Novaform vs Tuft and Needle: Detailed Mattress Comparison

Can't decide between Novaform and Tuft and Needle?
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Last updated: August 26, 2023
Can't decide between Novaform and Tuft and Needle?
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Novaform is a mattress brand owned by Innocor, which develops and manufactures memory foam. As you’d expect, the brand exclusively sells memory foam mattresses, and they have many offerings in the form of Bella-Venta, FlexTech Firm, Deluxe Comfort and ComfortGrande. The latter is the model we are comparing today against the Tuft and Needle mattress, which is made of T&N Adaptive Foam.

Although Novaform and Tuft and Neddle are both foam mattresses selling at similar price points, there are some significant differences in their construction. One obvious distinction is that the Novarform ComfortGrande is 14 inches while the Tuft and Needle is 10 inches thick. The size itself isn’t enough to convince anyone to select either mattress. Therefore, let’s lay out all the cards on the table for you in this Novaform vs Tuft and Needle comparison.

Quick Comparison

Novaform offers good-quality and affordable mattresses that have been designed by experts in the sleep game. The ComfortGrande is a medium-firm mattress with a rating of 6 on the firmness scale. The mattress has three layers that combine extremely well to provide the right balance of comfort, long-lasting support and cooling for a tranquil night and refreshed morning.

The top layer is 3 inches of gel memory foam, which feels comfortable and soothing-cool from the moment you lie on it. This helps you fall asleep faster and remain asleep for long. The second layer is another 3 inches of high-quality support foam with air channels that maintain airflow and freshness throughout the night. The bottom layer is made of premium base foam (8 inches) that delivers superior durability for many years to come. Then there’s the AdaptiCool fabric cover which wicks away moisture and body heat to keep you dry and cool all night.

Tuft & Needle has been around since 2012 and is one of the most popular mattress-in-a-box companies in the industry. The T&N Original mattress happens to be their flagship model, and that’s one of the reasons we bring it to your attention today. This mattress is built with a comfort layer of graphite- and gel-infused polyfoam along with a high-density polyfoam support core. Its cover is made from a blend of polyamide and polyester.

The entire thing measures 10 inches thick and is medium firm with a rating of 6.5 on the firmness scale. The brand additionally sells mattress toppers, pillows, duvet covers, sheets, bed frames and foundations, so it can be your one-stop shop.

Novaform Tuft & Needle
  • Premium three-layer design
  • High-performance fabric cover with cooling and wicking effect
  • Helps reduce tossing and turning and relieve pressure points
  • Low motion transfer to avoid disturbing your partner
  • Vacuum-packed and packaged for easy transportation and delivery
  • Foam made in the USA and CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Made without ozone depleters, phthalates, VOC’s, heavy metals or flame retardants
  • Graphite- and gel-infused polyfoam which absorbs to ensure a cool sleep
  • Contains ceramic gel that creates extra support for optimal comfort
  • Long-lasting, open-cell support foam which creates a breathable foundation
  • T&N Adaptive® Foam offers the perfect balance of flexible support as well as pressure relief
  • GREENGUARD Gold, CertiPUR-US®, and Intertek’s Clean Air Certification
  • Breathable, ultra-soft cover
  • Compatible and complementary with most frames and foundations

Mattress specifications

Novaform Tuft & Needle
Type Foam Foam
Firmness Medium firm (6) Medium firm (6.5)
Thickness 14″ 10″
Weight 89.5 lbs 71 lbs
Sleep trial N/A 100 nights
Warranty 20 years 10 years
Price (Queen) $599.99 $595.00
Certification CertiPUR-US CertiPUR-US


Novaform Tuft & Needle
Support core 8″ HD Polyfoam 7″ 1.8 PCF HD polyfoam
Comfort layers 3″ gel memory foam3″ polyfoam 3″ 2.8 PCF polyfoam
Cover AdaptiCool fabric cover Micro polyamide and polyester


Both mattresses use polyfoam in their comfort and support layers, and this means they absorb the pressure of your body and provide the proper counterbalance. However, the Novaform mattress is extraordinary with its 14-inch profile and three-layer design.

It’s also worth noting that both brands worked hard to ensure their mattresses sleep cool, albeit doing it differently. Novaform has got this AdaptiCool® cover that wicks away moisture and heat. Another thing is the 3-inch top layer of EVENcor GelPlus™ gel memory foam plus the 3-inch support layer with air channels, which both help the mattress maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Tuft & Needle achieves the same by using proprietary breathable open-cell foam with cooling gel, which absorbs your body heat and disperses it through the sides of the mattress. Better still, the Tuft & Needle mattress is compatible with most frames and foundations, including traditional frames, platform frames, slatted frames, adjustable frames, box springs, and bunky boards.


There are many factors to consider when it comes to mattress comfort. From firmness to edge support, temperature control and motion isolation, we break them down below to know how each mattress performs in various aspects.

Firmness and support

Novaform vs Tuft and Needle: Detailed Mattress Comparison

The Novaform ComfortGrande is a medium-firm mattress that feels soft and plush and offers great stability. Scoring 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, it does a cool job supporting persons of average weight. You can also expect a great deal of contouring from this firmness level, consequently benefiting from pressure relief and proper spine alignment.

As such, this mattress is ideal for back sleepers as it allows the body to lie flat with little sinking, keeping the body in a straight line. The mattress is also good for stomach sleepers, especially when combined with supportive pillows. If you sleep on the side, you may find this one somewhat too firm.

The Tuft and Needle mattress is also rated medium firm. Its low-density polyfoam comfort layer will cushion your body without you sinking too deeply. Along this line, it conforms to your body, and the T&N Adaptive® Foam adjusts to you as you shift and helps relieve pressure. The high-density base provides stability and support and helps reinforce the mattress’ medium-firm feel.

The T&N mattress is an excellent choice for back sleepers as it offers the right kind of support for them. You can expect proper alignment and maximum comfort around the lumbar region. The mattress is also a good choice for stomach sleepers, and they should benefit from sufficient support to maintain alignment. Breathing should be easy for them due to lack of compression around the chest, and hips should sink just slightly into the mattress. Side sleepers should experience pressure relief from the plush top layer in the shoulder and hip areas.

Temperature control

As we mentioned earlier, both mattresses have features that regulate temperature effectively. The Novaform ComfortGrande has a soft cooling fabric that draws away moisture and heat to keep you cool and dry. It additionally has a middle layer with air pockets that promote airflow, thereby keeping sleepers at a cozy temperature all night long.

On the other hand, Tuft and Needle claim their mattress is ‘not hot, not cold, just right’, thanks to the premium T&N Adaptive Foam, which features an open-cell design for breathability.

Novaform vs Tuft and Needle: Detailed Mattress Comparison

Motion transfer

Motion transfer is the amount of movement detectable from one side of the mattress to the other. This is an important factor to consider, especially if you’ll be sleeping with a partner or a child.

Owners of the Novaform ComfortGrande say the mattress isolates motion to a certain extent, not excellent. That means you are likely to feel your partner turning and tossing at night especially if they are heavy. Light sleepers, on the other hand, will have a good experience with both mattresses.

The same goes with the Tuft and Needle mattress, whose foam isn’t that much absorbent. But since the mattress is bouncy to a certain extent, you are likely less to feel your partner jumping out of bed.


The Novaform is fairly responsive and provides custom support by responding to a sleeper’s body pressure.

Tuft and Needle is even more responsive than the Novaform. Its Adaptive® Foam and solid base layer combine to respond faster to every touch. You should feel nice sleeping on your side without feeling “stuck” in the mattress.

Resilience and bounce

Both mattresses are just average when it comes to resilience, but the Tuft and Needle offers a good amount of bounce owing to its polyfoam construction. Added to the medium-firm feel, the T&N mattress offers a nice pressure relief as well as the feeling of sleeping ‘on’ and sleeping ‘in’ in the bed.

Edge support

All-foam mattresses usually score poorly in terms of edge support, and our two models are no exception. You are going to experience sinkage if you sit or lie near the edge of either the Novaform or Tuft and Needle mattress.

However, edge support is a preference-based factor when it comes to choosing a mattress. If you won’t be sitting or sleeping on the edge most of the time, the inadequate edge support of these mattresses is a non-issue.

Novaform vs Tuft and Needle: Detailed Mattress Comparison

Inflation time, off-gassing and smell

Nearly every mattress emits off-gassing smell when new and those with memory foam and/or polyfoam layers tend to produce the strongest odor. According to reviewers, however, the Novoform produces a petroleum-like odor that dissipates within the first 48 hours. Also, the mattress inflates fully in about 30 minutes.

In the case of Tuft and Needle, its chemical odor is said to dissipate in a matter of hours. You will also have to give it a few hours to inflate fully.

Sleep position ratings

SLEEP POSITION Light sleepers(less than 130 lbs) Average sleepers(130 lbs to 230 lbs) Heavy sleepers(greater than 230 lbs)
Side Fair Good Fair
Back Good Very good Good
Stomach Good Good Good
Tuft & Needle
Side Good Very Good Fair
Back Good Very Good Good
Stomach Good Good Good

From the look of things, both mattresses perform very well with average sleepers. Light and average sleepers of all sleeping positions are more than sorted by both mattresses, while heavy sleepers who tend to sleep on their side may have to look elsewhere. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers of all weights can go for any of the two mattresses.

Sizes and pricing

SIZE Novaform Tuft & Needle
Twin $449.99 $350
Twin XL N/A $395
Full $499.99 $495
Queen $599.99 $595
King $699.99 $750
California King $699.99 $750

Customer service

Sleep trial Warranty and refund Delivery
Novaform N/A 20-year limited warrantyFull refund All 50 states
Tuft & Needle 100 nights 10-year limited warrantyFull refund Within the U.S.

Novaform has not formally issued a trial period for the ComfortGrande mattress, although they do claim if you’re not happy with the product, you can return it to your nearest store. There’s a 20-year limited warranty for the mattress, which covers any kind of manufacturing defects. During the warranty period, the company shall repair or replace a defective mattress. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse. The mattress is also economical as it comes at nearly half the price of most other mattresses.

Tuft and Needle has the advantage of a 100-night trial period, over which you can test the mattress and raise any concerns – we bet there should be none. The company delivers for free throughout the U.S., but additional charge may apply for Alaska and Hawaii buyers. They also offer a 10-year limited warranty for the product.

So which should you buy?




  • Provides great support to individuals of average weight
  • Soft cooling fabric combined with breathable middle layer ensures a cool, comfortable sleep
  • Inflates fully within the shortest time – around 30 minutes
  • Available at reasonable prices no matter the size
  • Excellent support for back sleepers


  • Low motion isolation
  • Not much responsive
  • Poor edge support

Tuft & Needle



  • Good ratings for various sleep positions across a range of user weights
  • Includes a 100-night trial period
  • Affordable pricing across its range of sizes
  • Quick inflation and off-gassing
  • Has a decent bouncy feel
  • Good response to pressure
  • Good motion isolation, making it good for two sleepers
  • Breathable and sleeps cool thanks to its open-cell construction
  • Offers excellent support, conforming and pressure relief thanks to the T&N Adaptive Foam


  • Edge support could be better
  • May not be a solid choice for heavier folks

In conclusion

So, the Tuft and Needle vs Novaform comparison isn’t as black and white as you may think. We all have different needs, and your perfect bed will differ from someone else’s. Let’s sum it up for you below.

The Novaform ComfortGrande mattress is an excellent choice for those who sleep on their back. The medium-firm mattress offers good support for proper spine alignment as well as pressure point relief, thus giving you a deep night sleep without tossing and turning. It also facilitates a cool sleep. The 8 inches of support layer provide long-lasting durability, and this eliminates the need for flipping or rotating the mattress. Its 20-year warranty is hard to beat, and no doubt gives an idea of how long the mattress can serve you.

The Tuft and Needle mattress is an amazing all-foam mattress that offers great value for money. For sleepers of average weight, couples, and those who prefer a balance of support and body-conforming, this product is a great choice. The bed also focuses on sleeping cool. You get a 100-night trial period plus a 10-year warranty for peace of mind. Its below-average pricing makes it a budget-friendly selection.

That said, which one do you prefer?

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