How to Do Hospital Corners?

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Last updated: August 10, 2023
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A lot of people consider making beds to be a tedious task. However, even though it may seem like that, it has a lot of positive outcomes in actuality. Making a bed is one of the most critical things in the military and the medical field. It instills discipline and strengthens willpower. There are a lot of ways to make a bed Trusted Source Bed-making - Wikipedia Bed-making is the act of arranging the bedsheets and other bedding on a bed, to prepare it for use. , but one of the most well-known styles we will be learning today is how to do hospital corners!

You may have noticed the way hospitals always have their beds so neatly tucked and well kept. Don’t you want to learn this unique technique?

So, if you’re looking to learn the ways of making your bed in a clean and crisp way, here is a step by step guide on how to do so!

Step-by-Step Guide on Making Hospital Corners

With a step-by-step guide, you will be able to make your own hospital corners on a bed with ease. Note that just because this style is called ‘hospital corners’, doesn’t mean that it’s used in hospitals only. This is a well-renowned method used in most luxury hotels as well!

How to Do Hospital Corners?

Step #1

Take your preferred bedsheet and place it over the mattress. Make sure that it lays flat and evenly on the bed.

Step #2

Take one corner and ensure that the sheet is fitted and tight around the edges. It is vital to have the sheets hanging equally across the remaining sides of the bed.

Step #3

Lift the mattress slightly and tuck-in the sheet at that one corner, all the while keeping the sheets at the other sides hanging equally.

Step #4

With the excess sheet hanging, place it on top of the mattress neatly. By doing this, the edge should be making a 45-degree angle in respect to your bed.

Step #5

Now take the sheet that was making a 45-degree angle and hold it. With the hanging fabric, tuck it in along the mattress’s side, all the while letting the excess sheet fall.

Step #6

Take the excess sheet that had fallen and adjust it to the corner by tucking its edges under the mattress.

Step #7

Do the same for the remaining corners by following Steps 2 to 6. By following these steps for the remaining corners, you have successfully learned how to make a bed with hospital corners!

Step #8

You can improve the overall look of your bed by adding additional layers of the quilt and a duvet with some decorative and colorful pillows.

Of course, you’ll also need some good quality bed sheets, so make sure you have the right ones as they play a major role in not just the aesthetics but also the comfort and coziness they bring to your high-end mattress.

Extra Tips

Wondering how you can get better at making hospital corners? Remember, reading the steps a few times and making your bed on a daily basis will ensure that you master this technique!

It can be difficult to tell someone how to fold a bedsheet in a certain way, but with some additional tips, it can be simplified. If, for some reason, you found this method not simple, you can easily refer to video guides.

Also, even though these corners can be made with any type of bed sheet, The Peru Pima Bed Sheet Set will be ideal for this style.

In order to have a good night’s sleep, it’s always calming and relaxing to go to a bed that is neat and tidy rather than all messed up!

After all, you need that rest after a hard day at work. Perhaps you might be interested in getting a new mattress. Our experts recommend the Helix Midnight LUXE model that keeps you comfortable all night long!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this particular style called hospital corners?

As the name suggests, it is called hospital corners as this technique was originally used in hospitals way back in the 19th century. It is also the preferred method in the military!

Is it important for me to make my own bed?

Yes, it is! By making your bed on a daily basis, you are making a personal choice that will make you more disciplined and clean. Not to mention it will make your bedroom look orderly too!

I like the way luxury hotels make their beds. How can I make a bed like them?

Believe it or not but hospital corners are also one of the ways most hotels fold their bedsheets. So learn this style and turn your bedroom into a luxury hotel room! On the other hand, if you want to simplify the process, you can stick to deep pocket sheets!

Final Thoughts

Not only does having a clean, tidy, and well-kept bed give you a sense of cleanliness, it also gives off a good feeling when you come back to sleep after a hard day’s work. Imagine how happy your friends and family will be to see your bed being in the best of shape while others are left wondering, ‘how did he/she make this bed look so good!?’

Now that you know how to do hospital corners, it’s time to stop being lazy and start making your own bed. Yes, this can be a home chore that seems a bit tedious and boring but, the rewards are great too!

So, stop your yawning and start this morning!


Bed-making - Wikipedia
Bed-making is the act of arranging the bedsheets and other bedding on a bed, to prepare it for use.
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