What Is a Queen Size Bed Frame Dimensions?

This article will supply you with the exact numbers when it comes to a queen bed frame and all of its variations out there.
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As we all face the perennial challenges of adulthood – going to work, keeping the house clean, spending good quality time with our families, and making sure that all of our finances are in check, we all know how difficult it is to maintain the same routines on a daily basis. The first thing that we usually want to do after a long and tiring day doing all of these things is just to succumb to the sweet surrender of our own beds.

If you have ever stayed at a nice hotel before – you probably already know that not all beds are equal. If you really want to optimize the amount of rest that you get after a long hard day, consider the queen-size frame. Let’s take a closer look at these now.

What is a queen-size frame?

So, to begin with, what is the queen-size frame anyway? Well, it is basically a rather large foundation that allows a wider surface area for you to sleep on basically. It is much more comfortable than a standard bed because your body is freer to move around, and you Will be able to sleep in a greater variety of positions.

Queen sized frames are perfect for couples because they are large enough to give you both an adequate amount of space but small enough so that you do not feel that there is Too much distance between you and your partner.

Standard queen bed frame dimensions

What Is a Queen Size Bed Frame Dimensions?

So what are the standard dimensions for its queen size frame? Well, that is a little bit difficult to standardize because it really depends. Often, you will see that these frames come 60“ x 80“ or about 5′ x 6′. If you compare these to other frames, these dimensions are not as wide as that of a king-size bed, obviously, but will give you more room than a full-size bed and far more room than a standard frame which usually goes by 54″ x 76″.

Resting atop a queen frame is, of course, a queen mattress; just like the frame, the mattress has the same dimensions give or take a couple of inches depending on whether this is a feather mattress, a soft fabric mattress, a memory foam mattress, or something else.

A queen size frame, despite being just as long as a king-sized frame, is narrower by about 16 inches.

It is comfortably longer than a standard frame having an advantage of 6 inches in width and about 5 inches in length. Compared to a twin bed, the difference is even more profound — with a queen size bed is actually 21 inches wider and 5 inches longer. Getting a frame like this with something as comfortable as a Zinuz memory foam mattress can only mean a comfortable night of sleep.

California queen and Olympic queen dimensions

Despite the dimensions of queen size beds being fairly standard, there are actually two very distinct types of queen size beds. There is the more popular California queen bed and the increasingly popular Olympic queen bed. Let us try to distinguish the two for the sake of brevity.

California Queen

What Is a Queen Size Bed Frame Dimensions?

California queen beds may not be as wide as Olympic queen beds, but they are slightly longer. A typical California size queen bed is about 60 inches in width and 84 inches in height which makes it slightly longer than a normal queen bed. The longer frame makes this type of queen bed ideal for people that are taller or people Who want to have their pets sleep by the base of their beds.

Olympic Queen

What Is a Queen Size Bed Frame Dimensions?

An Olympic queen bed, on the other hand, is not as tall as a California queen bed, but they are wider. These queen beds may not provide the advantages of the California queen bed as far as tall people are concerned, but these are actually very advantageous if you sleep with a partner. This is because these are even wider than the standard queen bed – which provides A very decent amount of room for partners, to begin with.

These queen beds are so wide that they have even earned the nickname expanded queen. These queen beds are typically 66 inches in width and about 80 inches in length. This is also a very popular choice for couples that have children because you will be able to save extra space in the middle for your children to sleep in.

Final thoughts

So, as you can tell, having a queen bed is very advantageous if you were somebody that likes to have a little bit of extra room for you to move around or for you to enjoy the sanctity of your mattress with your partner, children, or even pets. These are very beneficial because you will be able to spend the night with the people that you love – but still give yourself some much-deserved personal space.

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