King vs. Queen Bed: Difference and What Is Right for You

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Last updated: September 07, 2023
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In a lifetime, a person will spend about 26 years sleeping in all, even though most folks don’t get enough sleep. Trusted Source 9 Fun Facts About Sleep | Britannica This Encyclopedia Britannica Science list features 9 fun facts about sleep. As such, it is extremely important to find not only the right mattress but also the correct bed as well. While there are many different sizes of mattresses and beds available today, we are going to focus on the debate of King vs. queen beds for this article. Overall, these are the two largest bed size available on the market, which makes them a great option for couples.

King vs. Queen Bed: Difference and What Is Right for You

Of course, they are not the exact same either. Each bed has its benefits and drawbacks that make it an appealing or unappealing option for your next bed. There is a lot to consider when you are looking for a new bed, such as who will use it, your room size, and who might use it in the future, just to name a few. While it might seem overwhelming to find a new bed, don’t worry! We have put in the time to lay out all of the important details so that you can make the best decision for your family.

Comparison chart

Queen King
Length 80 inches long 80 inches long
Width 60 inches wide 76 inches wide
Recommended room size 12 feet x 12 feet 10 feet x 10 feet
Who it’s best for Someone that is sleeping alone or for couples that don’t mind being close to each other all night. For couples that like to have lots of personal space. Also good for co-sleeping with young children.
  • Affordable
  • Easier to find bedding
  • Better for smaller spaces
  • Lots of space
  • Good for larger rooms
  • Allows for more personal space, even with pets or children present
  • Smaller
  • Not suitable for larger rooms; ruins the aesthetic
  • It won’t work for cosleeping with children
  • More expensive
  • Harder to find bedding
  • Requires a large room

Queen beds: benefits and drawbacks

The starting point for the biggest benefits of getting a queen bed is just how affordable they are. Unlike a King-sized bed, finding a queen bed and mattress shouldn’t set cost you too much in the short term. Another big benefit to getting a queen-sized bed is that it is much easier to find accessories to go along with it. These accessories will also be much cheaper than their king-sized counterparts, which is an important consideration to keep in mind. The final, and perhaps most important, the benefit is that these beds are easier to fit into smaller rooms. If you are someone that has an apartment or a smaller home, you might need to stick with a queen bed due to limited space.

On the other hand, space might be a bit of a drawback for you if you have a larger room as well. Since these beds are limited in the area that they take up, they might look out of place in a larger room. This smaller size is also limiting if you are someone that likes a lot of your own space but need to share the bed with a partner or even a child.

King beds: benefits and drawbacks

When it comes to a king-sized bed, the most obvious benefit is the absolutely gargantuan size. If you are someone that likes to have lots of personal space when you sleep, then a king bed mattress is going to be just right for you. Even if you sleep with a partner, child, and a pet, you won’t feel crowded in a king bed. These larger sized beds are also better for larger rooms since they help to balance out space, which makes it much easier to decorate.

Of course, if you are someone that doesn’t have a larger sized room, getting a King sized bed might not work out. These beds do have a very large footprint, after all, which might make the room feel even smaller than it actually is. These beds are also quite expensive, as are all of the accessories that you will need to buy as well.

Which one to choose?

So, now that you know the pros and cons of the different types of beds, which one should you choose? There are several different features that you need to take into consideration before you make your final decision.

Who will sleep on it

The first thing that you need to consider is who is going to be sleeping on the bed. If, for instance, you are going to be sleeping on it alone, then you would probably be able to save yourself some money and go with a queen-sized bed. Even if you like to spread out, if you are by yourself, the queen will provide you with plenty of room.

Once you add in another person, though, you need to think about their sleeping style as well as your own. If you like to be close, then a queen could fit the bill. If, however, you and your partner like personal space, a king would be the best bet. This also applies if you are going to be co-sleeping with a child or a pet. The larger area of a king would give everyone a chance to spread out and get comfortable.

Your sleeping position

Another big consideration that you need to keep in mind is your sleeping position and the sleeping position of anyone that you might be sharing the bed. Basically, it all depends on how much you like to spread out. If you are someone that likes to keep your legs and arms close by your side, then you can probably get by with a queen-sized bed, as you won’t take up as much room. This is probably the case if you are a side or belly style sleeper.

King vs. Queen Bed: Difference and What Is Right for You

If, however, you are someone that really spreads out your legs and arms while you sleep, or your partner does, then you might need the extra space of a king-sized bed. That way, you can have all of the room that you need to really stretch out and get comfortable. If you are someone that sleeps on their back, then this should definitely be a consideration that you take into account.

Your room size

Something else to take into account is the size of your room. If you are lucky enough to have a very large bedroom, then you just might need to get yourself a King-sized bed. This will help to balance the space by taking up all of that extra floor space. Even if you are not concerned with the feng shui of the room, you might just want to get a king bed because you have the room for it.

Obviously, if you have a smaller room, then you will need to go with a smaller bed. Having all of the extra space a King sized bed provides you with won’t be all that beneficial if you can’t really move around your room. If you have a small room, then you should most likely get a queen-sized be to make sure you can accommodate all of your other furniture with ease.

Your future plans

You should also take any future plans into your future as well when you are looking for a new bed. While you might have the right amount of room for a king bed right now, what if you want to move to a new home and downsize in the near future. You probably would be better served getting a smaller queen in the interim so that you don’t have trouble getting set up in a new location.

You also need to think about whether you intend to co-sleep with any children in the near future. If you are thinking of having kids, then the odds are that they will find their way into your bed sometime in their first few years. By getting a king bed now before you have any kids, you can make sure that you have enough for the future. You will also need to equip your new bed with a pillow of the corresponding size, regardless of who is in bed. Coop Home Goods produces models that are ideal for Queen or King mattresses (check out this King size pillow, for instance).

The location of your bedroom

Finally, the last thing that you need to take under advisement before you settle on the size of your bed is the location of your bedroom. While both of these beds will come in pieces before assembly, the mattresses will not, which is an important fact to remember.

Hauling a king-sized mattress up several flights or even just one set of stairs is a challenging proposition, even if you have help. A queen-sized mattress would be much easier, so if you have a long way to go to get to bed, you might want to err on the smaller side.

If, however, your bed is on the first floor and you have the space for it, you can easily choose a king. Even though the mattress is larger than a queen, you should not have too much trouble maneuvering it on one floor of your house. Practically any kind of mattress is usually available in both sizes. This popular hybrid model from WinkBed, for example, is presented in all the basic sizes, including King and Queen.

Queen and King size variations

Even though you usually only hear about a standard queen and king-sized beds, there are many different variations that you can purchase. These different variations can offer a narrower or wider width or a longer/shorter length to better fit into your room.

Split King and Split Queen

Getting a split style bed simply means that you are getting two mattresses that add up to the larger size. A split queen uses standard twin mattresses that make a regular size queen mattress, while a split king utilizes twin xl mattresses to get to a regular-sized king bed. Since this bed has two mattresses, it is much easier to move them into place. The split style of this bed will also allow for different firmness levels for each sleeper. If your partner prefers a firm mattress, but you like a soft one, you can easily purchase these two different mattresses to accommodate your different preferences.

Olympic Queen

If you are someone that has a shorter room but wants a bit more room than a standard queen bed can offer, then you might want to look into an Olympic queen bed. This style of bed is a bit wider than a regular queen. A standard queen bed measures 60 inches wide, while an Olympic size queen bed is 66 inches in width. This makes it a better option for someone who needs a bit more personal space when they are sleeping without the extra length of a king bed.

California King

King vs. Queen Bed: Difference and What Is Right for You

A California king bed is very similar to a standard king. These beds are a bit longer but not quite as wide as a normal king. California kings are 84 inches long but only 74 inches wide, while a standard king bed measures 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. This makes it a great option for taller individuals since it has extra legroom.

Split California King

A Split California king is a great option for anyone that wants a lot of personal space and also wants their own firmness as well. These beds are split into two twin xl mattresses that will allow each sleeper to get the proper firmness for their sleeping preferences. These two mattresses add up to the same size as a standard king, so they won’t take up any additional space in your home.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of different things that you need to consider when you are choosing between a king or queen-sized bed. You need to take into account the amount of space that you have in your room, as well as the number of sleepers occupying the bed. You should also carefully consider the style of the sleepers that will be using the bed as well since this will have a direct impact on whether you need the extra space that the King provides or be able to get by with the smaller queen.

When comparing a king vs. queen bed, you also need to think about the different versions that each type of bed has to offer. That way, you will be able to determine exactly what you need and get the best sleep possible.


9 Fun Facts About Sleep | Britannica
This Encyclopedia Britannica Science list features 9 fun facts about sleep.
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