How to Sell a Used Mattresses?

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Have you ever surfed the Internet to find great deals on products you want to buy, only to find an ad for a used mattress for sale?

Really, – can someone sell used mattresses, whether online or offline? This is a question that begs an answer, and that is the essence of this post.

Perhaps, you are wondering if you can sell your used mattress because you are planning to buy a new one.

It is a dicey situation because you want to offload the used mattress to make space for the one. And on the other hand, you are not sure if you are doing the right thing, especially when it comes to laws that may pertain to such sales.

No matter the mixed feelings you have been having about selling your used mattress, we are here to reassure you. This article explains everything you need to know to sell your mattress.

Is it Legal After All?

So, is it legal to sell used mattresses? Are there existing laws on that?

The first thing you must have in mind is that some state laws are applicable for homeowners who want to sell their used mattresses, either online or through a store.

A major of these pertaining laws are in place to protect the interest of the buyers, so they don’t end up buying used mattresses that are unsanitary.

Also, you are expected to use a third party, such as a second-hand store, to sell your used mattress.

The sales of used mattresses are regulated by the state. As such, you have a higher chance of finding buyers in your local area. Also, keep in mind that selling the used mattress to a retailer or a store is the best way to go about it because you may not have a chance to transact directly with the potential buyers.

Estimate the Price

Without hoping for much, it is pertinent that you understand that the value of your used mattress isn’t the same as a new one.

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How to Sell a Used Mattresses?

Of course, you must have determined and confirmed that the pertaining laws got nothing on you before taking the next big step – selling your used mattress.

Now, this is where many people tend to get it wrong. First off, this is a used mattress that has been utilized for some months – if not years.

So, you have to be psychological if you must sell it. You have to understand that the price of the used mattress should be a bit lower than the new one so that potential buyers will be attracted to make an offer.

So, how can you sell used mattresses by fixing the price?

It is quite simple!

Generally, you can get anywhere between 40% or 20% of the original cost of the mattress.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you cannot make more money than that. Here are some of the factors that can influence the price of the used mattress you want to resell:

The Mattress Brand

Buyers place a premium on brand names, and you can capitalize on that to fix a reasonable price for your used mattress.

You may be lucky to make more money from selling your used mattress if the brand name is popular – and it is trusted by many buyers.

How Long Have You Used the Mattress?

The mattress may no longer be in its original packaging, but it can still be considered “new” to some extent.

This usually happens if you used it for just a few years. For example, a mattress used for only 3 or 4 years will fetch a reasonable amount of money than another used for 7 to 10 years.

Physical Condition of the Mattress

Potential buyers want to be sure that the used mattress they want to buy from you wouldn’t cost them more money to fix.

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How to Sell a Used Mattresses?

So, the physical condition of the mattress is another important factor worth considering before you start advertising the mattress.

By physical condition, we mean if the mattress is free of visible sagging and stains. For instance, if you’ve been using your mattress with deep pocket sheets on it, the chances are that it is as good as new.

The factors that can influence the price of your used mattress are:
  • How often the mattress was used;
  • Your marketing strategy also matters a lot because you need to convince potential buyers that paying for the used mattress is worth the investment.

If your mattress is way too old, it might be a good idea to dispose it.

Create an Advertisement

It is now the time to publicize the used mattress. This time, you may be wondering about the best way to advertise it.

Can stores sell used mattresses? Yes, they can if you meet their resale requirements.

At the same time, you want to be truthful about the condition of your used mattress so you can attract the type of buyers who are ready to pay for it, despite the price and physical condition of the mattress.

When creating an advert to sell your used mattress, here are some of the things you want to include in the ad copy:

  • The type of material used to make the mattress – memory foam, polyfoam, or latex.
  • Include your asking price.
  • Publish at least 3 quality pictures of the used mattress so that potential buyers can sell what they intend to pay for.
  • State how long/the number of years you have been using the mattress.
  • The physical condition of the mattress.
  • The accurate size of the mattress.
  • Include the primary use of the mattress – whether it is the primary bed or guest bed.
  • State the brand and model of the mattress.

Find a Marketplace

So, where can you sell used mattresses? Your first idea is to post the mattress on your social media page.

On second thought, you want to consider many other marketplaces where you can get more eyes to see the used mattress and possibly, contact you to initiate a transaction.

Here are a couple of marketplaces you want to consider to sell off your used mattresses faster:
  • eBay Classifieds
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craiglist
  • OfferUp
  • Next Door
  • Let Go

Finish Your Business

Now that the advert for your used mattress is online on different marketplaces, you can now wait for a call from a potential buyer.

Of course, you may not be lucky with the first advertisement. So, if you didn’t get a call from someone, consider touching up your used mattress adverts by:

  • Including an offer to personally deliver the used mattress to the buyer’s doorstep so they can save money for shipping;
  • Changing the title of the advert because the earlier title wasn’t “catchy”;
  • You may also want to lower the price because potential buyers may not be ready to pay that much for a used mattress;
  • Also, consider reposting a new advert with additional specifications of the used mattress.

Moreover, be patient because not everyone is keen to buy a used mattress. And the few that are willing may need some time to raise the money and fine-tune other personal decisions before contacting you.

How About Donating?

Well, your last resort will be to give away your used mattress. Consider donating the mattress if the money you could have realized from it wouldn’t be so important to you.

It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to donate the used mattress if potential buyers weren’t forthcoming. Since no one appears to be interested in it, why don’t you give it out to people who need it, but cannot afford to pay for it?

Some of the places you can donate your used mattresses are:

  • Homeless shelters and refugee camps;
  • Local charities;
  • Religious organizations.

Final Thoughts

You have a lot of options to sell used mattresses in your location. You only need to take some time to confirm if the state laws permit that. And if they do, you will then find out the potential places you can sell the mattress for a reasonable amount of money.

Above all, be honest with the true state of your used mattress so the buyer wouldn’t be disappointed in the end.

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