Is Yogurt the Ultimate Nighttime Snack? (2023)

We discuss the reasons why yogurt is among the healthiest foods to eat before you go to sleep.
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Last updated: August 16, 2023
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Quite a lot of people report the inability to fall asleep until they’ve had a nighttime snack. They toss and turn in bed, then head to the fridge for a bowl of ice cream or a chocolate bar. It is a normal biological process sometimes to crave a sweet or salty snack before bed, especially after the body has undergone stress during the day.

There are varieties of healthy snacks to eat before bedtime, which will prevent you from visiting the doctor later on either due to bloating, constipation, or weight gain. Among them, eating yogurt before bed has proven to be one of the healthiest options.

Yogurt Nutrition Fact

According to the USDA Trusted Source FoodData Central , a 100g serving of non-fat Greek yogurt contains the following nutrients

Nutrient Amount
Calories 59
Cholesterol 1%
Protein 20%
Carbs 1%
Sugar 3.2g
Fiber 0%
Calcium 11%
Magnesium 2%
Vitamin B-6 5%
Total Fat 0%

Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt Before Bed

Many people resonate with the idea of eating yogurt as breakfast in a weight-loss diet. However, some ask if it is a good idea to eat yogurt before bed. There are a couple of benefits to eating yogurt before bed, especially eating Greek yogurt before bed.

Improves Gut Health

Is Yogurt the Ultimate Nighttime Snack? (2023)

Yogurt contains probiotics that help to improve gut health. Probiotics are beneficial or positive bacteria that aid digestion and prevent constipation. These probiotics help strengthen the immune system and ensure the proper functioning of the body and overall optimal health.

Reduces Insomnia

Yogurt is rich in tryptophan which promotes and enhances sleep. The body converts tryptophan to serotonin and melatonin sleep hormones which promotes restful sleep.

Helps with Weight Loss

Yogurt is relatively low in calories and hence serves as an excellent nighttime snack as it doesn’t come with the worry of weight gain, irrespective of the time of the day it is eaten. A study Trusted Source Is consuming yoghurt associated with weight management outcomes? Results from a systematic review has shown that eating yogurt at night also helps to shed tummy fat.

Is Rich in Protein

Is Yogurt the Ultimate Nighttime Snack? (2023)

Yogurt is made from milk which is proteinous. The two proteins found in yogurt are casein or whey proteins.

Whey proteins are water-soluble milk proteins, while Casein proteins are soluble in water. These proteins are easy to digest and are rich in essential amino acids.

Yogurt Is Rich in Calcium

We all know calcium is the nutrient that helps give solid bones and teeth, but do you know calcium has been researched to help promote better sleep? Do you also know that yogurt is an excellent source of calcium?

Calcium helps in the absorption of vitamin D.

Yogurt also helps reduce high cholesterol levels due to its low-fat content. Scientists have also proven yogurt to help cure vaginal infections like yeast infections.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The choice of a bedtime snack can aggravate difficulty in falling asleep. You could also be moving towards gaining extra weight because of late-night snacking on foods like pizza, chips, and cookies. If you belong to these categories of people who can’t seem to fall asleep even with props such as a white noise machine and sleep mask, then a healthy bedtime snack is what you need.

For every food that exists, there are merits and demerits. Eating yogurts can cause histamine problems like eczema and acne. Surprisingly, Greek yogurt can cause weight gain. This is because food options low in fat are high in sugar.

Some individuals also cannot digest milk or dairy products. It is therefore recommended that the consumption of yogurt should be in moderation.

What Type of Yogurt Should You Pick?

Yogurt has plenty of benefits for your health, but what type of yogurt should you eat? Below, we break down your options.

Greek Yogurt

Is Yogurt the Ultimate Nighttime Snack? (2023)

Greek yogurt is the perfect choice yogurt, especially as a nighttime snack. It is considered a superfood. It is rich in tryptophan which helps to promote restful and refreshing sleep. It is also exceptionally rich in casein protein compared to other types of yogurts. Casein protein helps to reduce hunger in the morning; this is why Greek yogurt is a recommended breakfast meal for persons who are trying to lose weight. The best of it contains no fat.

Plain unsweetened yogurt is also recommended if you want to eat yogurt. Plain yogurts are naturally low in sugar. Sweetened yogurt contains artificial sweeteners and additives, which could cause an increase in blood sugar levels and an energy spike that could result in a lack of sleep.

Soy Yogurt

Is Yogurt the Ultimate Nighttime Snack? (2023)

Yogurt can also be made from plant-based milk. Yogurt made from plant-based milk is recommended for lactose-intolerant persons. An example of such yogurt is soy yogurt. It is rich in tryptophan which enhances sleep.

What Can You Add to Plain Yogurt?

Is Yogurt the Ultimate Nighttime Snack? (2023)

Not everyone enjoys plain unsweetened yogurt as it is. Some describe the taste as somehow bitter, sour, or tangy. To enjoy plain yogurt, you can add various ingredients to sweeten it and make it more palatable. Fresh fruits or frozen berries can be added to plain yogurt. You can also enjoy plain yogurt with toasted coconuts and nuts like almonds, pistachios, or walnuts, which gives an extra crunch with very little or no extra calories or fat. Adding granola to plain yogurt is also another way to enjoy yogurt. Granola is a mixture of nuts, oats, dried fruits, and usually all the healthy stuff.

Plain yogurt can also be sweetened with natural sweeteners like honey, date syrup, or maple syrup.

Is Home-Made Yogurt Healthier?

Yes, homemade yogurt is healthier. Some store-bought or commercially produced yogurt contains more protein. This is because dry milk may be added to the mixture during processing.

With the help of a yogurt maker, you can conveniently make your yogurt at home. Yogurt can be made at home to one’s preference, consistency, and customized flavor. Gone are the days when you had to insert a thermometer or dip a finger into the pasteurized milk to check the temperature before adding the culture.

You also do not have to stress to find a warm spot with the perfect temperature for your yogurt to ferment. All these have been made easier with a yogurt maker. A yogurt maker helps you to make yogurt at home with ease and comfort. A yogurt maker creates the ideal setting for the bacteria in the live culture to convert the milk to yogurt. It keeps the mixture of the milk and starter at a constant temperature.

If you eat yogurt every day or often, getting a yogurt maker might be a good investment.

The video below shows how to make yogurt by yourself at home.

Final Thoughts

Yogurt can be likened to honey as a superfood. Late-night snacking on yogurt comes with many advantages and a couple of situational disadvantages, as already mentioned. While yogurt is a fantastic nighttime snack, it is worthy to note that flavors with artificial sweeteners additives are not recommended options to eat before bed.

Eating yogurt before bed for a week guarantees a positive change in sleep pattern, which can be monitored with the aid of a sleep tracker.

Yogurt is relatively easy to make, and you can learn how to make it here Trusted Source How to Make Yogurt and Greek Yogurt at Home It's easy to make yogurt at home, but it helps to understand the process. Here's how to make most kinds of yogurt, including luscious thick styles like Greek yogurt and labneh. .

A bowl of yogurt with fruits and nuts is that creamy goodness you can have late in the night without having to feel guilty. It is a healthy way to indulge. So, what are you waiting for?


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How to Make Yogurt and Greek Yogurt at Home
It's easy to make yogurt at home, but it helps to understand the process. Here's how to make most kinds of yogurt, including luscious thick styles like Greek yogurt and labneh.
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