How to Compress a Memory Foam Mattress

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Last updated: August 25, 2023
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So, you happen to be moving into a new place, but the last thing you would ever want to do is leave your beloved memory foam mattress behind. People all around the world are in love with their memory foam mattresses, and it’s for good reasons. They help to make you more comfortable, and can give you a better night of sleep.

Moving your memory foam mattress can be a challenge, considering that it is a very bulky object. This problem can leave you scratching your head as to how to compress a memory foam mattress. The bulkiness of memory foam mattresses makes them tough to compact. If you’re going to be moving, and plan on bringing your memory foam mattress with you, it’s imperative that you compact it in a proper way.

Luckily, there’s methods out there that can be used to help walk you through the steps of compacting your memory foam mattress. The process can be a bit tricky, but well worth it if you can’t bear the thought of leaving your memory foam mattress behind.

How do manufacturers compress memory foam mattresses to fit in a box?

How to Compress a Memory Foam MattressWhen you receive a new memory foam mattress, it’s likely that you’ll never be able to compact it back down to that exact size again. Manufacturers have specific ways of compacting down memory foam mattresses, that ultimately requires different equipment, and a giant machine, in order to get the job done. If they didn’t implement the use of these machines, people would be receiving huge boxes with memory foam mattresses in them, which can become inconvenient for a lot of reasons.

To begin the process, the mattress is covered in a long sheet of plastic that will be used to keep it compact after vacuum sealing. After it is covered in plastic, the mattress is run through a part of the machine that compresses it down as much as possible, due to high amounts of pressure being applied. While the mattress is being compressed down, the vacuum seal is working on it concurrently, so by the time the compressing is over, the mattress is as flat as possible.

After the memory foam mattress is compressed and vacuum-sealed, the machine performs the rolling, folding, and wrapping all by itself. The machine is able to apply much more force and pressure on the mattress than any human as capable of doing by themselves. The machines compression ability, along with the folding and wrapping features, allow manufacturers to compact memory foam mattresses as efficiently as possible.

So, can you compress a memory foam mattress at home?

Of course, it’s very likely that you have no access whatsoever to these memory foam compression machines. These are specifically owned by memory foam manufacturers, and are only used to wrap up a mattress after it is first created. After this, it all falls on the mattress owner.

If you have to move, and wish to take your memory foam mattress with you, it would be a huge inconvenience if you weren’t able to compact it down to a reasonable size. Trying to move a huge and bulky mattress can become irritating, and makes the moving process even that much harder.

The good news is that there’s a way to compact your memory foam mattress right at home, without needing the assistance from a large machine. In order to compact your mattress at home, you’ll need:

  • Plastic mattress bag pertaining to the size of your mattress
  • Duct tape
  • Some ratchet straps
  • Vacuum bag (for the valve)
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Box

How to Compress a Memory Foam MattressAfter you attain these products, follow these few simple steps in order to compact your memory foam mattress right at home:

  • Remove any blankets, sheets, pillows from your mattress, then set it up in an area where you can comfortably begin to bag the mattress
  • Put the mattress in a plastic mattress bag that is pertained to the size of your mattress
  • Cut out the valve from the vacuum bag, then cut a hole in the mattress bag that’s just wide enough for the valve to fit in. After fitting the valve in, tape it with duct tape to make it air tight.
  • Lay the mattress on the floor, then attach a vacuum hose to the valve. Turn on the vacuum, and take out as much air as possible. Walking on the mattress can help to take the air out quicker.
  • Once it’s flat enough, roll up the mattress in as thin of a roll as possible.
  • After it’s rolled up, use the ratchet straps to wrap around the mattress, then tighten them up as much as possible. Using some padding between the straps and mattress can help to deter the possibility of tearing your mattress.

As you can see, compacting your memory foam mattress at home doesn’t have to be that tough of a challenge, as long as you have the necessary materials to do so.

Reasons Folding Up Your Mattress At Home Can Lead To Issues

Even though the process may seem rather simple, many people may not be able to perform the necessary steps, or perhaps just cant do it by themselves. Overall, there’s a few different factors that can play into why it may not be feasible to compact your mattress at home.

  • The vacuum you are using may not be sufficient or well-performing enough to get out as much air as you would need. Not being able to get enough air out of the mattress can ruin the way you were planning on packing the mattress.
  • Taking matters into your own hands and compacting the mattress by yourself can potentially lead to the memory foam being degraded. If your memory foam is damaged, it may lose that special touch that you have grown used to.
  • If your memory foam mattress is going to rolled up for a long period of time, perhaps a few days or longer, then the likelihood of your memory foam being degraded increases exponentially.

What are the alternatives?

How to Compress a Memory Foam MattressSometimes, you may not be able to compact your memory foam mattress, so you’ll have to look toward other options. Some of these options include:

  • Grab a friend that can help you in the compacting process, or perhaps see if they have a better-performing vacuum than you have. A better vacuum will give a better seal.
  • Use a mattress bag with handles. The biggest challenge of moving an un-compacted mattress is figuring out how to handle it correctly. If the mattress bag has handles, you can handle it more easily, while keeping the mattress clean at the same time.
  • Buy a new mattress. Even though this is by far the more expensive option, it may be the most reasonable, especially if your mattress is seven or more years old.

In conclusion

Compacting a memory foam mattress is a challenge that many people have faced so far. Moving to a new place is the most common reason for compacting up your mattress. Being able to compact your memory foam mattress properly and efficiently can make or break your moving process, seeing that your mattress is one of the largest items you’ll be moving. Manufacturers are able to get newly made memory foam mattresses down to such a small size thanks to the heavy machinery they have. Unfortunately, the rest of us don’t have access to this technology.

Before you get stuck on the issue of how to compact a memory foam mattress, be sure to refer to the method listed above. After you obtain the necessary materials, follow the steps listed, and you should be able to compact your mattress down to a reasonable size.

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