How to Ship a Mattress: Best Ways to Try!

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Last updated: August 12, 2023
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An average person spends a third Trusted Source What type of mattress is best for people with low back pain? - Harvard Health Considering that most people spend roughly a third of their lives lying in bed, choosing the right type of mattress is essential for managing low back pain. It can make the difference in whether you can sleep at night and function the next day. of their lives sleeping, making it extremely crucial that people consider investing in good quality mattresses. A good quality mattress not only provides a quiet and comfortable space to lie down on, but it also prevents back pain and spinal issues, can tackle snoring, reduces stress levels, and even reduces allergy symptoms. It is totally up to you to decide the brand and the size of the mattress and whether you want to buy one or figure out how to ship a mattress.

Many people opt for the former even though they can barely recover from buying a new mattress because they believe shipping a mattress would be difficult. With a bit of organization and understanding of how and where you can get help shipping your mattress, you can quickly move it from one end of the country to another.

Shipping a Mattress

How to Ship a Mattress: Best Ways to Try!The primary thing to notice and understand here is that this is not shipping a small item. The process might include a logistics team, and you would have to think of clever ways of placing the mattress without causing harm to it. The only way someone should not opt for shipment is when their mattresses cost way less than what they will have to pay to a logistics team to move the mattress.

Some mattress logistics companies provide white-glove mail-order shipment, which means that the professionals take utmost care when transporting your goods, and there is minimum chance of damage to the goods due to travel. In essence, it is a pricier yet sophisticated way of getting your mattress shipped.

A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are thinking about getting your mattress shipped off to a new location or just sending it away, here is a step-by-step guide of how to do it properly:

Disassemble it

How to Ship a Mattress: Best Ways to Try!First, you need to disassemble the frame and get the mattress out. It would help if you packed the sheets, comforters, pillows, etc., separately. Put the headboards and posts separately into different shipping containers, along with bubble wraps and cardboard sheets to create a cushion.

In case you want your bed frame to be shipped as well, you need to get a small bag and gather all the nails of the structure to place in that bag securely. If there are any screws, take them out and put them in a separate bag for safekeeping.  You can even try filming the process to reverse-engineer the whole process once you get to the new location, and you have to assemble it again.

Measure it

How to Ship a Mattress: Best Ways to Try!If you had bought the mattress afresh previously, you might get the dimensions of the mattress on the original order receipt.

If you do not have the order form or want to be sure, use a measuring tape to measure the length, width, and height. Make sure you measure multiple times to avoid any human measurement error.

A general rule of thumb is that 60 lbs twin mattresses are 38” x 75” in width and length, Queen -size mattresses of 105 lbs have 60” x 80” measurements. King-size mattresses of 125 lbs measure 76” x 80”. Yours should be anywhere around these figures.

Take a look at prices

The next big thing to do for your shipment process is to find the best quotes for car shipment. These quotes websites are where you can enter the type of goods you want to ship, their measurements, the pickup and the drop-off locations, and your information (address and contact information).

Here are some of the quote options you can choose from:

  • UShip
  • TSI Shipping
  • Freight Pros
  • FedEx
  • UPS

You can see each company’s price plans and decide accordingly the package which best suits you and your pocket. Many companies provide an online shipping estimate tool on their websites to add the origin ZIP code and the destination ZIP code to get a price estimate. With each company, make sure that you estimate how long their quote price remains valid. You can also ask for a discount or try to find a voucher for the delivery service to get the price down.

Pack it

How to Ship a Mattress: Best Ways to Try!You can do this in many ways: bubble-wrap the mattress, shrink wrap or place it in a gigantic packing foam container. Packing the bed mattresses is necessary to provide the mattress springs. If you have an air mattress, then it is recommended to have sturdy packaging. Due to its build and quality, many people prefer choosing Dream Series air mattresses of SoundAsleep, because they are easier to ship.

If you are not opting for putting a protective layering over your mattress, you still have to put it in a cardboard shipping box. Make sure that the mattress completely fits the box and there are no protrusions. If the box size is more significant, stuff it with some packing buffer such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts, etc.

If you think your packing skills are not excellent, you can also get the courier service to help you with packaging. Many freight companies have packages for custom packing solutions. You can also create shipping boxes based on the sizes of your mattress, i.e., custom-made boxes so that your mattress remains safe.

Ensure that the freight service you have chosen has any specifics for packing the mattress, e.g., dimensions of the shipping box, etc.

Arrange the pickup

Once you have chosen a freight service and provided the details, you can call or email them to make initial arrangements. Some couriers pick up mattresses from your address, whereas other service providers prefer you bring the freight to a certain pick-up point.

With companies who come to your doorstep, you might have to pay a little extra than other courier service providers. Be sure to specify where you want them to put your mattress once it reaches the destination. In this regard, ensure that you have provided the professionals with keys or other items they might need to use to get to the destination house or office. Also, make sure that the team understands the delivery address without any doubt.

If you need to ship a mattress to another country or continent, you can still rely on some high-quality service providers for safe and secure shipment. Ensure that you have a shipping estimate for international shipments, as they are pricier than intercountry freight shipments. When shipping internationally, make sure you have a high-quality build mattress that can bear the extensive journey, like Layla Memory Foam Mattress, to reduce the risk of damaging the product.

Should you ship or buy a new one?

The average price you would have to pay to ship a mattress in the USA is anywhere between $0.70 to $2.50 per mile, which comes out to be anywhere between $300 to $700 for total shipment costs inclusive. It can also depend on the size of the mattress you want to be shipped and the mileage you are covering.

If you are trying to buy a mattress, then you are faced with even more options. You can either get a budget mattress for anywhere around $300 to $1,000. Mid-range mattresses go for $500 to $1,500, whereas luxury mattresses fall within the limit of $1,200 to $3,000 or even more. The mattress material can also fluctuate the price of a new mattress, and generally, they are pricier than shipment.

Suppose you are thinking about getting a new mattress, and you get it for $750 mid-range one. If you must ship it at $300, it might be a better deal to opt for shipping the mattress and then paying for another $750 mattress. It depends on the price you are paying for the shipment that decides which option is better for your situation.

Final Thoughts

Shipping a mattress might seem like a hectic job, but almost anything is possible if you know where to look for answers. You need to analyze if your needs are fulfilled with buying a new mattress or shipping one to your new house if you are moving. Once you have decided to ship your mattress, choose a courier service, ensure the goods are all packed securely, and allow the professionals to do the rest.

That would help if you kept in mind that shipping a large item will never be cheap. You can try finding out how to send a mattress for the least possible expenditure, and if you find a service, that is a bonus. However, you need to ensure that the courier service team follows all the safety procedures. Frequently, shipping a mattress is costly because of logistics and how quickly you need it delivered to the destination. The price of packaging materials and insurances that protect your goods are some of the other prominent reasons for price hikes.


What type of mattress is best for people with low back pain? - Harvard Health
Considering that most people spend roughly a third of their lives lying in bed, choosing the right type of mattress is essential for managing low back pain. It can make the difference in whether you can sleep at night and function the next day.
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