8 Best Twin Bed Frames – Space-Saving and Cozy!

We reviewed the best twin bed frames on the market and picked this year’s top choices for consumers.
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Last updatedLast updated: December 21, 2021
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A bed frame is a foundation upon which a mattress sits, making it one of the most significant purchases one can make when it comes to overall comfort. Considering the fact that most people spend about 1/3 of their lives sleeping, choosing the right bed frame can play a significant role in your overall quality of life.

To help you make the right decision, we ranked this year’s best twin bed frame models and picked this year’s best models for consumers. Using an overall rating system that took into consideration a variety of relevant characteristics, such as size, compatibility, materials, and ease of construction, we compiled a list to help you make the right choice for your big purchase.

Top 8 Twin Bed Frames Review 2022


Bear Bed FrameEditor’s Choice

  • Available sizes: Full, Twin, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Material: hardened steel
  • Warranty: 10-year limited
  • Compatibility: any model of a mattress

More features: quick assembly; 100-night risk-free trial; only five components; reinforced

The Bear Bed Frame is our Editor’s Choice for the best twin bed frame of 2021. Durable and sturdy, this bed frame provides perfect support for sleepers. Made from resin infused with fiberglass, this bed frame comes reinforced with extra strength, with the ability to support more than 2500 lbs.

With a 100-night risk-free trial, as well as free shipping and returns, the Bear Bed Frame is the perfect model for those looking for ease of assembly and support for even the heaviest of mattresses and sleepers. With the ease of its assembly, as well as the smoothness of its design, this bed frame is ideal in a variety of bedroom settings, regardless of style and decor.

What we liked

Not only were we impressed with the ease of this bed frame’s assembly, but we were especially happy to see that the third bar for support was added to this frame. Additionally, this bed frame comes in all mattress sizes and is compatible with any model of mattress. With a 10-year warranty and made from a hardened steel frame, this model stands far above the rest, in our opinion, and is why we rated it as our top choice for bed frames today.

What could be better
Hard to find any faults, it seems to be perfect.


Amerisleep Platform Bed FrameBest Design

  • Available sizes: Queen, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Cal King, King
  • Material: hardwood
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Compatibility: any mattress

More features: modern design; hardwood slat system; quick assembly

The Amerisleep Platform Bed Frame is another highly-rated choice on the market when it comes to making your choice for a bed frame. Compatible with any sized mattress and made from hardwood, this durable bed frame is one of the most popular ones available today.

This stylish, modern, supportive bed frame requires no tools to assemble, making putting it together easy and quick. Whether you have foam, hybrid, or innerspring mattresses, this bed frame is entirely versatile, which is what makes it a perfect fit for any home.

What we liked

Our favorite feature of this mattress is the hick hardwood slats that are spaced to provide even support across the bottom of your bed. These slats are reinforced with center supports to keep your mattress sufficiently supported no matter how much you toss and turn your sleep. This feature helps prevent your bed from sagging over time, disabling the ability for soft spots to develop and making for a longer shelf-life for your bed.

What could be better

One area where this mattress could stand to do better is in its reinforced support. Some sleepers have found that the bed frame is too durable and firm, limiting any “give” to the mattress and making it uncomfortable for those who like a bit more softness in their choice of bed.

  • Available sizes: Twin/Full; King/Queen
  • Material: metal
  • Warranty: 30-day returns
  • Compatibility: both twin and full mattresses

More features: expands from 75 x 39 x 14 to 75 x 54 x 14 inches; built-in caps; no tools assembly; lightweight

The Allswell Convertible Platform bed frame is our choice for the Best Value bed frame on the market today. This bed frame is incredibly easy to assemble and comes with a 1-month warranty, providing users with an opportunity to try it on for size for a month before determining whether or not this is the right bed frame for you.

This bed frame oozes practicality – it is easy to assemble and can be transported and stored without difficulty. This platform bed frame comes with the added bonus of under-bed storage space, providing users with more options for an organization once their frame is fully assembled. That’s why this bed frame is perfect for those who are in need of increased storage space.

What we liked

One of our favorite features of this bed frame is its versatility. With its ability to convert from twin/full to queen or king quickly, this bed frame is one of the best on the market because it can accommodate a changing number of guests with ease.

What could be better

One area where this mattress could improve is that some users have found that it does not hold the mattress perfectly on its frame. There have been a few user reviews where consumers have reported that the mattress moves and shifts on its frame slightly.


PlushBeds' Quiet Balance Bed FrameBest American Made

  • Available sizes: Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; Cal King
  • Material: metal
  • Warranty: lifetime
  • Compatibility: any premium mattress

More features: elegant design; head-to-toe support; zero motion transfer; American-made

The 100% American-made Plushbeds’ Quiet Balance bed frame is another top-rated mattress frame. The perfect companion to Plushbeds’ premium mattresses, this frame offers a tandem of comfort and luxury, striking a perfect balance between supportive and classy.

One of the unique features of this bed frame is its promise of quiet comfort. The sound-absorbing materials in this frame make this bed ideal for those who are light sleepers and need the ideal environment in order to sleep peacefully.

What we liked

This bed frame boasts that it can be assembled in under 5 minutes, without the use of any additional tools than what comes in the box. It also promises edge-to-edge sleep, making it fully supportive and comfortable for all mattress sizes and types. One of our favorite features is the materials from which this bed is made – the non-toxic materials in this bed frame make it ideal for improved air circulation, adding to the overall comfort level of the sleep environment, improving quality and airflow to keep sleepers cool and comfortable at night.

What could be better

Browsing through the product reviews reveals that there is nothing that we would wish to change about this mattress. It seems to be just as it promotes itself to be; Easy to assemble, quiet, and comfortable.

  • Available sizes: Twin; Twin XL; Full; Queen; King; CA King
  • Material: metal
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Compatibility: any mattress; best for Brooklyn Bedding

More features: no assembly required; free shipping; retractable design; high rise construction

The Brooklyn Bedding Super Duty Platform bed frame is our Premium Pick bed frame. With an overall user rating of 4.7, this bed frame is compatible with any mattress type and comes in a variety of mattress support sizes. The metal framework comes with a 10-year warranty and free shipping.

The unique feature of this mattress is that it provides significant center mattress support, thus rendering a box spring unnecessary. This heavy-duty high-rise platform gets our premium pick label because of this supportive feature. Not having to purchase an additional box spring makes this bed frame a cost saver and ideal for those looking to put together a bed on a budget.

What we liked

With a set height that lifts your mattress to 14.5” off the ground, one of our favorite features of this bed frame is that it is the ideal height for all users. Because of this level of provided lift, there are 13.75” of usable storage space underneath the bed for increased organization.

What could be better

The only area of improvement that we can note is that some users reported a slight issue with the hooks for the support rods of the mattress. A few users indicated that these hooks were a bit tricky when it came time for assembly. Otherwise, this bed frame is exactly what it sells itself as – ideal, supportive, and comfort-inducing.


Puffy Adjustable BaseBest Massage Frame

  • Available sizes: Twin XL; Full; Queen; Split King
  • Material: metal and fabric
  • Warranty: lifetime
  • Compatibility: innerspring, memory foam, latex, or hybrid

More features: no-contact delivery; easy setup; dual massage zones; universal headboard attachment; adjustable leg height

This split king frame is designed for two twin mattresses or one king mattress. With a frame made from metal and fabric, this bed frame comes with a lifetime warranty and is compatible with a variety of mattress types, despite being limited in available sizes.

One of our favorite features of this bed frame is its 3-speed, dual independent massage motors that are built directly into the frame itself. These massage features increase relaxation and provide users with an increased level of comfort. That is why this bed frame is ideal for those in need of extra back support and those in need of a bed that can help relieve chronic pain.

What we liked

One of the other features that we love about this mattress is its universal headboard mount. The Adjustable Base makes this bed frame completely customizable to the style of your bed, allowing for attachment of your favorite headboard, and comes equipped with easy-to-follow instructions. Additionally, this bed frame comes with two USB portals built right into the bed frame, allowing for ease of recharging your devices without the need for additional outlets.

What could be better

This is one of our highest-rated bed frames, and it is impossible for us to find anything that we don’t like about it. We are especially fond of the adjustable leg height, as that allows for an increase in storage space and availability underneath your bed, should you need it. Equipped with LED lighting underneath the frame, this unique feature won’t allow anything to be lost while stored under your bed. Lastly, the Puffy Split-King Adjustable Base is a perfect feature for couples, as it allows for each side of the bed to be set to an individual comfort level.

  • Available sizes: Twin; Full; Queen
  • Material: metal and wood
  • Warranty: not specified
  • Compatibility: any twin-sized mattress

More features: heavy-duty; industrial styling; easy to assemble; optional box spring

This exclusively twin-sized bed frame is beautiful and luxurious in its design, boasting a metal and wood frame, giving it a style all unto its own. Complete with a wooden headboard design, this bed frame comes with a sturdy steel slat structure, reinforcing the strength of its frame for maximum mattress support.

This bed frame is ideal for those that do not wish to purchase an independent headboard and would prefer to have their headboard and frame fused together as one structure. This industrial-styled bed frame is ideal for a bedroom decorated in any style.

What we liked

One of our favorite features is this bed frame’s stress-free assembly and ease of construction. Complete with a five-year warranty, this bed frame comes with a guarantee of replacement parts should they be needed.

What could be better

One of the areas for improvement that we found in our research on this frame is that the assembly instructions are not as clear as they could be. Several users remarked that once they knew what they were doing, everything fit together with ease. However, making sense of the instructions and getting started on its assembly proved a bit difficult. It is our hope that these instructions will improve with subsequent models.


Zinus Abel 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed FrameBest for Small Space

  • Available sizes: Twin; Full; Queen; King
  • Material: metal
  • Warranty: 5-year limited
  • Compatibility: any twin mattress

More features: minimalist design; no box spring needed; easy to assemble

The Zinus Abel Metal Platform bed frame is sturdy, reliable, and easy to assembly. With a user rating of 5 stars for value, this affordable bed frame is our pick for overall value for the purchase. With easy installment, a metal frame that boasts firm support for all sleepers, and a worry-free 5-year warranty, this is one of the most affordable, stylish frames on the market today.

With a minimalist style by design, this bed frame is modern, sleek, and bold in style, adding sophistication to any bedroom decor. This is why it is our pick for those who prefer a stylish design for their frame.

What we liked

The sturdy metal slots are designed to render a box spring useless, with the material of the frame providing enough support for all types of sleepers. Additionally, with roughly a foot of underbid storage, the 14” lift of this frame provides consumers with under-bed storage and an additional organizational choice for users.

What could be better

One area for this frame to improve in the future is its leg design. There are users who report that this frame did damage to their hardwood floors when they attempted to move the frame once it is assembled. This is a feature that we hope to see improved in future models.

Things to Consider

There are several types of bed frames available on the market today, and you will need to decide what the right style is for you and your decor. The types of bed frames are panel, platform, bunk bed, sleigh, and four posters. Panel beds are the most basic bed frames that come with a headboard, footboard, and two side panels. Panel beds also have supportive slats made of wood and metal that support the mattress.

Why do you need a twin bed frame?

8 Best Twin Bed Frames - Space-Saving and Cozy!

For those who wish to increase their storage capabilities by adding a little extra space to their bed, a twin bed frame is a great way to do it. Most of these frames come in a variety of styles and designs, making them a versatile and affordable addition to any bedroom.

Features to consider before you buy a twin bed frame

Platform beds have a sturdy base that makes purchasing a box spring unnecessary. These beds come with either solid wood or a slatted base that offers strong support for your mattress.

Bunk beds are ideal for smaller spaces and consist of two twin beds stacked on top of one other, with four pillars that support the bed and a built-in railing that prevents sleepers from falling off the side of the top bed.

Sleigh beds come with a slick design of a curved headboard and footboard that make it look slightly like a sleigh. These frames are ideal for master bedrooms because they create a focal point in a larger room, which means they most often come sized for larger mattresses.

Life a panel bed, four-poster beds come with headboards, footboards, and two side panels, but in addition to these features, four-poster beds have four tall columns in each corner of the framework that extends to the ceiling.

There are a number of features to look at when determining which bed frame is right for you. Those features are available sizes, bed frame materials, company warranties, mattress compatibility, and lift height. Given that our focus is primarily on twin bed frames, it’ll be important for you to find a frame that can specifically accommodate this bed frame size.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these features and characteristics to better understand what knowledge we need to be equipped with when buying a new bed frame.

Sizes available

8 Best Twin Bed Frames - Space-Saving and Cozy!

The sizes available feature refers to what size mattress this bed frame can support. The most common options are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. Below are the specific dimensions for each of these sized mattresses:

Twin = 38” x 75”

Twin XL = 38” x 80”

Full = 54” x 75”

Queen = 60” x 80”

King = 76” x 80”

California King = 72” x 84”

Twin-sized mattresses are ideal for children once they have outgrown their toddler beds. These fit well in a standard 11’ x 12’ bedroom and leave enough space for additional storage and a play area.

Twin XL mattresses are 5” longer than Twin beds and are designed for teens or adults who are a bit taller and need a little bit more length for their bed. Full-size mattresses, also called double beds, are most popular among teens and single sleepers because they offer more room to stretch out than the twin and twin XL sizes. The additional sleeping space provided with these size mattresses offers enough room for a pet or child to climb into bed with you

Queen-sized mattresses are one of the most popular choices for couples, providing each partner with roughly 30″ of personal space. King beds are designed for couples who need a larger bed to fill out a master bedroom, as queen mattresses are often a bit too small in such a large space. One thing to keep in mind is that a king bed frame will add 5” to each side of the bed, so when you are shopping for this size mattress and frame, be sure that you have enough space to accommodate a bed this size. Most standard size bedrooms are too small for a bed this big.

A California king bed is designed for larger individuals who need a bed that can accommodate a person that is over 6’ tall.


There are two most commonly used bed frame materials are wood and metal.

Solid wood frames are the most stable and are typically more durable than other types of wood frames. One downside of these frames is that they can be heavy and awkward to move.

Panel and platform bed frames are most typically made of particle board to create a frame that is lightweight but also offers durability. Particle board consists of recycled wood that is glued together to form a wood panel. These wood panels are then covered in vinyl so that it looks and feels like solid wood. This helps keep the costs of these bed frames down and makes them lightweight and easy to move. Particleboard, however, is less durable than solid wood frames.

In addition to wood and particleboard wood, bed frames also come in metal. These frames are durable and supportive like solid wood frames are. Metal frames, however, are not as sturdy as wood frames are and can bend over time.

Panel and platform beds most typically have the support base built into the frame. Most high-quality mattresses, such as memory foam, latex foam, and hybrid mattresses, do not require a box spring foundation. These mattresses can be placed directly on the frame or on what is known as a solid or adjustable base. These foundations can be used as a stand-alone or paired with a bed frame.

A solid foundation base consists of a wood box covered in cloth. A series of wooden slats are inside the box and provide support for the mattress. The slats are laid flat and are usually covered in sturdy material to keep them from sliding apart.

Another type of bed frame foundation is an adjustable base. These bases have a built-in electric motor that allows users to raise and lower the top and bottom parts of the bed. These adjustable beds offer a variety of health benefits for sleepers, including better circulation and back pain relief.


8 Best Twin Bed Frames - Space-Saving and Cozy!

A warranty is a written guarantee promising to repair or replace a purchased it if necessary, within a specified period of time. Many bed frames come with such a guarantee, but the coverage period varies in duration. Some mattress frames, such as the Puffy Adjustable Base bed frame, come with a lifetime warranty, meaning that at any point in your ownership of this bed frame, you can have a broken piece replaced. Other bed frames, such as the Brooklyn Bedding Platform bed frame, come with a more defined warranty that is only good for a specific number of years.

It is important to look into what is covered under your warranty before purchasing your mattress frame so that you understand the kind of coverage that you are being offered when you make your purchase.


Compatibility refers to the type of mattress that a bed frame can support. This is specifically referring to the materials of the mattress, such as memory foam, latex, and hybrid. It is important to know this information when making your bed frame purchase because this can help dictate whether or not a box spring is needed in order to use your mattress with your chosen bed frame.


The height of your bed frame refers to the distance from the floor to the mattress, which will offer you the option of additional space for storage underneath your bed.

The standard bed frame height should be knee-level, which means it can range from 16” to 24” tall. This height will enable most people to comfortably put both feet on the ground with their knees bent when attempting to get off the bed. To determine if your bed frame height is right for you, stand next to your bed. On average, the top of your mattress should be level with your knees.


In most cases, assembling a bed frame is incredibly easy and requires simply following the directions included in your bed frame box. If those have been misplaced, there are a few standard steps that you can follow to assemble your bed frame easily: lay out the pieces to make a general frame of the bed, with the headboard at the top, the baseboard at the bottom, and the two side panels on either side connecting the two. Next, insert two screws from the finished side to the unfinished side into the screw holes of the back piece. Repeat this step on the other side of the back piece and both sides of the front piece. Attach the nuts to the exposed end of the screws and tighten each screw as tightly as possible with the Allen wrench or Phillips head screwdriver. If necessary, place the crossbeams on the bed frame by laying them across the gap between the long sides of the bed (not all frames include crossbeams).

If you notice that your bed frame has suddenly become unstable or noisy, it may be time to reinforce it, which essentially means that you are making it more supportive and sturdier. Though the ways in which a bed frame can be reinforced vary depending on the type of frame and its materials, there are a few common ways in which this can be done with minimal additional costs: tightening the bed frame screws, reconnecting joints, adding bed slats, and replacing the center support beam.

Our Verdict

Though all 8 of the bed frames reviewed made our list for the best twin bed frames of 2021, there were a few that stood out among the rest. Our top choice was the durable and sturdy Bear Bed Frame. This ranked as our number 1 pick for the year due to its perfect support score and sleek and stylish design. Our Best Value choice was the Allswell Home Convertible Platform Bed. This bed frame was highly rated due to its practicality and ability to increase storage space under the frame. Our Premium Pick was the Brooklyn Bedding Super Duty Platform. This bed frame was so one of our top picks for the year due to its unique center mattress support feature and its ideal bed frame height.

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