Why Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable and How to Make Yours No Worse?

In this article, we'll explain what hotels do to make their beds so comfy and which of their methods are applicable for yours.
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Last updated: September 10, 2023
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There are a lot of simple pleasures in life and one of them is falling asleep at a high-end hotel on a luxurious bed. So many times you leave your hotel room in a state of bliss only to have that feeling collapse when you head home to your ordinary bed. So just why are hotel beds so comfortable? To begin with, hotels mainly serve the purpose of being a place for you to sleep. So naturally, hotels need to invest money in their beds, sheets, pillows, and blankets. While this may seem out of your own budget, remember that you spend a third of your life asleep. So, if you’re tired of having a second-rate sleeping area, maybe it’s time to copy the experts and make a space that is akin to a hotel.

No, you’re not alone in thinking that that hotel bed you just slept in what exceptionally comfortable. There are many reasons and strategies that allow hotels to make their beds so comfortable, which we’ll explain next.

How do you make your bed as comfortable as in a hotel?

Get ready to learn more about the strategies behind your comfortable sleep. And the good news? You can actually replicate them to make your own bed just as comfortable.

Get a luxury mattress

Why Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable and How to Make Yours No Worse?Start with your mattress. Mattresses have come a long way since the standard coil springs. It used to be that you would inevitably have some metal spring digging into your back. And for those that sleep with a partner, you know all too well the pain of being jostled as the other person moves around.

Thankfully, mattresses have changed and you can now find a wide selection of luxury brands that will really enhance your sleep. Out with metal springs and in with memory foam. Luxury mattresses are usually constructed with memory foam.

Not only does this material fully support your spine but it also decreases the feeling of movement. So, if your partner moves around, that weight won’t transfer to your side of the bed.

Furthermore, memory foam is usually more breathable than a standard mattress. Therefore, there is better air flow and a cooler sensation. If you are someone who sleeps hot, or lives in a warm climate, having a cooler mattress will really enhance your sleep. The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is actually crafted to keep your skin temperature at a comfortable 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even if you have a mattress with coils, it will still be completely insulated. For example, the Sealy Response Performance mattress has Posturepedic technology which fully supports your back, neck, and spine.

Finally, when it comes to a luxury mattress, consider going a bit bigger. There was actually a time when two people would sleep on a double mattress, and then the queen size became standard. However, if you have space in your bedroom, why not consider a king size, or even a California king size? These wider mattresses allow you to still sleep in the same bed as your partner but give you much more room to spread out. It’s the best of both worlds, really.

Add a topper

Fort those that want to feel like they are drifting off to sleep atop a cloud, why not invest in a mattress topper. Usually made out of memory foam, mattress toppers give you added support with a cushiony feel.

While their soft texture isn’t for everyone, if you have any neck or back injuries, or just want to feel more supported, a topper is a more budget-friendly alternative to purchasing a brand new mattress.

Comfy pillows are a must

We’ve mentioned memory foam a few times in this article, for good reason. Memory foam cradles your body, molding exactly how you need it. Now that you have a memory foam mattress, you might want to consider a memory foam pillow.

There are two versions of these pillows, and which one you prefer is entirely dependent on personal preference. You can select a memory foam pillow that is made from one piece. This will mold to your head each time you use it. However, it can be a bit cold and if you are sensitive to this sensation, it might not be for you.

Another option is a pillow that contains multiple pieces of memory foam. While this pillow will still conform to your head and neck, it is usually a warmer setup. However, you will need to continuously fluff the pillow up which can be a bit annoying.

One other consideration with pillows is how deep they are. Some people like their heads raised at an angle while others prefer to lay almost completely flat. You may want to try out some pillows first so test their loftiness. The good news is that high-end pillows often come with a 30-day trial period that allows you to test them out without a commitment.

High-quality sheets

Now that you have a mattress and a pillow that is hotel-quality, it’s time to invest in sheets. Start with the type of fabric. Most hotels use a natural material such as cotton or bamboo. Not only are these sheets naturally soft but they are also usually hypoallergenic.

If you purchase cotton sheets, then you want to pay attention to the thread count. When it comes to sheets, a thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch. You want this number to be at least 300. The higher the number, the higher number of threads there will be. More threads means softer sheets and less chance of them wearing out and forming holes.

For sheets, you also want to consider the time of year. Flannel sheets are warmer and provide a very cozy feel in the winter. For warm summer months, however, you will want a fabric that is more breathable. Percale sheets are light in weight while still durable, and a good idea if you want to stay cool in summer.

A plush, lightweight comforter

While there are some people who love the feel of a heavy blanket, most people like a lighter weight. Choose a comforter or duvet that is light, breathable, but also warm. You may even want to purchase a denser comforter for winter months.

Wash your sheets wisely

One aspect that is often forgotten is that you need to regularly wash your bedsheets. In fact, you should be washing your sheets and pillowcases every week.

To properly wash your sheets, use hot water as this will kill any bacteria and the many dust mites that live on sheets. Then, use a high heat to thoroughly dry them. If you are able to, you can even place your sheets to dry outside. The sun will dry them as well as naturally bleach your sheets so any discoloration is prevented.

Set it up like at a hotel

When you walk into a hotel room, there’s a certain calm environment that exists. Well, you can replicate this in your own bedroom. Start with some basic organization. Make sure there is a place for dirty clothes that is not your bed.

Often, we toss clothes that can still be worn onto a chair. Either get rid of this habit or get rid of the chair. A tumbled mess of clothes is not serene.

Also get in the habit of making your bed every single morning. It really doesn’t take long and if it’s one of the first things you do in the morning, you’ll quickly get into the habit of it. There have even been studies that show people who always make their bed are both happier and more productive Trusted Source The Pros and Cons of a Made Bed | Architectural Digest Whether you’re a made bed-person or not, there are benefits to each lifestyle. www.architecturaldigest.com .

Why Are Hotel Beds So Comfortable and How to Make Yours No Worse?What mattress brands do hotels choose?

For those who are inspired to take their bedroom to a whole new level, there are a few mattress brands to consider.

One of the top contenders for hotel mattresses is Simmons. This is a well known company and their Beautyrest line of mattresses is continually used by hotel chains.

Another popular mattress brand is Serta. Again, you’ve probably heard of this brand and for good reason. Their coils are crafted in individual pockets so that you won’t be disturbed if your partner rolls around a lot.

Finally, another brand that is quite popular is Sealy. Again, these are durable mattresses and they have plenty of pillow top options.

In addition to these popular brands, you can find many online brands that will deliver right to your door. Casper, Endy, and Layla are just a few options. They are normally memory foam beds that are wrapped up tight and most come with a decent trial period, no strings attached.

Final thoughts

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it makes sense to take inspiration from a hotel room when redesigning your sleep situation. Hotel rooms have durable, comfortable mattresses, soft sheets, and lightweight but warm duvets. They are crafted to perfect your sleep situation. While it might seem that updating your bedroom is out of budget, when you invest in quality items, you get a longer lifespan out of them. The next time you wonder why are hotel beds so comfortable, just remember that you have the ability to make this sensation part of your nightly routine.


The Pros and Cons of a Made Bed | Architectural Digest
Whether you’re a made bed-person or not, there are benefits to each lifestyle.
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