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How to Keep Mattress From Sliding: 6 Useful Tips

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Last updatedLast updated: July 12, 2021
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How many times do you wake up in the morning only to find your mattress has slipped to one side of the bed? Or, you’ve woken up in the middle of night with the sensation that your bed is moving although everything around you is still? The thought of spending every night wrestling with the mattress to prevent it sliding could turn you into an insomniac!

This is why we’re talking about how to keep mattress from sliding – so you can continue sleeping like a baby! It’s not unusual to hear of people complaining about sliding mattresses. Finding a solution is possible though and we’ve come up with ways to keeping your mattress in place.

Read on if you want to know how to stop the struggle and keep your mattress firmly where it should be – on your bed in one place. We’ve got the solutions to all the reasons why your mattress could be sliding.

Reasons your mattress slides off

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding: 6 Useful TipsWhy does your mattress slide off the bed base when it shouldn’t be? There are a number of reasons for this happening and once you know what the problem is you can find the solution. Your mattress could be sliding because of the following reasons:

  • Bed frame: If your bed frame is bigger than your mattress, your mattress is going to slide every time you move on the bed. The same will happen if the frame is too small for the mattress. Some bed frames have a slightly raised barrier to contain the mattress but if yours doesn’t have this then it could be the culprit for your mattress moving around.
  • Bed legs: Another common issue are the legs. If they’re not firmly attached to the bed frame, they’re going to offer very little support to the mattress. And, if the legs have no grip on the floor, they could move causing the mattress to slide.
  • Spacing of slats: If your bed base has slats, they could be the reason your mattress is sliding. The larger the spacing between the slats, the less grip the mattress has.
  • Uneven base: If your bed base is not even, the mattress is going to slide whenever you lie down on it.
  • Larger headboards: If the headboard is bigger than the bed frame it may mean you have gaps between the bed base and the headboard. This means your mattress has space to move and slide.
  • Mattress covers: The material of the mattress may have limited or no friction properties. This is often the case with memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses. Mattresses lined with cotton and polyester will slide off a bed base if not fixed in place.
  • Dirt: This may make you cringe but a build-up of dirt such as dust, food crumbs and hair can cause your mattress to slide all over the place. What’s more, the older your mattress, the more likely it’s covered in skin cells, body oils and even your pet hairs. This decreases the friction of the mattress lining and it will start to shift whenever you’re sleeping or resting on your bed.

Different bed designs may also be the reason your mattress is sliding every time you get onto your bed. Let’s talk through the different types of beds and how you can prevent your mattress from sliding.

How to stop mattress from sliding off platform frame

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding: 6 Useful TipsAre you sleeping on a platform bed? This lower style bed is popular for many sleepers but how to prevent mattress from sliding on platform beds can be challenging. One of the most common reasons your mattress could be sliding is because it’s too big for the platform frame. So, make sure you get the right sized mattress when buying one for your platform bed.

The base construction could also be the reason your mattress is moving more than it should. Platform beds may be constructed with a solid base or with slats. A solid base may offer less grip as do slats that are too far apart. Use carpet anti-slip pads to grip the mattress to a solid base and ensure the slats are not more than 2 to 3 inches apart for better support.

How to keep mattress from sliding on adjustable bed

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding: 6 Useful TipsAn adjustable bed is perfect for customizing your sleeping positions and some of the best adjustable beds will take your comfort to a whole new level. However, users will tell you that they often battle with their mattress shifting during sleep.

If your question is how to keep mattress from sliding on adjustable bed frames, we’re recommending using anti-slip materials. These can be placed between the mattress and the bed frame to prevent slippage.

Another option is purchasing a non-slip pad or mattress grippers designed specifically for bed mattresses. These are normally slightly smaller than the mattress and work well in keeping your mattress in one place on the adjustable bed frame.

How to stop mattress from sliding off metal frame

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding: 6 Useful TipsElastic straps work well as a mattress stopper and are one of the best solutions when you’re wondering how to stop mattress from sliding off metal frame beds. These are looped around the mattress and the bed base. The bed sheets are then placed over the mattress. Make sure the straps aren’t too tight and cause indentations in your mattress.

Rubber padding also works well for metal bed frames and you could use some thin yoga mats laid between the mattress and the base. If the mattress is too big for the metal frame, consider adding some rails to the side. You could also raise a small bracket around the edging of the frame.

A metal bed frame is often the strongest and most durable type of bed to sleep on. So, don’t let your mattress hassles prevent you from getting a bed that could last you for years.

How to keep mattress from sliding off box spring

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding: 6 Useful TipsIf you own a box spring bed then we bet you’re waking up every day with a shifting mattress! But, we’ve found some simple solutions on how to keep mattress from sliding off box spring bed designs.

  • Velcro: Place of few strips of Velcro hooks on each corner of the mattress and in the center. Apply the loop side of the Velcro tape onto the bed base itself but make sure they align with the strips on the mattress.
  • Rubber materials: These provide good friction and allow the mattress to grip to the base. You could use rubber shelf liners (often used in kitchen cupboards for crockery), rug rubber pads, or even a door rubber mat.
  • Use the vacuum: Vacuuming regularly under the mattress and on the top of the bed base helps to remove dust, hair and food particles. These things can cause your mattress to slide so make sure you keep both the mattress and the base clean. It’s also healthier to have a clean mattress. A study performed by Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Research indicate that vacuuming your mattress regularly helps to keep allergic rhinitis at bay.

If all else fails and none of these recommendations keeps your mattress in place then buy a good anti-slip mattress pad. We like the TRU Lite Bedding Extra Strong Non-Slip Mattress Grip Pad as it’s so easy to place onto the bed base. And, it’s designed to give the extra grip you need to keep your mattress in place on your box spring bed.

How to keep irregular mattress types from sliding off

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding: 6 Useful TipsYou can order a custom-made mattress to fit a bed frame with different measurements to a standard bed. They can also be made in different shapes and thickness depending on your specifications.

But, as with standard mattresses, irregular mattresses are also prone to shifting on bed bases. So, how to stop mattress from sliding off your bed depends on the problem in the first place. These issues could include:

  • Incorrect measurements: The mattress is too big or too small for the bed frame.
  • No brackets or railings: These are useful for keeping your mattress firmly in place on a bed base.
  • Lack of friction: The mattress material offers no friction so it can’t grip to the base.

If you do end up getting a mattress too small for your bed frame, consider using SnugStop Bed Wedge Mattress Filler. This works similar to rolled up towels but is made with high density foam designed to fill in the gaps between the headboard, foot board or along the side of the frame.

How to keep air mattress from sliding

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding: 6 Useful TipsIf you have guests over for the night and you’re using an air mattress you want to make sure they’re comfortable. A good quality air mattress often has vinyl or plastic on the bottom. This prevents it from any sliding or movement while someone is sleeping on it.

However, if you’re still wondering how to keep air mattress from sliding you could consider the following solutions:

  • If you’re placing the mattress on the floor, make sure it’s placed on a rug or a carpet. A blanket will also work if your floors are made with hardwood.
  • Use rubber matting or pads. A couple of yoga mats will do the trick.
  • A thin layer of foam will also prevent the air mattress from sliding.
  • Vacuum the floor or bed base before placing the air mattress on it to remove any dust or dirt.

How to keep futon mattress from sliding

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding: 6 Useful TipsAnyone who sleeps on a futon knows that the biggest challenge they’re going to face is keeping the futon mattress in its place! But, there are ways on how to keep futon mattress from sliding off the futon frame.

The best option is buying futon slip stopper pads designed specifically to solve this problem. But if you’re into DIY solutions then consider the following:

  • Buy anti-slip material and cut to size. Place between the mattress and the bed base.
  • Futon mattresses are often lined with cotton or polyester and this offers very little friction.
  • Use a slipcover made with material that offers good grip.
  • Velcro will also work well in keeping your mattress fixed to the bed base.

If you’re wondering about getting a futon frame, you’ll be surprised to find many designs that can convert your bed into a sofa easily and they come with a mattress too!

Final thoughts

Sliding mattresses are no joke and they prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Beds are also good places to relax and read a book or watch TV. But, if the mattress keeps shifting you’re going to find it hard to be comfortable. And, for kiddies who love to jump on their beds – sliding mattresses can become a hazard! So it’s time this gets tended to!

There are a number of reasons why your mattress keeps moving, whether you’re sleeping or relaxing on your bed. While sometimes you may need to buy a new mattress or replace the bed itself, there are simpler solutions.

So, the next time you’re asking how to keep mattress from sliding off your bed frame, don’t despair! Use our easy tips to keep your mattress firmly in place and enjoy your rest again.

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