Everything You Need to Know about Celliant

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For those who don’t know, we will start by describing what celliant technology really is before delving into the benefits and types of products you can get it in.

Celliant technology is a patented process that involves integrating minerals and elements, like silicon oxide and titanium oxide particles, to polymer fibers, resulting in a fabric that provides celliant energy or “power from within”!

This phenomenon can be explained in simpler terms – the naturally thermo-reactive minerals integrated into the fabric transform heat emitted by the body into infrared energy that has positive health and body implications. The infrared energy is recycled back into the body, thereby increasing the blood flow to muscles and tissues throughout the body, ultimately resulting in an overall improved deliverance of vital nutrients to critical areas.

Celliant technology can be incorporated in several fabrics that make clothing items, bed sheets, pillow and cushion cases, as well as mattresses. Celliant technology also helps you achieve a quicker recovery from fatigue and higher stamina.

Benefits of Celliant

Everything You Need to Know about Celliant
Celliant technology is a fairly new concept. However, it is growing quickly. The sudden popularity and demand of celliant fabric are owed to its benefits, including its valuable contributions to improved sleep and peripheral advantages.

Better Sleep, Better Health!

Many people struggle with getting a well-rested sleep, despite going to bed early and sleeping for sufficient hours. Waking up exhausted has become the new norm, and many people reason this perpetual fatigue with the high pace and lifestyle of the modern era. However, there are certain bodily needs, such as better blood circulation, that require fulfillment in order to have improved sleep.

Improved Blood Circulation and Oxygenation

Celliant mattresses and sheets have clinical benefits, with better oxygenation of cells and blood circulation that allow relief from minor aches and enable a night of restful sleep. This also helps in the regulation of temperature in the body.

Enhanced Body Temperature Regulation

Celliant technology ensures that through the infrared infusion, the body temperature is regulated according to the external temperature and weather conditions. Doctors and clinicians recommend this material for mattresses to arthritic patients and those suffering from restless sleep for optimal thermal regulation of the system that translates into improved sleep quality.

Lying away in bed can also be extremely exhausting and frustrating; however, celliant technology can help you combat this issue. Sleeping on a celliant mattress or sheets helps you fall asleep faster due to high comfort and fast relaxation, thereby increasing the sleep duration as well.

Quicker Recovery from Fatigue

Moreover, celliant technology in fibers has peripheral benefits that help athletes to improve their stamina. Through improved oxygenation and active healing of pain and fatigue, celliant technology allows athletes to recover from fatigue effectively, making this technology popular in athletic gear and clothing. These rejuvenation and energy recycling processes help in better overall health that improves the execution of daily activities and sports performance.

Take a Closer Look at the Technology Applied

Everything You Need to Know about Celliant

The benefits of celliant technology and celliant infused fiber sound almost unbelievable. However, once you understand how exactly the infrared technology in celliant fibers functions, it will become easier to believe this technological marvel!

How Does the Energy Transfer Work?

The blend of minerals and fibers helps in converting the heat emitted by the body to infrared (IR) energy. IR energy is produced from infra waves that are a constituent of the electromagnetic spectrum. These are invisible energy molecules that surround our environment and are used in several technologies around us, such as the remote control for television sets that emit energy in the form of IR light waves to convey and execute commands.

It can also be transferred in and be a part of heat, like the heat released from a person’s body. This energy in the heat is also invisible; however, we can view it through technology like thermal imaging.

The Miracle of the Celliant Minerals!

The celliant minerals in a celliant infused fabric are highly reactive to heat. The fabric fibers absorb body heat, as well as the heat from external sources like sunlight, which is then used to create IR energy that gets reintegrated into the body upon continued direct or indirect contact. The IR energy is then absorbed by the outer muscles and tissues on the skin.

The absorbed energy aids local blood circulation and oxygenation of cells and blood vessels, resulting in the deliverance of the aforementioned health benefits. An excellent feature of IR energy is that it can be transferred through any medium. Therefore, direct contact with skin is not necessary, proving the benefits of celliant mattresses that are separated from the body by bedsheets.

Unlike thermal clothing fabrics that trap the body heat inside and block external heat, you can also wear a celliant upper or sweater over multiple layers of clothes and utilize its IR energy benefits.

Does Celliant Improve My Nights’ Comfort?

A lot of people doubt the benefits that celliant can have on their sleep quality. We are here to assure you that it does, in fact, work wonders when it comes to improved and restful sleep. Users of celliant infused mattresses, bedsheets, blankets, and even celliant sleepwear report an overall improved and well-rested sleep pattern.

The utility of celliant has been backed by scientific data, suggesting that celliant resulting IR energy encourages better recovery and rejuvenation. This is achieved through improved local circulation and cellular oxygenation that has continuing benefits for sleep quality. You will notice longer sleep time, more comfortable, and relaxed body.

To back up our claims, we have a credible Celliant Pilot sleep study Trusted Source Sleep - CELLIANT | Global Leader In Infrared Performance Textiles Good sleep is critical to good health. CELLIANT-powered mattresses, bedding and sleepwear are scientifically tested in our quest to give you not only more, but better sleep. celliant.com as an example. The results of this pilot study revealed that 2.6% of the participants fell asleep faster, getting an average of 18.3 extra minutes of sleep every night, and 8.4% of the participants reported waking up feeling more energized and rested. So, to answer the question, yes, celliant technology does improve night’s comfort.

How Does Infrared Energy Work?

Infrared energy is present in the natural environment in the form of heat and light. It surrounds us in several elements, like the light emitted from a television set’s remote controller. This element of the electromagnetic spectrum can have several benefits for our health, as discussed above.

The heat emitted from our bodies also contains the energy of infrared waves that are lost when our bodies release heat naturally. The mechanism behind the infrared energy created by the celliant is simple to understand. Celliant technology blocks the infrared energy from leaving or seeping through the fabric, locking it in.

However, it is essential to note that celliant fibers don’t trap IR energy but instead redirect it back to the body. This explains how infrared energy from external sources of heat is also used in celliant technology to provide the body with IR energy, unlike thermal fabrics that block the heat from passing through. The resultant infrared heat energy is reabsorbed back into the body through the tissues in our skin and assists the transportation of blood and oxygen to the body’s cells and blood vessels.

Is It Safe After All?

Many people have health and safety concerns before trying a synthetic product that amalgamates natural elements to produce a man-made product. It is natural to have your reservations. However, it is vital to note that despite the synthetic production of celliant, the process of infrared energy redirection to the body is 100% natural.

Celliant uses a noninvasive procedure that harnesses the body’s own energy and helps your body reabsorb this infrared energy to aid the circulation of blood and oxygen. This aids in regulating body temperature.

Infrared energy treatment is a healing technique as old as ancient times, with evidence of its popularity for medical uses in ancient Greek and Chinese medicine.


People can be wary of using new fabrics due to allergies and skin conditions that reject certain fabrics. However, celliant has caused no reported allergic reactions since its inception.

It must be noted that fabric allergies need to be considered before buying a celliant fabric, making sure that the synthetic carrier it has been embedded in is not one that you are allergic to. To answer the question precisely, celliant is entirely safe for both children and adults.

Where Can I Find This Material?

The name and the underlying procedure of infrared absorption make celliant sound like a high-tech scientific product. In reality, it is not exclusively available in science labs and clinics.

Products with celliant fabrics come in several clothing items like sweat pants, jackets, and gloves. You can also buy celliant mattresses for couples, sheets, boots, and blankets that are easily available in stores and online shops. There are some brands that specialize in high-quality products infused with celliant technology.

People may get confused between well-reputed brands like Zinus and Amerisleep as well, unsure which option will work best for them. It is essential to understand your personal requirements before selecting a celliant infused product and look for features that complement your needs best.

An excellent celliant infused mattress that is highly regarded and well-liked by users is the AMERISLEEP AS3 Memory Foam Mattresswhich possesses qualities like durability and eco-friendliness. Another great quality mattress that we highly recommend is the Rivet Mattress that has adaptive memory foam and comes with a celliant infused mattress cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Celliant Infused Pajamas and Sportswear?

You can buy celliant infused sleepwear at shops like Bed and Bath. However, a celliant blanket or mattress is sufficient for the health benefits it offers. Sportswear infused with celliant is highly recommended, especially for athletes, because it speeds up the recovery of muscles. You can buy celliant sports gear at stores that specialize in sports items like Adidas, Nike, and Puma.

Do Celliant Infused Products Lose Their Properties Overtime?

No, celliant technology is infused in the fabric when creating the material, incorporating minerals that last forever. So, the celliant properties of an item are not lost or reduced overtime and with extended usage.

Are There Special Washing Instructions for Celliant Sheets and Clothes?

No, celliant infused fabrics can be washed using regular methods because the celliant technology does not fade or wear off with time. However, it is important to check the cleaning specifications of the synthetic carrier fabric to make sure that it doesn’t wear out over time.

Final Thoughts

Quality sleep is an essential part of a person’s overall health because during nighttime, the body recovers, rejuvenates, recharges, and gets energized for the following day’s activities.

We don’t just need sleep for resting and recovering from exhaustion. It lets your body discard toxic waste and repair broken cells efficiently. For this, you need to have a comfortable and restful sleep, or it will have detrimental effects on your overall health.

However, this function of sleep is compromised when your body is unable to relax and find comfort during sleep, resulting in a constant state of exhaustion and fatigue. Poor sleep quality can greatly hinder your day-to-day performance. This is why you need a mattress and other sleep accessories that help your body relax in order to rest well and wake up full of energy.

Celliant technology takes the benefits of sleep and enhances them to improve your sleep pattern, duration, and quality, resulting in overall better health. If this article has successfully restored your faith in better quality products that bodily aid functions, try out the celliant mattresses and other products.

We love to hear success stories and welcome constructive criticism just as much, so feel free to share your experiences with celliant infused products. For those who we convinced to get celliant, let us know how your first experience with celliant technology goes!


Sleep - CELLIANT | Global Leader In Infrared Performance Textiles
Good sleep is critical to good health. CELLIANT-powered mattresses, bedding and sleepwear are scientifically tested in our quest to give you not only more, but better sleep.
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