ready-made bed skirts is 15″, but they do vary. If your “drop” measurement is 16″, the standard bed skirt will not go all the way to the floor. If your “drop” measurement is 14″ the bed skirt will drag on the floor.
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