How to Wash Bamboo Pillow – 5 Helpful Tips

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Last updated: August 17, 2023
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There are a number of different pillows out there, practically a pillow for every need and preference. I’d say that choosing a pillow is personal because not everyone has the same needs when it comes to neck and head support. Also, overall comfort when it comes to sleeping is also different for each person.

Some people need a firm pillow while others need a soft one. Often, people need more than one pillow, each of different textures in order to get the comfort they want. It can be hard trying to choose what you want, however doing your research will definitely help you make the right selection.

You may have already started your research into all the different types of pillows and have chosen to go with a bamboo pillow. However, you may want to know how to wash your pillow to maintain hygiene, right? Let’s go through some facts about this niche market as well as learning how to wash bamboo pillows effectively.

Few facts about bamboo material

How to Wash Bamboo Pillow - 5 Helpful Tips

When thinking of a bamboo pillow, you may be thinking that the actual pillow is made out of bamboo which doesn’t sound that comfortable. Don’t worry though, it’s actually just the covering that is made out of viscose which is a bamboo-based material. The rest of the pillow is filled with either memory foam; solid or shredded.

The best part of a bamboo pillow or pillowcase, is the fact that you can wash it. Of course, while we sleep dead skin cells can build up, which could lead to issues with cleanliness and odors. So, to get the best use out of your pillow you can wash it ever two to four months.

Investing in a pillow that has this bamboo-based viscose covering can be beneficial Trusted Source Do Bamboo Pillows Really Have Health Benefits? Bamboo products are everywhere today. Find out if bamboo pillows really have health benefits. for a lot of reasons, which we’ll break down below.

Benefits of bamboo pillows

Firstly, it can help keep you cool while you sleep because it breathes easier throughout the night. You don’t have to worry about sweating while you sleep with your bamboo pillow. It can also help with allergies as it is hypoallergenic as well as antimicrobial, making it a practical pillow for many who struggle with health issues.

Of course, when searching for a pillow you also want something that will support your neck and back which is exactly what these pillows do. It will help you sleep even if you’ve been struggling for years to have a good night’s rest. The biggest advantage of this item is the fact that it is adjustable. This means you can add or remove as much filling as you want to get the comfort you’re seeking. Flexibility in a pillow is a pretty good deal!

What you’ll need to clean bamboo pillow

If you’re looking at washing your bamboo pillow, you don’t need a lot of equipment nor anything expensive in order to make sure it’s well taken care of.

Listed below is the short list of what you’ll need:

  • A gentle or mild detergent. It is important that there is no bleach or harsh chemicals in the detergent as this will ruin the integrity of your pillow.
  • If you’re washing your pillow by hand you will need a basin or bucket.
  • Lastly, you’ll need a drying rack.

How to clean bamboo pillow

There are different ways to wash your bamboo pillow as it all depends on what type you have. There are plain bamboo pillowcases, bamboo and spandex pillowcases as well as bamboo shredded pillowcases. Each pillowcase will need to be washed differently so let’s break it down.

How to wash bamboo pillowcases

When it comes to washing your bamboo pillowcase you can wash it by hand or by using your washing machine. It is a pretty easy wash as you can place the pillowcase in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, using a mild detergent and a cold wash.

How to Wash Bamboo Pillow - 5 Helpful Tips

How to wash bamboo and spandex pillowcase

If you own or want to purchase a bamboo and spandex pillowcase, you don’t have to be scared of washing it and ruining it as it is machine washable. You can follow the same instructions as listed above to make sure your pillowcase is washed properly.

How to wash bamboo shredded pillow

As the name suggests, a bamboo shredded pillow is shredded memory foam filling inside of a bamboo pillowcase. These are extremely helpful as you can adjust it to your liking. Don’t know where to start looking? Look at the Xtreme Comfort adjustable pillow as it comes highly recommended. To keep this valuable asset clean, here’s what you do.

First, fill your tub or a large sink with room temperature water. This manual method is necessary because machine washing your pillow can ruin the shredded texture of the pillow. Next, add a small amount of gentle detergent to the water and mix it up until it’s fully mixed.

Place the pillow in the tub and completely submerge it. Gently start squeezing the pillow in several areas so the soap can get into the material. If there’s a stain, allow it to soak for a few minutes. Remove the water from the tub and then, using cool to warm water, rinse it under the faucet until the soap is completely out of the pillow.

You may need to repeat this process a couple of times, depending on how long it has been since you last washed your pillow. The water should run clear once the pillow is thoroughly cleaned. Place your clean pillow in a well aired room to air dry. You can use direct sunlight to help the drying process. Rotate or flip it every couple of hours so it can dry evenly. Make sure your cushion is completely dry before using it again.

How to wash essence of bamboo pillow

Fortunately, Essence of bamboo pillows can be washed by your washing machine. By using a gentle fabric softener and a cold wash, along with a gentle cycle you can was your pillow whenever you feel it needs some TLC. Make sure you let it dry completely, because over time any moisture could cause mold to grow within your pillow.

How to machine wash bamboo pillow

Each product has a different way of being cleaned. Some can be washed with your washing machine, for example, the Coop Home Goods memory foam pillow, while others need to be hand washed. It would seem that when washing your bamboo pillow in the machine there are different techniques. Some call for gentle detergent while others don’t. It’s important that you read the label that your pillow comes with in order to follow the correct method.

Cleaning bamboo pillow by brand

How to Wash Bamboo Pillow - 5 Helpful Tips

Cleaning your bamboo pillow and knowing what to do and what not to do can be easier when you look at the brand instructions. As with most things we buy these days, with pillow there will be instruction guides and breakdowns for you to follow. Here are some general tips for different brands.


You can wash both the pillow cover and inner in your machine. However, over washing and drying can cause the memory foam to deteriorate faster so you should only wash the liner most times. Remove the liner and wash both pieces together in cold water on a gentle cycle. Dry the liner and cover on a low tumble setting until both are completely dry. Place the liner in the cover and dry the pillow again to re-expand its full shape.


You don’t have to worry about how to wash the Essence of Bamboo pillow as it is machine washable. Because it is made of polyester fiber, polyester, and rayon from bamboo, the Bamboo Essence pillow can be placed straight in your washing machine, hassle-free.

Just ensure that you don’t dry it at a high temperature. The item itself can enlarge and grow puffy when exposed to heat for extended periods. It’s ideal to simply tumble dry for a short while before setting it out to dry completely.


You might want to know how to wash a bamboo by Coop pillow and you’d be happy to know that it is super easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the cover and place it in your washing machine on a gentle or delicate cycle without fabric softener. Make sure to use cold water. You can then wash the pillow inner by following the same instructions given for your pillowcase. An added tip would be to wash each pillow one by one and securing the zip with a safety pin, so it doesn’t open while in the machine.

Best wait until everything is completely dry before using it again.

Final thoughts

We are all looking for the best of the best. The best way to sleep, the best clothes to wear, and the best products to put on our skin. With all the options out there available to us, it can become a little confusing and overwhelming. What do we go with and who do we trust when it comes to bedding? And how do you make sure you maintain that quality?

Luckily, with much innovation, products have been designed to meet the needs of even the most difficult of customers. You can rest easy knowing exactly how to wash bamboo pillows as well as benefiting from the pillow itself. Having the best available out there has never been easier!


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