11 Splendid Latex Mattresses That Will Turn Your Night’s Sleep into a Fairy Tale

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Last updatedLast updated: December 23, 2021
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Whether you are doing a little home improvement, moving into a new home or just buying a new bed, getting a high-quality durable mattress is essential. According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 25 percent of American adults suffer from different sorts of sleep disorders, with the majority of them being caused by poor sleeping surfaces. Thus, one of the best ways to effectively eliminate your sleep disorder is by buying the best latex mattress. Apart from being eco-friendly, latex mattresses are also comfortable, firm, hypoallergenic, highly responsive, and durable.

If you’re ready to buy a new latex mattress, you will come across a wide variety of products with a number of different features. While we think you will be fairly glad about your investment, you must keep in mind that buying the right latex mattress is not straightforward. To untangle any complexity you might face, we have crafted a guide which contains a list of our top eleven latex mattresses. We considered several key factors, which includes the latex type of the mattress, other materials used in its production, its profile thickness, number of layers, cover features, firmness, and the warranty provided.

In order to compile this guide, loads of different latex mattresses were compared. We read customer feedbacks on each model before testing them to actually narrow our list down to the top eleven. This article contains a table with different nominations for each pick, followed by comprehensive reviews of each product. In the end, you will find a detailed buying guide that contains several tips designed to aid your buying decision.

Top 11 Latex Mattresses Review 2022

  • Type of latex: Talalay
  • Layers: latex + individually encased coils
  • Thickness: 8 inches
  • Firmness: firm
  • Warranty: 20-year limited; 120-night trial

More features: no synthetic or blended latex; odor-free

While Sunrising is not a name you hear every day, this latex mattress should be what you sleep on every night and, in our opinion, is the best latex foam mattress on this list. Made from 100 percent natural latex, there is no doubting about the high performance and quality of this product. The foam doesn’t mold, it’s resistant to dust mites, allows you to sleep cool, and is made with fire-retardant and pain-relieving Talalay latex.

Furthermore, the mattress contains one-layer steel springs, which allows it to remain firm all the time regardless of where you are. Besides, the mattress offers good motion isolation, which makes it perfect for partners who have different sleeping positions. Also, the cushion-firm feel is relaxing and comfortable for the whole body, and it can be utilized for people who need orthopedic support regardless of their sleeping positions.

The Sunrising Bedding Eight-Inch Natural Latex Mattress offers optimal motion support and airflow despite costing a fraction of the prices of other high-end hybrid products. It can be conveniently used with any sort of slats, bunk beds, foundation, or even box spring. The mattress also comes compressed, so you might need to allow for a couple of days for it to reform to its original shape. Since this company isn’t as trusted as some bigger brands, this product is backed by a 20-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Nothing comes without a flaw, and there is no exception with this product. The two major flaws we noticed are its heavy nature and firmness. Latex itself is a rather firm material while coils only add to the overall support. This construction is ideal for back sleepers and someone with spine problems (scoliosis, for instance), so while some sleepers won’t have any issue with the firmness level, others might find it very uncomfortable.

What do we love it for?

  • Good motion isolation
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent 20-year warranty
  • Great feel and bounce
  • Brilliant edge support

What were we disappointed with?

  • Too firm for some people
  • Heavy construction

Nolah Natural 11Best Luxury Firm Mattress

  • Type of latex: Talalay
  • Layers: organic wool + latex + coils
  • Thickness: 11 inches
  • Firmness: luxury firm (6-7)
  • Warranty: 120-night trial; lifetime warranty

More features: organic cotton cover; GOTS organic wool layers for cooling and breathability

Another contender for the latex mattress you should be sleeping on every day is the Nolah Natural 11. There are as many as seven layers of materials in the mattress’s construction, and all have a role to play in ensuring you sleep like a baby. For instance, the first two layers are a GOTS certified cotton cover, and a GOTS certified organic wool layer.

The former provides luxurious softness and high levels of durability, all while using natural, insecticide, GMO, herbicide, and pesticide-free materials. The wool layer serves two functions. One is to act as a natural fire barrier, while the other is to enhance breathability.

Speaking of breathability, that’s not something that most latex mattresses are known for. They’re known for organic, chemical-free construction and extra support. However, with the Nolah Natural 11, you get the whole package. This means that the latex layers are full of punctured holes that provide the breathability needed for temperature regulation. In fact, the Nolah 11 can breathe up to 7x better than some competing latex mattress models.

In addition to breathability, the latex components of the mattress also provide optimum pressure relief. As for the mattress support, it is provided by one latex layer in conjunction with an advanced coil layer. The coil layer provides zoned support and may be one of the reasons why the bed is rated luxury firm.

You can use the Nolah Natural 11 on just about any flat frame, and it comes with extra durability on the bottom cover due to expected friction between the mattress and the frame.

Ultimately the Nolah Natural 11 differentiates itself from most other latex options by being a premium mattress with premium features and construction.

What stands out?

  • Premium construction materials
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mostly organic components
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Provides edge support

What cons did we manage to find?

  • For some, the firmness might be above their preferences
  • Fairly pricey

Spindle Organic Latex MattressBest with Adjustable Firmness

  • Type of latex: Dunlop
  • Layers: organic cotton + organic wool + Dunlop latex
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Firmness: medium-firm (adjustable)
  • Warranty: 365-night trial; 10-year warranty; 25-year comfort life program

More features:  ships with one layer of firm latex and two layers of medium

Spindle is a great brand when it comes to hybrid mattresses, but this model has the benefit of being totally adjustable. It’s made out of organic latex, cotton, and wool, which gives it the hybrid tag. There are no synthetic rubbers or VOCs that some latex beds do have and while it means a pretty price, it makes for a comfy bed.

This is not the first Spindle mattress ever made, and it differs from previous versions due to the adjustable design. You can choose how to position the latex within the three layers which can give you a different feeling and different levels of support. This is great for someone who really wants to tailor their experience, or for a couple who want to experiment with what sort of hardness levels they want in their bed.

It’s available in all of the sizes you would expect, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and it also has up to 840 individually wrapped springs made in the US. We also really love the fact that this has a totally natural design, so there’s no need to worry too much about the environmental impact. The majority of the materials are made in the US except for the Oeko-Tex certified latex which is GOLS certified, GOTS certified, and manufactured in Sri Lanka.

What are its best features?

  • Made from natural materials.
  • Adjustable and easy to alter.

What could be improved?

  • This is an expensive model of mattress.
  • Adjustable nature means more upkeep.

LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress Best Dunlop Latex Mattress

  • Type of latex: Dunlop
  • Layers: latex foam + high-density support foam
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: moisture-controlling TENCEL blend fabric cover

LUCID is one of the most popular manufacturers of high-quality mattresses in the business, which is why nobody should bat an eye that one of their most popular products and arguably the best rated latex mattress, the LUCID Ten-Inch Latex Foam Mattress, takes a spot on this list. With a luxurious medium-plush feel, this mattress is the ideal option for people who need a softer sleeping experience. Unlike memory foam mattresses, this product enables you to have a floating feeling.

This foam from LUCID sports an improved ventilation design, which helps to enhance air circulation through the latex material, thereby allowing for a more comfortable sleeping environment. Besides, the product is comprised of a breathability-improving Tencel blend fabric, which produces a comfy air layer on the foam to allow for a better sleeping experience.

Furthermore, the natural latex the bed is made with provides a supportive function and durable feel. In comparison to traditional sink-style memory foam, the Dunlop natural latex provides a little more pushback. However, some sleepers find the foam a bit too firm for them, but that’s probably the only shortcoming you’ll find. The mattress is backed by a long ten-year warranty, which is as a result of the high-quality and durable materials the product is made with.

The mattress also comes with the CertiPUR-US seal, which certifies against the use of harmful materials. The material in the product has been approved for indoor air quality, performance, safety, and environmental-friendly stewardship.

Why did it make our list?

  • Ventilated foam
  • Supportive function and durable feel
  • Improved airflow
  • Moisture-controlling cover

What is not ideal about it?

  • Doesn’t provide much sinkage
  • Might be too firm for some sleepers

Thomasville Ultra Latex Foam MattressBest Perimeter Support

  • Type of latex: Talalay, Dunlop
  • Layers: ULTRALatex Foam+Dunlop Latex Foam+Channel Vented FoamSpring
  • Thickness: 11 inches
  • Firmness: medium
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: Perimeter Support Patented foam tray, stretchable Polyester/Cotton contouring cover

Made from Dunlop and Talalay, the highest quality natural latex on the market, this mattress has great fineness and softness. The Talalay latex material offers benefits that conventional natural latex does not have. It is much more porous, giving it a greater resilience capacity and offering greater support. It adapts better to the contours of the body, relieving pressure points, so your back and spine will be more relaxed and will remain in the correct position throughout the night.

The Talalay and Dunlop combination offers an extremely fine latex, which increases its ventilation capacity (thanks to its open cell structure).

The cover is made from a combination of cotton and polyester. We like that the cover is stretchy to adjust to your body temperature. This cover is very soft, helps regulate body temperature, absorbs moisture, and dries faster than other fibers. It is however not removable. The mattress is ideal for people who sleep hot and those who have issues with allergens as the latex is natural.

The mattress is available in medium firmness and has a thickness of 11 inches. The brand offers a 10-year warranty.

Why did it make our list?

  • Made from natural Talalay latex and Dunlop
  • Flexible and breathable
  • High-density support base
  • Stretchy cover adjustable to your needs
  • Temperature regulating technology

What is not ideal about it?

  • Highly-priced

Linenspa 10 Inch Latex Hybrid MattressBest Latex Hybrid Mattress

  • Type of latex: not specified
  • Layers: four layers of foam andlatex + individually encased coils
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: suits all sleep positions; shipped in a box

If you are looking for an affordable mattress that offers you the best of both worlds, the Linenspa Ten-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress is a solid option. Since it is a hybrid model, it seamlessly combines the contour and comfort of a thick layer of latex foam with the inner support of innerspring.

It is the ideal combination of comfort and support. At the top of the mattress there are four layers of foam and latex for extra support. The foam conforms to the shape of your body to alleviate pressure points whilst you are sleeping. At the bottom, there is a seven-inch innerspring support layer, which adds to the firmness and provides you with a perfect motion isolation.

The foam’s medium firmness is suitable for all kinds of sleepers, whether you like sleeping on your belly, side, or back. Apart from working on a platform bed, this product is also a great option for a traditional box spring, adjustable base, and a metal grid.

Some customers complained that the mattress takes a while before it decompresses after removing the plastic. While some odors are normal, we have had reports that the odor emitted by this foam is especially strong, but that ought to fade away after a couple of days.

What do we love it for?

  • Good price point
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Great body support
  • Ideal combination of softness and support

What were we disappointed with?

  • Pungent odor
  • Decompression takes a long time
  • Type of latex: not specified
  • Layers: plush foam + latex + individually encased coils
  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Firmness: medium-plush
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: adjustable bed friendly; ships compressed and rolled in a box

Featuring a soft latex form that conforms to the weight, shape, and size of everybody, this is a product you will be impressed with. Its second layer is made of wrapped innerspring, which offers an orthopedic bottom that sustains its strength for a much-needed support whilst you sleep. The natural latex returns to shape faster than memory foam, thereby providing matchless strength, support, and comfort.

The 12-inch mattress conforms to all the contours of your body and offers ideal support and exceptional pressure relief. The latex foam suits all body types whilst the 10.5-inch foam-encased innerspring supports and sustains the layers’ effectiveness and strength. All the layers work together to offer you the ultimate sleeping experience.

The properties of the natural latex disallow motion transfer, thereby providing you with a restful night’s sleep. The bed also sports a soft, silky knit cover which looks and feels luxurious, despite the affordable cost of the mattress. Nevertheless, most users complain about is the terrible initial smell it emits. However, the bad odor should wear off after a few days. Also, keep in mind that the mattress is rather heavy.

What are its best features?

  • Affordably priced
  • No motion transfer
  • Luxurious looking cover
  • Offers optimum support

What could be improved?

  • Terrible initial smell
  • Heavy
  • Type of latex: Talalay
  • Layers: 2 layers of latex + soft reflex foam + high-density foam
  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Firmness: available in soft, medium, and firm
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: needs 24 hours for mattress to expand and potential odor dissipate

DreamCloud is a household name in the industry, and yet again, they have come through with a product that is set to take over the hearts of every homeowner. Featuring several layers of construction with a cotton pad, latex, fire retardant layer, woven fabric, non-woven fabric, and Cashmere fabric, the amount of comfort offered by this mattress should never be in doubt. Its spring layer features individually pocketed springs that offer support and comfort for your upper body, spinal cord, lower back, abdomen, and legs.

Furthermore, the mattress has a density of 12 inches and features a Eurotop Zipper, which makes it easy to remove and wash the cover. Also, the product has three inches of Talalay latex, which conforms to your body shape and thereby provides sufficient support alleviating pressure points. The cashmere fabric also absorbs pressure, weight, and body heat.

The firmness can also be adjusted according to your needs, which helps the bed to accommodate side, stomach, and back sleepers. The mattress is also extremely safe for children and individuals with allergies since the Talalay latex is extremely breathable and hypoallergenic. However, there are no built-in air channels in the base of the foam, which might negatively affect airflow.

What are its best features?

  • Relieves pressure points
  • Eliminates heat
  • Made with non-harmful materials
  • Comes with a ten-year warranty
  • Three firmness levels available

What could be improved?

  • Doesn’t have any inbuilt air channels at the base

Sleep On Latex Pure Green Natural Latex MattressBest All Natural Latex Mattress

  • Type of latex: Dunlop
  • Layers: 34 ILD natural latex foam + 20 ILD natural latex foam
  • Thickness: 9 inches
  • Firmness: medium
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: GREENGUARD gold certified by UL; organic cotton and organic New Zealand wool cover

Being the pacesetter and one of the best all-natural latex mattresses under $2000 in several categories, the Sleep On Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is made with 100 percent natural and organic latex foam, cotton, and New Zealand wool. The product was designed to be durable, comfortable, and, also, beautiful. This is a well-built three-layer mattress that offers great support and comfort. And since it comes with a one-inch New Zealand wool and quilted organic cotton cover, there are many things you’ll like about this particular product.

Apart from the incredible comfort provided by the top layer of this foam, it shields against your body heat as well and prevents the heat from being transferred to the mattress. The mattress also contains a two-inch layer of 20 ILD Dunlop latex foam, which increases the comfort offered by the bed and also has a medium-firm layer to serve as an intermediate component between the hard bottom layer and the soft top layer. The bottom layer is a six-inch 34 ILD Dunlop natural latex foam, which provides deep compression support for nearly all sleepers.

Being a latex mattress, this product alleviates pressure points and offers great motion isolation, which is typically attributed to latex mattresses. The product also comes with a ten-year manufacturer warranty, which gives you a great deal of confidence on your purchase. However, many users have complained about the heavy construction of the foam, and carrying it from one room to another might be a daunting task.

Why are we impressed?

  • Alleviates pressure points
  • Offers good motion isolation
  • Affordably priced
  • Natural materials used

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Heavy construction
  • Hard to maneuver

Best 2 Rest 10 inch Natural Latex Foam MattressBest Cooling Gel Infused Mattress

  • Type of latex: Dunlop
  • Layers: natural latex + gel-infused foam + high-density foam
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Firmness: plush
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: organic cotton cover; made in the USA; CertiPUR-US certified foam

If you are looking for the right latex mattress that will give you the most restful night’s sleep with optimum luxury and comfort, you shouldn’t look past this offering from Best 2 Rest. Its name is even enough to give you an idea of how excellent the bed is. Designed to ease and prevent body pains, this is surely not a mattress you can joke with.

The Best 2 Rest Ten-Inch Latex Mattress offers a perfect support and an incredible level of firmness. It is made with natural latex and therefore doesn’t emit toxins. According to research, your body temperature can have a direct effect on your sleep, which is why this mattress is infused with a cooling gel to control your body temperature and allow for a better night’s rest. This is a foam that is designed to quench your needs irrespective of your bed foundation.

How comfortably you sleep majorly depends on the kind of mattress you sleep on, and this one has been specifically designed to maximize comfort. While it doesn’t offer any edge support, which is a quite significant drawback, the foam relieves and prevents likely pressure points and general body pains. It’s perfectly supportive and offers a plush feel for maximum comfort.

What are our favorite features?

  • Very comfortable
  • Relieves pressure point
  • Offers a decent amount of support
  • Regulates body temperature

What could be better?

  • Offers no edge support
  • May seem very soft to heavier sleepers

My Green Mattress GOLS Certified Organic LatexBest Latex Mattress for Side Sleepers

  • Type of latex: Dunlop
  • Layers: latex + individually encased coils
  • Thickness: 11 inches
  • Firmness: medium
  • Warranty: 10-year limited; 100-night trial

More features: quilted cover made of soft GOTS Certified Organic cotton with 100% Natural Eco-wool

With this high-quality mattress from My Green Mattress, you are guaranteed to have the best ever sleep. Made with safe, natural eco-friendly wool, and certified organic cotton material, this product is not only a good latex mattress but also probably the best organic latex mattress as well. Despite being quite affordably priced, the mattress also comes with a ten-year warranty, which gives buyers a much-needed rest of mind.

The bed contains springs which have been combined with a dense layer of natural latex. Besides that, the bed contains a plush-looking quilted cover that has been produced using GOLS certified organic cotton. The organic cotton is very soft and has been combined with 100 percent natural eco-friendly wool.

Moreover, there is an innerspring in the mattress which offers adequate lumbar support. The level of comfort is enhanced further by the latex which feels very plush. With that being said, this product is perfect for side sleepers and everyone who is looking for a comfortable night’s sleep.

You’d also like to know that this product comes with the GreenGuard certification, which guarantees that it has complied with the most rigorous standards in the world. While the mattress is a bit expensive, it offers great value for money.

What makes it stand out?

  • Supportive yet soft feel
  • Natural materials used
  • In-built lumbar support

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Quite expensive

Things to Consider

Buying the right latex mattress for your needs entails a lot of things. Apart from reading reviews of the best products, you also need to be conversant with different tips and tricks associated with buying these foams.

Why latex mattresses are getting so popular?

In recent years, latex mattresses have seen an immense rise in popularity, thanks to the several benefits they offer. Latex can basically deliver great contour and good pressure relief as well as memory foam can. Latex, however, is beneficial in many other aspects.

Greater bounce – Latex offers a better bouncy feel than memory foam.

Quicker responsiveness – While memory foam tends to respond slowly, latex responds quickly, and that’s one of the major reasons for its increasing popularity.

Less odor and more hypoallergenic effect– The elements of latex are capable of minimizing pungent off-gassing and odors, which makes it more suitable for those suffering from allergies.

Sleeps cooler –  When compared with customary memory foam, the latex mattresses are better at giving sleepers a cooling feel, except the traditional memory foam is cool gel infused or features aerated holes.

Lasts longer – Latex mattresses are the best option for people looking to use their mattress for a long time, due to the fact that latex mattresses of high-quality are capable of lasting several decades.

Features to consider while choosing a latex mattress

Owing to its breathability, hypoallergenic properties, and resilience, latex is one of the best materials for making mattresses. Let’s figure out the other features you need to take into account before buying one.

Type of latex (manufacturing process)

A latex mattress can be manufactured using either of the two existing methods – the Dunlop process or Talalay process. The Dunlop method produces a foam with a softer feel at the top and a denser feel at the bottom, whilst the Talalay method produces a foam with a more consistent feel all through. That is, however, a matter of personal choice or preference. If you like to have a softer feel that allows for more firmness, then you might have to look at a latex mattress made using the Dunlop process, such as the LUCID 10 Inch Latex Foam Mattress. If you, however, prioritize a consistent feel, then opt for a product made using the Talalay process, like the Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Mattress.

Number of layers

Best Latex MattressThe number of layers a mattress has will directly impact its firmness and thickness. More layers mean more optimal medium-level or even firm comfort, most times. While the bottom layers support the thickness and durability of the mattress, the top layer provides comfort and cushioning. By and large, a light memory foam is always at the top to regulate your body heat, while the middle to bottom layers help distribute your weight and push your pressure points back. Ideally, you want a foam with around three comfort layers at least, with each layer demonstrating a different type of material scientifically designed to improve the support of the bed.


There are a lot of thicknesses related to hybrid and all-latex materials on the market. usually, all of them come from six to twelve inches in breadths. The hybrid bedding is the best alternative for the heavyweight sleepers who are looking for the ideal combination of support and comfort. If you are a heavyweight sleeper who’s looking for optimal support, go for a hybrid option with ten-inch thickness at least.


One of the most vital features that you need to consider when shopping is the amount of support offered by the bed. Various density levels will affect the support provided by the mattress, as will different latex foam layers’ layout. In addition, any other material that is added to the foam, like support foam and memory foam, will affect the support provided by the mattress as well.

Cover features

Best Latex MattressAnother major consideration you must make is the cover. It’s always better to choose a removable cover as it can prolong the lifespan of your mattress since you can wash it occasionally. Besides, the cover must be comfortable and plush. If your bed, however, comes with a non-removable cover, you can buy one separately.


While there are many certifications in the mattress-manufacturing industry, not every one of them is worth being considered. The most rigorous ones for latex models include CertiPUR-US, OEKO-TEX, and GOLS. Each product recommended in this guide has the CertiPUR-US certification at least, which ensures that the used polyurethane foam is free of dangerous chemicals and emissions.


Of course, a warranty is a must-have for every good product.

Avoid being lured into the temptation of buying a mattress that doesn’t come with a warranty as it will most likely be of poor quality. Purchase a model that is backed by a good warranty from the manufacturer or the seller. Regardless of how great a deal appears, there is always a catch if the purchase is backed up by no guarantee.

With a 20-year warranty, the mattress with the longest guarantee on our list is the Sunrising Bedding 8 inch Natural Latex Mattress.

Extra features

Best Latex Mattress

You might also want to consider if the mattress is available in different sizes or if it comes with some fancy accessories. However, extra accessories usually mean you have to pay more most times, so you might need to bear that in mind.


Tips on how to maintain your latex mattress

If you are looking to enjoy your bed for many years to come, you must maintain it well. Below are some useful tips for prolongong your latex mattress’s life.

  • Dress your mattress with breathable sheets or cotton.
  • Ensure you use a mattress cover or protector to guard your mattress. It is recommended to use a certified organic water resistant protector since your warranty may be voided if your mattress gets stained.
  • Some latex mattresses need you to rotate or flip them every six months. Check with the manufacturer of yours as various manufacturers have different requirements.
  • If you are utilizing a heating pad to protect yourself from the cold or to ease your pains and aches, avoid leaving it carelessly on your bed.

Don’t remove your mattress’s fire retardant barrier, which is there because of federal laws. Removing it will void your warranty immediately.


Every new latex foam mattress comes with some sort of an odor, but the intensity and type of it is a result of what it is made with. Generally, natural, all-latex beds emit little to no bad odors, while latex-over-foam and blended latex beds emit a moderate amount of off-gassing and odors. Let your purchase air for a couple of days, and even strong odor should dissipate.

There is no one-size-fits-all for this question. Even if a latex mattress contains bits of allergenic proteins, the allergy can be activated only via direct skin contact. The cores of these mattresses are typically covered by several layers of sheets, fabric, and fire retardant materials, which ought to prevent direct skin contact and consequently any allergic reaction.

In addition, Talalay latex has far fewer allergy responses than other types, due to the five-stage washing process used in its manufacturing – so people with allergies should choose a product that utilizes this kind of latex.

Averagely, latex mattresses are longer lasting than most other types, particularly if they’re natural or organic latex. Natural and organic latex beds usually last eight to ten years, whilst a customary innerspring mattress lasts less than six years on an average.

Our Verdict

It is not a coincidence that the Sunrising Bedding Natural Latex Mattress is the option with the longest warranty on this list, the manufacturer actually knew what they were doing when they backed it with a 20-year warranty. Despite falling in the affordable price range, the bed has a quite sturdy construction and performs admirably, making it our pick for the best latex mattress right now.

The runners-up, which is the Nolah Natural 11, impresses on most fronts, from the design of the latex components to the coil layer and the covers. In addition, it offers durability, a sturdy feel, durability, and pressure relief, all of which makes it a steal.

Though the Spindle Organic Latex Mattress isn’t one of the cheaper models on the list (in fact it is quite costly) it is a fantastic option for those who want a natural product made out of quality latex, and even offers an adjustable design for a tailored sleeping experience.

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