How to Keep Sheets on Bed: Nothing Will Disturb Your Sleep

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One of the most annoying occurrences is when you are settling down for bed. You are just getting ready to hop in when you notice that your sheets have come off the bed, again. So, you go to each side and fix them, trying to tuck them in as tight as you can. You know that the sheets will come off again throughout the night and definitely by morning. Is the inevitable possible? Where is the answer to the dilemma of how to keep the sheets on the bed? There has to be a better way and there is. Let’s discuss each one below.

Best ways to keep sheets on the bed

For sheets to stay on the mattress, they need something to keep them stabilized onto the mattress. That is the problem that lots of people have. Whether it is from the sheets shrinking in the dryer, or you purchased the wrong size sheets, here are some ways to make sure they will not trouble you anymore.

Choose the correct fit

How to Keep Sheets on Bed: Nothing Will Disturb Your SleepAs mentioned above, choosing the right size sheets is important. If you are even a half-inch wrong, you will find that your sheets will not stay on. So, if you have a California King and buy regular King sheets, those sheets will not carry you through the night. The best practice is measuring your mattress so you make sure the right dimensions are in the sheets you are buying.

While you are shopping for the right-sized sheets, make sure you are getting a good thread count like Egyptian Cotton Bedsheets or Threadmill Linen Bedsheets. Sheets in these thread counts will give you a soft and relaxing night’s sleep. Plus, because you will be buying the right size, you will not be tugging at the corners all you. You can just lie in the high thread count and sleep soundly.

Use safety pins

Securing the bedding will not be a trouble if you use safety pins. They are simple to use and cheap to buy. All you will need to worry about is putting a small hole in your sheets. But for the price of peaceful sleeping, you have to pick and choose your battles. Be careful putting them on. The pins are sharp but when enclosed they are safe to use. You might not want to use these on satin sheets, so if you have satin sheets or are thinking about buying some, try some of the other options below.

How to Keep Sheets on Bed: Nothing Will Disturb Your SleepMake DIY straps

You can make straps that will, essentially, strap your sheets down. This gives a simple way to cut out looking through all the reviews online. You can sew some elastic pieces together and have your own do it yourself straps to hold your sheets on.

Place rough sheet beneath the fitted sheet

Think about the rough sheet for a moment. I mean, do you really use it? Most people don’t. It just gets tossed in the closet, forgotten until the next move or spring cleaning. Better use of it is to put it on the mattress before putting the fitted sheet. That way, the fitted sheet will have a little bit more grip on it.

Deep pocket sheets can be a perfect rough sheet to put under a fitted sheet to make it even more secure.

Use non-slip rug corners

Non-slip rug corners are designed to keep your rugs in place. They can do the same for your sheets. The rug corners will keep the sheets where you put them and prevent them from moving during sleep. Plus, they are easily removable if you don’t like them for some reason.

Zip the sheets

Using a zippered sheet has many benefits, especially if you have kids. Zippered sheets Trusted Source Zippered Sheets: What They Are and Where to Buy Them | Apartment Therapy There are two kinds of people in the world: people who think changing sheets is NBD and the rest of us, aka anyone who doesn't have their bed floating in the middle of a vast room. make your sheets very secured o your mattress. Normally, there is a zipper on the top and a zipper on the bottom that holds it in its place. It also makes it easier to change when needed. It goes on like a regular sheet and just requires you to zip it up to close in the sheets and your mattress.

What about stretchy bands

How to Keep Sheets on Bed: Nothing Will Disturb Your SleepRubber bands are easily a household staple for crafts, easy fixes, and more. Another easy fix for the stretchy bands is to keep your sheets on your mattress. Before you put your sheets on, put the rubber bands on each corner of the bed. When you put the fitted sheet on, you can simply tuck it into the stretchy bands and you are good to go. If you don’t have any rubber bands, you can use a very stretchy hair tie to do the same thing.

A wrap-around rubber band for the entire mattress like the Rubber Hugger is another type of band that will keep your sheets on without any hassle until wash day.

Use clip corners or fasten with suspenders

You might be wondering what clip corners and fasten suspenders are exactly? First, let’s talk about the clip corners. They work in the same way as a safety pin does to hold your sheets. You won’t have to poke a hole in your sheets or risk poking your finger. These will clip onto the bottom of the bed and sheet so it will not move out of position.

Fasten suspenders work in the same way. Though, these will clip on the entire bottom of the bed instead of just the corner. You will clip one side to the mattress and the other side to the sheet. This one will require more work as it is clipping onto the entire mattress. But think about how secure it will be. There will be no worries about your sheets coming off until you need to wash them. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be, though?

Final Thoughts

Your mattress needs sheets. That is no secret. What might have been closeted before is how to keep those sheets on. There is a better option than just dealing with fixing the corners every time they curl up and come out of place. There are cheaper options such as safety pins, which you probably have lying around the house anyway. There are zippered sheets that will take all the worry away. You can even go extreme and clip your entire mattress together with the sheet. Whichever way you choose, you now have multiple ways of how to keep the sheets on the bed.


Zippered Sheets: What They Are and Where to Buy Them | Apartment Therapy
There are two kinds of people in the world: people who think changing sheets is NBD and the rest of us, aka anyone who doesn't have their bed floating in the middle of a vast room.
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