Novaform vs Tempur-Pedic: Detailed Mattress Comparison

Can't decide between Novaform and Tempur-Pedic? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: August 08, 2023
Can't decide between Novaform and Tempur-Pedic? We compared them for you.
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When it comes to Novaform vs Tempur-Pedic, both are good choices if you’re looking for a memory foam mattress. That said, there are some significant differences between the two that could affect your quality of sleep for many years to come. We’re going to compare Tempur-Pedic vs Novaform mattresses to help you figure out which is the right option for you. These two mattresses are at opposite ends of the price range but look surprisingly similar on paper. Is the higher price tag of the Tempur-Pedic worth it? Or can you get great sleep and save some money by going with the Novaform? Here’s what you need to know.

Quick Comparison

The Novaform mattress is thicker, lighter, and significantly less expensive than the Tempur-Pedic. It’s great if you prefer a medium-firm mattress and comes with an impressive 20-year warranty. While most foam mattresses have significant off-gassing, the Novaform produces much less than comparable mattresses so you won’t have to worry about waiting days and days for the smell to go away. It has good motion transfer and is a pretty good choice for back and stomach sleepers of all shapes and sizes.

While the Tempur-Pedic mattress is significantly more expensive, it is one of the most popular and well-known brands in the industry. It’s a better pick if you like a firm mattress and though it’s slightly thinner than the NovaForm, it’s heavier, indicating that the materials are of higher quality. It comes with a 10-year warranty as well as a 90-night in-home trial. The Tempur-Pedic is a great choice for all sleepers, particularly those who prefer sleeping on their side or back.

Novaform Tempur-Pedic
  • 14-inch foam mattress with a medium-firm feel
  • Features three different foam layers
  • Comes with an impressive 20-year warranty
  • Gel-memory foam and AdaptiCool fabric cover intended to control head absorption
  • Affordable
  • 12-inch mattress with firm feel
  • Features three different foam layers
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • 90-night in-home sleep trial
  • DualClimate cover intended to maintain cool temperature, which is removable for easy cleaning


Mattress specifications

Novaform Tempur-Pedic
Type Foam Foam
Firmness Medium firm (6) Firm (7)
Thickness 14″ 12″
Weight 89.5 lbs 119 lbs
Sleep trial N/A 90 nights
Warranty 20 years 10 years
Price (Queen) $599.99 $3,699
Certification CertiPUR-US CertiPUR-US


Novaform Tempur-Pedic
Support core 8″ HD Polyfoam Convoluted HD polyfoam
Comfort layers 3″ gel memory foam3″ polyfoam Memory foamTransitional polyfoam
Cover AdaptiCool fabric cover Removable DualClimate polyester


When it comes to construction, both mattresses have three layers but the Novaform is two inches thicker. Its layers are made of HD polyfoam, gel memory foam, and polyfoam with an AdaptiCool fabric over.

The Tempur-Pedic has a slightly different composition with layers of convoluted HD memory foam, memory foam, and transitional polyfoam with a removable DualClimate polyester cover that’s easy to clean. The quality and density of the materials affect the firmness of each mattress with the Novaform rated medium-firm while the Tempur-Pedic is rated firm.


A lot of factors influence the comfort of a mattress. While everyone has different sleep preferences, it’s important to know what each of these mattresses offers so you can figure out which one best fits your sleeping style.

Novaform vs Tempur-Pedic: Detailed Mattress ComparisonFirmness and support

We mentioned that the Novaform mattress has three layers and this unique combination provides medium-firm support. The top layer is three inches of EVENcor GelPlus™ gel memory foam which is soft and cooling when you get into bed. The second layer of Premium Support Foam features air channels that not only provide pressure support but also let air move through to maintain a cooler temperature. Finally, the bottom layer is eight inches of Premium Base Foam that’s designed to add durability and extend the life of the mattress.

As for the Tempur-Pedic, the top SMARTCLIMATE Dual Cover system has a cool-to-touch outer layer and a stretchy inner layer that’s cool and comforting when you get in bed. Below that is the TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer that’s a little softer to add even more cushioning. This is considered a firm mattress, though, and that comes from the TEMPUR-APR+™ Support Layer. The advanced cell structure provides comfortable pressure relief that conforms to your body while providing the necessary support you need for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Temperature control

Temperature control is a difficult thing when it comes to memory foam mattresses. The material absorbs heat, and it’s sometimes difficult to combat that. The ways that Noveform and Tempur-Pedic approach this differ, but the result is the same.

The Novaform features a top layer of gel memory foam and there are air channels throughout the lower layer. Both these things are supposed to help you stay cool but limiting heat absorption and allowing air to flow through the mattress. But they’re only minimally effective. If you’re already a hot sleeper, you might want to consider this when making your decision.

The Tempur-Pedic tends to trap heat and sleeps warm, too. The cool-to-touch outer layer is somewhat effective at combating this, giving it a slight edge over the Novaform if you’re worried about your mattress getting too hot. But, as with most memory foam mattresses, the dense supportive layers hold onto heat. Generally, someone who sleeps hot or hates being hot at night might want to consider another type of mattress that allows for more airflow.

Motion transfer

Novaform vs Tempur-Pedic: Detailed Mattress ComparisonIf you share your bed with someone, you know how important motion transfer is. One of the best reasons to get a memory foam mattress is because, generally, it’s so good at preventing motion transfer. How do the Novaform and Tempur-Pedic compare?

If you sleep with someone who moves around a lot, you’ll be happy to know that the Novaform mattress has good motion isolation. You and your partner won’t wake each other up when tossing and turning or getting into or out of bed.

The motion transfer on the Tempur-Pedic is slightly better than that of the Novaform as it’s able to isolate and minimize movement. All things considered, these mattresses are pretty equal when it comes to motion transfer. The Tempur-Pedic has a slight edge but you should weigh this against all other factors when making your decision.


The Novaform mattress has a good amount of responsiveness. It conforms to the sleeper’s body and helps eliminate a good amount of body pressure.

That said, the Tempur-Pedic slightly edges out the Novaform when it comes to responsiveness. It conforms incredibly well, which results in targeted pressure relief for improved spinal support.

For the most part, memory foam mattresses are all average when it comes to responsiveness. Real differences emerge when you start to consider hybrids or innersprings as the coils really affect the way the mattress responds. If you’re dead set on a memory foam mattress, though, these two are pretty equal.

Resilience and bounce

While the Novaform is exceptionally quiet and resilient, it doesn’t have a lot of bounce. It slowly conforms to your shape and returns to its shape easily, but it’s relatively slow to respond.

The same is true for the Tempur-Pedic. Due to the nature of the foam, these types of mattresses just don’t have the same bounce and spring as spring mattresses or hybrids.

Edge support

Edge support is another thing that’s hard to come by on a lot of memory foam mattresses and both the Novaform and the Tempur-Pedic fall a little flat. Both are susceptible to edge collapse but the Tempur-Pedic fares just a bit better.

Novaform vs Tempur-Pedic: Detailed Mattress ComparisonInflation time, off-gassing and smell

When it comes to inflation time, the Novaform is pretty quick with some customers reporting it was fully inflated within 20 minutes. Where this mattress is really impressive is off-gassing. Although all foam mattresses have some amount of off-gassing, the Novaform produces relatively little and it dissipates quickly.

While the Tempur-Pedic expands just as quickly, it has significantly more off-gassing than the Novaform.

Sleep position ratings

SLEEP POSITION Light sleepers(less than 130 lbs) Average sleepers(130 lbs to 230 lbs) Heavy sleepers(greater than 230 lbs)
Side Fair Good Fair
Back Good Very good Good
Stomach Good Good Good
Side Very good Very good Very good
Back Very good Very good Very good
Stomach Good Fair Good


Everyone has different sleeping positions so it’s important to keep that in mind when choosing a mattress. The Novaform mattress is great for average-weight back sleepers and not so good for side sleepers who are light or heavy. Other than that, it’s pretty good across the board. That said, the Tempur-Pedic is a very good option for side and back sleepers of any weight and good for light and heavy stomach sleepers. In fact, the only sleeping position where the Tempur-Pedic doesn’t come out ahead is for average weight stomach sleepers who may fare better with the Novaform.

Sizes and pricing

SIZE Novaform Tempur-Pedic
Twin $449.99 N/A
Twin XL N/A $3,199
Full $499.99 N/A
Queen $599.99 $3,699
King $699.99 $4,399
California King $699.99 $4,399
Split California King N/A $3,199

Customer service

Sleep trial Warranty and refund Delivery
Novaform N/A 20-year limited warrantyFull refund All 50 states
Tempur-Pedic 90 nights 10-year limited Free White Glove delivery in the contiguous U.S.


The Novaform mattress does not come with an in-home sleep trial, though they do offer delivery to all 50 states. While they offer a 20-year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects along with a full refund, details of the warranty are not readily available. Make sure you read any information that comes with your mattress to make sure you’re using the right support base so you don’t risk voiding the warranty.

One of the best things about the Tempur-Pedic mattress is the 90-night in-home sleep trial. This gives you a nice amount of time to try it out and make sure it’s the mattress for you. The 10-year warranty covers manufacturer defects and you have to make sure you use a proper box spring, frame, or mattress support to qualify. They offer a full refund minus shipping changers and only skip to the continental U.S.

So which should you buy?


VIEW ON AMAZON [wpsm_pros]

  • Affordable
  • 14-inches thick
  • Medium-firm feel
  • 20-year warranty
  • Very good for average weight back sleepers
  • Gel memory foam layer and air channels to prevent excessive heat absorption
  • Good responsiveness and support
  • Good motion transfer
  • Minimal off-gassing


  • Sleeps hot
  • No in-home sleep trial
  • Not particularly good for side sleepers



VIEW ON AMAZON [wpsm_pros]

  • 12-inches thick
  • Firm feel
  • 10-year warranty with full refund minus shipping fees
  • Very good for a variety of sleeping positions
  • Removable DualClimate cover for easy cleaning and temperature control
  • Great responsiveness and support
  • Great motion transfer


  • Not comfortable for average weight stomach sleepers
  • Expensive


In conclusion

Novaform vs Tempur-Pedic: Detailed Mattress ComparisonWhen it comes to Novaform and Tempur-Pedic mattresses, the Tempur-Pedic comes out ahead. It edges out the Novaform slight when it comes to support and motion transfer, and the in-home sleep trial is a big advantage. It’s also more comfortable for a wider range of sleepers.

That said, if you can’t justify the price tag, the Novaform is still a really good mattress and costs roughly a sixth of the price. That’s a significant saving. The Novaform is supportive, has a medium-firm feel, and is covered by an impressive 20-year limited warranty. Best of all, it produces little to no off-gassing.

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