How to Raise Your Bed Frame: 4 Effective Ways

Good sleep is crucial today, and this article helps you explore tips and tricks you can make use of to raise your bed frame and enjoy your sleep better.
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Last updated: August 11, 2023
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Without mincing words, beds do serve as one of the most needed and valuable home furniture. Aside from the sturdiness and comfort they give, they also add to the beauty of the room. As beds remain to be a home piece that can’t be shrugged aside, people, these days, are very conscious and careful of their bed selection when they’re perusing their options.

Along with this also comes the need for one to be cognizant of how to raise the bed frame. In case you don’t know, the height of your bed can significantly impact your user experience, and this is why you shouldn’t be carried away by the characteristics of your bed alone. Consequential to this, this article will be an eye-opener for you on how to make bed higher, how to raise adjustable bed frame, tips and hacks to raise bed frame height, and the variety of bed riser alternatives.

Bed and Bed Frames

How to Raise Your Bed Frame: 4 Effective Ways
If you have enough space under your bed, you can keep your extra set of sheets and pillowcases there.

Most of us can be so concerned about warranty coverages, color options, firmness levels, mattress materials, bed dimensions, and a host of brand offerings when we’re choosing the best bed frames to optimize for design and comfort. And it should be noted that how much extra storage you have in your bed, how good your bed looks, the ease of getting in and out of bed, and your comfort level can be affected by how tall your bed is. Thus, if you love the idea of scoring some extra storage space and you want to create a more ergonomic and aesthetic bed, you can oblige to this typical hack that’s creatively used by most home improvers and raise your bed higher.

Particularly, suppose you live in a compact house, and you’re someone who loves receiving guests a lot or you have your friends and relatives coming around often. In that case, you’ll need some space for fitting a trundle bed or to keep belongings and, raising your bed frame height higher can come pretty handy and fetch you more needed space that won’t make your home look too clumsy or jumbled. However, note that complementing your mattress with the most versatile foundation is crucial. This is why experts recommend the Zoma mattress because of its sturdy wood frame, perfectly spaced wooden slats, dry knit upholstery, and attachable legs.

4 Effective Ways to Make Your Bed Higher

There are a couple of available options you can make use of to raise your bed frame height. Whether you have a twin bed frame or you’re looking to purchase a quality California king-size bed frame to enjoy more than enough space for you and your partner and sleep so much better at night Trusted Source 17 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night | Healthline Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function. , you can add a mattress topper to your setup, attach wheels to your bed frame, increase your bed height with a wedge, or choose to use dedicated bed risers, which is a very popular method. Whether you desire to know how to raise a bed frame with wheels, how to raise a metal bed frame, or how to raise a bed frame off the floor with the various available bed riser alternatives, keep on reading as we feed you with simple and easy hacks to make your bed higher.

1. Bed Risers

How to Raise Your Bed Frame: 4 Effective Ways
The most common types of bed risers’ materials are plastic, metal, and wood.

If you’re using a bed riser to raise your bed frame, you’ll enjoy the attention of being spoilt with diverse choices and a handful of options. For instance, there are series of height options, materials, and colors you can choose from. More so, bed risers are easy to use, and they’re easily accessible.

Speaking of these bed risers, they come in three main types, and they are;

  • Plastic: If you decide to go for a plastic riser, you should be able to find one that will work with your home aesthetic and will be significantly more comfortable for you for there’s plenty of color options for you to choose from. Often the easiest to install, these bed risers are the most common, but one of their significant downsides is that they may not be very durable compared to others.
  • Metal: What plastic risers lack in durability and sturdiness, metal risers compensate with their durability and increased stability. Whatever you want, maybe you want your bed to go lower or higher; metal risers allow you to conveniently set your bed to your preferred height, for some of them have adjustable height profiles.
  • Wood: You can choose to build your wooden riser or buy prefabricated options. Bringing excellent aesthetics to your bed set up, these risers are a worthy durable option to go for.

Choosing the Right Bed Risers

With the array of bed riser alternatives available, choosing the right bed risers could be a bit challenging, which is why you need all the tips you can get.

  • Material: As previously mentioned, you have metal, wood, or plastic bed risers to choose from. Wooden risers bring superior aesthetics, and they’re not a bad choice, but if you’re looking for some of the best durability potentials, it’s recommended that you go for metal risers. And, metal risers can be relatively cheaper than wooden risers.
  • Height: Basically, bed risers have a range of about 1-12 inches in height, and you should consider the elevation you want to add to your bed when you’re selecting a riser; for you to be able to choose a more suitable one.
  • Weight Requirement: You definitely won’t want to go for a bed riser that cannot support the weight of your bed and the users altogether. So, for this, make sure you check the packaging or the product details because each bed riser has its unique capacity.
  • Size: Make sure the riser you’re going for is wide enough to fit your bedposts – never forget to check the dimensions of the riser.
  • Aesthetics: Beauty is also important when you’re selecting your bed riser so, it will be pretty cool if you can get your hands on a riser that matches your room colors.

2. Bed Wedges

Bed wedges are an excellent choice to opt-in for if you want to raise your bed higher. They give your bed a vertical lift which positively affects your sleeping position, and they can easily fit under the head of your bed. They produce enhanced comfort, and they’re an excellent and innovative way to make your bed higher. If you have a sleep disorder Trusted Source Common Sleep Disorders: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment | Cleveland Clinic Common sleep disorders like insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy and sleep apnea can severely hurt your quality of life. like sleep apnea or you have a health condition such as spinal injuries, respiratory disorders, or back pain, you’ll find this option to be more conducive due to the configuration it provides with its incline setup. Beyond the soothing comfort bed wedges provide, they also come in different varieties, and you can go for adjustable wedges or a basic wooden slab.

Installing bed wedges can be as easy as ABC, but for you to complete your installation, you’ll need a minimum of two helpers to enjoy maximum ease and safety. To commence your installation, you must first make sure that you completely remove your mattress from the bed frame, and then the two top ends of your bed frame should be simultaneously lifted with the aid of your helpers. Once that’s done, the bed wedges are to be slid underneath, and they must align with the bedposts.

3. Mattress Topper

How to Raise Your Bed Frame: 4 Effective Ways
A good mattress topper not only makes your bed higher but provides high levels of comfort while night’s sleep.

A simple and relaxing way to add some height to your bed is by opting for a simple mattress topper. However, this option is best suitable for those who don’t need some extra space underneath their bed and those who don’t want to go through the stress of installing a bed wedge or bed risers. People who are suffering from a devastating medical condition like arthritis or seniors do find mattress toppers to be an excellent choice to go for and this is simply because they’re super easy to install.

Just as mattress toppers cause you no installation stress, they also don’t lag in showering you more airflow than your regular mattress because they’re usually more conforming, softer, and yes, they can momentously boost your sleeping experience.

Nevertheless, it’s worthy of taking note that most mattress toppers are only a few inches high, and bed wedges or risers could be your best bet if you’re really after much height.

So, how do you install your mattress topper? Well, as earlier noted, there’s no single fuss over how to install your mattress topper. All you just have to do is to get your mattress topper ready for use by removing the air seal and taking it out from the packaging it’s wrapped in. Once that’s done, you’ll proceed to expand the topper (you’ll have to give some hours for this), and once that’s done, you can happily place it on your mattress.

4. Wheels

How to Raise Your Bed Frame: 4 Effective Ways
When using wheels as bed risers, you need to consider that the bed can move when you don’t want it to.

You enjoy increased maneuverability and more convenience with wheels. This innovative solution of raising your bed frame height is apter for those who only need a few extra inches in height. All thanks to this option, you can now enjoy rearranging your bedroom layout and vacuum your room better as the wheels make it easy for you to move your bed out of the way conveniently. Nevertheless, note that when left exposed, wheels can be somewhat unaesthetic. So for this, you may want to cover them with your long bedsheets or bed skirts.

Tips for Determining the Ideal Bed Height

Choosing the right bed height for you doesn’t have to be confusing, here are four major factors to consider:

  • Your Height: Whenever you stand next to your bed, your knee should be slightly above your bed. This is the standard, regardless of your height.
  • Age: Age plays a vital role when it comes to going for the most suitable bed height. For instance, when it comes to children’s beds, lower is safer because they tend to roll, and most older adults would also love their bed to be closer to the floor.
  • Comfort: Tall beds do offer more comfort, and if you feel this isn’t true, why not try sleeping on beds of various heights and feel the difference yourself? However, according to most reviews, the most comfort-giving adjustable bed frame must be the Tranquil Sweetnight Adjustable Bed Frame, renowned for its ergonomic design, Bluetooth connection, personalized comfort for everybody, exceptional quality, and maximum comfort.
  • Style: Your bed height can also complement the aesthetic and style of your bedroom. So, you may look at the style of your bedroom before you proceed to make your choice.

Final Thoughts

The bedroom is the place where you spend most of your lives, so it is essential to ensure a comfortable bed at the right height. What could be more important than a healthy sleep?

Learning how to raise a bed frame can be so beneficial, from the comfort it gives to the aesthetic it provides and lots more. And as people are now making more conscious decisions on issues that affect their health positively, you too may want to consider evaluating the height of your bed frame, especially if you’ve been dreading the pain that accompanies getting into bed.


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Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function.
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Common sleep disorders like insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy and sleep apnea can severely hurt your quality of life.
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