What Is an Optimal Bed Height?

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Last updated: August 31, 2023
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The Princess and the Pea – a fairy tale most of us grew up with might have more than just a few lessons. What we take away from it the most is getting the perfect bed! One that is specially made for you and suits your needs while you sleep through the night like royalty. To ensure this, having the perfect bed height Trusted Source Sleeping mattress determinants and evaluation: a biomechanical review and critique Sleeping mattress parameters significantly influence sleeping comfort and health, as reflected by the extensive investigations of sleeping support biomechanics to prevent sleep-related musculoskeletal problems. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov is essential. Not only does it change the look and decor of your bedroom, but it also functions according to your lifestyle and comfort level, which is what actually matters.

For instance, not everyone loves low beds. Sometimes all you want is a comfortable platform that will complement the rustic room decor. What better bed than the Zinus Adrian, which fits this particular ideal. However, if you are unsure of what you want, brace yourself as we guide you through choosing the right bed height for yourself.

What Affects the Ideal Bed Height?

What Is an Optimal Bed Height?

The ideal bed height depends from person to person. It is essential to look into it because if you choose the wrong one, getting in and out of bed may become uncomfortable, which eventually leads to back problems. It is especially important for older people to choose the right height of the bed in addition to selecting the right mattress. But which factors affect the ideal bed height? Let’s find out!


First and foremost, comfort. It is crucial that you look for something that is suitable for you personally and mostly depends on your own height. Can you comfortably get in and out of bed? Do you struggle with chronic back issues? Do you have little kids that sleep next to you? Are there any other factors that you need to consider before selecting a bed? Is there anything that could potentially be a hindrance? Make a mental checklist.

Ideally, you choose a bed for yourself which will be tailored to all your personal needs. It is a long term investment which you need to ensure is the best possible choice. There’s no going back.

Health Issues and Age

When looking for the ideal bed height, you need to consider important factors such as your age and/or health issues. If you’re someone who is upbeat and can easily get into low beds and high beds alike, you can look for your personal preferences without being bound or restricted by anything.

However, if you have a chronic back issue that constantly interferes with your daily life and requires you to get the best possible comfort level, it is important that you do not get anything that would put stress on your spine. Look into standard bed heights instead of low or high. Similarly, people who are older and struggle with getting out of bed need to see what bed height fulfills their requirements personally.

Health issues and age are some crucial factors that cannot be overlooked. It is necessary that you consider these factors and be honest with yourself before making a huge investment in something that is a part of your daily routine- your bed.

Room Decor

A person’s room speaks a great deal about their personality. Whether you’re going for a typical chill vibe with a low bed and stereo system or a chic vibe with a high fluffy bed like the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid, you need to prioritize what you like and get a bed that fits your style.

Low bed vs. high bed is a preference and a choice. What also matters is the size of the mattress you’re choosing to go along with it. So you do you and dazzle up your room!

Different Types of Beds

There is no standard bed that fits all. Beds come in different types and different sizes that you need to choose according to your preferences and requirements.

Standard Bed

The standard bed comes with a box frame, a headboard and is raised at a level that is comfortable for most people.

Platform Bed

These raised beds on a platform are great for tall people who feel comfortable with high rise seating. They give a plush look to your room.

Low Bed

These beds do not have any rise and have a small frame with no storage space underneath. They are great to give your room a casual look.

How to Achieve Ultimate Comfort?

If you want the ultimate comfort experience, then look into the best hybrid beds available. Otherwise, you could always look into a variety of the best bed frames and choose the one that fits all your needs. Our top recommendation here is the Zinus brand.

To improve your accuracy in finding the right one, make sure that you try it out before buying it. Also, go through reviews by different people, which often gives you a broader perspective on how it would work for you!

Final Thoughts

The debate on high vs. low beds has been a long one. Whether you’re looking for appropriate mattresses for platform beds or for your low bed frames, you need to ensure what suits your personal preferences. We believe that everyone’s bed should be tailored to their needs and comfort level. This goes on without saying that everyone’s choice differs, and everyone is held back by different factors. From choosing the size of the bed to the bed height, no one can tell you or instruct you what to get unless you try it for yourself.

Do not be the princess from “The Princess and the pea.” You can definitely do better than that! It is not about piling your bed with hundreds of pillows or fluffy mattresses. Rather, it is also about its height and what you find suitable. So if you’re looking for a new bed, buy the one that you love.


Sleeping mattress determinants and evaluation: a biomechanical review and critique
Sleeping mattress parameters significantly influence sleeping comfort and health, as reflected by the extensive investigations of sleeping support biomechanics to prevent sleep-related musculoskeletal problems.
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