Tuft & Needle vs Brooklyn Bedding: In-Depth Mattress Comparison

Can't decide between Tuft & Needle and Brooklyn Bedding? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: August 11, 2023
Can't decide between Tuft & Needle and Brooklyn Bedding? We compared them for you.
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The right mattress can help you to not only sleep better, but also allow you to feel more rested and relaxed. These days there is more to choose from than the traditional spring mattress, and memory foam or hybrid mattresses can be more effective to relief pressure points and support proper spine alignment. Two stand out mattresses that can offer these effects are Tuft & Needle and Brooklyn Bedding. These two mattresses have great characteristics with versatility to suit a range of sleeping position preferences and sleepers. So, how do they rate in a Tuft & Needle vs Brooklyn Bedding comparison?

Quick Comparison

Tuft & Needle was launched back in 2012 with an aim to improve the mattress shopping experience for consumers. The founders had experienced a lousy mattress shop and wanted to offer something more for anyone looking to find the perfect mattress. The brand now has mattresses, pillows, and other types of bed related accessories in its product line up. The Tuft & Needle original mattress is designed with medium firm foam, and despite the more modest price tag is supported with a ten-year warranty.

Brooklyn Bedding started when two brothers started to scientifically deconstruct mattresses. The brothers were keen to learn about developing a great mattress and visited various factories to get the know-how of building a better mattress. The company was officially founded in 1995, with just a refurbished truck, a cell phone and the inventory stored in their homes. Today, Brooklyn Bedding builds and sells mattresses to provide great quality and value.

Tuft & Needle Brooklyn Bedding
  • Sleep cool foam to offer greater comfort
  • Pressure relief technology to adapt to your body
  • Adaptive foam for improved bounce and support
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Below average price point
  • Free Shipping throughout continental US
  • Offers discounts for first responders and military personnel
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty

Mattress specifications

Tuft & Needle Brooklyn Bedding
Type Foam Foam
Firmness Medium firm (6.5) Medium (5.5)
Thickness 10″ 10″
Weight 71 lbs 70 lbs
Sleep trial 100 nights 120 nights
Warranty 10 years 10 years
Price $595 (Queen) $559 (Queen)
Certification Greenguard GoldStandard 100 by OEKO-TEX




Tuft & Needle Brooklyn Bedding
Support core 7″ 1.8 PCF HD polyfoam 5″ HD polyfoam
Comfort layers 3″ 2.8 PCF polyfoam 3″ gel polyfoam2″ polyfoam
Cover Micro polyamide and polyester Quilted polyfoam with cotton top

The Tuft & Needle has a 10” thickness that consists of Polyfoam support and comfort layers. This produces a reasonably lightweight mattress that offers a great balance of comfort, firmness and support. The Brooklyn Bedding mattress has similar dimensions, weighing just one pound less with the same thickness. However, this mattress has a 5” polyfoam support core with 2” polyfoam and 3” gel polyfoam layers for comfort. This provides an excellent construction designed to provide the optimum balance of support and comfort.


The memory foam mattress is designed to provide pressure point relief and improve spinal alignment, but the Tuft & Needle mattress takes this to the next level. The company claims to use advanced materials during production to deliver “the right mix” of support and softness. This allows sleepers to enjoy optimum comfort without sinking in to the memory foam and becoming feeling sucked in or stuck that can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Brooklyn Bedding’s Bowery mattress is a mixed foam mattress, constructed with dual layer polyfoam comfort, and a polyfoam high density support core, to provide a medium firmness. The mattress has been designed to offer pressure relief and close contouring for sleepers in average or lighter than average weight groups.

Firmness and support

Both the Tuft & Needle and Brooklyn Bedding offer medium support, and in real terms this means they offer a balance of solid support and soft comfort. Unlike many foam mattress models, these mattresses are designed to not creating sagging or sinking effects that will cause you to feel uncomfortable when you want to change positions during the night.

Temperature control

One of the potential downsides of memory foam mattresses is that they can create a hot sleep environment that can be uncomfortable for many sleepers. However, Tuft & Needle have taken a scientific approach to remedy this. The brand’s mattress is produced using high grade “advanced” materials, including a gel graphite blend to “sleep cool”.

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is said to absorb body heat to allow you to sleep cooler. However, this is compared to competing all foam beds and some users have reported that this mattress may make you sleep hot, which can be uncomfortable for many sleepers and may compromise rest.

Motion transfer

Good memory foam should minimize motion transfer to help to avoid disturbing your sleep partner if you happen to be tossing and turning. The Tuft & Needle specifically addresses motion transfer for sleep partners. The adaptive foam has been designed to provide localized bounce that is said to help prevent disturbing sleeping partners. This foam should also eliminate roll that can be problematic for different size and weight sleep partners.

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress also excels at eliminating motion transfer. The mattress offers great motion transfer isolation to help to prevent any sleep disturbances for partners. Many users report excellent isolation, which allows sleep partners to enjoy a night’s rest even when a sleeper is having a disturbed night of tossing and turning.


The Tuft & Needle is made using high quality memory foam, so the top layer will not contour to the body like traditional memory foam. The adaptive foam offers support and soft comfort to create a good level of responsiveness to adapt to sleepers and changing sleep positions.

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress does not compare too favorably on this point with the Tuft & Needle. This mattress is not particularly responsive and lacks the bounce to provide optimum comfort for couples.

Resilience and bounce

Tuft & Needle vs Brooklyn Bedding: In-Depth Mattress ComparisonTuft & Needle promote its mattress as providing localized bounce to offer additional comfort and resilience. This means that you shouldn’t find yourself sinking in to the mattress as you would with a cheaper memory foam mattress.

As we touched on above, the Brooklyn Bedding mattress does not offer this level of resilience and bounce, which may compromise comfort for some sleepers.

Edge support

Many of us sit on the edge of the bed, which can encourage sagging, particularly in a memory foam mattress. Unfortunately, both the Brooklyn Bedding and the Tuft & Needle have questionable edge support, so the mattresses may develop a little sinking around the perimeter after prolonged use.

Inflation time, off-gassing and smell

Both models may require an off gassing period, as is common with most foam mattresses, but odors typically dissipate quickly. Both mattresses are boxed for delivery, so you will need to allow them to inflate fully before use. Tuft & Needle recommend a period of up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand. The Brooklyn Bedding mattress appears to be more responsive and should inflate within three to five hours before it should be used, with any odors from off gassing dissipating within 24 hours.

Sleep position ratings

SLEEP POSITION Light sleepers(less than 130 lbs) Average sleepers(130 lbs to 230 lbs) Heavy sleepers(greater than 230 lbs)
Tuft & Needle
Side 6 8 7
Back 9 7 9
Stomach 6 7 7
Brooklyn Bedding
Side 9 8 7
Back 9 9 8
Stomach 8 8 7*

* Out of 10

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress has earned favorable reviews from sleepers of different weights who favor different sleep positions. The mattress is designed to offer optimum comfort and support for those weighing less than 230 pounds, and heavier sleepers may find the mattress lacks support and is too soft to provide pressure relief.

The Tuft & Needle mattress is also best suited for sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds. If you weigh less than this, you may find the mattress too firm, while heavier sleepers may find it a little soft.

Sizes and pricing

SIZE Tuft & Needle Brooklyn Bedding
Twin $350 $399
Twin XL $395 $399
Full $495 $519
Queen $595 $559
King $750 $759
California King $750 $679

Customer service

Sleep trial Warranty and refund Delivery
Tuft & Needle 100 nights 10-year warrantyfull refund Within the U.S.
Brooklyn Bedding 120 days 10-year warrantyfull refund Within the U.S. and Canada

Both manufacturers offer a sleep trial, but Brooklyn Bedding has a 120-day trial rather than the 100 days offered by Tuft & Needle. This may be negated somewhat by the fact that Brooklyn Bedding has a minimum 30-night requirement before you can claim a refund, should you be unsatisfied. Both companies offer a full 10-year warranty with the usual restrictions for improper use and damage.

So which should you buy?

Tuft & Needle



  • Below average price point
  • Decent motion isolation
  • Sleep Cool Construction
  • Free shipping within Contiguous U.S
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-night sleep trial


  • Questionable edge support
  • May take up to 72 hours for full inflation

Brooklyn Bedding



  • Good price point
  • Good conforming and responsiveness
  • Thicker than average
  • Shipping available to U.S and Canada
  • Great motion transfer isolation


  • May create a “sleep hot” experience
  • May lack bounce and resilience

In conclusion

In summary, while both these mattresses are below average price point, they do offer an impressive level of comfort and support, making them a versatile choice for sleep preferences and positions. Both models are supported with a 10-year warranty and sleep trial to provide consumer confidence.

In a head to head comparison, it is difficult to choose between them. While both mattresses offer good motion transfer isolation and responsiveness, the deciding factor may be the cooling effects. Some users have reported a hot sleeping experience with the Brooklyn Bedding mattress, while the Tuft & Needle uses advanced materials including a gel graphite blend to ensure that you “sleep cool”. This will help to avoid feeling uncomfortable sleeping as body heat is emitted and not adequately dispersed. Since most sleepers prefer a cool sleep environment, this is likely to be an important deciding factor, which takes the Tuft & Needle over the edge in the Tuft & Needle vs Brooklyn Bedding comparison.

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