How to Sleep with Noisy Roommates: Trusted Advice

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Last updated: August 09, 2023
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After a long stressful day, your only intent and purpose for the night are just to sleep. You wouldn’t want to have your noisy roommates blabbing all around the room, nor do you want any form of noise Trusted Source Soundproofing - Wikipedia Soundproofing is any means of reducing the sound pressure with respect to a specified sound source and receptor. from anywhere else when you retire for the night. Well, that is if orderliness is the order of the day!

Consequently, sleeping becomes impossible for you at night, and you do not want to quarrel over trifles with your roommates. So, noise becomes a reason for insomnia!

To solve your plight, you need to figure out how to sleep with noisy roommates. Continue reading this article to know more.

How to fall asleep

Falling asleep involves some process. There is a developmental process that is backed up by our behavior–behavioral processes. As we grow and develop, developmental sleeping processes form our sleeping patterns. That is why you can fall asleep for about six to eight hours as an adult.

Likewise, the developmental process is influenced by the behavioral process. It becomes a thing you have to do to fall asleep, mostly done by training your mind to sleep in any condition, such as the noisy environment created by your rude roommates. If you want to fall asleep in your next encounter, then the information provided below is meant for you. Let’s dive in!

Try white noise

How to Sleep with Noisy Roommates: Trusted AdviceOne of the ways you can fall asleep in a noisy environment is to use White noise. Think of it as absorbing the noise with more noise. Before you get jumpy, the noise used to absorb the distracting noise is called the White noise. This noise has a characteristic effect of calmness to whoever is listening to it.

That is why this technique is used for babies in the creche. If you visit the nurseries often, you should notice some machines that help the babies to sleep. These machines release cool ambient noise that masks the distracting sounds in the environment. According to reviews, most users have resorted to using such machines as it gives a calming effect of soothing noise while you sleep. The goal is to sleep like a baby. If it works for them, it will surely work for you.

You can as well make use of a loud fan. Recently, people have considered loud fans as a viable option for absorbing noise. Although, do not let the name “loud fans” fool you into thinking that they are robust. Latest models of these fans are quite portable while giving out different ambient noise variation that includes White noise, Pink noise, depending on your choice.

Also, you might have a big apartment that will need a sturdy-built fan that will be able to disrupt the noise from all angles. Most people with big apartments have recommended this rugged fan thanks to its great air circulation, plus it is lightweight and easy to move about. You wouldn’t be disturbed even when your roommates decide to throw a party!

Try earphones and headphones

If you want to go old school, earphones and headphones are your best bet. They will block the noise around you and reduce it to nothing but a harmonious sound that you can nod your head to while you doze off.

There are lots of noise-canceling devices that can be used. Of course, you want to feel the comfort your soft bed sheet has to offer.

That is why most people recommended pillow speakers that will match your soft bed sheet in past reviews. For what it’s worth, you can check here to see some of the best models out there.

Try sound absorbing decoration and upholstery

It is quite comforting to decorate your room from noise. Come to think of it, in studios, and you would often see a lot of padded materials placed in strategic places. This is done to absorb the noise traveling through the air. Likewise, you can as well use this technique. You can decorate your room with absorbing fabrics with a good soundproofing quality.

Your doors can be layered with some of these fabrics as well. For your sleeping area, try placing some heavy upholstery to have some quiet around you.

Try stretching and exercising

If your noisy roommates wouldn’t back down, here is another approach that will help you to sleep irrespective of the noise. Research has shown that exercise doesn’t only allow you to fall asleep but increases the duration of deep sleep. Regular exercising prepares you ahead to have a good sleep mostly because energy is expended, and it will take only a good sleep to recover your energy. This way, you will be able to sleep through the noise effortlessly.

Try calming herbs

Do you believe that some herbs can make you sleep through the noise? Yes, surely, you would sleep just like a baby. There is some evidence that has proven that lavender oil can activate your sleeping mood. Just get a bottle of lavender oil and mix it with alcohol acting as a carrier. For diffusion’s sake, spray the mixture like an hour before sleeping. You can as well rub it on your pillows, bedsheets, and even some parts of your body.

How about talking with your roommate?

You don’t have to be stuck with your noisy roommate forever; speaking up could just be the trick. You shouldn’t be scared to talk to them. Just speak to them calmly and nicely as much as possible and pass the information across so that they understand you. The funniest thing could be that they were not even aware of the din they have been making.

Final thoughts

Sleeping in a noisy place is quite possible. In fact, you would sleep with ease only if you know your way around some strategies. Strategies such as soundproofing with upholstery, using white noise, headphones, exercising are practicable and effective.

Now that you know how to sleep with noisy roommates, try some of these in your next encounter, and you will be surprised at what you have been missing.


Soundproofing - Wikipedia
Soundproofing is any means of reducing the sound pressure with respect to a specified sound source and receptor.
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