How to Fix a Bed Frame?

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A long workday requires you to be well-rested, and that is only possible when you get a comfortable night’s sleep. Most people agree that the mattress they sleep on determines how well their sleep is. However, we tend to underplay the importance of a sturdy bed frame. Your bed frame affects your sleep quality Trusted Source How to improve your sleep | Sleep | The Guardian Sleep expert Colin Espie shows how most sleep problems can be alleviated with a few simple changes to your bedtime routine more than you’d think because it holds your mattress and keeps it from shifting when you move. If it’s broken or squeaks a lot, you should know how to fix a bed frame!

A bed frame unfit for your mattress will result in an uncomfortable and unstable mattress that ultimately reduces the quality of your sleep. Fixing your bed frame is a fairly easy and cost-effective task, and we will guide you with a step-by-step procedure if you can do this on your own.

How to Fix a Bed Frame?

Dealing with cracks

You should look out for any cracks and splits in the foundation of your bed frame because signs of minor damages determine the need for repairs. The type of cracks is also necessary to notice because they help you decide what kinds of materials and techniques you need to fix them. To identify these signs accurately, you must understand that splits are horizontal grain lines on the bed frame, while cracks can be easily recognizable.

How do they occur?

Such problems can arise if your mattress is not adequately supported by your bed frame. But they can also be the result of excessive usage. Another reason for cracks and splits to occur is the lack of adequate support to the bed frame itself.

Tools required

The most commonly used materials to fix cracks and splits in a bed frame are wood scraps, wood fillers, and wood glue. You may also require bar clamps, depending on the extent of the damage.

Necessary tools to have, along with the other materials, are a screwdriver, a putty knife, a measuring tape, a drill machine, and some screws.

What to do with smaller cracks?

Minor splits can be repaired using scrap wood or wood filler, clamps, and adhesives like wood glue.

Step #1: Remove the mattress

You need to clearly identify the cracks and splits. Therefore the first step requires you to remove the mattress and uncover the bed frame.

Step #2: Open and clean the split

You simply need to take a screwdriver and pry the split open. Clean the excess wood splinters from the split using a putty knife for a smooth opening.

Step #3: Fill it up

Fill the split in with some wood filler, enough to pack the crack completely. You can inject it directly from the tube or use a putty knife to apply a generous amount and scrape off the excess.

Step #4: Let it dry

Leave the bed frame overnight and wake up to have a reinforced bed frame! Do not place the mattress back on the bed frame before the glue has dried and the bed is repaired completely. The minor splits and cracks in your bed frame are now filled in, and you have a perfectly restored bed frame.

What about larger ones?

How to Fix a Bed Frame?Larger cracks cannot simply be mended by wood filler and require a more intensive procedure to repair them effectively. This may be a slightly more elaborate procedure as compared to fixing minor splits.

Step #1: Open and clean the crack

Use a screwdriver to open the crack further if necessary, and then scarp the debris and excess wood splinter using sandpaper. This will give you a smooth surface to start.

Step #2: Thorough cleaning

Now clean the crack using a wet towel or cloth. This will enable the glue to work better and clamp the crack tightly for more sturdiness.

Step #3: Measure the crack

Fasten the bar clamps tightly to measure the inner dimensions of the crack and add 6 inches. Also, measure the width of the entire bed frame. Cut a piece of wood filler or scrap wood according to the measurements.

Step #4: Add adhesive

Now apply a liberal amount of glue to the cracks. You can use a putty knife to complete this procedure more neatly.

If you choose to inject the glue directly from the tube, make sure to protect your furniture against any spills using an old bed sheet or bath bowel.

Step #5: Clamp it shut

Clamp the crack such that it is snug and excess glue spills out. Use the putty knife to scrape off the excess adhesive.

Step #6: Let it dry

Leave the glue to dry completely.

Step #7: Clean up the mess

Scrape off any more excess glue using sandpaper for a smooth surface.

Step #8: Polish

You may require touch-ups to the crack that you just filled, so take some wood polish that matches your bed frame’s finish and paint the area for a neat look.

Extra Tips

To make sure that your bed frame is sturdy enough, you can add some additional support before placing your mattress on the bed.

Fixing slats

It is not uncommon for bed slats Trusted Source Bed base - Wikipedia A bed base, sometimes called a foundation, is the part of a bed that supports the mattress. The bed base can itself be held in place and framed by the bedstead (bed frame). to get chipped or even broken. It happens because ill-fitting bed frames cause the mattress to shift more often, which may cause your bed slats to bend. Excessive pressure overtime leads these slats to crack or break completely. The good news is that it is easy and straightforward to mend broken bed slats.

How to Fix a Bed Frame?Step #1: Remove the broken slat

Depending on the style and design of your bed frame, the slats can either be placed onto the frame or installed with screws. Once you remove the broken slack by unscrewing or lifting it out, you can take it to the trash can.

Step #2: Measure the slats

Using the slats that are still intact, measure the dimensions of the slats, including the width, length, and thickness.

Step #3: Buy new slats

Go to your nearest hardware store and find bed frame slats that fit your dimensions. Your main goal is to get the width and thickness right. Make sure to get longer slats if there are no options in your measured length because they can be cut to size. Be careful not to buy slats that are shorter in length because they cannot be fixed onto your bed frame.

Step #4: Align the slats

Take your newly purchased slats and line them up with the other slats in the empty spaces from where you removed the damaged ones.

Step #5: Install the slats

Once the new slats are placed into position correctly, you can enforce them on the bed frame or screw them in securely, depending on the design of your bed. You can consider adding some glue for extra security.

Repairing bed joints

The joints on old beds like Tenon and Mortise can tend to loosen with use and pressure. This causes the bed to become unstable and may be dangerous if left untreated. Joints may come with metal brackets or reinforced on brackets that are installed with the bed frame. To save your bed from collapsing, you can follow the procedure below and repair the joint of your bed frame.

How to Fix a Bed Frame?Step #1: Remove the brackets

Depending on what type of bed frame you have, you may require removing the metal brackets. They can be reattached later.

Step #2: Remove the joints

Remove the joints from the frame. This requires extra care, and you can use a rubber mallet for this step if necessary.

Step #3: Inspect the damage

Inspect the removed joint and remove any dried glue using a chisel.

Step #4: Apply wood tape

Apply wood tape to the part of the joint that slots into the frame, which will tighten the joint.

Step #5: Apply adhesive

Apply a generous amount of wood glue to all sides of the slots using a putty knife and spread it out evenly.

Step #6: Reattach the joint

Using a rubber mallet, place the joint back into the slot. Hammer the joint in place for secure installation.

Step #7: Reattach the brackets

Put the metal brackets that you removed earlier back in place. You can also buy new brackets if the old ones are damaged or rusty.

Step #8: Let it dry

Wait till the glue has completely dried before placing your mattress back on the bed frame. You are now ready to use the bed once again, without having to worry about damaging it.

Buying a new frame

Sometimes bed frames just give up completely and cannot be repaired at home. This calls for a sturdy and supportive new bed frame to improve your overall sleep quality while ensuring a long-lasting and safe investment. It is best to consider some crucial features, such as the space you have in your bedroom, the size of your mattress, and of course, your budget, before you go looking for a new bed frame.

There is a variety of bed frames available online in various price ranges, and a broken bed might just mean that you are ready for an upgrade. You can consider buying a bed from a reputable brand like Zinus that will offer not just stable mattress support but a beautiful addition to your bedroom. If you want a wooden bed frame to replace your old one, the Zinus Adrian Wood Rustic Platform Bed is an excellent option.

It is also important to invest carefully to make sure that your new bed doesn’t give up on you in the long run. Metal bed frames are a very durable and sturdy option, and you can find some excellent metal bed frames that compliment your room’s aesthetic. When it comes to metal bed frames, one of our favorite and highly recommended models is the Zinus Van 16 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame because it has strong support and doesn’t need a box spring for stability.

Final thoughts

Why buy an expensive new bed frame when you can quickly fix your old bed? Many people shy away from using DIY techniques to repair their furniture because they fear they might ruin it. However, if you follow the procedures listed in this guide carefully, you can learn how to fix a bed frame. This will result in you having a bed frame that is as good as new.

Even though the first priority is always to buy a sturdy and good quality bed to avoid any damages or breakages, if you already have a bed that needs some easy repairs, you do not require extra money on a new one. We love sharing our techniques and equally appreciate new ideas, so if you have any useful insights into fixing bed frames, feel free to let us know!


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Sleep expert Colin Espie shows how most sleep problems can be alleviated with a few simple changes to your bedtime routine
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A bed base, sometimes called a foundation, is the part of a bed that supports the mattress. The bed base can itself be held in place and framed by the bedstead (bed frame).
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