10 Best Bamboo Pillows – A Breathable, Soft, and Natural Choice

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If you find yourself tossing and turning at night and can’t figure out why, there’s a good chance it might be your pillow. It just might be time to trade in your old pillow and invest in the best bamboo pillow available. These pillows usually have a cover made from bamboo fibers or even some bamboo components in their filling. Why bamboo? There are a few reasons. It grows very fast so it’s an environmentally friendly option, plus it naturally absorbs sweat and disperses body heat to keep you cool and comfy while you sleep.

To put together our list, we thought about a lot of different factors. First, we looked at the type of filling that’s actually inside the pillow to make sure they were as supportive as possible. We also considered how many pillows are included in each set as well as whether or not you could adjust the height by adding or removing filling. Finally, we took into consideration the size options for each one, because you don’t want a small pillow on a big bed.

We spent hours researching comments and vital information from manufacturers, experts, and the people who sleep with these pillows every night to put together this review. First, you’ll find a table where you can compare each product side by side. After that are our detailed reviews of each pillow following by a buying guide that should give you the tools you need to find the best bamboo pillow for you.

Top 10 Bamboo Pillows Review 2022

  • Pillow filling: shredded memory foam
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover composition: bamboo-derived viscose, polyester, Lycra
  • Available in: Standard, Queen, King

Extra features: hypoallergenic, Biogreen and Certi-PUR-US certified, 120-night sleep trial and 20-year warranty, machine-washable

Our Editor’s Pick is the Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Combination Pillow. It’s a shredded-style pillow that uses a combination of memory foam so it never goes flat but still comfortably conforms to your head, face, and neck as you sleep. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

This pillow contains a combination of Biogreen and CertiPUR-US Certified foam that’s been tested and shown not to have any harmful chemicals like ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals. That said, some users did complain that the pillow has a strong odor though that should go away as the pillow airs out. There isn’t any fiberfill or low-density alternatives to ensure that this pillow maintains its shape and last for a long time. In fact, it’s covered by a 20-year warranty.

The cover is really great, too. It’s made of a combination of bamboo, polyester, and a little bit of Lycra, allowing air to flow through and providing a soft and surface to sleep on that keeps you cool all night long.

This is a great pillow for combination sleepers because you can gather the fill or spread it out to shape the pillow to your needs although some users complained that the foam needed frequent readjusting throughout the night.

Take advantage of the 120-night sleep trial and, if you don’t completely love it, return it in that time for a no-hassle refund. You can also request customization if you want a little more or less filling.

What makes it special?

  • Combination shredded foam never goes flat
  • Can be adjusted to conform to most sleeping positions
  • Great for combination sleepers
  • Bamboo, polyester, and Lyrca cover allows the pillow to breathe

What cons did we find?

  • Some users report a strong chemical smell
  • Needs frequent readjusting as you move throughout the night

Snuggle-Pedic Full Size Body PillowBest Bamboo Body Pillow

  • Pillow filling: shredded memory foam
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover composition: bamboo-derived viscose, polyester, Lycra
  • Available in: full-size body pillow

Extra features: Biogreen and Certi-PUR-US certified, hypoallergenic, 120-night sleep trial and 20-year warranty

The Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow uses a combination of shredded BioGreen and CertiPUR-US foams that’s not too heavy and never goes flat. It’s free of any harmful chemical including ozone depleters, flame retardants, and formaldehyde as well as mercury, lead, and other heavy metals and it’s hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, too. That said, it can have a somewhat strong chemical smell that should fade as the pillow airs out.

This body pillow features a cover made of bamboo, polyester, and a touch of Lyra that allows air to flow through the pillow while you sleep, helping to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature overnight.

A body pillow is a great choice for side or stomach sleepers but can really help anyone get more comfortable. All you have to do is shift and reposition the foam until it’s just right to suit your needs. This makes it a great choice for pregnant women who find it more and more difficult to get comfortable near the end of their pregnancy. Note that some users complained that the foam needed to be repositioned quite frequently over time.

Use the 120-night sleep trial to try it out. If you’re not happy, you can send it back with free return shipping or have it customized to make it work for you. Some users did complain that it wasn’t quite as full as they hoped it would be so having it stuffed a little more could solve these issues. Should you decide to keep it, rest assured knowing it’s covered by a 20-year warranty.

Why did it make our list?

  • Combination of shredded foam never goes flat
  • Easily shift and reposition to conform to your sleeping position
  • Good for stomach, side, and pregnant sleepers

What is not ideal about it?

  • Can require frequent repositioning
  • Some users complained of strong chemical smell that took a while to disperse
  • Occasional complaints that pillow was understuffed

Maxzzz Bamboo PillowsBest Pillow Kit

  • Pillow filling: 3D & 7D microfiber
  • Number of pillows: 2
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover composition: bamboo
  • Available in: Standard; Queen, King

Extra features: vacuum-sealed for shipping; the bamboo cover is machine washable

If you’ve ever experienced back and neck pains immediately after waking up, then you know how much it can easily ruin your day. The good news is that a stiff back is completely avoidable by buying the right pillow and the Maxzzz Bamboo Pillows for Sleeping are a great option. They are made from premium 3D and 7D microfiber filling that’s of high-quality, hypoallergenic, and breathable material. This makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin.

These bamboo pillows have a no-shift build that provides you with the support your back needs and comfort required for a good night’s sleep. This ensures that even though you’re a restless sleeper, you’ll always wake up refreshed. These pillows are available in standard, King, and Queen sizes, and the covers are removable and machine washable. The best part is that they can accommodate the needs of all kinds of sleepers, including side and back sleepers.

Why is it special?

  • Premium microfiber filling that's very comfortable.
  • No-shift construction that keeps the pillows in place all night long
  • Washable bamboo covers that are odor resistant
  • High-quality filling that's breathable and hypoallergenic.
  • Great for all kinds of sleepers.

What are the flaws?

  • The fillings aren’t removable.
  • Some sleepers find the pillows too fluffy for their preferences.

TRANZZQUIL Hypoallergenic Bed PillowBest Bamboo Pillow for Back Sleepers

  • Pillow filling: shredded memory foam
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: yes
  • Pillow cover composition: bamboo and polyester blend
  • Available in: Queen, King

Extra features: Certi-PUR-US certified foam, machine-washable, concealed outer zipper and inner zipper for adjusting foam

If you’re a back sleeper who’s looking for a great bamboo pillow, take a look at the TRANZZQUIL Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows. This pillow offers the firm support you need to keep your head and neck supported while you sleep but can easily be adjusted to suit any side and stomach sleepers, too.

This pillow comes with two pillowcases made of soft white fabric. They have an invisible outer zipper as well as an inner zipper if you need to adjust the foam. All you have to do it open the zipper, take out what you need to get the right loft, then zip it back up. That said, some users still found it to be either too hard or too lumpy, though this wasn’t a very common reaction. The filling is made from shredded CertiPUR-US certified memory foam that’s made without harmful chemicals. It’s firm, hypoallergenic, and never goes flat.

The pillow itself is very well made. It features needled corded edging and a high thread count for superior comfort and durability. You can try out this pillow at home for 100 nights and return it for a full refund if you’re unhappy for any reason. Some users reported a strong chemical smell but that should go away after three to five days once the pillow has time to air out.

What do we love it for?

  • Good choice for back sleepers
  • Can easily remove shredded memory foam stuffing to get the right loft
  • Needled corded edging and high thread count

What were we disappointed with?

  • Some users had a difficult time adjusting the pillow properly
  • Some people experienced a strong chemical smell

EcoTrueBamboo Bamboo Deluxe PillowBest Shredded Foam Bamboo Pillow

  • Pillow filling: shredded memory foam
  • Number of pillows: 1 / 2
  • Adjustable loft: yes
  • Pillow cover composition: bamboo
  • Available in: Queen, King

Extra features: hypoallergenic, removable washable cover, cooling ventilated structure to disperse body heat

Whether you’re looking for a pillow for both yourself and you partner or you just like using two pillows, check out the EcoTrueBamboo Bamboo Deluxe Pillow. This is a set of two pillows that have an ergonomic design to support your head, neck, and shoulders for a comfortable night’s sleep and relief from snoring, insomnia, migraines, neck pain, and even TMJ.

Inside this pillow is pliable memory foam that conforms to the shape of your head and body to keep your neck and back in proper alignment. Plus, it can easily be fluffed and adjusted to support back, side, or stomach sleeping. That said, some users commented that they still found that the pillow was too firm but that wasn’t a common complaint.

These pillows each have a hypoallergenic, washable cover that protects against bacteria, mold, and dust mites which makes it a great choice for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies. The material has 50% pure bamboo and other materials that make it breathable and allow air to flow through as you sleep. You can either spot clean the cover with a little soap and water or throw it in the washer and let it air dry.

There’s a 30-day satisfaction guarantee included so if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return the pillow for a no-hassle full refund.

What do we love it for?

  • Set of 2
  • Ergonomic design to support head, neck, and shoulders
  • Pliable memory foam can be adjusted to accommodate different sleeping positions

What were we disappointed with?

  • A few users felt that the pillow was too firm and not easy to adjust

Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Bed PillowBest Adjustable Bamboo Pillow

  • Pillow filling: shredded memory foam
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: yes
  • Pillow cover composition: bamboo
  • Available in: Standard, Queen, King, Body Pillow

Extra features: Certi-PUR-US certified, micro-vented cover keeps pillow surface cool throughout the night, 6-year warranty, fully machine-washable

The Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Bed Pillow is a good choice for any kind of sleeper. It’s filled with high-quality CertiPUR-US certifies foam that’s been analyzed by independent labs. This foam contains no ozone depleters, flame retardants, formaldehyde, phthalates, lead, or mercury which is especially important for people with asthma or allergies as well as pregnant women. Some people did complain of a strong smell but this is somewhat normal with memory foam and should go away after a few days.

An internal zipper allows you to remove filling as needed to make it the perfect height for you. The shredded foam maintains its density and won’t become lumpy or flat. By conforming and contouring to your head and neck it gives you customized support no matter what position you sleep in and provides proper back, neck, and spine alignment. That said, some users commented that the pillow flattened significantly over time while others had a difficult time with frequent repositioning.

Another awesome thing about this pillow is the micro-vented Kool-Flow bamboo cover. Not only is it super soft and comfortable, but it also provides superior air circulation that helps keep the surface cool throughout the night. That’s not all, it’s also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant and you can toss it in the washing machine when it needs freshening up. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee during the first 30 days and is covered with a 6-year warranty.

What are our favorite features?

  • Can remove shredded memory foam to customize loft
  • Doesn’t get lumpy
  • Conforms to your sleeping position
  • Micro-vented cover allows for optimal airflow
  • Stays cool

What could be better?

  • Some users reported a strong scent
  • Can flatten over time
  • Have to reposition and fluff with each position change

Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel PillowBest Bamboo Pillow Filling

  • Pillow filling: gel-infused memory foam
  • Number of pillows: 2
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover composition:bamboo and polyester
  • Available in: Queen, King

Extra features: hypoallergenic, dust mite, mold and stain-resistant

Next is the Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow, a set of two pillows that are crafted using super plush gel fiber. This isn’t like the pillows that we’ve seen so far. Unlike memory foam, gel fiber is designed to mimic the feeling of down. These pillows are soft and pliable so if you like a pillow that’s flexible, this is the one for you.

Not only are these pillows expertly tailored for maximum comfort, but they also have a luxurious bamboo jacquard cover that’s soft, breathable, and acts as a supportive barrier between you and the foam. It’s specially designed using no-slip construction so you get the right amount of support all night long.

These pillows are also resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew and are hypoallergenic which makes them a great choice for anyone suffering from allergies, asthma, or other sensitivities. They’re also covered by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you can try them out for a few weeks at home. If you aren’t satisfied during that time, return them for a full refund.

Some people found these pillows to be too soft but, again, they’re not supposed to be firm like memory foam. Some users also said that these pillows got a little too warm but this wasn’t something that came up a lot.

What stands out?

  • Ultra-plush gel fiber filling
  • Set of 2
  • Bamboo jacquard cover
  • Soft and flexible

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Some people found them to be too soft

Xtreme Comforts 100% Bamboo PillowBest 100% Bamboo Fill Pillow

  • Pillow filling: bamboo fibers
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: yes
  • Pillow cover composition: 100% viscose bamboo
  • Available in: Queen, King

Extra features: double zippered cover, hypoallergenic, mold and dust mite resistant

Not only does the Xtreme Comforts 100% Bamboo Pillow Inside & Out have a bamboo cover, but it also uses bamboo fibers for the filling which has a lot of benefits you don’t get with other material. Bamboo fibers are a little firmer and keep their shape better than memory foam but are still soft and flexible. That means less fluffing and enhanced comfort.

Another great thing about this pillow is it’s adjustable. Simply unzip the inner zipper and remove as much fiber as needed until you get the height you want. This is a good choice for back, side, and stomach sleepers because you can make it as thin as you want. Some users noted that the pillow was a bit too thin but this can usually be corrected by putting it in the dryer or using your hands to fluff it thoroughly before bed.

The cover is made of 100% viscose bamboo and is really comfortable, too. It’s soft and allows the pillow to breathe so it doesn’t retain excess heat while you sleep. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic, mold resistant, and dust mite resistant, a great choice for people with allergies or other sensitivities or pregnant women who are looking for a pillow that safe and comfortable. The case is removable and machine washable and you can even toss it in the dryer.

What makes it stand out?

  • Filled with bamboo fibers
  • Requires less fluffing than memory foam
  • Can be placed in the dryer after washing or for fluffing
  • Cover is 100% viscose bamboo

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Can flatten over time
  • Difficult to fluff by hand

Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bed Wedge PillowBest Bamboo Wedge Pillow

  • Pillow filling: memory foam
  • Number of pillows: 1 / 2 / 3
  • Adjustable loft: no
  • Pillow cover composition: bamboo and polyester
  • Available in: one-size

Extra features: 30-degree incline, lifetime warranty, 7-inch height, relieves acid reflux, snoring, back pain

If you’re looking for a wedge pillow, the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Wedge Pillow is a great choice. Wedge pillows are great for anyone suffering from back pain, acid reflux, allergies, breathing problems, or snoring. They’re also a great choice for pregnant women, especially toward the end of pregnancy when getting comfortable is next to impossible.

This pillow has a 30-degree incline and is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and easy positioning. It elevates your torso and provides spinal support that keeps everything in perfect alignment. While it’s a great choice for the medical conditions we mentioned, it’s also perfect for people who lie to sit up in bed reading or watching television. You can use it for leg support, too.

The cover is made of hypoallergenic soft bamboo fibers. It’s really soft and removes for easy cleaning plus it allows the pillow to breathe so it doesn’t hold onto your body heat while you sleep. This pillow will never go flat because it’s made of a solid block of foam and not small shreds that can require frequent fluffing and repositioning. That said, some users found it a little too firm and uncomfortable.

Some users reported a chemical smell with this pillow but that should go away after being allowed to air out for a few days. It’s covered by a 100% lifetime warranty.

What makes it special?

  • Wedge pillow provides comfort for a lot of various health issues like reflux and back pain
  • Ideal for pregnant women
  • Single block of foam maintains its shape

What cons did we find?

  • Strong initial chemical smell
  • Some users found it to be too firm

Casapre Bamboo Memory Foam PillowBudget Pick

  • Pillow filling: shredded gel memory foam and polyester fibers
  • Number of pillows: 1
  • Adjustable loft: yes
  • Pillow cover composition: bamboo-derived rayon and polyester
  • Available in: Standard, Queen, King

Extra features: hypoallergenic, dust mite, mold and mildew resistant, removable cover, pillow and cover machine-washable

If you’re looking for a bamboo pillow on a budget, we suggest the Casapre Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow. It’s stuffed with 80% shredded gel memory foam and 20% polyester fibers that give it a super plush feel. Casapre tested different combinations of foam in all different shapes and sizes to figure out which one worked best for comfort, breathability, and support. Believe it or not, the filling is hand cut to make sure it’s to their exact specification.

The hypoallergenic outer cover was expertly tailored to provide extra support right where you need it. The inner cover is stretching and supportive and has an easy-to-use zipper so you can make any adjustments to the filling to get the support you need.

This pillow is dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant and it’s free from allergens and chemicals, a perfect choice for anyone who suffers from allergies or breathing problems. Some users reported a strong chemical smell but this should fade over time. You can also remove all the foam and put it out in the sun for a while to speed the process along. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If it’s not the best pillow you’ve ever had, they’ll refund your money.

Why did it make our list?

  • Hand cut filling
  • Mix of gel infused memory foam and polyester fibers
  • Carefully tailored outer cover to help it keep its shape

What is not ideal about it?

  • Strong initial chemical smell can be hard to get rid of

Things to Consider

If you’re looking for the best quality bamboo pillow, our buying guide is a good place to start. Let’s take a look at why they’re so special and what you should look for when buying one.

Benefits of having a top-quality bamboo pillow

Bamboo has a lot of great qualities that make it the ideal material for a pillow. First of all, it’s environmentally friendly. It grows fast and is all-natural. Bamboo pillows are also easy to readjust so you can get the right support no matter what position you sleep in. They help align your spine and support your neck, head, and shoulders very well. Plus, bamboo is naturally antimicrobial so it’s a safe and healthy choice. Best of all, you don’t necessarily have to get a pillow from the best bamboo pillow brand to get any of these benefits.

Features to consider when choosing a bamboo pillow

a2bc5654-c0b2-4cda-bf55-8844f3dcff45-the-best-bamboo-pillowsThere are a lot of things to consider when choosing a bamboo pillow. Some of them are things you’d need to think about before buying any pillow while others are specific to this type. Let’s take a closer look.

Type of pillow filling

These pillows come with a few different filling options. Some are made of a blend of shredded memory foam, like the Snuggle- Bamboo Pedic Ultra-Luxury Shredded Memory Foam Combination Pillow. This kind of pillow is usually pretty easy to readjust plus it allows brands to mix different kinds of foam for a more customized feel. In fact, you can find pillows that mix shredded memory foam with other materials, like the Casapre Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow which mixes gel-infused memory foam with polyester fibers.

We also included a wedge pillow in our reviews, the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Wedge Pillow, which uses a block of solid memory foam that maintains its shape, an important characteristic for a wedge pillow to have. Finally, there are also pillows that use bamboo fibers for the filling as well. The Xtreme Comforts 100% Bamboo Pillow doesn’t contain any memory foam at all and has a completely different feel.

Loft adjustability

Pillows are a very personal thing. Everyone has their own preference which is why some of these pillows allow you to adjust the loft. It’s actually really easy to do, too. Typically, underneath the cover, there’s a zipper that opens up to the inside of the pillow. All you have to do is remove the fill until you get the height you want. This is a great way to tailor the pillow to your sleeping position or make any adjustments you need for health reasons.

Pillow cover fabric

bamboo-queen_1000xWhile all of these pillows use bamboo in their covers, they don’t all have the same composition. A 100% bamboo-derived viscose cover is hypoallergenic as well as cooling and comfortable. That said, any blend that is primarily bamboo-derived will give you these benefits.

Sizes available in

Pillow size is important because you should have one that matches the size of your bed. While you could probably get away with using a king-sized pillow on a queen-sized bed, using a pillow that’s too small is likely to end up being pretty uncomfortable.

Number of pillows in the set

Some of the products we chose are actually sets that contain two pillows, like the EcoTrueBamboo Bamboo Deluxe Pillow. If you like to use two pillows or if you’re planning to give one to your partner, a set of two is usually a better buy than purchasing individual pillows.

What kind of sleeper are you?

bamboo-pillow-2When it comes to buying anything for your bed, you should consider the type of sleeper you are. People who sleep on their stomachs have different needs than those who sleep on their backs while combination sleepers require something that can easily and quickly be adapted to a variety of sleeping positions. That’s one reason why these pillows are good for any type of sleeper. If you choose one that has an adjustable loft, you can tailor it to your needs to make sure you get the support you need.

Another thing to consider is whether you have any health issues that would benefit from using a wedge pillow, which is why we included one in our reviews. Wedge pillows support not only your head, neck, and shoulders, but also your entire back as well. They elevate your torso so you’re sleeping at a higher angle and supporting you from head to waist.

Wedge pillows are particularly useful if you suffer from acid reflux because the angle puts gravity on your side and helps prevent it from flowing up into your esophagus as you sleep.
They’re also great for pregnant women, especially at the end of pregnancy when it’s nearly impossible to get comfortable. They help take the pressure of the baby off of the lungs so you can breathe a little easier and can help with back pain and sciatica. Plus, a wedge pillow can even help with snoring.

Firmness rating

Just like people prefer different types of mattresses, everyone has a preference for the kind of pillow they like. Most of these pillows are somewhat firm because they’re made of memory foam but because it’s been shredded, they still conform easily to your head and neck for the comfort and support you need. If you like a softer pillow, try one with a blend of memory foam and polyester fill because the fill generally isn’t as firm as memory foam.

Is it machine-washable?

A lot of these pillows have covers that are removable and can be thrown in the washing machine. Most of them should be allowed to air dry but there are a few you can toss in the dryer. There are a few pillows that are safe for the washing machine, too, which is a great way to make sure they’re clean after frequent use. A trip through the washing machine can also help get rid of any strong odor you may encounter from the memory foam filling.


main-qimg-2d7b845a3bc47d3a5e7a61948c053246-cOnce you’ve chosen the best rated bamboo pillow for you, you have to take care of it properly to make sure it continues to give you the proper support.

The first thing to keep in mind is that most of these pillows will arrive with an odor. This is usually from the filling and not the bamboo cover itself. Before rushing to throw it in the washing machine, try letting it air out for three to five days first. You can also remove all of the foam and lay in outside on a sheet in direct sunlight to expedite the process.

You should wash the case regularly but be cautious about putting the pillow itself in the machine.

It’s always a good idea to check the care instructions for your pillow because not all bamboo pillows can go in the washing machine.
It usually depends on what’s used in the fill. If you wash it and you weren’t supposed to, it could void the warranty. Remove the cover and place it in the machine on a gentle cycle with cold water and use a mild detergent. It’s also better to allow them to air dry instead of putting them in the dryer.

10 Best Bamboo Pillows - A Breathable, Soft, and Natural Choice

Even if you have the absolute best bamboo memory foam hypoallergenic pillow, you will still need to fluff it occasionally. To get your best sleep, daily fluffing is best. This can be done either first thing in the morning or right before you go to sleep. All pillows will flatten a bit when you sleep on them but because bamboo pillows are usually filled with heavier materials than, say, a down pillow, they take a little more work to get them back in shape. Flip your pillow around and give it a good shake to loosen up any large clumps and to allow air to fill in the spaces. Turn it over and give it a few punches or chops to break up the fill even more. Push the ends of the short sides together to help distribute the filling.

Another option is to use the dryer. Again, do this only if the manufacturer recommends it because you could void the warranty if you’re not supposed to. Stick to a low heat setting and let the dryer break up all the clumps for you. This isn’t something you should do every day but it’s a great refresher for your best bamboo memory foam pillow every week or so.


While standard pillows should be replaced every six months or so, bamboo pillows can last years. If you care for them properly and keep them clean, you can use them until they’re no longer comfortable.

Yep! Most of them are made with high-quality memory foam that is hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals. These pillows are even safe for people with allergies and breathing problems.

Side sleepers should use a pillow that’s medium to firm. This provides your head and neck the support they need, preventing your neck from bending uncomfortably throughout the night. A pillow with adjustable loft is a good idea for a side sleeper so you can add and remove filling as necessary to get your perfect level of comfort.

Our Verdict

Our Editor’s Pick is the Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Combination Pillow. The shredded memory foam filling adjusts to any sleeping position and uses only Biogreen and CertiPUR-US certified foam so you can be sure it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It comes with a 120-night sleep trail and hassle-free returns.

If you’re looking for a body pillow, you have to try the Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow. It’s filled with shredded high-quality foams and is easy to reposition and fluff. You can try this one at home for 120 days and keep it or return it for a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

If you’re looking for a pillow to help with the stiff neck and back, we recommend the Maxzzz Bamboo Pillows for Sleeping. It’s very fluffy and comfortable and has a no-shift construction that ensures you have a refreshing night’s sleep. This pillow is also made from premium microfiber filling that’s soft & supportive, and the bamboo covers are odor-resistant, removable, and washable.

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