6 Best Japanese Futon Mattresses – Get a Perfect Night’s Sleep!

We review the best Japanese Futon mattresses for those who want to enjoy sleep the Japanese way.
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Last updatedLast updated: September 24, 2021
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Japanese people tend to live longer, on average, than almost every nation on earth, and one of the contributing factors is their approach to sleep. So, is this something that you can take advantage of, too? Many people are quickly converted to floor sleeping.

In this guide, we have reviewed a number of the very best futon mattresses that can help you to get a great night’s sleep. We have explored the different fillings, sizes, thicknesses, and ultimately the comfort that this creates for each of the Japanese futon mattress options on the market. Read on to explore how this might just be able to revolutionize your sleep and even give you a portable sleeping solution for camping and more.

  • Size:  Twin, Twin-Long, Full-Long
  • Thickness: 2.5 in. 
  • Cover material: 100% cotton
  • Filling: 100% polyester
  • Weight: 10.2-13 lbs. 

Other features: firm, 3-layered filling, non-washable, comes with gray and white covers

This product is fantastic for those who want the extra level of comfort to go with their portability and minimal design. 

Like many other futon mattresses, the Emoor Classe folds up to a tiny size, perfect for dorm rooms or even spare rooms, but it does the job of staying far more comfortable than a lot of other options. The smart ​SOFT-FIRM-SOFT layered structure is comfortable and even fluffy when you lay on it, but it also does the job of supporting your system throughout your night of sleep.

What stands out?

  • We were so impressed with the layered design. The firm center means that in spite of this being a folding, compact model of mattress, it actually does a really good job of giving your back and body the support you need. It’s like sleeping on any other mattress. Of course, we like the fact that it is portable and lightweight, too.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • This model of futon isn’t washable and therefore if you want to clean it you may only be able to spot-clean certain sections by hand. We recommend getting a durable cover that you can wash from time to time to avoid this from ending up in poor condition, and make the polyester coating inside is covered.
  • Size: Twin XL
  • Thickness: 2.5 in.  
  • Cover material: 100% cotton
  • Filling: 100% polyester and polyurethane
  • Weight: 11 lbs. 

Other features: medium firmness, 3-layer

The FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon is very thin and lightweight, and does a good job of folding up to a small size, so you can store it away at the end of each night.

This is a medium firmness futon and the thickness doesn’t prevent it from giving a good level of support. The filling truly manages to keep that level of comfort. This is a great option for those who do not want to spend a huge amount on their futon mattress, and can still offer a way to get great sleep on a budget.

What stands out?

  • This has a washable cover made of cotton which we really like. It makes it comfortable to sleep on top of, and the fact that it has a medium firmness and three layers is also great, though it isn’t quite as good as our editor’s choice model when it comes to support. The value for money helps to make up for this.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Though this is the same thickness as some of the other models, it can feel a bit slimline, especially after prolonged use. We recommend continuing to plump this futon so that you can take advantage of the comfort it can provide for the long-term. It has a chemical smell when you first open it, but that’s not unusual and just takes a while to air out.
  • Size: Twin-Long, Full-Long, Queen-Long
  • Thickness: 2 – 3 in.  
  • Cover material: 100% cotton
  • Filling: polyester
  • Weight: 10.2 – 13 lbs. 

Other features: firm, premium folding technology

Another lightweight product that can be folded to a tiny and portable mattress, this is one for those people who love a plush feeling and a cotton sheet to sleep on.

The Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon with Sheet is one of the best we experienced. It is made of premium materials, and it shows. The mattress also folds incredibly easily when compared to a lot of the others, so that makes it popular for campers, for instance. The polyester filler and great materials ensure that it expands once in use for a comfy mattress.

Why did it make our list?

  • This has a superb mix of plush and luxurious materials and we like how it feels once it has been unfolded and unravelled. It only expands to three inches but the plump and firm nature of the polyester filling feels really plush and supportive. It is also so easy to fold up that it can do a good job for camping like the best shikibuton options.

What is not ideal about it?

  • Although this futon doesn’t need a cover, we found that it stains easily and can also allow bits of dirt and grime to collect in the crevices, so over time it can feel a little more dirty than you would like. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to get a separate, washable cover to protect your investment.

D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Futon MattressesBest Rolling Futon Mattress

  • Size: 30×80, Queen, King, Twin, Full
  • Thickness: 3 in.   
  • Cover material: 100% polyester
  • Filling: 90% white cotton, 5% polyester, 5% foam
  • Weight: 15 – 31 lbs. 

Other features: available in 17 colors, meets flame retardant requirements, made in USA

The D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Futon Mattresses rolls up and ties together, giving the feel of a camping bed or something that a nomad from days gone by might use. 

This is a good option for those specifically in the market for a rolling mattress to suit their storage solutions, or for those who want a plush and flame-retardant model of futon mattress. It’s also thick and comfortable, so not a bad choice for virtually anyone.

Why is it special?

  • The plush nature of the design is a big plus point, with a three inch design, and a springy and responsive filling that includes some foam for your comfort. It also comes in a number of different designs including different sizes and even different colors and designs, so if you want to get something to suit the decor then you know you can.

What are the flaws?

  • We felt like when these futons were rolled up they were absolutely massive. Some of the bigger sizes, especially, would not be very portable. The thick design combined with a tight roll gives you a pretty big and lumpy product to carry around, and while technically portable, don’t expect to take the bigger sizes on your camping trips easily.
  • Size: Compact Twin Size 
  • Thickness: 3.9 in.  
  • Cover material: 100% cotton
  • Filling: 100% polyester
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs. (Shikibuton), 15.5 lbs. (set) 

Other features: firm, 200 thread count cotton; also include a comforter (Kakebuton) and a pillow

You don’t just have to sleep on the mattress with no comforter or other accessories, and this complete set with quite a lot of thickness is a great way to boost your comfort. The Skikibuton is just one part of the set and you can enjoy all of the benefits of having the other parts of the set, even if you sacrifice a bit of portability. 

This is a great option for those who want something with a high level of comfort and to use it with other forms of bed. In the words of the manufacturer: “This Futon Mattress might not thick enough to use directly on the floor. For more comfort on the floor, use above a foam mattress, Tatami mattress or bed mattress.”.

What are its best features?

  • We really love the comfortable cotton and the fact that it comes with extra features for your comfort including the comforter and pillow. This is suitable for using with an existing bed with a Japanese design, and the comforter is bound to keep you sleeping safe and sound until the morning.

What could be improved?

  • We think there are some aspects that could be improved. It’s not a lightweight model at all, and it is a little frustrating that the manufacturers don’t recommend being able to sleep on this on the floor, which is what some people are looking for from their futon mattresses. It’s also pretty thick, so not the most suitable for storing somewhere. It’s more of a permanent fixture than a portable model.

Colorful Mart Japanese Futon MatBest Futon Mat

  • Size: Twin, Full, King, Queen
  • Thickness: 3 in. 
  • Cover material: 100% polyester fiber
  • Filling: 100% Microfiber
  • Weight: 9-15 lbs. 

Other features: available in 5 colors

This is a versatile and colorful futon mat. It’s a thick and comfy model that has a microfiber filling which has a modern feel and an antimicrobial design. It comes in a choice of five different colors.

The Colorful Mart Japanese Futon Mat is a fantastic choice for those who want a napping mat or something that can help them with other activities such as yoga. It’s pretty thick and hefty, so that you can sit on the futon comfortably or enjoy it for so many different activities including, according to the manufacturer, “picnics, visitors, children playing games, taking a rest, massage, yoga, exercise.”

Why is it special?

  • We really love the plush feel of this model with a microfiber model, and it is really fantastic for lounging about and enjoying yourself, it’s much more comfortable than a traditional yoga mat, for example. We also like the fact that it comes in different colors, so it’s great for a kids play room and may even encourage your little ones to take a nap!

What are the flaws?

  • It’s quite thick and heavy, so hard to roll up and store, but you may not need to do this. The microfiber design is really breathable, so if you live in a warmer location and want a way to keep cool while you are sleeping then this could be one of the ideal futons for you.

Things to Consider

Are you in the market for a futon for the very first time? A lot of people don’t actually know a lot about futons and the Japanese way of sleeping when they take the plunge and make their purchase, so we’ve set out to create a buying guide to educate people on their choices. Our buying guide allows you to understand what futons are.

What is a futon?

A futon Trusted Source Futon - Wikipedia Futon is the Japanese traditional style of bedding. A complete futon set consists of a mattress and a duvet. is basically a more flexible standalone mattress, not necessarily designed to sit on top of a bed frame. We have slightly different definitions in the West, compared to the Japanese example of the futon mattress.

A futon mattress in a lot of the Western definitions sits on a futon frame. They may have frames that can turn them into more of a seat design when compared to more of a simple foam design. Japanese futons come from the fact that the Japanese believe in a minimalist method of sleeping, so you don’t have to worry about a frame or other aspects of a ‘bed’. Whether you want a futon to sleep on every night or just for the odd camping trip or as a spare when someone sleeps over. 

Some people use these types of futons for things like Yoga and massage, too, as they fit perfectly within a small studio and allow you to lay on either your front or back comfortably.

Benefits of a Japanese futon mattress

There have been some really encouraging and interesting studies regarding these types of mattress and what they can do for your body, and your bank balance!

Some of the benefits of a Japanese Futon mattress include:

  • Sleeping on a Japanese futon is often good for your back Trusted Source 6 BENEFITS OF USING THE BEST FUTON MATTRESS IN YOUR HOME - Ideal Magazine The futon (shikibuton in Japanese) is a firm, breathable foam mattress, traditionally used by the Japanese. Though it’s been used since the 18th century, the futon has been through several stages of innovation in material and design. . It can help to align your spine and do a better job of keeping a firm position that doesn’t cause your back to curve and develop issues.
  • It’s affordable. Buying one of these mattresses is far cheaper than buying a whole bed frame system, so a lot of people choose to sleep on a futon mattress for this level of minimalism and affordability.
  • Portable. A lot of the mattresses such as the EMOOR CLASSE Japanese Futon Mattress can fold or roll up so you can store it away in a wardrobe or you can even take it on a camping trip or to stay at someone else’s home.

How to choose the best Japanese futon mattress

So, what are the considerations that you need to take into account when buying one of these mattresses? Below, we delve into the key features and you can experience the Japanese futon mattresses to the full extent of their benefits and features.


6 Best Japanese Futon Mattresses - Get a Perfect Night's Sleep!

Futon mattress sizes are pretty standard, so you won’t get confused

Futon mattresses, fortunately, tend to be in the same sizes as standard beds, which makes it easier to accessorize with covers and, in some circumstances, even use your futon mattress on top of a frame. Consider what size you will need. Do you just need a mattress for you to sleep on or are you looking to use the mattress as a couple? Couples can enjoy big sizes such as Queen or even King. On your own, you can opt for the Twin size.


How durable and long-lasting is the mattress? Some of the models on this list are made with excellent materials. The Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon with Sheet is one example of the best durable mattress due to the fact that it is made out of such brilliant materials. If you’re going to be taking your mattress on trips with you then you will need something durable that can withstand the rigors of being taken in the trunk of your car, for instance.

Roll-up vs fold

One of the huge benefits of these mattresses is the fact that they can fold to a more compact size, which can make them suitable for taking to different locations or stowing away under another bed or in a cupboard or wardrobe. Some of the models are relatively thin and it is possible to fold them a couple of times. In fact, they’re designed with folding in mind. Others are made with a rolling function, which can be bulky, but keeps the futon in good condition. The D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Futon Mattresses is an example that rolls up ready for use.

The cover

Some of these mattresses come with a cover, and if not, it is often a good idea to buy a cover to actually protect the futon mattress. The Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon with Sheet is an example that does have a cover.

Some of the mattresses themselves can’t actually be washed, but getting a washable sheet can be a good way to protect and keep it fresh.
The fact that the sizes are standardized make it easier to find a cover, and you don’t necessarily have to buy directly from the brand in question.

The filling

There are many different materials involved in the manufacture of these mattresses, from cotton outers to polyester and even microfiber fillings such as that in the Colorful Mart Japanese Futon Mat. Some of the options also have some foam filling, too, which can help with more of a springy and flexible feel.

Moisture Evaporation 

The microfiber of the Colorful Mart Japanese Futon Mat makes it a good option for moisture evaporation. These mattresses are generally pretty good for airflow and avoiding your sleeping area becoming too clammy. There are certain materials, as explained here, that do a far better job of wicking away moisture. In a hot environment you may be really glad you went for this kind of product rather than something that makes you hot and bothered. 

Can you flip or rotate it?

6 Best Japanese Futon Mattresses - Get a Perfect Night's Sleep!

Japanese futon mattresses can be flipped, rotated, folded or rolled up

Most futon mattresses can be rotated and flipped if needed, but it depends on the design. For instance, some have an attached pillow that might then be put to the bottom of the mattress if you flipped it. Even the ‘three layer designs’ that have more of a firm middle tend to have the softer layers on either side, making them suitable for flipping. Generally-speaking, you can do whatever you see fit with your Japanese futon mattress, flipping and rotating are absolutely fine.

How to store and maintain your futon mattress?

Though you should always check the manufacturer instructions, you should be able to store your mattress by folding or rolling it and putting it within a suitable storage solution. Maintenance can be a little bit more tricky. Some of the mattresses clearly advertise that they can’t be washed and even if they could, it would be hard to find a machine suitable. Some hand spot cleaning might be required especially if you end up with stains on your mattress. 


It’s incredibly easy to use a futon mattress. All you need to do is unfold or unroll the mattress and it will be ready to sleep on. Keep in mind that once your futon mattress arrives at your home you will probably need to let it air for a while, to get rid of the chemical smell that some of these mattresses have. After this, it is ready to use however you wish. You can simply lay on the top of the mattress and enjoy your new area to sleep or nap on, or even use it for yoga and massage if you want to. It’s a really flexible product.

Futon mattresses are made by providing layers of materials such as microfiber within, or by creating quilted sections full of polyester or other materials. Some of the companies on the market make these products in the U.S.A while others are imported from Asia. There are different methods of making the mattresses and some companies have their own variation on the classic Japanese methods which can help to create more choice for the consumer. 

Our Verdict

So, what is the ultimate verdict on these mattresses? We’ve rated the EMOOR CLASSE Japanese Futon Mattress at the very top of the list, with a rating of 9.9/10. Not only is it comfy and portable, but this futon mattress also has the key benefit of providing you with a lot of support, and this is the sort of product that a lot of people with back problems turn to. 

Another well-reviewed product with a traditional Japanese design is the FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon, which we have put in second place on our list of the best Japanese futon mattress options. It’s got a solid rating of 9.7/10 and also has a three-layered design. 

The Luxton Home Japanese Shiki Futon with Sheet is next. The sheet can keep the product protected and it is ideal for those who want to get something that expands to a comfortable futon, ideal for sleeping. We’ve given it a rating of 9.6/10 due to the fact that it feels like a proper futon mattress you might experience in Japan.



Futon - Wikipedia
The futon (shikibuton in Japanese) is a firm, breathable foam mattress, traditionally used by the Japanese. Though it’s been used since the 18th century, the futon has been through several stages of innovation in material and design.
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