How to Move a Mattress?

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Last updated: August 22, 2023
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Moving heavy furniture from one location to another is never easy. You have to carry items and then lift them onto trucks and secure them, so they move around. One of these heavy items is your mattress. You don’t want it to get damaged or dirty. So we’re going to give you tips on how to move a mattress easily while keeping it free from dirt the entire journey.

Some mattresses are sensitive and need extra care. So no matter what type of mattress you have, the tips in this article will help you. We will discuss how to move mattresses of various sizes and what equipment to use. Keep reading to find out more.

Should you move it after all?

Some people may think that moving a mattress is too much work and ask themselves the question of whether they should move it at all or leave it behind. Well, your mattress is an essential piece of furniture, and it is not cheap.

Unless you want to get rid of your current bed and replace it with a memory foam mattress or another type of high-end bed, then you can consider leaving your current bed behind. But if you already have an excellent quality mattress, then take a look at how you can prepare to move it in this next section.

Check the size

Before you make preparations to move your mattress, you must measure it to check its size. There are many advantages to completing this step. First, you’ll know what size truck you’ll need to move the mattress. And second, you’ll know whether the mattress will fit into your new room.

If you find that your current model is too big or small for your new room, you can always order a mattress in a box. You can get a product with the dimensions you want, and you don’t have to worry about moving it. This is because these types of products get delivered straight to your door.

You’ll find that the mattress is more comfortable to move around when it’s packaged neatly in a box.

Find the right vehicle

Now that you know what the size of your mattress is you’ll be able to find the right vehicle to transport your bed. You can either hire a truck or a moving van for the task. You should avoid tying your mattress to the roof of your car because this can be a safety hazard. The mattress could easily slip off the car roof if it’s not secured properly.

What’s more, the mattress can get damaged from flying debris and dirt if you secure it to the top of your vehicle. With a large truck or van, you can safely transport your mattress from one location to another without the risk.

Get a spare pair of hands to help you

Most people don’t know how to transport a mattress without the help of another. It’s challenging to move a mattress because most of them are extremely heavy. If you don’t know how to move a mattress by yourself, then try to get friends, family, or a moving company to assist you.

When you have a heavy mattress, it will be safer to get more than one pair of hands to help you move the mattress from your room to the truck. This is especially true if you’re carrying the mattress down a flight of stairs.

You may want one or two people to help you carry the heavy mattress safely so that you don’t injure yourself. Some mattresses can be dragged if it’s too heavy, but this may damage your bed. It’s best to get people to help you to lift the mattress off the ground and carry it to the truck to prevent damaging your bed.

Equipment that you might require

Before you decide to move your mattress, you may need some equipment for the task. Without the correct tools, moving your mattress can be difficult. Take a look at the following list and consider using these items when moving your mattress:

  • Waterproof cover: Wrap your mattress in a waterproof cover. This cover isn’t simply to prevent it from getting wet if it’s raining. It’s also a way to protect your mattress from getting damaged or dirty. Make sure the waterproof cover is durable and easy to cover your mattress with.
  • Ratchet straps: When moving heavy equipment in a truck, it’s important to secure these items with ratchet straps. The straps will prevent your mattress from sliding around the truck and damaging other items that are being transported.
  • Moving blankets: If you have a mattress you want to protect from other things you’re moving, you can use moving blankets to sandwich between furniture. This prevents your mattress from scratching other furniture and stops sharp objects from scraping or cutting your bed.
  • Trolly: If you don’t have an extra pair of hands to help you lift your heavy mattress, then use a flat trolly that’s used to move boxes. Use the trolly to pull your mattress to the truck easily if it’s a heavy one.
  • Screwdriver: Use your screwdriver to dismantle your bed base so that you can move it quickly, piece by piece.

Moving a mattress

Do you want to know how to move a King-sized mattress or even a Queen-sized one? These steps might help you. Use them to help you transport your mattress from your room to the truck and from the vehicle to your new bedroom.

Step 1

Lift your mattress off the bed and wrap it in your waterproof cover. Make sure you secure the cover on all corners of your mattress. If the cover doesn’t zip or clip closed, you can secure the cover using tape.

Step 2

Before you start moving your mattress, make sure you clear away all obstacles in your way. Open all the doors leading to the moving truck.

Step 3

Now it’s time for you and your friend to lift the mattress and carry it to the truck. Make sure both of you have a secure grip on the mattress before you start walking. When you’re comfortable with the hold on the mattress, you can walk the cleared route to the moving van.

Step 4

Load the mattress onto the van using a ramp. One person should be in the front of the mattress to pull it, and one person should be at the back to push the mattress up onto the truck.

Step 5

Store the mattress on its side and secure it against the truck wall so that it doesn’t fall over. You can further secure the mattress with ratchet straps.

Step 6

Make sure that there are no sharp objects around your mattress. Lay flat objects and furniture next to the mattress and place moving blankets between all the items you place next to each other.

If your mattress is old and too heavy to move, you could always order a new Helix mattress. Research shows that these mattresses are lightweight and extremely durable. Since you’re moving into a new house, why not get a new mattress too?

How to move the bed?

The bed base is even more difficult to move because it’s heavier than the mattress. This is especially true if the bed base is made from solid wood. Moving a large bed base is not ideal because it might not fit through doorways. So the best way to get it to the truck is by dismantling it.

Use a screwdriver to undo all the parts of your bed base so that you can carry it piece by piece to the truck. Then you don’t have to worry about carrying the full weight of the bed.

How to Move a Mattress?

Pack each piece next to each other on the truck and secure moving blankets in between each section. This will prevent the details from rubbing against each other and scratching the surface of the base. You can then secure all the pieces with straps to prevent them from moving around in the truck when you’re driving.

If your bed is too old, you can always order a new bed frame. Our expert recommendation is the Zinus Adrian model that has a headboard and is available in different sizes.

Unpacking a mattress

You’ve now arrived at your new home, and you’re ready to unpack your moving van. Your mattress should be your main priority because you can’t sleep without it. Start by untying the ratchet straps. Use a ramp on the moving van to slide the mattress out safely.

Make sure you have someone to help you remove the mattress from the truck and to carry it inside the house. Take the mattress directly to your room. Leave the mattress on its side while you remove the plastic covering. Leave the mattress near an open window while you fetch the bed base. Assemble the bed base and then place your mattress back onto it.

What about memory foam mattresses?

Many people wonder if there is a different way regarding how to move a memory foam mattress. Since  memory foam mattresses Trusted Source Memory foam - Wikipedia Memory foam consists mainly of polyurethane as well as additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. It is often referred to as “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam, or low-resilience polyurethane foam (LRPu).  are flexible and lightweight, it may be easier for you to carry, load, and secure them into the moving vehicle.

You can use most of the steps on how to move a normal mattress. Simply measure the mattress, so you know how much plastic cover to buy. Then wrap it in the cover so that it doesn’t get damaged or dirty. Or you can place your foam mattress into a large box so that it stays upright when you’re moving it.

Carry the box and place it into your vehicle and secure it with durable ratchet straps so that it doesn’t slide around the truck when you’re driving. The box may scratch or damage other items in the truck, so place blankets between objects to prevent this from happening.

How to store a mattress?

Some people need space in their rooms before bringing in a large bed. If you don’t want to bring your bed into the house yet, you can store it in another location. A storage unit is affordable, so you can keep your mattress and other large items in it while you sort out your home first before bringing them into space.

Before you store your mattress, make sure you clean it first and then wrap it in durable waterproof plastic to prevent it from getting damaged or developing mold while in storage.

When you’re ready to get your mattress out of storage, you can use the same moving method above. Simply load it onto your truck with a friend and secure the mattress with ratchet straps. Make sure you inspect the mattress thoroughly when you remove the plastic. Ensure there is no mold growth, bug infestations, or dirt on your mattress. You could give your mattress another clean before moving it into your room.

If you’re storing the mattress at home in your garage for when guests sleep over, then you may want to wrap it in plastic and place it into a secure box. The plastic and the box will protect your mattress from mold, debris, bugs, and even rodents. Make sure you clean your mattress every time before you place it back into storage so that it’s always fresh when you use it.

Final thoughts

Moving your mattress doesn’t have to be complicated. You simply need the correct tools and another pair of hands to make the job easier for you. You want to ensure that your mattress gets to your new home without getting dirty or damaged. So use the tips in today’s article on how to move a mattress.

You can use the same method of moving your mattress, even if you don’t have a moving truck.

Did you find our article helpful? Have you ever used another means of transportation to move your mattress? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Memory foam - Wikipedia
Memory foam consists mainly of polyurethane as well as additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. It is often referred to as “viscoelastic" polyurethane foam, or low-resilience polyurethane foam (LRPu).
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