Eurotop vs Pillow Top Mattress: Here’s the Difference

In this article, we’ll explore the difference between a eurotop and a pillow top mattress, their pros and cons.
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A good night’s sleep is crucial for your mood, weight control and overall health Trusted Source 10 Reasons Why Good Sleep Is Important Getting quality sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. Here are 10 evidence-based reasons why good sleep is important. . However, the key to adequate sleep is the right mattress. If you’re in the market for a new mattress there are many confusing terms to learn and it’s hard to make an informed decision. One of the more foreign concepts to grasp is the Eurotop vs Pillow Top mattress debate. This is even more confusing when you realize that many manufacturers use the terms pillow top and Euro top in an interchangeable manner. This is wrong, although there are similarities there is a clear difference between a Euro top and pillow top mattress.

Both pillow top and Eurotop mattresses feature soft cushioning layers that are placed over a more firm mattress. But, you can also find these softer layers over a hybrid or innerspring mattress too. As you can imagine these details can make it harder to find the best pillow top mattress to meet your needs. To make the process a little easier we will break down the difference between Eurotop and pillow top mattresses in this article. Hopefully this will help you to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Euro Top Mattress

Eurotop vs Pillow Top Mattress: Here's the Difference

The Eurotop mattress has an additional layer of padding that’s fixed to the top of the mattress. This covers the entire surface, it’s flush with the side wall and it looks like it belongs to the bed. The material feels soft and dense at the same time and the top is usually made of fiberfill or foam. Because the Eurotop is flush it’s more taught than a pillow top or a traditional mattress topper. A Eurotop typically has superior edge support, it’s less prone to shift, the shape is maintained better and the motion is isolated.

Although a Eurotop feels soft it’s not as soft as most pillow tops but it has a more cohesive appearance. This may be of little importance to you because the mattress will be covered with your favorite bed sheets anyway.

In summary, the Eurotop is denser and more durable with a cleaner look but it’s not as soft as a pillow top mattress.


  • The Eurotop has a cleaner appearance and better edge support.
  • This is less prone to shifting or forming lumps during sleep because of the protection offered by the mattress cover.
  • The Eurotop is usually made with higher quality materials.


  • This is a more expensive option than the pillow tops.
  • Certain Eurotops may not be capable of contouring as well as pillow tops can.

Pillow Top Mattress

Eurotop vs Pillow Top Mattress: Here's the Difference

A pillow top mattress is usually made from latex foam, wool, fibers, gel and memory foam. The mattress is made with fiberfill or foam and the better quality materials are reserved for the top. At first glance, the pillow top mattress looks like a large pillow blanket laid across a mattress. In fact, the top is stitched in-place to prevent lateral movement and there is a small gap between the mattress and pillow top. The pillow top does feel thick and soft but it’s not as dense as a Eurotop mattress. When you lie on a pillow top mattress it is possible to shift around but sleeping on sheets will help.


  • The extra cushioning can help with pain and pressure point issues.
  • If you have a coil mattress the soft layer can reduce some of the motion transfer as you move around during sleep.
  • Firm mattress users may notice an improvement in the cradling and softness with no accompanying loss of support.


  • The pillow top has an obvious appearance that some people won’t like.
  • This type of mattress can have a shorter lifespan.
  • Even breathable mattresses can get warm due to a lack of airflow.

What’s the Difference Between Euro Top and Pillow Top Mattresses?

Eurotop vs Pillow Top Mattress: Here's the Difference

Both pillow tops and Eurotops are excellent choices for a mattress topper but they are pretty different in terms of price, motion transfer, firmness, edge support and durability. Let’s look at these five characteristics in more detail:


When you’ve invested in the best firm mattress it’s natural to want a topper that will not degrade the support and other key features. Both types of mattress tops are available at a variety of price points but the Eurotops tend to be more expensive. Eurotops have a more luxurious feel due to the superior materials used. The pillow tops tend to be cheaper but they wear quickly and they are less supportive during sleep. The higher price of a Eurotop may make more sense because it will save you money in the medium to long term.

Motion Transfer

According to The Sleep Clinic Trusted Source Does Sharing A Bed Affect Your Sleep? - Slumber Slumber Sleep Clinic It’s normal for partners to share a bed, but hogging the duvet isn’t the only problem. Read our article to find out how sharing a bed affects you sleep. , sharing a bed can play a role in whether you get a good night’s sleep. When you sleep with a partner you need a bed that has good motion transfer properties to avoid disturbing the other sleeper during the night. Eurotops are thicker than pillow tops and this means they are better able to absorb lateral motion.


Eurotop vs Pillow Top Mattress: Here's the Difference

One of the more obvious aspects of the pillow top vs Eurotop mattress arguments is the relative firmness. There is no simple answer to this because some people prefer a softer bed and vice versa. If you like softness in a mattress it makes more sense to go with the Eurotop because they are thicker and feature plush foam materials. A Eurotop mattress is an excellent choice if you suffer from joint and pressure point pain when sleeping.

The pillow tops are much thinner, they are made with cotton or wool and if you have a firm mattress you will still feel that firmness underneath. Choosing a firmer mattress is a smart move if you sleep on your stomach or back because your hips won’t sink down into the mattress. This is why a Eurotop mattress is a better choice for people that tend to sleep on their sides.

Edge Support

This is the overall firmness and stability of your mattress at the edges of your bed. This is important when you get in and out of the bed and when you want to sit on the edge. This is a very important consideration if the sleeper has a disability or limited mobility issues. Pillow top mattresses have extra space between the mattress and the topper which makes the edges more likely to sag. Eurotop mattresses are sturdier at the edges which makes them easier to access and less prone to sagging.


Eurotops have multiple layers that are sewn flush against the mattress. This makes them less prone to lateral shifting with the aforementioned edge support. This makes Eurotops more durable than pillow tops that are made with less expensive materials. The gap between pillow tops and the mattress also causes it to flatten and it can be more prone to shifting.


How Thick are Eurotops or Pillow Tops?

A Eurotop or pillow top mattress is usually 7” up to 22” but the actual Eurotop and pillow top are 2” up to 4”. A thicker top will make it softer and the mattress will cradle you more when sleeping.

Can I Flip a Pillow Top or Eurotop Mattress?

The short answer is no, most Eurotop and pillow top mattresses are supposed to remain upright. If you flip the mattress you ruin the layer of cushioning on top and you may be left with innerspring or rigid coils that are uncomfortable.

Can I Fix a Sagging Eurotop or Pillow Top Mattress?

You can’t fluff or flip either mattress to restore it to its former state. You can adopt a preventative mindset such as mattress rotation to prevent the formation of indents. Many mattress warranties cover repairs for sagging mattresses. But, you may be able to place a high-quality mattress topper on top of a sagging mattress to make it comfortable. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a mattress softer this could be a solution.

Can I Place a Mattress Topper on a Pillow Top Mattress?

Yes, it is possible to place a mattress topper on any mattress type and this can be a good option if you have a mattress that feels a little too firm or too soft. But, a pillow top mattress will be thick anyway and if you add a topper it may be 2” to 4” too tall. This can make access harder for people that have mobility issues.

How Long will a Eurotop or Pillow Top Mattress Last?

Both Eurotop and pillow top mattresses have an average lifespan of 7-10 years. This means you will need to replace them more frequently than a traditional mattress. This lifespan can be extended if you rotate the mattress twice per year and this helps to avoid centrally located indents.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

This is an updated innerspring mattress variant that has pocketed coils wrapped in a fabric sleeve. Neither a Eurotop or pillow top mattress will have pocketed coils installed. Most hybrid mattresses have a 2” up to 3” comfort layer sewn into the top that’s usually made from poly-foam, latex or memory foam. Multiple firmness levels are available and they are a durable option when compared to an innerspring mattress. The main downside to a hybrid mattress is the price, they are expensive and you can get a softer Eurotop or pillow top mattress at a lower price tag.

Final Thoughts

If you want a soft mattress with good support you will be interested in the Eurotop vs pillow top mattresses argument, as both are a good option. Eurotops are a pillow top, but not all pillow tops are Eurotops. The Eurotop has similar comfort to a standard pillow top but they are more discreet. At the heart of the Eurotop vs. pillow top comparison it’s important to remember that Eurotops tend to be higher quality with improved durability. This comes at a higher price and that can place them out of the budget of some buyers. If you’re on a tighter budget a pillow top mattress is a smart choice because you can get good levels of comfort at a price you can afford.


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