How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!

Our article will provide you with the most useful and safe methods of cleaning that will save you from those nasty stains and smells.
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Last updated: September 05, 2023
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Having pets, babies, and young children at home sometimes means that the furniture or surface are prone to stain, and these are quite normal. However, one of the most normal stains is the one on mattresses. The diapers can have some leakage during the night. Or perhaps because the children are still learning to go to the bathroom and cannot fully control their sphincters, a pee-stained mattress is not inevitable. But, there are many solutions to these situations. This article will address how to get pee out of a mattress and eliminate foul odors.

The cleaning of the mattress is essential for rest and quality of life. No one likes to sleep on a wet and smelly bed. For a good rest, we need a good mattress – a mattress that fits and a pillow suitable for your needs when sleeping. However, when things get drenched up overnight, the cleanliness of the mattress is more important and must never be allowed to remain compromised.

How to clean a mattress from urine

Just like us, hygiene in a mattress is the most essential and fundamental thing. It can guarantee you a renewing rest. The dirt that your mattress can accumulate can cause diseases or allergies and skin problems, especially if it’s not hypoallergenic mattress made from natural materials like bamboo. Is the urine still wet, or it’s dried up? Do you have other stains you would like to remove?


Do you have a soft, medium to firm mattress or a pillow top mattress that is wet with stains? Below are some tricks to clean a damp mattress with home-available items like lemon, water, baking soda, vinegar, peroxide, and washing soap or detergent.

Lemon and water

How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!It is ideal for mattress stains such as urine, sweat, and vomit. This is usually mixed with water, and a cloth is used to apply and rub the stains. It’s quite effective in removing odors from the mattress permanently.

Baking soda

How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!Baking soda has a multitude of uses. You can use it for cleaning silver, degreasing, unclogging pipes, and cleaning difficult stains on mattresses.

This home remedy, together with warm water, generates a paste that is quite effective in removing stains on the mattress.


How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!For the elimination of stains, not just any type of vinegar will work. The most effective is white, both for urine and sweat stains. It is used by means of a damp cloth with vinegar, and the affected area is rubbed.


How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!Although it may not seem like it, it is the most effective remedy against bloodstains Trusted Source How to remove blood stains from clothes and furniture - TODAY Learn how to get rid of blood stains from clothes and furniture with the one simple household product ER nurses swear by. . It is applied directly to the stain with the help of a cloth or cotton.


How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!When home remedies do not work, you have to resort to detergent. Rub the area with a cloth moistened with a bit of detergent and water, let it act a little. Then clean up with water and let it dry.

In some cases, when these tricks to clean the mattress do not work, you can resort to solvents. But these can damage the mattress if you are not careful.


Below are some ways to clean your mattress following urine stains. These types of stains are very common, especially on children’s mattresses.

  • Take out the sheets, the underpad, and the mattress protector (if you have it) and wash them. But in this process, leave the mattress, which is also affected by the action of urine, especially if it has been there a good amount of time.
  • To clean urine stains, use a mixture of four parts water to one part white vinegar. If the stain is dry, try baking soda.
  • Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda, cover it with plastic wrap and leave it to act overnight.
  • The following day, remove the wrapper and vacuum-steam up the mixture.

Tip: If this does not work, you can sprinkle with preparation with 235ml hydrogen peroxide and three tablespoons of bicarbonate, let it act, and dry it.

How to get dry pee out of a mattress?

  • If the pee is dried but still smelly, rub the surface of the mattress with a damp cloth wet with water and soap. With this first step, you will be able to remove the superficial dirt that it has. We advise you to rub the areas where there are more stains well so that the total removal of dirt is more effective.
  • Wipe away soap residue on the treated area with a damp cloth until it clears completely.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the stained surface. It would be best if you let the baking soda continue its process while it rests on the mattress for a few hours, during which time the bed will finish drying completely.
  • Now, after two or three hours, you can remove the baking soda from the mattress. You will only need a steam cleaner. This will ensure the stain goes faster. You can calmly pass this appliance to remove altogether the baking soda powder that rests on your mattress. If you do not have this device, you can clean the mattress simply using a dry cloth.
  • With the baking soda, you will clean your mattress in a fast, simple, thorough, and very economical way. Also, you will neutralize the odors that have adhered to it, and you will defeat the mites and possible germs that have settled between its tissues.
  • You can use a dryer to speed up the process since moisture penetration inside the mattress could damage it.How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!

How to clean dog and cat pee?

Some of the solution items that you must have to combat stains on your mattress are sodium bicarbonate, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and more. Their antibacterial elements can be very beneficial, and it is one of the essential elements for cleaning up any wet mess, should in case your baby or your pet pees on top of your mattress.

  • You will need to make a mixture with the following elements:
  • 250 ml of hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar
  • Three tablespoons of baking soda
  • One splash of liquid laundry soap
  • Mix the hydrogen peroxide or vinegar, whatever you have chosen, with the bicarbonate. It should dissolve ideally and preferably slowly so that a reaction is not too effervescent. Then add the liquid soap.
  • Thus, it is time to remove the pee stain from the urinated mattress and prevent it from smelling bad. Therefore, make foam, and with the help of a brush, scrub the dirty parts.
  • Another option is to spray thoroughly with a spray bottle and let it dry a bit. Then brush very well. To prevent the baking soda powder from remaining, you can vacuum steam.How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!

How to remove other stains along the way?

The leading cause of stains on mattresses is accumulated dust and dirt.  However, other types of stains are more frequent than we imagine and are not usually paid too much attention to. These are urine, sweat, humidity, blood/menstruation, and vomit. We’ll tell you how to remove these stains.

Sweat stains

How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!Hot summers, big dinners, fever, stomach pains, etc. They can cause sweating. Everyone sweats, more or less, but this type of stain most often accumulates on the mattress.

  • Typically, what is usually done is to ventilate for a specific time and change the sheets weekly.
  • After sweating, you should change the sheets, protector, and underpads at the same time, followed by necessary maintenance of the mattress.
  • The most effective way to remove sweat from the mattress is using a mixture of ammonia, water, and liquid soap.
  • You do not have to soak the mattress. Rub the surface a little with a well-wrung-out sponge and dry it.


How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!An open wound, menstruation, or an injury while climbing the bed are factors that can cause red stains on the bed. If you are not fast enough, these stains can penetrate the mattress. Blood is one of the most challenging stains to remove.

Bloodstains should be removed as soon as possible, as they penetrate tissues very quickly and are very resistant. Apply a little hydrogen peroxide to the stain, wait for the bubbles to appear, and remove with a clean white cloth. This usually works. If the stain is fresh, rub with a little water or cold milk. This helps prevent it from penetrating the fabric.

When the bloodstain persists because it is dry or has penetrated the tissues, a mixture of bicarbonate and two cold water should be used. Spread with a damp cloth and leave to act for 30 minutes. Then remove with water and dry well. For preventive purposes, get a mattress protector and wear it on the mattress.  According to most user reviews, the LEISURE TOWN Mattress Protector is one of the best for protecting the mattress from stains like blood.  It is a breathable and 100% waterproof mattress pad cover with a deep pocket.

Humidity stains

How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!When humidity stains accumulate on the bed, especially in mattresses that do not allow sweat, moisture appears. Generally, when these types of stains are discovered, nothing can be done because they have considerably damaged the mattress. But there are also ways to combat them when they appear in isolation.

  • The first thing to do is air the mattress, preferably in the sun, to help dry out the moisture.
  • Then use the steamer to remove mold (if any) and then apply solvent (they can be found in any drugstore).

PurSteam remains one of the most famous names in the garment steaming industry. Its Professional Garment Steamer is chosen widely by consumers for use on garments and mattress.

  • Rinse well with lukewarm water and apply a disinfectant. If moisture persists or mold reappears, the best solution is to change the mattress.

Vomit stainsHow to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!

Stomach viruses are usually the leading cause of this type of stains on the mattress. The first thing to do is remove the sheets, the underpad, and the protector. And change them for clean ones. To clean this type of stain on the mattress, you have to spray it with vinegar and let it act for about 10 minutes. Then sprinkle with baking soda. Let it fizz and vacuum to remove the stains. If the stain persists, rub with a sponge moistened with hydrogen peroxide.

How to get rid of the smell?

How to Get Pee Out Of a Mattress: Most Effective Methods!Smells are some of the most annoying at bedtime. Those responsible for foul odors are usually bacteria and germs.

To eliminate odors, it is best to sprinkle a little bicarbonate of soda each week, spread it on the mattress surface, and vacuum.

This helps to clean the mattress and eliminate foul odors. If the odors are intense and persistent: sprinkle the baking soda, cover it and leave it on overnight. The following day vacuum and spray with a little disinfectant, and voila!

With this, it is possible to keep the mattress in good condition for a longer time. Still, wear and tear from use and cleaning will end up taking a toll on the mattress. However, it must be changed between 7-10 years, since sleeping on an old mattress can cause allergies.

Final thoughts

We’ve just seen how to get pee out of a mattress. However, one way to prevent sweat from reaching the mattress is by using a protective cover and underpads. With this method, the sweat is kept away from the mattress by the underpad and usually keeps the mattress dry for longer.

However, this system is not 100% infallible. So we recommend changing the sheets weekly, vacuuming the mattress, inspecting the mattress every week, and cleaning the mattress with soap and water from time to time. If you observe that the mattress condition is not optimal, it is advisable to replace it as soon as possible to prevent possible health problems.


How to remove blood stains from clothes and furniture - TODAY
Learn how to get rid of blood stains from clothes and furniture with the one simple household product ER nurses swear by.
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