Helix vs Purple: Which Is Better for You?

Can't decide between Helix and Purple? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: August 22, 2023
Can't decide between Helix and Purple? We compared them for you.
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Given a choice between the Helix vs Purple mattress, which one would you pick? In this article we’re going to compare both mattresses by outlining their major similarities and differences to help in your decision making. Both mattresses are known for their versatility. Not only are they designed to suit a wide range of sleepers, but also to accommodate their sleeping position preferences.

These attributes coupled with their impressive characteristics are the reasons why we picked them for comparison purposes. What’s different between the brands is that the Helix is a hybrid memory foam and pocket coil mattress while the Purple is combines memory foam with a unique hyper-elastic polymer.

Quick Comparison

Helix vs Purple: Which Is Better for You?

Helix: Helix is a relatively large mattress brand and manufactures a total of nine mattresses including the Helix Twilight, Dusk, Dawn and Midnight to mention a few. But for the purposes of this review, we’re going to review the Helix Midnight because it’s one of their most versatile models. Also, its versatility makes it the most popular among many consumers and it has the highest ratings.

Where construction is concerned, the Helix features three layers. The bottom layer is made of a dense layer of polyfoam known as Duradense foam. Within this Duradense foam, you’ll find 6 inches of pocketed coils. But note that though it has coils, it’s not the most supportive mattress you’ll find. Rather, the pocketed coils contribute to the mattress balance and airflow. The same coils are also designed to allow for a smooth switching of positions while you’re sleeping.

Above this dense layer, you’ll find a transitional layer also made of polyfoam. The main reason for this layer is to ensure that you don’t feel the coils while you’re sleeping thereby minimizing discomfort.

The top layer is made of gel memory foam which allows for comfortable sleeping by offering pressure relief. You won’t experience any “sinkage” commonly associated with other memory foam mattresses. This means if you pick this brand, you can switch sleeping positions without difficulty. You can swiftly move from your back, to your side, to your stomach and vice versa.

The Helix weighs around 80lb which makes it lighter than the Purple which weighs a little over 100 pounds. This means the Purple will be much more difficult to move around while the Helix allows for easier handling.

The standard models of the Helix are around 10 inches thick which makes them ideal for the relatively taller individuals.

You’ll appreciate that between the two brands, the Helix is much more affordable. So it’s the one to pick if you’re working on a budget.

Helix vs Purple: Which Is Better for You?

Purple: Purple on the other hand offers only two mattresses; the original and the new purple mattress. We’re going to review the original mattress because it’s also the most preferred mattress among consumers and has the highest ratings compared to its newer counterpart.

What makes the Purple mattress different from other brands—the Helix included—is that it’s constructed using hyper-elastic polymer. This material is designed to support your body while relieving pressure at the same time.

In terms of construction, it’s also a three-layer mattress much like the Helix. It contains the base layer and transitional layer which are both made of polyfoam. The top layer is the huge draw card for the brand because of the hyper elastic polymer. This makes the mattress firm, but nonetheless it still supports your body by relieving pressure in sensitive areas like your shoulders and hips.

The Purple mattress is around 9.5’ thick and isn’t ideal for people who are very tall because of its low profile.

Helix Purple
  • Medium feel
  • 10-year warranty
  • Side sleeper comfort
  • Pressure relief
  • Breathable
  • Temperature regulation
  • Impressive edge support
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Highly responsive
  • Bouncy
  • Zero off gassing
  • 100 days night trial
  • Pressure relieving
  • Breathable properties
  • Memory foam
  • Hyper elastic gel
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Neutral temperature
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100 days night trial
  • Motion isolation
  • Free shipping
  • Medium firm
  • No noise…

Mattress specifications

Helix Purple
Hybrid Foam and Hyper-Elastic Polymer™
Firmness Medium (5.5) Medium firm (6.5)
Thickness 10″ 9.5″
Weight 84 lbs 110 lbs
Sleep trial 100 nights 100 nights
Warranty 10 years 10 years
Price $895 (Queen) $999 (Queen)
Certification CertiPUR-US CertiPUR-US


Helix Purple
Support core Pocketed Coils
HD Polyfoam
4″ 2.0 lbs density polyurethane foam
Comfort layers 2.5 PCF Memory Foam
Transitional Polyfoam
3.5″ 1.8 lbs density polyurethane foam
2″ Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ material in Smart Comfort Grid™
Cover Dual-layer Stretch Polyester 67% Polyester
29% Viscose
4% Lycra

The Purple is considered to be much firmer than the Helix, but they’re still both comfortable. They differ mainly in their construction and breathability. The Purple is known to have better cooling properties compared to the Helix.
Like the Helix, lighter people will find the mattress too firm. As a result, they’ll feel some pressure on their hips and shoulders while heavier persons will find it very comfortable. This essentially means the Helix is better suited for the average person who’s not too heavy or light.


Both the Helix and Purple mattresses are known for the level of comfort they provide sleepers. They both will provide you with support regardless of your sleeping position. We’ll quickly outline the individual components that contribute to the comfort level of both mattresses below.

Firmness and support

Helix vs Purple: Which Is Better for You?

Helix: With regard to firmness, the mattress feel is right in the middle of the firmness scale and has a rating of 5.5. As a result, it’s considered as a medium feel mattress. This makes it ideally suited for almost all types of sleepers. But note that this is highly subjective and really depends on the user’s weight. Heavier persons might find it too soft. On the other hand, lighter and petite persons will find it too firm as mentioned earlier.

Purple: Thanks to the hyper elastic construction, the mattress is designed to provide your body with that much needed support while you sleep. But even though the mattress is relatively firm, it’s still designed to relieve pressure off the sensitive areas of your body while you sleep. We’ll point out that the mattress does need some degree of pressure for it to collapse and give you that much needed comfort. Heavier persons are more likely to exert this type of pressure.

The mattress has such a unique feel when it comes to firmness. Many would describe it as “squishy”. But if we were to rate it on the firmness scale, we’d give it a.6.5 or 7 depending on the user. This makes it much firmer when compared to the Helix. It’s very supportive which makes it ideal for persons who sleep in multiple positions. The polymer material will relieve pressure from your shoulders, back or hips depending on your sleeping position.

Temperature control

Helix: Generally, straight out of the box, the Helix isn’t the coolest mattress on the market. The original cover isn’t designed to sleep cool or regulate temperature.

But if you want to sleep cooler, you do have the option of purchasing an extra ultra-cool cover that’s sold separately by Helix. Simply remove the original cover and replace it with the ultra-cool cover designed to cool down your body by transferring temperature away. So if you tend to sweat a lot at night, then this is the best option for you. You’ll have to spare a bit more cash for this cover because it costs around a $100, but we think it’s pretty worth it.

Purple: The Purple is considered to be temperature neutral which makes it ideal for persons who don’t want to sleep warm. The top layer features a grid design which allows for adequate air circulation. Adding to its breathability is the top cover which is made of a blend of materials which include polyester, viscose and Lycra. The combination of these materials results in a cover that has cooling properties, so you’ll generally sleep cool if you pick this mattress.

Motion transfer

Helix: Regardless of the fact that the mattress contains coils, it’s surprisingly effective at motion transfer. This means couples will find this brand ideal. If you sleep with someone who frequently shift positions while they sleep, you’re less likely to be disturbed if you pick the Helix. The mattress is designed to prevent the frequent motion from reverberating throughout the entire bed.

Purple: Though the mattress is relatively firmer than the Helix, you’re more likely to experience slight motion transfer if your partner switches positions. So couples must opt for the Helix rather than the Purple in this regard.


Helix vs Purple: Which Is Better for You?

Helix: The coils in the mattress make it very responsive. It’ll return to its original shape if pressure is exerted on the surface.

Purple: The Purple is considered to be highly responsive too. It’ll also immediately snap back into position when someone sits on it.

Resilience and bounce

Helix: The coils also give the mattress a bounce and will contribute to the overall mattress durability as mentioned earlier. The bounce is also made possible because the mattress is designed to have impressive bi-directional support.

Purple: Even though it doesn’t contain any coils like the Helix, the Purple mattress is considered to also have ample bounce. You’ll appreciate how extremely durable this mattress is. It’s considered to be one of the long lasting mattresses when compared to the Helix. A number of users have noted that it can last a good 10 years with proper care and maintenance,

Edge support

Helix: You’ll appreciate how the Helix is designed to provide you with edge support. This is thanks to the pocketed coils combined with the base layer of high density foam. Both are designed to reinforce the mattress well thereby reducing intense sinkage along the perimeter.

Purple: Unfortunately edge support isn’t the Purple mattress’ biggest strength. If you happen to sleep close to the edge it tends to collapse and you won’t feel as supported as you’d want to be. Also, if you sit on the edge to tie your shoes, the mattress will collapse a great deal so you might want to keep that to a minimum.

Inflation time, off-gassing and smell

Helix: The manufacturers of the Helix go to great lengths to ensure off gassing on their mattresses is near zero. Less than 5% of owners have reported a significant smell coming from the Helix mattress upon purchasing. You won’t be experiencing much chemical odors if you pick the Helix model.

Because the Helix is a memory foam mattress, you’ll have to wait between 24 and 72 hours before it fully expands into its original position.

Purple: The Purple mattress does give off a smell initially which resembles chalk or plastic. But you’ll be happy to know that the smell will disappear after a few days as long as you place it in a ventilated room.

Sleep position ratings

SLEEP POSITION Light sleepers

(less than 130 lbs)

Average sleepers

(130 lbs to 230 lbs)

Heavy sleepers

(greater than 230 lbs)

Side 9 10 10
Back 10 9 8
Stomach 9 8 7
Side 9 8 9
Back 8 10 10
Stomach 7 9 8

*Out of 10

The Purple mattress is ideal for persons who sleep in multiple positions except the side sleeper. The Helix will work best for persons sleeping in almost any position as long as you’re not too heavy or light. Overall, both mattresses will work well for different types of sleepers.

Sizes and pricing

SIZE Helix Purple
Twin $500 $649
Twin XL $600 $699
Full $750 $899
Queen $895 $999
King $1145 $1299
California King $1145 $1299

Customer service

Sleep trial Warranty and refund Delivery Trade-in
Helix 100 days 10-year warranty
full refund
Within the U.S. and most of Canada N/A
Purple 100 days 10-year warranty
full refund
Within the U.S. and Canada N/A

Sleep trial

Helix: The Helix comes with a 100 days night free trial period. You can return it for a full refund if it doesn’t satisfy your needs. But note that any returns can only happen after 30 nights and not earlier.

Purple: When you purchase the Purple mattress, you’ll get a 100 days night free trial period—but only if you purchase it directly from the manufacturer. If you purchase it on Amazon or elsewhere, you get a 30 night free trial.

You’re free to return the mattress if you’re not happy with it and you’ll get a full refund—as long as the period is within the stipulated number of days depending on where you purchase it. The manufacturer will even arrange for the mattress to be picked up from your home.

Warranty and refund

Helix: Helix comes offer a 15-year unlimited warranty. But this depends on the model you pick: the 10-year warranty applies to the standard models while 15 applies to the luxe. The foundation is covered with a five-year warranty while the cover has a one-year warranty.

Purple: The mattress comes with a 10-year non prorated warranty. To claim any repairs or replacements, you must produce the receipt as a proof of purchase so make sure you keep it in a safe place.


Helix: Delivery of the Helix mattress will take anything between six and 10 business days. You can expect free shipping if you’re based in the US. If you’re based outside of the US, then additional shipping charges apply.

Purple: The Purple mattress will be delivered to your doorstep and comes with free standard shipping as long as you’re in the US. It’s compressed, vacuum sealed and shipped in a box. You’ll appreciate that the manufacturers offer free in-home set up and will also remove your old mattress—free of charge.


Both the Helix and Purple manufacturers don’t accept trade-ins. You have to buy the mattress for the full amount.

So which should you buy?




  • Inexpensive
  • Additional ultra-cool cover
  • Controls motion transfer
  • Comfortable
  • 10-year warranty
  • Highly responsive
  • Very bouncy
  • Great customer service
  • Highly customizable


  • Durability questionable
  • Sleeps warm
  • Heavy




  • Impressive breathability
  • Suited for multiple sleeping positions
  • Extremely durable
  • Firm
  • Very supportive
  • Regulates temperatures


  • Not for lightweight persons
  • Not the best for side sleepers
  • No edge support

In conclusion

Of the two models, which one will you invest in? If price is your biggest concern, then you can opt for the Helix which is slightly cheaper. You’ll also appreciate how the mattress has adequate conforming abilities. The mattress is designed to contour closely to your body to provide you with better spinal alignment. You’ll also appreciate how it doesn’t make much noise when compared to other brands.

The Purple will also provide your body with the necessary support and comfort. If you want a long lasting product, then we certainly advise you to pick the Purple which is known for its impressive durability. The fact that it features hypo-allergenic materials is another plus—especially if you suffer from allergies. It’s on the expensive side but we believe it’s worth every penny.

Both mattresses are worth considering where quality is concerned. The one you opt for is entirely a matter of preference. So which one will you buy in the Helix vs Purple competition?

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