Top 10 Weighted Blankets for Kids – Easy Way to a Better Sleep!

In this article, we've listed out the best weighted blankets for kids and made a review of each of them.
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Last updatedLast updated: September 11, 2021
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Did you know that a weighted blanket can calm your child and make them sleep better at night and improve their sleep patterns?

Children deserve the right to a great night sleep just like adults, and weighted blankets can be used to achieve just that. The products we have reviewed in the article are the best weighted blankets for children. We have considered very important features that have made them our all-time favorites. Such features include: fabric type, type of filling and bead, attractive design, color or pattern, and eco-friendly attributes.

These features are essential in determining your child’s overall well-being and granting that improved sleep pattern that you desire. Some of these features also ensure that your kid falls in love with their snuggle blanket at first sight.


Luna Kids Weighted BlanketEditor’s Choice

  • Available sizes (in.): from 36×48 to 80×87
  • Available weights (lb.): from 5 to 30
  • Cover: silky bamboo
  • Filling: cooling fabric

More features: available in 7 colors, suitable for everybody, Hypo-allergenic, Oeko-Tex & Glass Beads

The Luna Kids Weighted Blanket is a top-grade, renewable blanket made in a silky soft bamboo fabric finishing. The glass beads are carefully distributed throughout the blanket and will provide an even distribution of weight on your kid. The weighted blankets have been made smaller than traditional bed sizes so they won’t drop off the edge of the bed when used.

The Luna Wellness store is a popular brand where weighted blankets are concerned. Over the years, the brand has gotten lots of positive reviews for their weighted blankets and has remained consistent in sustaining the trust of customers on the quality of their products. Luna weighted blankets for kids are particularly recommended for hot sleepers as the bamboo fabric is very breathable, allowing air to seep through while your child sleeps. The filling made from cooling fabric will also keep your child cool and comfortable all night long.

What do we love it for?

  • It is no surprise that this product is the editor’s pick for the best weighted blankets for kids. We particularly like the eco-friendly nature of this product as it is made of bamboo fabric. All other materials used are very hypo-allergenic and will trigger no allergic reactions in children. In addition, the fabric gives a soft and silky feeling on the skin and will make any child fall asleep in no time.

What were we disappointed with?

  • From our personal observations, we think Luna as a brand can improve on the finishing of their weighted blankets to prevent ripping and leaking of the glass beads. Also, considering how kids like colorful patterns and fantasy designs, we think that snuggle blankets for kids should be made in more catching colors and designs. But, despite all these, we still rate the Luna weighted blanket as the best weighted cooling blanket for kids!

BUZIO Weighted Blanket for KidsMost Versatile

  • Available sizes (in.):  from 38×48 to 41×60
  • Available weights (lb.): from 3 to 7
  • Cover: fleece & cotton
  • Filling: odorless glass beads

More features: available in 6 colors, meticulously crafted finish, even weight distribution, various cartoon patterns, disturbance-free caring

BUZIO Weighted Blanket for Kids is a dual-sided blanket designed to apply subtle pressure on kids when they lie down, helping them find the sleep they need to rejuvenate faster. The blanket is designed in a 7-layer structure and is filled with more than enough glass beads for weight distribution. One side of the blanket has a colorful design, while the other side is monochrome with raised dotted effect. Your child can readily swap the sides of the blanket depending on his mood per time.

BUZIO Weighted Blanket for kids can serve both cooling and warming purposes. It will therefore serve well for any kind of sleeper. This blanket is especially useful for children who find it hard to fall asleep or are light sleepers as this blanket helps them adjust to weather conditions faster. Rather than your child putting on a heavy sweatshirt to feel warm at night, the blanket can serve dual purposes of providing warmth and also granting comfort.

What stands out?

  • For this blanket, we love the versatility. It serves for all kinds of weather conditions, helps children with sleeping disorders, and even comes with two sides, making it fit for children who like comical patterns and those who don’t. In addition, we love how the dotted pattern on the reverse gives a pleasing tactile effect on the body when used. In our opinion, virtually all kids will like to use a BUZIO weighted blanket for one reason or the other.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Recently, we discovered that a BUZIO blanket may be a couple of inches shorter than the standard measurement. However, some persons find this to be just what they want, especially if they don’t like the blanket dropping off the edges of the bed. Asides this, BUZIO creates one of the best weighted blankets for children and has created a trail of satisfied customers around them.
  • Available sizes (in.): 36×48
  • Available weights (lb.): 5
  • Cover: cotton
  • Filling: odorless glass beads

More features: available in 11 colors, has 8 strong tie loops, small 4×4 square pockets, high count thread stitches, breathable material

A combination of cotton, glass bead fillings, and colorful designs, ROSMARUS Weighted Blanket for Kids is one of the most durable blankets that can be found out there. The blanket is made of a 7-layer structure that comprises two layers of pure cotton, followed by two middle layers of sanding cloth, and then another two layers of cotton sandwiched by glass beads.

More than the beautiful designs, ROSMARUS blankets are made with good quality prints. All the colors and patterns are brightly noticeable on the cotton fabric and do not easily fade out. This weighted blanket is suitable for children who will need a little aid to get a more relaxing sleep at night. This blanket is also an excellent option for kids who travel all the time as it is readily foldable and quite portable.

What makes it stand out?

  • If cotton is not skin-friendly, then what other fabric material is? This is why we love ROSMARUS and their weighted blankets. It has the least allergenic effect on children and settles softly on the body. In addition, as we have observed, this weighted blanket is highly durable and very resistant to tear. We love this effect because it is just what is needed for kids who love to tug and pull on fabrics all the time.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • ROSMARUS weighted blankets may turn out smaller than expected for children. However, this is not always the case as it purely depends on individual differences. We think it will be best if the brand could improve its packaging as insufficient packaging can sometimes be a ready turn-off even when the product itself is excellent.

Haowaner Minky Kids Weighted BlanketMost Comfortable

  • Available sizes (in.): 41×60
  • Available weights (lb.): 10
  • Cover: cotton & fleece
  • Filling: glass beads


More features: available in 4 colors, great for calming and sleeping, breathable cotton, soft plush fleece, non-toxic & hypo-allergenic odorless glass beads

Haowaner’s Weighted Blanket for children was designed for kids between the ages of 4 and 15. The blankets are designed with beautiful cartoon characters that fit into children’s fantasy world and help them familiarize themselves quickly with the bedtime buddy. Haowaner’s Weighted Blanket is filled with non-toxic and odorless glass beads with careful sewing that prevents beads from spilling. The topmost layer is made of 100% cotton, while some other parts are made of fleece, which adds to the overall plush feel of the blanket.

All of Haowaner’s weighted blanket patterns are not just adorable but also of top-grade quality. The colorful designs do not fade with washing, and all the cartoon characters come out bold. This single feature has made it a favorite snuggle blanket for kids. When using the blanket, the weight lays softly and comfortably on the body and gives a cozy feeling. The 100% cotton used also makes the blanket very breathable and suitable for children who feel hot at night.

What are its best features?

  • We love how this blanket comes out very soft, cuddly, and plush. In fact, we nominated it as the most comfortable weighted blanket out of all our picks. What is more? We also admire Haowaner’s thoughtfulness in creating super cute blankets in various colors and animalistic designs that children will love. If a child is being skeptical about using a weighted blanket for the first time, seeing his/her favorite cartoon character on a blanket might just be all he/she needs to fall in love with the sleeping aid.

What could be improved?

  • Sometimes, the beads in a Haowaner blanket might not be equally distributed, making the weight of the blanket inconsistent in certain areas. Although Haowaner’s weighted blanket comes in different colorful patterns, we think other varieties of comic characters can still be included in their designs to give kids more options to choose from. Just like many other kiddies accessories, it is sometimes more about the cartoon character than the real essence of the item for the kid.
  • Available sizes (in.): from 41×60 to 86×92
  • Available weights (lb.): from 7 to 30
  • Cover: bamboo
  • Filling: glass beads

More features: available in 1 color, has unique heat distribution, filled with hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and odor-free premium quality glass beads, never makes noise, extra tight stitches

WONAP’s weighted blanket is a heavy blanket made from natural bamboo fabric and premium quality glass beads. The blanket is designed with extra small 4×4 square pockets that keep beads relatively together in one place and allow the blanket’s weight to be evenly distributed. The bamboo fabric used is very durable, and the blanket has been recommended for machine washing by the manufacturing company.

It is interesting to note that this weighted blanket is suitable for use all year round. Of course, this can be traced to the durability of bamboo fabrics. More so, the blanket is largely renewable and eco-friendly, considering the natural materials it is made from. If you are bothered about your child developing allergic reactions from using a weighted blanket, then WONAP’s weighted blanket is your surest bet, and it poses none of these risks when used.

What are our favorite features?

  • We rate this product as one of the best weighted blankets for kids on Amazon as it provides the best cooling effect one can get from a weighted blanket. This is courtesy of the all-natural bamboo fabric which cools very easily. We also love the feel of calmness that surrounds you as you use this blanket. The blanket was designed to be noiseless, and your child’s sleep will not be disturbed by the clashing of beads dancing around the blanket.

What could be better?

  • Truth be told, this weighted blanket meets all of the traits we look out for in a typical weighted blanket for a kid. However, it lacks variety when it comes to design. The only available color for this blanket is dull grey color, which might not seem attractive to many children. WONAP will ace all of our grading points if they improve color and pattern variety in subsequent productions.
  • Available sizes (in.): from 38×48 to 41×60
  • Available weights (lb.): from 5 to 10
  • Cover: 100% organic cotton
  • Filling: glass beads                       

More features: available in 7 colors, stays cool longer than other weighted blankets, distributes weight evenly, hypo-allergenic filling, 8 loops for attaching the cover, provides relaxation during sleep & perfect for reading

This weighted blanket for kids is one you just can’t help but love. Unlike many other blankets, this blanket is less heavy and less bulky yet performs the role of applying pressure to the body just right. It is filled with glass beads in perfectly sewn quilts and will not leak out even with consistent use. It comes in seven different simple monochrome colors, and you are sure to find one your child will love.

It is noteworthy to say how easy to clean this blanket is. Although the whole weighted blanket is not recommended for machine washing, it is pretty easy to wash by hand as it is not as heavy as many other typical weighted blankets. If you buy the blanket with a duvet cover, you may choose to machine wash the cover. If your child is a hot sleeper, you may want to get this blanket for him as it keeps cool for most of the year.

What are its best features?

  • Made from 100% cotton, we love how this blanket is extremely breathable, allowing for the exchange of air and preventing your child's immediate environment from getting too warm while he sleeps. Many weighted blankets are not so durable and are therefore restricted to nighttime use. However, this product will serve your child during other activities such as playing, relaxing, or studying. In summary, we love how the blanket is fit for use everywhere!

What could be improved?

  • We’ve had certain incidences where a WeeSprout weighted blanked we bought had beads that were not evenly distributed. This made the product sag in some areas and did not provide an even pressuring effect. Also, we think the company needs to work on producing blankets that will be more tailored for kids in terms of the design and outlook.

Joyching Kid Weighted BlanketThickest Material

  • Available sizes (in.): 48×60
  • Available weights (lb.): from 9 to 10
  • Cover: strong cotton
  • Filling: glass beads

More features: available in 7 colors, high-quality binding

From mermaids to dinosaurs, robots, and stars, Joyching weighted blankets have been designed in very attractive and colorful patterns. The blanket is made into tiny pockets into which numerous beads have been filled for applying pressure on the body. The blankets have also been made with double-sided printing, so your kid can easily swap sides should one side get suddenly stained.

Joyching weighted blankets are made of 1200 density cotton material which makes them super thick and cozy. Despite the thickness, the cotton fabric does not lay harshly on the skin and will cause no irritation. If your kid tends to feel very cold at night or if the weather is tending towards winter, this is the best snuggle blanket to get.

Why did it make our list?

  • For real, we love how the designs of the weighted blankets by Joyching come out clean and clear. Also, we appreciate the portability. Despite the high-density material used, the blanket can be easily pressed to fit in a mini box alongside other items when packing for a holiday. Most importantly, we love the cozy feeling you get when using any of these blankets. Indeed, Joyching produces one of the best snuggle blankets for kids!

What is not ideal about it?

  • We understand that no single weighted blanket can have it all. However, it will really mean a lot to many if Joyching’s weighted blankets can serve to cool more during hot periods. Or probably, the company could work on producing more varieties that can suit cooling more than warming, so customers have two different picks to choose from based on their preferences.

Weighted Idea BlanketsMost Breathable Material

  • Available sizes (in.): from 38×48 to 80×87
  • Available weights (lb.): from 7 to 30
  • Cover: 100% cotton
  • Filling: glass beads

More features: available in 18 colors, breathable layers, odorless, free of chemicals, and non-toxic

Weighted Idea Blanket for kids is a super cozy blanket made from 100% cotton. The blanket is made with high-tech sewing that prevents leakage of beads or loosening at the edges. From pink to purple, yellow, and printed animal patterns, Weighted Idea Blankets come in 18 different attractive colors and patterns your kids will surely love.

Produced by a company that mainly specializes in manufacturing weighted blankets, the product is one of the best weighted blankets for kids on Amazon and has excellent reviews. It is not uncommon to find clients who gladly report how the sleeping pattern of their kids have greatly improved since they began using the blanket. Weighted Idea Blankets are also widely accepted as an ideal solution for kids with peaking anxiety levels and other associated sleeping disorders.

Why is it special?

  • We love how this weighted blanket comes in very attractive designs that children will love. The colors are simple but catchy enough, and the patterns are comical. More than the patterns and colors, we admire how Weighted Idea displays professionalism in manufacturing their products, with carefully sewn edges and compartments, intricately built layers, and even glass bead fillings. Unlike many other blankets in the digital market, Weighted Idea Blankets are just as they are said to be – made from 100% cotton.

What are the flaws?

  • Although the blanket is termed ‘odorless’, Weighted Idea might need to work on ensuring the blanket is devoid of odor, especially when it is still new. From our experience, we discovered that the blanket might turn out to be quite a luggage to travel with as it is not so portable. Nevertheless, we trust this product to achieve its primary objective of providing quality sleep. We also strongly believe in the company’s growth and know that their products keep improving over time.
  • Available sizes (in.): from 48×72 to 80×87
  • Available weights (lb.): from 7 to 30
  • Cover: 100% natural cotton shell & microfiber cover
  • Filling: soft cotton

More features: available in 9 colors, suitable for everybody, super soft, dual-sided

Aviano weighted blankets are made in double-sided unique monochrome colors such as burgundy, pink, purple, brown, and green. The outermost layer of the blanket is made from 100% natural cotton and is very durable. The blankets are designed with a non-leak technology that keeps beads in place even with frequent use. There are various size options to choose from to suit all children from toddlers to early teenage years.

Each blanket comes with a microfiber duvet cover that is machine washable, while the inner weighted blanket can be hand washed and air-dried. The edges of the blanket are perfectly pared and neatly finished. The blanket is most suitable for restless children and will help them find tranquility in the dead of the night when sleep is most needed. Using this blanket gives your child a feeling of being hugged, and before you know it, he is fast asleep!

What do we love it for?

  • It’s amazing how this blanket readily complements a room’s décor when the right color is chosen. We think this is something to look out for when choosing blankets as kids, just like adults, are bothered about the outlook of their rooms. We love the raised dotted pattern the monochrome blanket has and how it feels on the skin (the manufacturing company calls it ‘sensory bumps’). We are sure your kid will love it.

What were we disappointed with?

  • It’s hard not to be sentimental with a snuggle blanket for kids like Aviano’s. However, the truth remains that there will always be room for improvement. This is why we recommended that Aviano improve the variety of designs they make their weighted blankets for children. Alongside monochrome colors, the blankets can be produced in other colorful patterns.
  • Available sizes (in.): from 36×48 to 90×90
  • Available weights (lb.): from 5 to 25
  • Cover: fleece & plush Sherpa
  • Filling: tiny ceramic 1mm beads

More features: available in 8 colors, original 7-layer design, dual-sided, lifetime warranty, focus enhancement, soft-touch, 24\7 warm

Courtesy of BUZIO, the Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blankets are made from 220 GSM fleece top and a 220 GSM Sherpa reverse. The 7-layer intricate design of the blanket contains very tiny beads that are as fine as sand and evenly distributed across the blanket. Each blanket also comes with a lifetime warranty that further depicts how durable and top quality the product is.

Out of all our picks, only this is made from Sherpa and fleece, and we have carefully examined the blanket to see if it meets up with all the quality features expected of Sherpa blankets, and it sure does. So if you have a child who looks out for something unconventional and different from what every other person is using, this blanket might just be what you need to get. The blanket is also particularly suitable for cold seasons, and the woolen material helps to keep the body warm all through the night.

What do we love it for?

  • Who doesn’t like something fluffy and cozy? BUZIO Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket remains one of our best snuggle blankets for kids. The blanket maintains its coziness with years of use and always remains wrinkle-free. We have come to fall in love with how the blanket is resistant to stains and doesn’t fade out after many washings. Using this blanket adds a feel of luxury we just can’t get enough of.

What were we disappointed with?

  • When washed with a machine washer, the blanket tends to get crunchy and clumpy from the sides, which is not what anyone wants. Therefore, it is best that machine washing is avoided for this machine, although we also expect BUZIO to improve the blanket in this regard. It may be hard for a Sherpa blanket, but we are keen on seeing brighter designs and patterns of the BUZIO Sherpa Fleece blanket in the nearest future.

Things to Consider

Weighted blankets are an answer to prayer for many parents who have discovered certain sleeping disorders in their children. Since their inception, when these blankets were initially used solely for autistic children, weighted blankets have proved effective in helping both children and adults achieve a good night sleep and comfort, cooling, or warmth while sleeping. A weighted blanket is simply made from layered heavy fabrics that have been filled with certain substances to keep them weighty and lie in place when covered on the body.

How Do They Work?

A weighted blanket works by using what is termed “pressure therapy” or “deep pressure simulation”. The therapy puts certain amounts of pressure on your body which is similar to the sensation you get when hugged or cuddled. The pressure produces a soothing feeling that helps you find sleep faster. In weighted blankets, the pressure is achieved by the different substances that are included and quilted in the fabrics to ensure a certain amount of weight is distributed throughout the body.

What Children Will Benefit from Weighted Blankets the Most?

Top 10 Weighted Blankets for Kids – Easy Way to a Better Sleep!

Quality sleep is vital for a child’s healthy growth and development. However, it is not uncommon to find children struggling with one sleeping disorder or the other. A weighted blanket can be the simple, one-time solution to lack of sleep in children.

Be it restlessness, light sleeping, hot sleeping, anxiety, or any other sleep disorder – a weighted blanket can grant a child needed tranquility and help him sleep soundly through the night.

Features to Consider Before You Buy a Blanket

Like every other item you buy from a local shop or order online, it is important to consider certain important features before purchasing a weighted blanket. Factors like fabric type, size, and filling material need to be thoroughly checked before paying the price for a weighted blanket. Children, in particular, are susceptible and have peculiar needs to be met than a regular adult. Therefore, their accessories should be picked with care and with understanding of their present situation, needs, and preferences.


Weighted blankets for adults are usually bought based on bed size. This is not usually the case for children as the ultimate goal here is that whatever blanket bought must fit the child and not particularly the bed. You should therefore consider your child’s height, as well as growth rate when purchasing a weighted blanket.

If you must use bed size to determine what size of a weighted blanket to buy for a child, you may want to choose something slightly bigger than the bed, especially if you want the blanket to drop off the bed’s edge when used.


Top 10 Weighted Blankets for Kids – Easy Way to a Better Sleep!

Weighted blankets are made from different fabric materials. Depending on your child and what kind of sleep disorder he is experiencing, you might want to be very specific on the materials used in making a weighted blanket you wish to purchase.

For example, a child who is a hot sleeper needs a blanket made from breathable cooling fabric that will keep his temperature cool through the night, such as Weighted Idea or WONAP Cooling Weighted Blanket for Kids. In the winter period, you may need to get a weighted blanket that is heavy and keeps the body warm, like the Joyching Kid Weighted Blanket.

Some fabric materials trigger allergenic reactions, while some children are allergic to certain fabrics such as sheepskin or wool. If your child displays allergic reactions easily or has very sensitive skin, you will need to be extra meticulous with what weighted blanket he uses.


Different materials are used to fill weighted blankets, but the most popular is glass beads. However, if you want a blanket that is extremely breathable for your child, you can go for one that has fillings such as cotton or any other fabric, as most glass beads are not breathable. Examples of weighted blankets are Luna Kids Weighted Blanket and Aviano Premium Weighted Blanket for Kids.

If you are getting a weighted blanket with glass beads, ensure that the description indicates the beads and odorless and, if possible, hypo-allergenic.

Additional Features

Top 10 Weighted Blankets for Kids – Easy Way to a Better Sleep!

After considering the basic features already mentioned above, you might want to consider certain other factors to determine what more features your kid’s weighted blanket will have. For example, if you are bothered about room decor, you will need to choose a blanket color that matches the theme color of your child’s room. If you think the design of a blanket will make your child appreciate the idea of using one better, you may want to get a very colorful blanket. Weighted blankets such as BUZIO Weighted Blanket for Kids, ROSMAURUS, and Haowaner Minky Kids Weighted Blankets are produced in colorful prints and designs children will love.

If your child has a pet that bites things a lot, getting a weighted blanket with strong fabric that is resistant to tear will be a good idea. If your child is quite rough, get a blanket that will be easy to launder. If you are buying a cover with a blanket, you will need to get a blanket with strong side loops where the covers can fit.


Usually, you will find the washing instructions for the weighted blanket you get on the pack. These instructions should be followed duly to ensure blankets last long as they ought to.

Many weighted blankets are not suitable for machine washing, but there are those which are. If you are not sure, the safest way to wash a weighted blanket is to hand wash it in warm or cold water and leave it to air dry. The most common fabric types used for weighted blankets (cotton, fur, and fleece) can be washed in either slightly warm or cold water.

Air drying ensures you don’t lose the integrity of the filling for your blanket, especially if they are beads. However, tumble drying on low heat can help you dry your blanket faster and shouldn’t result in the melting of the filling beads. If your blanket is made of wool, it’s best not to tumble dry it.

It is usually recommended that all parents should consult a pediatrician before buying weighted blankets for their kids. However, certain persons, including some children, are advised not to use weighted blankets.

Generally, children who are younger than the age of three or who weigh less than 50 pounds are discouraged from using weighted blankets due to the risk of tangling and suffocation.

Also, children (and adults) with certain medical conditions are advised not to use weighted blankets. Such conditions include: COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), asthma, sleep apnea, disabilities of the hands, legs, backbone, back pain, and certain developmental disabilities.

The standard rule is to use weighted blankets that are only about 10% of the total body weight. Therefore, the specific weight of the weighted blanket for a child can only be determined by the weight of the child.

Most children usually fall between about 30 to 120 pounds in weight, and most weighted blankets for kids are designed to be about 5 to 15 pounds heavy.

If a child is to use a weighted blanket for the first time, it’s advisable to start with a blanket that is slightly lower than or just the exact recommended weight for him. Unless prescribed by an authorized caregiver such as a pediatrician, you should not get a weighted blanket that is heavier than the recommended 10% of body weight rule for a child.

Our Verdict

Weighted adults are safe for children to use and can be a quick tool to prevent sleeping disorders early in children. All the products we reviewed here have been carefully examined and are recommended for any child. To us, they are the best weighted blankets for children.

Each product has been reviewed and rated based on its special features, and we find all of them to be of top quality. As for best warming weighed blanked during long winter nights, we would recommend considering buying BUZIO Weighted Blanket for Kids due to its natural material and soft touch. For summer, we would definitely advise looking at WONAP Cooling Weighted Blanket for Kids – we really liked the soft and smooth surface and pleasant feeling on the skin.

Nevertheless, Luna Weighted Blanket remains our best and the Editor’s pick. We chose some weighted blankets for their versatility, some for their cooling or warming features, and others for their coziness and material quality. Luna Weighted Blanket remains the best weighted blanket for kids because it is eco-friendly and renewable, made from natural bamboo fiber and very much hypo-allergenic.

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