Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions Guide

Here, we take a look at what sizes of bed frames exist and what you should consider when choosing the best bed frame.
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A bed frame is meant to support you and your mattress, but it can also be the most stylish thing in your room. If picked carefully, a bed frame can be both functional and decorative. Most of them are made with either wood or metal, and they usually have side panels with a headboard or a footboard. The point of having a bed frame is to climb in and out of bed easily as well as reduce exposure to bugs and allergens on the floor.

Bed frame sizes is a crucial aspect to consider when buying a new bed frame. The frame should match your mattress size. If it’s too big, it may slide and create large gaps between it and the mattress. On the flip side, a too-small bed frame may damage the mattress. Also, the mattress may slide off the frame. To get the perfect fit, take your mattress dimensions and add 2 to 5 inches on each side.

What Is a Bed Frame

Essentially, a bed frame is the structure that surrounds your mattress. It usually consists of a headboard, a footboard and 2 side panels. Some bed frames are stand-alone units with attachments for a headboard or a footboard. Most bed frames are made of wood or metal.

Bed frames are designed to offer maximum support to mattresses and mattress foundations. They also raise the mattress off the floor, creating more height that reduces your exposure to allergens and dust mites on the floor. The height also makes it easier for you to climb in and out of bed.

Standard Bed Frame Sizes

Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideWhen you go shopping for a bed frame, you must consider a few aspects and size is one of them. You must ensure you get the correct bed frame size that suits your mattress. It should also fit your bedroom or guest room as you don’t want a stressful crowded space. That said, you should take accurate measurements of your room and mattress. Once you get the dimensions for your mattress add about 2 inches to each of the sides to get the perfect fit.

Here are the most common bed frame sizes:


Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideFor a twin bed frame size your room should be at least 8 ft by 10 ft. Twin bed frames measure 38’’ by 75’’ and they fit twin size mattresses perfectly. They are a perfect size for kids transitioning from toddler beds. They are larger, and they provide more room but they don’t feel too big. Transporting them is also a breeze and you can fit them in the tiniest of spaces.

Twin XL

Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideFor a twin extra-large bed frame, you will get a good fit if your room is 8ft by 10ft or more. They are pretty similar to the standard twin size bed frames except they are 5 inches longer. Although they are similar in sizes, do not make the mistake of buying a twin size mattress for the twin XL frame. You will end up with a gap between the mattress and the headboard of footboard. What’s more, you won’t like how the mattress will keep sliding everytime you move or climbing and out of bed.

Twin XL bed frames are a fantastic choice for single adults hence their popularity in college dorm rooms.

The extra length accommodates all heights. As a tall person, you will find maximum comfort on a twin XL bed frame. The bed frames are easy to move and fit well in small to medium sized bedroom and guestrooms.


Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideThese are also known as double bed frames. They measure 54 inches by 75 inches and can be a good fit in a room that measures at least 10ft by 12ft. With a full bed frame you get 16 more inches of width to spread out than a twin or twin XL. If you are a single adult combination sleeper, this should be your prime option because it offers ample space for changing sleeping positions without worrying about rolling off the mattress.

Full size beds are great for small-space dwellers who live in either studio apartments or one bedroom units. For a couple, it may feel too small, but it can accommodate one adult and a small child comfortably.

Full size bed frames have a variant: the full XL frame which is 5 inches longer.

The full XL frame are the ultimate option for taller sleepers who love the freedom of switching sleeping positions.


Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideTo fit a queen size bed frame into your bedroom o guestroom, it should be 10ft by 12 ft or more. It is a popular size among couples because it takes less space in a room compared to a king or California king yet it provides ample personal space of up to 30 inches. They are also relatively cheaper.

If you are single and don’t have to share the bed, a queen size will feel like luxury because it offers plenty of room.

The Zinus Gerard Platform, Queen is a prime example. Its edgy modern design and striking faux leather upholstery will add a touch of sophistication to your room.


Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideThese are also popularly known as Eastern Kings. They are among the largest bed frames in existence. They measure 76 inches by 80 inches and are meant for couples. They provide up to 38 inches of personal space. Bumping into your partner would only be deliberate. Your bedroom should be at least 13ft by 13ft to get a good fit of the bed frame.

If you are on the hunt for a solid king bed frame and you feel overwhelmed with the options on the market, consider the popular DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Storage Drawer. It is contemporary and chic. Its button-tufted diamond detailing on the headboard and footboard will add a touch of class and style to your space.

California King

Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideCalifornia king beds are a luxury upgrade from the standard King size bed frame. The size isn’t typically larger, but the California king mattresses are much loner and narrower offering maximum comfort for taller sleepers.

Types of Bed Frames

Besides bed frame sizes, you must also consider the type of frame you are getting, especially if you have an aesthetic sensitivity. There are multiple types of bed frames including panel, platform, murphy, 4 posters, sleigh, and bunk beds. You also need to keep the weight and cost in mind. Go for heavier frames if you hardly move or stay in one place for long.

Bunk Beds

Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideIf you have a family with more than one child this is your prime option. Bunk beds constitute multiple bed frames stacked on top of one another. A bunk bed can have up to 3 bed frames supported by 4 pillars. A ladder is used to reach the higher bunks which have built-in side rails to prevent a child from rolling out of bed.

Most bunk beds are designed to fit twin or twin XL mattresses. This means they don’t take up much space. There are a few models that accommodate full size beds.

Bunk beds are not to be confused with loft beds Trusted Source Difference Between Bunk Beds and Loft Beds | Bunk Bed King Often used interchangeably, the difference between bunk beds and loft beds is distinct, and we discuss them in this article. Read on for more information. which have a similar concept except they are built with a couch underneath or a desk on the upper bunk. Loft beds are also made to fit twin and twin XL mattresses.


Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideThese bed frames are made to support a mattress without a box spring Trusted Source What's a boxspring bed? | Meubis What’s a boxspring bed? . Their surfaces have wood slats spaced 2 to 3 inches apart and side panels. Many platform frames have built-in headboards and attachments for a footboard. They are a great choice if you love a modern simplistic look.


Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideThese are designed to support both a mattress and a mattress foundation. They feature rail-like support structures on the sides of the frame and just a few support slats across the surface. The open structure provides space for accommodating a mattress foundation like a box spring.

A panel bed frame may come with a metal or wood headboard and side panels. Its open structure enhances airflow inside the mattress giving you the best temperature regulation. The best thing about panel bed frames is that they don’t take up much space and they add a touch of style to any bedroom.


Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideThese live up to their name with their sleigh shape. They are made of solid wood and come with curved headboards and footboards. There are models that even feature upholstery. Sleigh beds are stylish and can elevate the aesthetics of any bedroom but they are heavy and hard to move. They also tend to extend further out and can occupy a lot of space. They are perfect for anyone who has big space and is settled somewhere for a while.


Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideThese have 4 tall posters or columns on each corner, a headboard, footboard, and side panels. Modern designs include a canopy or attachments for adding a canopy for decorative or light blocking purposes. Traditional designs come with a rectangular panel that is parallel to the mattress with thick curtains for extra warmth and privacy.

Since they are large and tall, you best be sure your bedroom has a high ceiling before you buy a four-poster bed frame.

Murphy Beds

Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideMurphy beds or wall beds look like a cabinet and fold out easily with the handle’s pull. Some of them come with shelves and side cabinets on either side. They offer ample sleeping area without occupying much space. You can use them in your guest room, sewing room, or play area. Although they are costly, they are an excellent addition to any home.

Other Considerations

Besides bed frame size and type, here are a few more considerations you need to make when buying a bed frame.

Mattress Foundation

Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideYou need a solid mattress foundation for longevity and maximum comfort. A solid foundation has either a wood or metal frame with wood or metal slats across its surface. Mattress foundations are also covered breathable fabric like their famous counterparts: box springs.

A mattress foundation is meant to raise the mattress off the floor and support both you and the bed. Most manufacturers make mattress foundations that can fit inside a bed frame or stand alone. They also feature removable legs, just in case you want to raise your mattress higher.

Adjustable Base

Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideThis is a more expensive luxurious option, but it is worth every penny it costs. An adjustable base allows you to electronically elevate your upper and lower body. Some even come with extra convenient features like USB charging ports and under-bed lighting.

Adjustable bases are also the ultimate option for split mattresses. You may be having a split king mattresses that caters to your comfort needs, an adjustable base would be the perfect way of increasing your comfort level.

Moreover, you and your partner can have different sleeping positions without interrupting each other’s sleep.

Bed Frame Materials

Metal and wood are the most common materials used to make bed frames. They offer solid durability and great support to a mattress or mattress foundation.


Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideThese are more affordable than wood bed frames. They offer decent support and are durable, but they aren’t as sturdy as wood frames. You can add aesthetic value to your metal bed frame by painting it with your favorite color.


Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideThis is the most common material used to make bed frames. They offer excellent longevity, stable support and style. Depending on the type of wood used, wood bed frames vary in weight. For example, pine and oak don’t weigh the same but they are both robust and durable. If you want a cheaper option to solid wood bed frames, you can go for particleboard frames. Essentially, particleboard is thousands of wood pieces glued together and pressed to create solid boards which are then covered in a vinyl coating to imitate natural wood.


Can I Place My Mattress Directly on Slats?

This depends on the structure of the bed frame and spacing of the slats. Some bed frames come with closely-spaced slats that eliminate the need for a mattress foundation. Others only come with a few slats across the surface so you can fit the mattress foundation. If this is the case then be sure to get a mattress foundation as placing your mattress directly would damage your mattress and fail to give you adequate support.

Is a Bed Frame and a Matching Mattress Size Exactly the Same in Size?

A bed frame is likely to be 2 to 5 inches bigger than a mattress with a matching size. This is because the shape of a bed frame affects its size. For instance, a king size sleigh bed is pretty bulky because of its large, curved headboard and footboard but a king size mattress will fit it perfectly.

Bed Frame Sizes: The Dimensions GuideFinal Thoughts

Bed frames come in different sizes and shapes. Before purchasing one, ensure you have your mattress dimensions correctly. The size of your bedroom, guestroom or studio space also matters if you want to get a good fit. Besides bed frame size, you should also consider the weight which is mainly determined by the material used to construct the bed frame. If you still live in a rental and are likely to move a lot then you should consider a lightweight bed frame. If you have settles in a place for a while then you can go for the solid wood models like oak and pine.

Bed frames can be both functional and aesthetic at the same time. Go for a frame that suits your aesthetic tastes and preferences. Or a decorative piece that goes well with your interior décor.


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