10 Most Affordable Mattresses Under 200 Dollars – Reviews And Buying Guide

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If you’re on the lookout for a new mattress but are currently on a budget, you may be looking for the best mattress under $200. We all need to ensure we get a good night’s sleep and our choice of mattress plays a crucial part in achieving this. However, you may feel you can’t get such a good investment from cheaper mattresses. Fortunately, there is a fantastic variety of mattresses available on the market which continue to offer support, therapeutic qualities, and long-term warranties, despite being under the $200 price tag.

This extensive and informative review highlights ten excellent mattresses which all fall under $200 and all are currently available to purchase directly from Amazon. Focusing our attention on those essential features we believe everyone should be looking for in their mattress choice, we have taken into consideration the thickness, the layers, the fillings, and the length of warranty of each model here. We have then finished each product with a pros and cons section, emphasizing anything in particular that we’ve discovered during our research process.

Offering our overall rating for each mattress, we’ve put all of our findings into a detailed table and produced ten in-depth product reviews of each selected mattress. As well as this, we’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide section while attempting to answer some of those commonly posed questions about these product types. This should give you a clearer understanding of what to look out for when it comes to purchasing your next mattress while ensuring you are able to get the best mattress under $200.

Top 10 Mattresses Under $200 Review 2022

  • Thickness: 10’’
  • Layers: 4
  • Filling: gel infused memory foam
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: jacquard cover, CertiPUR-US certified, full size

The Olee Sleep Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress is our top pick and Editor’s Choice, as well as Amazon’s choice for Best Olee Sleep Mattress. In a range of sizes, this is a ten-inch memory foam mattress with an incredible four layers of foam in its makeup.

With a dura layer of I Gel Foam at the top, a Dura layer of HD foam, and a Dura layer of HD Convoluted foam between, alongside an extra Dura layer of HD foam at the very bottom of this mattress, each layer works to offer the most refreshing night’s sleep throughout its individual properties. By incorporating memory foam into their bedding, Olee Sleep is able to provide a product which can support the body through its powerful properties while also ensuring softness throughout. Additionally, the HD foam in between works to prevent any deflection of such memory foam used while the gel foam encourages a constant body temperature throughout the night.

Comprised of 93% polyester and 7% spandex in its overall makeup, this model also benefits from a polyester jacquard cover for the ultimate in comfort. This is a well-ventilated mattress type which adapts exceptionally well to body shape, weight, and temperature, and Olee Sleep is so confident customers will love this model, they offer a ten-year limited manufacturer warranty as standard.

Customers of the Olee Sleep Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress are pleasantly surprised at the comforting qualities of this model, considering its low price and highly rate it alongside that of its more expensive counterparts!

Why is it special?

  • Gel infused memeory foam
  • Extremely soft
  • Body temperature maintained
  • Jacquard cover
  • 10-year warranty

What are the flaws?

  • Typical chemical smell when initially purchased

Signature Sleep Contour MattressBest Affordable Coil Mattress

  • Thickness: 8’’
  • Layers: 3
  • Filling: memory foam, independently encased coils
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: CertiPUR-US certified, 800 coils 7’’15 gauge, reversible, knit fabric mattress cover

The Signature Sleep Contour Coil Mattress is our choice for Best Affordable Coil Mattress as we believe the addition of coils in its makeup increases the overall comfort throughout your sleep. Available in four sizes, this is an eight-inch mattress which benefits significantly from three layers. With a layer of coils perfectly placed in the middle, there is a 1.6-inch layer of foam at both the top and bottom of this model.

This works to enhance the independently cased coils which ensure you benefit from the comfort that high-density foam brings to a mattress. What’s great about this mattress is its versatility – as it is reversible! This means you can flip and rotate the mattress on a regular basis, thus prolonging its quality of life for much longer than standard mattresses!

Additionally, there is a knitted fabric mattress cover included here, which is thoroughly soft and ultimately breathable, ensuring you keep a consistent and healthier temperature throughout the night. The elimination of motion transfer added to this provides a more beneficial night’s sleep all-round.

Designed using Certi-PUR-US certified foam, this is not only thoroughly healthy for you but also benefits the broader environment. Signature Sleep believes their extensive experience in this industry makes them best qualified to offer a top quality and best value mattress, and their ten-year limited warranty reflects this.

Customers of the Signature Sleep Contour Coil Mattress find this a high-quality mattress for a low price, with a firm but cushiony overall feeling to it, and the ability to reverse it whenever is highly appreciated by many!

What do we love it for?

  • Three layers
  • Reversible model
  • Knitted fabric mattress cover
  • Motion transfer elimination
  • 10-year warranty

What were we disappointed with?

  • Initial strong odor
  • More lightly firm and springy, rather than very firm

Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold MattressBest Foldable Mattress Under $200

  • Thickness: 6’’
  • Layers: 2
  • Filling: memory foam
  • Warranty: none specified

More features: CertiPUR-US certified, removable jacquard cover, anti-slip bottom

The Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress is our choice for Best Foldable Mattress Under $200 and also gets Amazon’s choice of Best Folding Mattress. In three sizes, this is a six-inch memory foam model that is designed to offer you that better night’s sleep wherever you go. The main idea here is to provide you with an easily accommodating mattress which can be simply transported and then quickly opened up to assist you, being swiftly placed away in storage within a matter of seconds.

Despite being a more mobile choice of bed, the addition of memory foam in its construction ensures that it is an ultra-soft choice and offers you as much support and comfort as a standard foam mattress does. With increased ventilation for extra air flow, your temperature is also regulated as you sleep on this model, therefore no waking during the night in discomfort. Comprised of 1.5 inches of 3lbs luxurious memory foam, placed over a 4.5-inch supportive foam base, the high-density construction of this mattress means it will not lose its shape over time and indeed use. An additional removable and ultra-soft jacquard cover offers the perfect finishing touch here and has anti-slip properties to complete the overall feel.

Customers of the Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress find this a perfect solution as an additional mattress for those times when there are extra guests to accommodate for, or when traveling. Many rate the ability to fold it up and place it out of sight as highly practical also.

What makes it stand out?

  • Foldable and storable
  • Lightweight
  • Soft memeory foam choice
  • Jacquard cover included
  • Can be transported in a Carry Case for Milliard Tri-Fold Mattress

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Bulky when transporting
  • Requires a carry case
  • No warranty specified

LUCID Memory Foam MattressBest Medium-Plush Mattress Under $200

  • Thickness: 10’’
  • Layers: 2
  • Filling: memory foam
  • Warranty: 10-years limited

More features: tencel blend cover

The LUCID Memory Foam Mattress is our pick here for the Best Medium-Plush Mattress Under $200. We feel the plushness, and profoundly therapeutic qualities make this an excellent choice of memory foam mattress. In a range of sizes to select from this mattress offers ten inches of thickness, comprised of two layers.

With seven inches of high-density foam supporting three inches of plush gel memory foam, the overall effect is that of a medium plush and incredibly comforting feel. Alongside this comfort comes the added knowledge that this makeup encourages the correct spinal alignment each time you sleep. Designed and built to relieve pressure on the body, the LUCID mattress works on giving support where it’s needed most including the neck, head, and shoulders by supporting their natural curvature as you sleep. With increased ventilation to the top layer and a Tencel blend cover, the overall sleeping environment here is significantly improved.

A Tencel blended fabric cover works to offer softness in feel but ultimately enhanced breathability of the mattress, controlling the moisture levels and air flow night after night. This also works on protecting the mattress surface. Compressed, rolled, and shipped for easy set-up, LUCID also offer a ten-year limited warranty on this model.

Customers of the LUCID Memory Foam Mattress find this a fantastic mattress which really does work on giving you enhanced sleeping comfort, as well as eliminating many ongoing pains. The ability to work on maintaining effective temperature throughout the night is also highly favored by many.

Why did it make our list?

  • Fantastic plushness
  • Encourages correct spinal alignment
  • Increased ventilation
  • Tencel blend cover
  • 10-year warranty

What is not ideal about it?

  • Suggestions of a stronger foam smell

Zinus Green Tea MattressBest Queen Mattress Under $200

  • Thickness: 6’’
  • Layers: 2
  • Filling: memory foam
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: knitted jacquard cover, CertiPUR-US certified, infused with green tea extract and castor natural seed oil

The Zinus Green Tea Mattress gets our vote for the Best Queen Mattress Under $200, as well as Amazon’s for the Best Six-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Queen!  With two simple layers in its makeup, Zinus offer a full five inches of high-density base support foam, to increase airflow, alongside a comforting one inch of memory foam for the ultimate finish.

However, this memory foam is a unique green tea memory foam, therefore it utilizes the many soothing and calming properties of green tea throughout!  This creates a fresher and indeed safer sleeping environment while encouraging a healthier sleeping area with such natural ingredients present and active. Additionally, the inclusion of memory foam works to offer conforming support to your body throughout the night. As well as fantastic healing properties inside the Zinus mattress, there is also a knitted jacquard covering which merely serves to increase the comfort level of this model.

What’s more, by implementing green tea extracts and caster natural seed oil and infusing it within this mattress, any odors and bacteria are continually repelled. Comfort is the key to the Zinus Green Tea Mattress, but Zinus also believe this model offers improved durability and stability while conforming to your body’s natural shape every time. They back up their claims with a worry-free ten-year limited warranty.

Customers of the Zinus Green Tea Mattress love the comfort derived at such a low price and highly rate its ability to perform well even after prolonged use and after extended periods.

What stands out?

  • Green tea properties
  • Knitted jacquard cover
  • Caster natural seed oil infused
  • Comfortable throughout
  • Fresh and healthier choice

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Claims of a foam odor upon unpacking for a few days

LINENSPA Hybrid MattressBest King Mattress Under $200

  • Thickness: 8’’
  • Layers: 3
  • Filling: memory foam, inner spring
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: knit fabric cover

The LINENSPA Hybrid Mattress is our pick for the Best King Mattress Under $200. This eight-inch mattress is a hybrid model which means it combines both innersprings and memory foam together to create both a modern and more traditional overall feel and look. The innersprings are carefully covered by a 1.5-inch layer of supportive foam to provide a medium to firm feel. This makes it the perfect choice for many room types including those for the younger members of the household, as well as guest rooms or just for a more affordable comfortable bedding solution.

The memory foam layer is quilted with a soft knitted fabric mattress cover to ensure additional plushness while protecting the mattress itself. However, what the conforming foam ultimately does is work to minimize any pressure point as you sleep, doing so through its increased cushioned surface area. It then works to cradle your body to offer the penultimate in support while encouraging a more relaxed and calming night’s sleep every night.

Additionally, the increased ventilation that circulates around the innerspring layer works on keeping your temperature constant and balanced throughout, thereby improving the mattresses breathability. Linenspa also offers a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty with this model.

Customers of the LINENSPA Hybrid Mattress find this the perfect balance of both memory foam and innersprings and believe it relieves a lot of body pressure over continued use. It’s also considered a better overall choice for those younger members of the household considering its very low-price tag but improved total comfort throughout.

What are its best features?

  • Hybrid choice
  • Quilted foam layer
  • Cradles body shape
  • Good ventilation

What could be improved?

  • Some claim a faint foam odor

Oliver Smith Organic MattressBest Organic Mattress Under $200

  • Thickness: 10’’
  • Layers: 2
  • Filling: memory foam, steel coils
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: organic cotton cover, 15-gauge pocket coils, Green Foam certified

The Oliver Smith Organic Mattress is our choice on the list for the Best Organic Queen Mattress Under $200, as this is perhaps one of the higher quality mattresses on the market at a wonderfully reduced price overall! This is an organic cotton mattress which offers ten inches of thickness an is supported by two layers in its makeup. This multi-layered design aims to enhance the overall sleeping experience night after night while doing so with added luxury throughout. Six inches of this mattress is comprised of a cooling and soothing memory foam which is 100% Green Foam Certified and highly rated as a non-toxic material. It is also the more ventilated of mattress types which makes it perfect for regulating body temperature throughout your sleep. Additionally, the remaining thickness of the Oliver Smith mattress is comprised of tempered steel coils, which are all independently encased to create that perfect balance when it comes to distributing your weight evenly across the bed. This serves to relieve any problems with pressure points including those with your neck, back, shoulders, and hips. What’s more, by combining both memory foam and steel coils, motion disturbance is significantly reduced, and the overall life of your mattress is thus extended.

Customers of the Oliver Smith Organic Mattress find this not just a wonderfully affordable mattress choice but also spot on in its construction of both memory foam and steel coils. Many satisfied customers state that the comfort derived from this model is its best quality as well as its supporting capabilities.

What makes it stand out?

  • High quality cotton materials
  • Highly ventilated
  • Good thickness
  • Good support

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Springs open up pretty fast
  • Weaker supporting edge

Zinus Ultima Comfort 10 Inch Mattress, TwinBest Twin Mattress Under $200

  • Thickness: 10’’
  • Layers: 3
  • Filling: memory foam
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: CertiPUR-US certified, micro-fiber cover

The Zinus Ultima Comfort Mattress gets our vote for the Best Twin Mattress Under $200. With a ten-inch overall thickness, the many mattress layers in this model only serve to enhance its incredible sleeping properties.

Comprised of three inches of memory foam, two inches of conforming pressure relieving foam and a staggering five inches of a high-density base foam support, Zinus claim they have used only the best and highest of quality in their construction of this model. That means this mattress is a CertiPUR-US certified mattress which offers reassurance on not just its content, but also its overall performance and indeed durability.

The conforming properties of the memory foam used here also ensures that support is a high priority for those looking for a more supportive sleeping surface. This is because the memory foam layer is designed solely to mold to your natural body shape, therefore offering as near a perfect sleeping position as you can find in a mattress. In addition to such features, Zinus have implemented BioFoam amongst their memory foam material here. They believe that this natural plant oil merely serves to encourage a more natural freshness to your overall sleeping environment, especially when compared to the traditional use of petroleum.

Customers of the Zinus Ultima Comfort Mattress find this the perfect model for getting a wonderful and luxurious night’s sleep while waking in comfort and pain-free. The ability to retain a level temperature throughout the night using this mattress is also highly rated by many here.

Why did it make our list?

  • High quality materials used
  • BioFoam foam incorporated
  • Fresher sleeping surface

What is not ideal about it?

  • Foam odor claims

Best Price Mattress Memory Foam MattressBest Full-Size Mattress Under $200

  • Thickness: 6’’
  • Layers: 3
  • Filling: memory foam
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: fabric cover

The Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress is our selection for the Best Full-Size Mattress Under $200. This is a full memory foam design which benefits from three designated memory foam layers including an inch of memory foam on the top, two inches of super soft memory foam in the middle of its construction, and finally three supportive inches of memory layer below.

Best Price Mattress believe that this combination of filling offers users with the most fantastic comfort that you can possibly derive from body conforming memory foam – and ultimately gives you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud every time! This means there are no pressure points, therefore as a result of this, you can fall into a much deeper sleep, ensuring a healthier and balanced sleeping environment all-round. The memory foam used in this model is CertiPUR-US Certified and additionally offers you with isolated and reduced motion transfer. Therefore, both you and anyone else in the bed will not be disturbed as you turn over during the night!

With a ten-year limited warranty as standard, this choice is a cleaner and safer one, working to control any odors through its active charcoal ingredients, resulting in a more durable and long-sustaining mattress solution for many years to come.

Customers of the Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress find this excellent value for money but more importantly a fully supportive model which is firm enough for holding all body weights, but also cushioned sufficiently to provide comfort night after night as well, with the reduced motion stated to be very effective indeed.

Why did it make our list?

  • A cloud like feeling when sleeping!
  • Reduced motion transfer
  • 10-year warranty
  • Charcoal ingredients

What is not ideal about it?

  • Firmness and quality of material questioned

Life Home Comfort SleepBudget Pick

  • Thickness: 8’’
  • Layers: 2
  • Filling: memory foam, coils
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: 15-gauge pocket coils, GreenFoam certified, quilted fabric cover, reversible

The Life Home Comfort Sleep gets our vote for the Best Budget-Friendly Mattress Under $200. This is a combination mattress comprising of both memory foam and pocket coils in its design. With a selection of sizes to choose from, this eight-inch model offers one layer of quality memory foam and polyester layering and one layer of pocketed spring coils which are independently encased.

The result is an increased overall comfort due to its padded design as well as a wonderfully quilted fabric which finishes off the mattress and provides you with yet an additional layer of softness and snugness throughout your sleep.  Green Foam Certified, this model is a more natural choice of foam and claims to be much more comfortable than most standard mattresses as a result of its makeup. Additionally, Life Home claim that this model does not have the usual squeaking sounds that so many mattresses of this type tend to have!

The coils used here are not only superbly independently pocketed to maximize the overall design, but they are also two-sided. Therefore, durability and performance are enhanced throughout this mattress. Compressed and rolled for easy shipping, this is also a highly visually attractive mattress choice.

Customers of the Life Home Comfort Sleep Mattress initially don’t expect much from this product but are ultimately surprised that they can acquire such a wonderfully sized and indeed comforting mattress at such a low price as this! Additionally, many are amazed at how quick it expands to full size once delivered and find its overall balance just right.

What makes it stand out?

  • Great low price
  • Combination materials used
  • Less noisy!

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Claimed to be less firm than stated

Things to Consider

Hopefully, you’ll now have a better idea of the best types of mattresses under $200 on the market. However, before you look at making that final purchasing decision, why not have a read through our detailed buying guide section? Here, we offer a little more detailed information as to those essential features you need to be paying close attention to when making that final selection, expanding on what we have covered in each of the ten reviewed mattresses above.

Affordable comfort – what to expect from a $200 mattress

When you purchase a mattress for $200 or less, you should still expect to get that quality and comfort that you would do with those costlier of mattresses. At this price, you may not get a whole host of additional benefits, or be limited regarding optional extras, but you should still be reassured that you can access a mattress that is thoroughly comfortable, offers pain alleviating properties, and lasts you for many good years to come. As you can see from the many mattresses we’ve reviewed above, it’s entirely possible to get that perfect night’s sleep when selecting a mattress at this price.

Catch the filling – what do you want to sleep on?

Best Mattress Under 200You may notice that memory foam is a most popular choice of filling in many of the mattresses on the market today. However, there are indeed other mattress types besides. This may come down to personal preference, but there are roughly four main types of fillings that are the most effective, including:

Memory Foam: As stated, this is the more popular of mattress choices at present, and that is just because this type of filling offers excellent all-around support for all kinds of sleepers and therefore considered to be the most conforming type. With so many more memory mattresses being made up of different layers of unique foam types, they are becoming better at controlling your body temperature while working harder to support your entire body weight.

Latex Foam: Rather than using memory foam, latex mattresses rely on latex foam instead. This type is claimed to be the less dense of foam types as well as offering more cooling properties, which work to reduce the body’s heat throughout the night. Their varying degrees of plushness and firmness are claimed to be beneficial for most sleeping types, once again.

Innerspring: Also referred to as coils, those innerspring mattress fillings work on an internal support system of metal springs. Though these have been around for many years, they are now considered more of a personal preference of mattress filing. You will need to ensure here that the number of coils in the design of your chosen innerspring mattress relates to the type of sleeper that you are, for the ultimate in comfort throughout. This number, alongside the coil distribution in the mattress, is the determining factor as to how well this mattress type will conform to your body shape.

Hybrid: If you prefer a compromise of two types of mattress fillings, a mixture can offer just this with a combination of two or even more than two support systems in place. The most common hybrid mattress filling is memory foam and pocketed innerspring coils. This is usually designed with the idea of an innerspring in the middle of the mattress and memory foam layered on the top, and sometimes bottom, for maximum comfort. Therefore, allowing you to enjoy both together.

It’s not all the mattress. Tips on improving your bed

As well as selecting that best mattress for your needs, here are a few simple but useful tips to help you improve your bed and immediate sleeping environment:

    • Consider investing in a mattress topper for enhanced comfort.
    • Ensure your pillows are up to the task of supporting your head correctly. Keep them covered and change them on a regular basis, or once they begin to lose their original shape.
    • Look at selecting those sheets best suited to creating a more relaxing bed surface. Experiment with an array of fabric types until you find one that is ideally suited to your needs. Then, change them on a regular basis, as there’s nothing more comforting than sleeping in clean, fresh sheets!
    • Spend as much as you can possibly afford on the best mattress type for your requirements. Don’t skimp on quality here.
    • Try layering up your bed with various blankets and throws, alongside cushions and extra pillows, to create a more alluring look.
    • Try adding an electric blanket or hot water bottle to your bed for a short time just before you climb into bed for the night.
    • Place a lamp at the side of your bed which takes off the harshness of the rooms main lighting, but which also allows you to read and relax before bedding down for the night.

Features to consider while buying the perfect affordable mattress

We believe that when purchasing an ideal and affordable mattress, there are several features that you should take into consideration when selecting the best model under $200. Each mattress will claim to provide a range of different properties from that of its competitors, but we feel that it’s vital that you understand fully what such features can do for your individual needs and choose the best one for your own requirements. All our reviewed models here are selected for their support, comfort, and practical features, which we explain a little further in this section.


Though you may have been feeling somewhat limited with the dimensions of mattresses available at this price, hopefully, these reviews have shown you otherwise! Most companies will offer a range of all the standard sizes of mattresses even under the $200, with Queen, King and Twin sizes considered here. Don’t be tempted to compromise on size and stick with the mattress type which fits your bed, rather than reduce its size to accommodate your budget – as the long-term effects won’t be favorable. The Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress is available in full size, with the Zinus Ultima Comfort in Twin Size. What’s more, the Oliver Smith Organic Mattress and Zinus Green Tea Mattress are Queen sized, with the LINENSPA Hybrid Mattress is a staggering King Sized!

Thickness and layers

Best Mattress Under 200The number of layers in your mattress will determine its thickness. The thicker the mattress is, the more it should be able to cope with the common problem of mattress sagging. This is particularly important if your mattress has to support the body weight of two people. However, you do not want to go for something which is overly thick as anything over the average of nine inches thick will most likely be merely for show and prove near impossible to climb on and off each time! All reviewed mattresses here offer what we believe to be the best level of thickness, that is between a minimum of 6 inches to a maximum of around ten inches for the best body alignment and increased comfort.


As we’ve mentioned before, there are a variety of fillings to choose from when purchasing a mattress at this price, as with all other standard mattresses. However, though you may have a preference for one here, it’s best to make sure the properties of your mattress fillings can work on offering maximum comfort, correct spinal alignment, and body posture throughout the night.

The Olee Sleep Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress is a perfect choice here with a gel infused memory foam in its makeup – but we have also reviewed a couple of hybrids here in the shape of the Life Home Comfort Sleep, the Oliver Smith Organic Mattress, and the LINENSPA Hybrid Mattress.

Motion transfer

A mattress which specifies motion transfer in its description works to aid your sleeping environment in two ways. Firstly, it encourages you to discover a perfect sleeping position and then work on making this the most comfortable as possible, so when you do turn over during the night, you do not get hot, agitated, or flustered and are more likely to stay in a deeper sleep and at a stable temperature as a result.

Secondly, motion transfer properties are perfect for those sharing a bed. Often the bugbear of many couples, if one person has a tendency to toss and turn during the night, motion transfer ensures the other person doesn’t have to endure the process as well – creating a winning situation for both!


Problems arise with a mattress when the surface temperature starts to match that of your own body temperature. As we sleep, we all tend to overheat or indeed become too cold as the night wears on. In fact, the most common causes of disrupted sleep are from those periods where we overheat and wake throughout the night often sweating or suffering from hot flushes. To create the perfect sleeping environment, our body temperature needs to stay stable and regulated throughout the night. Nowadays, most mattresses work on offering maximum ventilation and breathable materials to ensure that our body temperature stays balanced throughout our sleep and, as a consequence, we are more likely to sleep right through.


The firmness of your mattress may be once again a personal preference, from anything such as plush to extra firm. However, if you find yourself waking up with more aches and pains in the morning, the result is more than likely because you have the wrong firmness of mattress for your particular body type or sleeping type. Some people believe that a rock-solid mattress is the only way to iron out any aches and pains, but this can be extremely problematic if, for example, you are a front sleeper.

The idea is to select a mattress type that suits your sleeping position, such as a softer and plusher of mattress types for those lightweight body types and those who tend to sleep on their side. For those who are heavier or prefer to sleep on their back or stomach, a firmer mattress type is recommended. Each mattress should ideally offer a guide to the level of its firmness with a recommendation as to which body types and sleepers would benefit from it.


Best Mattress Under 200If you prefer to have some sort of edging around your bed, you may want to search for a mattress with an encasement around its perimeter. There are foam encasements which you can utilize here if you find yourself sleeping a little too close to the edge of your mattress and want some added assurance.


Though each supplier cannot guarantee the longevity of their mattress as such, as a guide, the average mattress should aim to give you around seven good years, provided it is kept in good condition and looked after. Experts certainly don’t recommend going any longer than ten years, when it comes to the ongoing health of your mattress. However, though memory foam mattresses are said to be the longer lasting mattress types, it’s worth bearing in mind that innersprings don’t have that long a lifespan, and you could find yourself replacing them much earlier than is standard. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care best for your new mattress to ensure a prolonged lifespan.


Though memory foam and latex mattresses are known for their reduced noise properties, the innersprings and some hybrid of mattress types obviously have a little bit of noise in them when you move around on their surface. Though it shouldn’t necessarily be a huge problem, it is worth remembering, especially over time, with such mattress types as it could become a problem later on as you turn throughout the night and listen to the repetitive squeaking and moaning of your mattress!


A warranty is an excellent idea for a mattress, even at this reduced price as it offers an additional assurance and peace of mind should you find yourself having to have it replaced or repaired. All of these reviewed products provide a ten-year warranty on their models, and this is a perfectly adequate period for such lower priced models.


There are many tell-tale signs that you should look out for that indicate when you may need a new mattress. Experts recommend automatically buying a new one no later than ten years each time, with seven years an estimated average, but almost immediately when you spot signs such as:

  • Lumps and bumps
  • Grooves and indentations
  • Considerable staining
  • Tears
  • Broken springs
  • Waking with aches and pains

It is not essential to change your box spring every time you replace your mattress, provided that it’s still in good condition. You may find some suppliers offering good deals which encourage you to buy both the mattress and box spring at a reduced price, but if yours is okay, there is no need.

A firm memory foam mattress is often the better choice for a heavier person as it will not sag easily and offer the best support throughout the night. However, it’s also worth taking a look at the frame you use here and opting for a sturdy bed frame as well to enhance your sleeping environment.

Our Verdict

By now, we hope that you feel entirely confident and better informed about selecting a good quality mattress for under the $200 mark. We also expect our buying guide has highlighted some beneficial features for you to consider before parting with your money. If you are still in search of a mattress to suit your needs and purse, you might want to extend your budget to look for the options under 300, 500 or 1000 dollars.

Our top-rated and Editor’s choice here is the Olee Sleep Aquarius Memory Foam Mattress, as we believe it is incredibly well made and thoroughly supportive offering a near perfect sleeping solution.

Our second choice here is the Signature Sleep Contour Coil Mattress, as it’s perhaps one of the more affordable of coil mattresses on the market which offers pro-longed durability due to its reversible aspect.

Finally, we’ve selected the Milliard Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress as our third choice for its ability to provide a foldable mattress which is also comprised of conforming memory foam as well.

In conclusion, all these reviewed mattresses are great additions to the home and prove that it is indeed possible to get a supportive and comfortable mattress for under $200, which can last you for many years to come.

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