10 Quietest Bed Frames That Won’t Squeak Away Your Sex Fun

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If you and your partner are fairly sexually active, odds are you’ll want to opt for a sturdier bedframe over anything more old-fashioned, potentially squeaky, and easily breakable. The best bed frames for sex should also assist the activity by standing at the right height, offering plenty of places to brace oneself for different positions, and should even have padded or taped non-slip feet to keep the frame from moving.

Other factors which will guarantee your bed doesn’t squeak and creak – distracting you and your partner – sway, slide, and break, are the size of your bed frame, weight limitations, materials, and even certain extras which can assist in added pleasure; headboard, footboard, and non-slide feet. An included warranty is especially important as you can easily return a defective bedframe so long as you’ve got the extended warranty to do so.

The following guide lists many of these beds and the specifics which go along with them, in building this buying guide we talked to manufacturers of these bed frames along with verified customers. We asked about the designs and materials used and even how different features affect the usability and functionality of certain bedframes. Our guide is broken down into product tables listing each bedframe and its detailed information, a buying guide which lists and further explains important features for these bedframes, and a section at the end answering frequently asked questions. It’s our hope you’ll employ this information and have no trouble purchasing the best bed frame for sex.

Top 10 Bed Frames For Sexual Activities Review 2022

  • Size: 80 x 75.5 x 7’’
  • Material: metal frame, wood
  • Weight limitation: not specified
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More features: foam padded tape on steel frame, non-slip tape on the slates

This platform bed frame features a metal and wood design with wooden inserts that support anything from a lightweight spring mattress to the heavier memory foam ones. Additionally, the sides and wooden inserts are covered in foam padded tape which assists in creating a noise-free experience.

You will not be bothered by creaking, rocking, or sagging while engaged with your partner. What’s best about this frame are its added head and footboards which create great platforms of support for you and a partner and can assist with different positions and healthier ways to hold your body for the highest level of pleasure.

Whereas traditional no-hold bedframes require a lot more energy and work from you without places to relax and lay your head or grip with your hands. Assembly is simple and you can have the bed put together in under 7 minutes; purchase comes with an amazing 5-year limited warranty. The frame comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

What makes it special?

  • Head and footboard assist with different sexual positions
  • Steel frame structure increases support for mattress longevity
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty

What cons did we find?

  • Legs are not padded or taped so may slide depending on the surface of your room
  • Complicated assembly for the headboard and footboard

Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel SlatBest Under-Bed Clearance

  • Size: 81 x 77 x 18’’
  • Material: metal
  • Weight limitation: 1200 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More features: 16.5’’ space under bed

Despite its singular metal frame design, this bed frame is uniquely sturdy and according to the manufacturer is tested to support an amazing 1200-pound maximum weight.

This full metal design requires some of the most intensive setups especially due to the long legs and extra underside 16.5 inches of space, however once put together it creates a very long-lasting mattress support which is at a great standing height for different positions between partners.

Extra legs will distribute weight and isolate motion better – decreasing movement during sexual activity, and also decreasing swaying/creaking – however, you should consider taping to bottoms of these legs or gluing padding on for better traction and motion isolation.

Although this bed frame doesn’t come with a headboard it does have inserts which make it headboard compatible for all sizes; twin, full, queen, king, and California king. All assembly hardware and tools come in the box along with comprehensive set-up instructions.

What makes it stand out?

  • 16.5 inches of clearance under this frame for added bedroom storage
  • Six-leg design helps isolate motion from intense sexual activity
  • Great 5-year limited warranty
  • Weight capacity of 1200 lbs

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Does not come with a headboard, though it is headboard compatible
  • Full metal frame may creak a little; extra padding (especially around the legs) will get rid of this
  • Footboard not included with purchase
  • Size: 82 x 59.5 x 37 inches
  • Material: metal, wood
  • Weight limitation: 700 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More features: King size also available

The new metal and wood platform bed will instantly upgrade any room. With the cherry-finish pinewood headboard, sleek metal frame, and wooden slats, this platform bed provides great support for your memory foam or latex mattress while looking great in your bedroom.

You can use it with or without a box spring to customize the height of your mattress, a mattress sold separately. This is another comfort innovation from ZINUS.

The platform bed frame measures 82 x 59.5 x 37 inches in dimensions. It can support the combination of mattress and sleeper(s) with a maximum weight of 700 pounds.

The bed has wooden slats that are closely spaced and securely fastened for the bedframe. This ensures noiseless and squeak-free use even with no box spring. The platform bed also comes with 5 years of warranty (although limited.)

What makes it special?

  • Wood slat support for longer mattress life
  • Easily assembled in minutes
  • Has the King Size version
  • 5 years of warranty

What cons did we find?

  • Lacks under-the-bed storage space

Zinus Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame Best Noise Reduction

  • Size: 79.5 x 59.5 x 18 inches
  • Material: steel and wood
  • Weight limitation: 500 lbs.
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: comes with a foam-padded tape for noise reduction

This Zinus Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame is among the best that you will come across when shopping. It is a unit that you can use with any style. The mattresses that you can use with this unit include memory foam, spring, or hybrid mattresses.

Important to note is that the manufacturer warns against using air or water mattresses with this bed frame. Also, this unit is not compatible with a footboard or heat.

Steel and wood make up the different parts of this bed frame. The combination of these two materials is done with elegance elevating the aesthetic value of this bed frame. These materials ensure that the structure is sturdy and durable. Also, the sleek minimalist design fits with any existing décor.

The slats in this bed frame are designed to support your mattress, wholly leaving no room for sagging. You do not need a box spring when you buy this bed frame. The measurements for this unit are 79.5 x 59.5 x 18 inches. It can carry a maximum weight of 500lbs.

Warranty information for this unit is unavailable. If you are keen on this feature, contact the manufacturer for details before you order.

Why are we impressed?

  • Easy assembly
  • No need for a spring box
  • Strong
  • Stylish

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Warranty info unavailable

Olee Sleep T-3000 14 InchBudget Pick

  • Size: 5 x 77.5 x 14 inches
  • Material: metal
  • Weight limitation: not specified
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More features: Queen size also available; comes with plastic feet

The heavy-duty Olee Sleep bed frame is a fantastic product for its reasonable price, durability, sturdiness, and luxurious style. It doesn’t require a spring base. You just need your choice mattress. The slats made of steel give good support and freedom of using heavier mattresses. The bed is made with solid steel for durability.

Also, the steel construction ensures incredible support for your mattress as it will wedge firmly without it slipping or wobbling. The platform bed has up to 12 inches underneath as free space for storage.

The slats and frames are made of metal for increased strength. It includes a padded faux leather finish for comfort and luxury. The platform bed is also relatively easy to assemble. It comes with everything you need to install it. The bed is perfect for couples. The bed comes in Queen and Full sizes. It doesn’t make scratches on hardwood floors because the legs have plastic plugs for protection.

What makes it stand out?

  • Slats and frames made of metal for increased strength
  • Includes padded faux leather finish for comfort and luxury
  • It platform bed is relatively easy to assemble
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Reasonable price
  • Can be used by heavy sleepers

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • May be challenging to assemble, since the parts are not labelled

Nomad Platform Bed Best Natural Materials

  • Size: 76.5 x 40 x 15 inches
  • Material: Tulip Poplar
  • Weight limitation: 600 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 years

More features: made in the USA

This Nomad Platform Bed features a minimalist Swedish design. It is a product from a reputable manufacturer in this industry. The emphasis is on functionality and simple, neat lines.

Tulip Poplar is the material that makes this bed. The wood comes unfinished with no chemical treatment of any kind. You can stain or paint your unit to fit your preference. Instructions on painting and staining are available in the package that you receive.

The bed is durable and robust thanks to the materials they use and the artistry. Weight limitation for this queen size bed is 600lbs. This weight limit makes it ideal for all households as it is accommodating.

This bed measures 76.5 x 40 x 15 inches. Using this feature, you can determine whether it will fit in the space available in your home or not. The space between the slats is 2.8 inches. This spacing eliminates the need for a box spring as it accommodates your memory foam or latex mattress requirements.

The 5-year warranty that the manufacturer gives cushions you from loss. Read through the fine print to know more about the terms and conditions of the guarantee. Production of this unit takes place in the USA; therefore, quality is assured.

Why did it make our list?

  • Good quality
  • Sturdy
  • Value for money
  • Easy assembly
  • Customizable

What is not ideal about it?

  • Weak slats support

eLuxurySupply Platform Bed FrameBest Support

  • Size: 85.5 x 73 x 13.5’’
  • Material: wood
  • Weight limitation: 900 lbs
  • Warranty: 30 days return policy

More features: 7-layer pressed pine slats included, no box spring or mattress foundation needed

Depending on the style of your bedroom, be it modern or more rustic, this bed frame is very popular for its strong North American Pine design that hasn’t been stained with a finish. Because of this you can stain the frame to perfectly match the homey look you’ve been trying to cultivate.

It comes in queen, full, and California king sizes. For sexual activity, this bed offers insane support with its 7-layer pine slat design and central crossbeam, and its legs are also crafted at a slight angle to keep any motion in mattress above from shifting or rocking the frame below.

No box spring is needed with this frame and the inserted pine slate and sideboards alone are enough to comfortably fit up to 900 pounds. Upon arrival this bed takes under 5 minutes to assemble with no tools needed! Merely connect the four side frames, lay the central support beam, and insert the pine slats.

With a mattress on top of the bed frames, all sides are still accessible for holding and added support during sexual activity, though for the best level of comfort couples should consider sanding the edges down to a curve and then finishing them in a smooth stain.

Why did it make our list?

  • Comes with a 30-days return policy
  • Legs are designed to prohibit sliding, creaking, or swaying
  • Easy assembly with no tools needed

What is not ideal about it?

  • Does not come with a foot- or headboard
  • Wood frame is intentionally unfinished so you can pick a finish color that matches your bedroom

KD Frames Fold Platform BedMost Space Saving Bed Frame For Sex

  • Size: 78 x 58 x 10’’
  • Material: wood
  • Weight limitation: 400 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More features: foldable, rounded corners

For small home and apartment bedrooms, this bed frame is a must have space saver. It comes in twin, XL-twin, full, and queen sizes. With six different legs it separates all overhead motion and transfers it in such a way that removes all creaking, frame swaying, bed sagging, and any chance of your bed moving away from walls.

Made from smooth unfinished poplar it’s exceptionally supportive for light spring mattress and even heavier memory foam mattresses with no need for the added support from a box-spring. When done sleeping or transforming a sleeping area into an area for guests, this frame easily folds up and stores.

For trying different bedroom activities in other parts of the house this frame is easily the most portable and fits easily to many room sizes.

Made from all non-toxic materials and with one of the simplest out-of-the-box setups, this is a great option for your home; it also offers rounded corners which are easier to grip while trying out different positions with your partner.

What are its best features?

  • 400-pound maximum weight limit, great for heavier mattresses
  • Six leg design helps distribute weight and overhead motion during intense bedroom activity
  • Comes with a great 5-year limited warranty
  • This bed folds right in half for easy storage

What could be improved?

  • Purchase does not come with a headboard or footboard
  • Legs are designed at angles to discourage movement from sexual activity, however they lack the added support from taped or padded bottoms

Home Life Premiere ClassicsBest Looking Bed Frame For Sex

  • Size: 89 x 85 x 51”
  • Material: wood
  • Weight limitation: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More features: white faux leather headboard

With a white faux leather headboard, this may easily be one of the most comfortable bedframes which will couple with your mattress to create one of the highest levels of relaxation during sexual activity.

It features four metal framing sides covered in white faux leather with interior double beam supports laid with wood slats; not only will this create an excellent level of support for any mattress but it will also look great in any modern bedroom setting. Upon arrival all assembly is very easy (put together within 10 minutes) though shipment does show up at door in two boxes; comes in full, queen, and king sizes.

Feet of the bed aren’t so good for heavy overhead motion as they’re rather thin and don’t offer padded or tapped bottoms, however, this is more the front black wooden legs rather than the back bracings which increase traction.

What makes it special?

  • Faux leather headboard offers extra back support
  • Modern design also offers solid horizontal and vertical support for all activities
  • 5-year limited warranty

What cons did we find?

  • Maximum weight limit is 300 pounds
  • No footboard included with this purchase
  • Front feet are rather thin and not padded or taped to reduce motion transferred from the mattress

Zinus Arnav Bed FrameThe Sturdiest Bed Frame

  • Size: 80 x 76 x 10’’
  • Material: metal
  • Weight limitation: 500 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More features: assembly tools included

This platform bed frame is made from stunning Zinus metal for a frame that makes a modern style radiate in any bedroom.

Without springs and typical side frame wood, it will not creak during intense activity and it also packs a wallop of support for trying all kinds of different positions. Its finish is deep black which looks great in a bedroom and also repels rust, scratches, chipping, and other general wear.

The central slats are constructed with excellent strength wood inserted into their own individual holds to avoid all sliding and wobbling and provide the ideal level of support for memory foam, latex, or spring mattresses. It’s even strong enough to hold those heavier deluxe mattresses without the need for an added box spring.

Unlike many taller platform bedframes, this frame is designed at the perfect height for getting up easily in the morning as well as for assisting in all the right angles and levels for sexual activity (though of course this also depends on the height of your mattress).

Why did it make our list?

  • Metal frames can hold more weight than wooden frames
  • Wooden slats are designed for great support without sliding or wobbling
  • No box spring needed; easily the sturdiest frame
  • 500 lbs weight limitation

What is not ideal about it?

  • This frame doesn’t come with a foot- and headboard
  • Feet are not designed to prevent sliding or gradual movement during intense activity; you may want to tape them or attach padded bottoms

Things to Consider

The remaining focus of this guide is to explain many of the practical applications behind owning a bedframe specific for sexual activity, along with the features that should be considered in this purchase process. It’s our hope you’ll take this information into account and have no problem whatsoever picking the best bed frame for you and your partner.

A bed frame is a foundation of your satisfying experience

81eM-Y7Vm0LFor sexually active couples a solid bed frame not only assists in all activities but also provides a level of support which is necessary to bedroom play; this is especially important if you and your partner are having intense sex, as such activity requires a strong frame design. For your needs, the one rule of thumb to remember is that a good bed frame will assist (with impressive features, etcetera) in those intimate moments between couples. One such attribute, for example, is actually the legs of the frame.

Sexually activity is guaranteed to shift and rock weaker bedframes away from a wall, but with the right legs that have taped or padded bottoms, no overhead intimacy will shift your frame and mattress away from the wall. This is especially important when using walls as an added element of support for you or your partner’s body.

However, the sexual experience criteria should also be equally matched by those criteria which make for a great sleeping experience after those intimate acts; you want a bed frame with dual purposes. A comfortable night’s rest while alone or with a partner is just as important.

Some tips on improving your ‘’bedtime’’

Couple-bedOther odds and ends which will greatly enhance you and your partner’s experience in the bedroom are things like investing in latex mattresses to go on top of your bed frame. Latex mattresses are the easiest to move around on for transitioning between positions, they also hold up longer over time. A great add in with your latex sleeper is a memory foam topper for comfortable sleeping, though it’s also great if you’re trying to reduce noise your kids or other housemates might hear. Memory foam has a high-density rating and so greatly distributes weight, motion, and sound, however, it’s not the best for active sex and is best if used under latex (if possible) or only as an attachment after you’ve finished for the night.

Sheets are also another concern, especially where intense sexual activity can lead to sweating and lots of liquid; not to mention the other intimate liquid additions couples bring into the bedroom. High-thread-count sheets (at least 400 thread count) are the recipe for hard sweating and other liquids, they’re easy to clean up, don’t absorb nearly as much, and will protect your mattress at all times. White sheets are also better, easier to clean, help pick up the mood, and just generally match with any room; for washing concerns you should also consider using unscented detergent as strong smells can greatly distract you.

Features to consider while buying the best bedframe for sex

For all of your feature related questions you need look no further than the following section. All of the above features mentioned in the detailed reviews of our products are listed here and elaborated on, we even include examples of products which greatly exhibit certain traits.


Obviously, the best bed frame for sex will be large enough to fit a mattress that’s big enough for two people. Not just two people side by side, but two people comfortably with room to spare. This is especially important seeing as sleeping and having sexual intercourse can both require a range of extra space; the ideal bedframe should ensure freedom of movement for both partners and encourage trying different positions for the greatest satisfaction. Most of the products on our list fit up to a king-sized bed (though can be purchased smaller), one of the best choices for size is clearly the Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat as it also comes in the California King size. On another note, if you already have a mattress you’ll want to size accordingly and choose the best bed frame for space and mattress you already have.


A bed frame which slowly moves away from the wall is going to quickly become a nuisance, especially where the many physical aspects of sex are concerned. If you tend to prop your partner up against a wall or other frame, the sturdiness and otherwise stand-still nature of a good frame will be paramount to the experience. For the best overall sturdiness during intercourse, consider beds which have extra leg support (at least six) or legs with taped/padded bottoms. The eLuxurySupply Platform Bed Frame is designed with angled legs which greatly reduce sliding during intense sexual activity.

Another unique element which can provide added sturdiness is best exhibited by the Zinus Ironline Metal and Wood Platform Bed which uses foam tape along the insert slats to keep your mattress in place and also has foam tape padding along the legs to keep your bed from moving away from walls. If you don’t already have foam tape for your current bed frame or one of the frames you’re purchasing, it’s a great investment!


Kids, visitors, housemates, or other family members can greatly complicate the joys of a fairly physical sex life, that’s why for some the most ideal bed frame is one which provides total discretion while making love. For many, sex creates a constant rhythm that can prove very loud or even just annoying where creaking beds are concerned.

For the ideal noise-canceling bed frame consider options which don’t move as easily and incorporate a metal or solid wood frame along with wooden inserts.
Full metal designs tend to creak just as much as weak wooden designs, so it’s often the mixture of the two which creates the best element for sex; such as the Home Life Premiere Classics bed frame with added faux leather covering.


A rule of thumb: a little bounce can make each moment and position more pleasurable with an added floating experience, whereas a lot of bounce or no bounce at all can distract from sex, act against pleasure, and also absorb too much movement and make things dull. The right bed frame for bounce should include wooden central slats along a metal frame, for instance, the Zinus Arnav Bed Frame bed frame has a strong design which also provides a little bit of bounce (depending on your mattress) that can add to the pleasure you experience during sex.

Edge support

Edge supports are very important and can make moving between positions easier as well as provide room and grips for a variety of different positions during intercourse. Edge support can is provided by the sides of the bed – rounded sides, like with the KD Frames Fold Platform Bed, are most comfortable – though some think that blunted or squared edges are easier to grip during intense positions or during the most physical aspects of your routine.


Overall responsiveness is generally a mattress related concern, though things such as weight capacity will greatly affect the responsiveness from certain bed frames. For instance, if a bedframe can’t comfortably handle yours and your partners combined weight, the drawback may be sagging around the middle of your frame, sliding away from the wall during sex, and even eventual breakage along the wooden components of your frame.


Certain designs and aesthetic choices in a bedroom can actually greatly increase a couple’s sexual desire and the pleasure shared during intimate moments. An ugly wooden frame which makes your mattress appear lumpy won’t be very inviting when it comes to sex, whereas modern designs which show off a lot of edge support, great standing room for on-your-feet positions, and headboards for back support, are very inviting when you bring someone home for the first time or are looking to show your partner a good time.

Headboard and footboard

More support can come from the added grips and rises created by using either a head or footboard. Headboards especially are great for supporting your partners back, and can even be used to prop up legs during positions where one partner stands over the other; footboards can be used similarly. The Zinus Ironline Metal and Wood Platform Bed has both a footboard and headboard; both of these are great to use for a variety of different exhilarating positions.

Metal or wooden frame?

724556e8114eacb3af245c38c10bc2a6For many, this is a matter of preference, though for both frame types it usually happens that all metal designs can creak just as much as weak wooden designs. Somewhere in between with metal siding and interior wooden slats is a great option to take when approaching the best bed frame for sex.


Clearly, you’re going to want time to test out the overall usability of your bed frame, especially when you can’t be quite sure whether or not your mattress or certain sexual activities will work for a certain frame. The right warranty will not only protect your bed frame over time and while you’re testing it, but will also secure your money on the rare chance you receive a defective product/a product that was damaged in shipping. Our best-warrantied bed frames list 5-year limited warranties, though for your purposes you may only need a warranty which covers up to 60 days.


One of the best ways to maintain your bedframe is to check it, at least once monthly, for loose bolts, wooden slats which have slid out of place, and too see if the legs are still stable and fully integrated into the body of the frame. You’ll want a few tools on hand to tighten bolts and maybe change screws, but for the most part maintaining your frame should be easy.

So long as the bedframe is built correctly and is very stable – no swaying and sliding and constant creaking – a higher bedframe should not prove dangerous during sexual activity. For tall couples or couples where one partner is taller than the other (typically a taller man) higher bedframes allow for a greater range of standing positions during intercourse.

Legs which wont scratch your floors are those which are taped or have padded bottoms – this is an addition you can and should make on your own as taped legs also limit sliding or movement. Extra legs can also help to keep your bed in place and prohibit floor scratching.

Our Verdict

Finally, based on research and verified customer reviews, as well as the features they exhibit, we’ve listed our favorite three products. It’s our hope that you’ll choose one of these if you’re having a hard time picking the best bed frame for sex.

Zinus Ironline Metal and Wood Platform Bed. This metal and wood design creates the best bounce along with greater noise suppression. This is also one of our only beds with both a headboard and sideboard that can greatly implement during sex.

Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat. A full metal design, this bed features a lot of extra packing space and is also the greatest option for tall couples or pairs which have one taller partner. For standing positions, this is the bed frame for you!

ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame. This modern design is rated for up to 700 pounds. It’s the easiest bed to assemble, can be stained to fit any room style, and its slats are closely spaced and fastened, making the bed noise-free.


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