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Sleeping in a recreational van doesn’t have to mean compromising your comfort. But already, the process of choosing a mattress for your home bed is a complicated task. Currently, there are countless brands of mattresses. Knowing which mattress to buy and which is the best option can be a real headache. And when it comes to buying the best RV mattress for nights of your getaways, it’s not always an easy choice. You want a mattress that can absorb shocks and not turn you around as the van travels.

In this in-depth article, we have 13 of the best models on the market, as well as a buying guide which you’ll find useful. Each of these mattresses was picked based on qualitative criteria such as the best type for an RV, the right firmness and layers; the thickness and sizes available. You want to make a purchase and we want you to do it in a few minutes. Without further ado, check out the overview of each of our recommended mattresses for RV in the comparison table below:

Top 13 RV Mattresses Review 2021


Brooklyn Signature Hybrid MattressEditor’s Choice

  • Type: foam
  • Profile thickness: 11 inches
  • Layers: TitanFlex foam, Energex™ foam, PCM surface infusion of TitaniumGel™, individually encased Ascension™ coils, high-density foam base, quilted top layer
  • Sizes: 14 sizes available
  • Firmness: soft, medium, firm
  • Warranty: 10-year limited, 120-nights free trial

More features: top foam layers are treated with a cooling surface infusion

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature has a hybrid construction. It is a mattress with a mix of foam layers and coils. The bottom of the mattress has a layer of 1-inch support foam. This then transitions to pocketed coils which measure 6 inches. And above this, you have a patented foam layer from the brand, which is known as TitanFlex. This is a more responsive layer found between the foam’s top layer and the coils.

Mattresses which have infused coils such as this are perfect for sleepers with bugger bodies. They are better for this situation than all-foam types of mattresses.

The mattress feels very soft than normal initially but after Night 1, it should be in top shape. And speaking of Night 1, that’s the first of 120 nights that you get to try this mattress out before you’re officially stuck with it. So you get a full 4 months to sleep on it and if you decide that you don’t like it within any point in that trial window, just have it sent back.

What do we love it for? The Signature is offered in three different firmness. They have a soft model which is pretty soft – probably too soft for most people – unless you’re a side sleeper or someone that needs a lot of pressure relief. Then the medium model, which is the most popular one, is a little firmer. It is our best foam mattress for RV.

What could be better: The Brooklyn Bedding Signature comes with no significant downside which we think requires improvement, but for the fact that it’s that much popular among buyers, that sometimes it might be out of stock.

What were we disappointed with?

  • Sometimes out of stock


  • Type: foam
  • Profile thickness: 13.5 inches
  • Layers: CopperFlex foam, TitanFlex foam, patented phase change molecule surface infusion of TitanCool, Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, individually encased Ascension X™ coils, high-density foam, smart fabric cover
  • Sizes: 9 sizes available
  • Firmness: soft, medium, firm
  • Warranty: 10-year limited, 120-nights free trial

More features: cooling gel beads

The second of many other Brooklyn Bedding mattresses we’ll see, the Aurora is a bit similar to Signature. This is because it is also a hybrid mattress made of TitanFlex foam. The brand is known for its high-quality mattresses. It is a brand that’s based out of Phoenix Arizona. But their Aurora mattress is one of their most popular models and honestly, our best RV mattress when it comes to the value for money offered.

First off, with Brooklyn Bedding Aurora, you get completely free shipping. This is quite possibly the coldest sleeping mattress on the market right now. The temperature regulation is probably the biggest reason to get the Aurora mattress, especially if you’ll need it for on-the-go purposes, perhaps for summer camping. Inside the bed, you have at the very base dense, a support foam. And then, you have eight inches pocketed coils. These are different from inner springs. Mattresses with pocketed coils are better than in-springs. It does a much better job of limiting motion transfer. So when you press on one side, it’s not necessarily going to affect the other side of the bed. It’s so much better in terms of motion isolation.

As you transition up, you have one-inch of gel memory foam. And then, you have one of their proprietary foams which they call TitanFlex foam. That’s two inches and it is a neutral soft foam. 

Why did it make our list? It has cooling technologies built inside. The bed makes you sleep cooler. Also, it does a surprisingly good job of isolating motion for a coil bed. It also does a decent job in terms of edge support. It’s good for hot sleepers that want a comfy foam feel.

What could be better: It’s not great for people that want an especially firm mattress. That’s not all; if you feel cold already, especially in winter, it’s not going to be a great pickup because it’s going to make you colder. So, don’t take it in your van for winter camping.


Sleepez Latex RV MattressBudget Pick

  • Type: premium latex
  • Profile thickness: 6 or 9 inches
  • Layers: cotton, latex, high-density support foam
  • Sizes: 6 sizes available
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: universal fit, family-operated company

The Sleep EZ RV mattress is made of premium latex with a profile thickness option of 6 or 9 inches. It’s not a 100% natural latex mattress. However, it’s primarily a latex mattress and it’s a flippable, dual-sided mattress. That means on one side, you get a softer feel and on the other side, you get a firmer feel. Each side has a channeled quilted cover and this is an organic cotton cover. Below each is a certified foam which gives it a much more plush feel.

One thing that’s a little bit different about this company is that they do not offer up to a 100-day free trial. They have a 90-day trial and within those 90 days, if you want to return it, they will charge a $99 restocking fee. When you purchase this, it does come with a generous warranty over the lifetime of the product and it comes in a box.

Because it’s latex, it’s a significantly heavier mattress than most memory foams. So, it definitely will take two people to get it into your RV. However, it is conveniently packed in a box.

The latex is sourced from one of the four major latex suppliers globally. So it’s a very good quality latex. On the firmness level, it is best describes as medium-firm, but Sleep EZ is trying to achieve a medium feel at the softest here. However, on a medium feel, this feels a little bit softer than an all-latex medium because of the memory foam.

What we liked: The Sleep EZ Latex Mattress is an RV mattress that eliminates pressure points in the body by up to 90%. It dramatically reduces the frequency of tossing and turning which causes insomnia and dramatically reduces tossing and turning. It ensures a more comfortable and sound sleep. Unlike most latex mattresses, the product is less expensive.

What cons did we find? The mattress is significantly heavier.

  • Type: natural latex
  • Profile thickness: 8 inches
  • Layers: cotton, natural latex, CertiPUR certified Plush foam layer
  • Sizes: 6 sizes available
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Warranty: 20-year limited, 100-nights free trial

More features: hypo-allergenic, odor-free, cooling function

This is an all-natural latex construction with different layers. The cover is made from organic cotton. It’s really soft, giving a cozy feeling. Also, the cover is quilted with some wool which is going to provide some immediate softness for some pressure relief.

The mattress features a cotton cover, natural latex, and CertiPUR-certified Plush foam layer. It features latex layers which are a balancing material with a quick response to pressure.

That quick response to pressure means you will sink in, while not getting stuck or having a contoured feeling. One of the advantages of latex is that it’s known for dissipating body heat. So, it won’t really trap heat the way that you might expect out of memory foam. This helps you have a sleep experience that is a little bit cooler. To help with that all these, the layers are actually aerated with holes that are going to help for airflow through the mattress.

Again, for temperature regulation and cooling, the mattress is layered with varying firmness. It starts with a softer material up top which is going to sink in to a medium firmness for a bit of transition. The mattress has a light core made of Plush foam that is CertiPUR-certified. And, finally, at the base is the firmest layer of down latex for support. It acts as the base of the mattress.

It comes with a 100-night free trial period, a 20-year warranty, and shipping is free. It will arrive compressed in a box.

What we liked: We are recommending this mattress, first, because it’s bouncy latex and it has a really quick response to pressure. So, you don’t have to worry about feeling stuck when you’re changing positions. We also love the product because it helps you sleep cool. If you are worried about overheating during the middle of a night, latex is a good material for you. It does do a good job of dissipating body heat.

What are the flaws? The PlushBeds mattress is more expensive than other memory foam mattresses. However, this is because of the natural latex material. Also, it is heavier than normal mattresses.

  • Type: Gel memory foam
  • Profile thickness: 8 inches
  • Layers: breathable cover, gel memory foam, CertiPUR certified Plush foam layer
  • Sizes: 6 sizes available
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Warranty: 20-year limited, 100-nights free trial

More features: hypo-allergenic, odor-free, 30% cooler sleeping surface, environmentally friendly gel composition

If you are looking for the best night’s sleep, you need to consider body temperature. Body temperature is extremely important as restlessness and insomnia have been associated with higher body temperatures. And most mattresses sold online tend to build up heat overnight, leaving you tossing and turning.

The PlushBeds Cool Bliss memory foam mattress is made with a revolutionary design that normalizes your body temperature through the night. In order to get the most comfortable and restful night’s sleep, each Cool Bliss mattress features four exclusive technologies that provide the perfect balance of comfort support and temperature regulation. The innovation begins to surface with the PlushBeds’ four-way stretch.

The advanced fiber technology optimizes the flow of heat and wicks moisture away from your body to keep you cool and refresh throughout the night. Just beneath the cover is a generous comfort layer of PlushBeds’ patented dual-action gel memory foam. It draws heat away from the body three times faster than a competitor’s foam while offering body-conforming comfort for deeper sound sleep. Next is a resilient support layer of the world’s finest natural latex which offers a depression-free floating sensation found only in latex that is 100% natural. This layer works to provide more support where your body needs it along with years of long-lasting protection against body indentations.

Pair your cool bliss mattress with an adjustable bed foundation in your RV for superior comfort, whether you’re sitting up, reclining and relaxing, or lying down. Every Cool Bliss mattress comes with free shipping and her famous 100-night risk-free trial.

What makes it stand out? You can sleep with comfort and confidence because the mattress is CertiPUR and GREENGUARD Gold certified. It meets the world’s most rigorous emission standards. This makes it beneficial to children and the elderly as it reduces Lucien and creates healthier environments. It is easily our best memory foam mattress for RV.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The mattress has a strong odor when it’s newly bought. Although this is harmless and not a manufacturing problem, but due to the nature of memory foam.



  • Type: all-foam
  • Profile thickness: 10 inches
  • Layers: Energex™ foam, transitional layer, high-density base foam
  • Sizes: 14 sizes available
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Warranty: 10-year limited, 120-nights free trial

More features: hybrid version available

The Bowery Hybrid is a 10-inch mattress available in hybrid and all-foam versions. The cover is made from a polyester blend. The comfort layers of the all-foam version consist of 3 inches of Energex™ foam, over two inches of transitional later foam, and 5 inches of high-density base foam.

The support core is made up of six inches of pocketed coils on top of a base of one inch of high-density polyfoam. The Bowery Hybrid comes in about a 6 ½ on the firmness scale, making it a medium-firm mattress. The feel of this version of the mattress is a hybrid so it will be a little more responsive than an all-foam mattress. But there are only three inches in the comfort layers. So, it won’t be as conforming as a memory foam mattress or some of the thicker hybrids on the market.

The support provided by the mattress is better for average and heavyweight sleepers. The mattress does a decent job of absorbing motion, especially for the hybrid. This mattress provides ample support for all sleeper weights when sitting on and sleeping close to the edge of the bed. It gives sleepers ample pressure relief from the mattress.

On temperature neutrality, the mattress sleeps fairly cool. Two factors play a part in this. The hybrid construction with pocketed coils and three inches of foams in the comfort layer allows for plenty of breathabilities throughout the mattress. We recommend the Bowery Hybrid for couples, because of its great edge support and motion isolation. It’s suitable for back and stomach sleepers and those who tend to heat up at night. It comes with a 100-night sleep trial, ships free, and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

What we liked: We like the feel of the mattress. It allows for less trapped body heat. The hybrid version is a bit conforming but a little bit more responsive than the all-foam mattress.

What could be better: It only comes in one firmness option. So if you know you like a particularly firm or particularly soft bed, this is not going to be the choice for you because you’ve only got one option.

  • Type: memory foam
  • Profile thickness: 8 inches
  • Layers: memory foam, CertiPUR certified Plush foam layer, stretch bamboo cover with zipper
  • Sizes: 6 sizes available
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Warranty: 20-year limited, 100-nights free trial

More features: hypo-allergenic, absorbing the shock of body movement, odor-free, the cooling function

Without a doubt, this is a mattress that will allow you to have great bedtime even in your RV. It offers an excellent relationship between quality and price. It offers a medium-firm texture. At the same time, it has a core with supportive Plush foam, which offers a great rest. This mattress has hygienic treatments that keep it free of mites, bacteria, and even very easy to clean stains.  Yet, it is tested and certified by independent scientific laboratories to meet stringent chemical emission requirements.

The mattress has a high degree of firmness, which is why it is recommended for sleeping on the back. Thanks to the fact that it adapts to your body, it helps you avoid muscle tension, which favors healthy and restorative rest. In addition, being a thermoregulatory mattress, it is sensitive to the body and environmental temperature, which will allow you to have a pleasant rest without feeling too hot.

It is a model that works very well for both winter and summer. This is because it has layers of foam that are ideal for each season. It is available in different sizes; which includes RV Special, King-size, Queen-size, Twin size, Queen Short, and Full size.

What do we love it for? The mattress is 30% cooler than most traditional memory foam. It also dissipates heat faster. Because you can use it reversibly, you can have a pleasant rest regardless of the time of year. In addition, with its layer padding system, you can have an ideal temperature for sleeping.

What could be better: Some users have reported that the memory foam sometimes might not function properly.

  • Type: foam
  • Profile thickness: 6 inches
  • Layers: CertiPUR certified Plush foam layer, stretch knit fabric
  • Sizes: 6 sizes available
  • Firmness: medium
  • Warranty: 20-year limited, 100-nights free trial

More features: hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly, odor-free, the cooling function

The PlushBeds 6″ Original MobilePlush is an RV mattress made of Plush foam and a stretch-knit fabric. Made in the USA with high-quality standards, the model is certified by CertiPUR. This means the mattress has low emissions and is safe for use indoors and in the RVs. It also doesn’t include lead, heavy metals, and prohibited phthalates. It consists of no toxic additives or fillers. It emits no gasses or odor, even during the first period of use. This is thanks to the use of the Fresh Foam Technology.

The Plush foam material offers more superior pressure relief, eliminating pressure points and distributing the sleeper’s body weight. It provides supports for the sleeper’s shoulders, back, hips, and knees.

The RV mattress has a dense close-knit cell structure which guarantees a no-sag use. It will always get back to the original shape after use. This also ensures you can start using the mattress a few hours after unpacking it.

What stands out?  It has a firmness between medium-soft and medium. So it is ideally for all types of sleepers, especially for side sleepers. It’s however not suitable for stomach or back sleepers.

What cons did we manage to find? It doesn’t have the required firmness for stomach sleepers.


ISWEES Air MattressBest Air Mattress

  • Type: air
  • Profile thickness: 5.1 inches
  • Layers: composite breathable double-sided surface layer polymer corduroy bed surface, suede dense material
  • Sizes: 1 size available
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Warranty: n/a

More features: 650 lbs weight capacity, suitable for 2-3 adults, up to -25°C cold-resistant, accessories included, 10-15 sec of inflation, universal use

Are you a nature explorer? You like to go to the mountains, rivers, and lakes and you are looking for a small, compact, and lightweight RV/camping mattress that is also resistant to punctures, water, and other factors. Then, the ISWEES Air Mattress is probably what you need. It’s a car bed mattress that is suitable for SUVs, RVs, trucks, and many more. Made for two to three persons, it is an air bed made for kids and adults.

This individual model can tolerate up to 650 lbs of weight. It has a good holding capacity so you don’t wake up with your back glued to the ground and needing to repump in the dead of the night.

It is made of a composite breathable polymer corduroy surface with a suede dense material. However, its 12.1 width may not allow you to stretch much when sleeping. We liked its resistance to punctures, even on uneven terrain, which makes it reliable and versatile. However, the material with which it is made is somewhat slippery so you may slip a bit when sleeping.

It comes with a car air pump and requires no extra tool to inflate. Its filling time is quite fast (2-3 minutes). It does not lose air even after several days of use. This inflatable bed also stands out for its practicality to carry, as it only weighs 7.6 lbs. And when stored in its bag, it is so compact that it can be carried in the side pocket of the backpack.

What we liked: It does not lose air even after several days of use. It does not require electrical elements to inflate. It is extremely light, compact when folded, yet, can accommodate up to three people. It is the best air mattress for RV.

What could be better: The material with which it is made is somewhat slippery so you may slip a bit when sleeping.

  • Type: memory foam
  • Profile thickness: 10 inches
  • Layers: Air Infused Foam, extra thick High-Density Firm Support Base, poly-cotton blend
  • Sizes: 8 sizes available
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Warranty: 20-year limited

More features: free memory foam pillow, non-toxic, breathable, CertiPUR-US Certified

The Live & Sleep Resort Classic is 10 inches thick in total. It has a very basic design. The base layer here is seven and a half inches of polyurethane foam. It’s very springy and firm layers are pretty common among foam mattresses. On top of that, we have 2½ inches of memory foam. It’s extremely soft and it takes a while to get that air form back its shape when pressed.

The layers include a thick, high-density, but firm support base, air-infused foam, and a blend of polycotton. Living Sleep mattresses are an online-only retailer whose mattresses are entirely made in the US. There’s a 30 days sleep trial on the classic mattress and a 20-year warranty.

Overall it has a very basic, no-frills design. The way the memory foam layer reacts to pressure is amazing. When applied pressure, it takes a moment to regain its original shape. This mattress has a medium firmness. You can feel the memory foam layer forming around your body. It fills in space behind, beneath your lower back. For persons with big bodies, the weights are evenly distributed. So, you won’t feel like you’re sinking in too much.

What we liked: This mattress would be a great fit for someone looking for a no-frills mattress on a smaller budget. It also includes a bonus memory foam pillow. We think it’s probably best for back and stomach sleepers.

What could be better: Maybe you don’t need the mattress for 10 years. It gets uneven with time.


Zinus Memory Foam 5 Inch Cot SizeBest Bio Mattress

  • Type: memory foam
  • Profile thickness: 5 inches
  • Layers: Bio-Foam, memory foam, high-density support foam
  • Sizes: 2 sizes available
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Warranty: 10-year limited, 100-nights free trial

More features: ActiveCharcoal, CertiPUR-US certified, natural green tea extract

The Zinus Memory Foam is a mattress that will offer you hotel-level comfort at a low cost. It is a completely breathable and flippable model. It will allow body temperature to be regulated depending on the time of year, continuously renewing the air inside and reducing the temperature.

Consisting of levels of bio Foam, memory foam, and high-density support foam, this offers a medium-high degree of firmness. It helps you have great comfort and optimal adaptability, avoiding muscle tension while you sleep. In this way, you can have a healthy and restful rest.

It is a mattress manufactured in China, but it complies with all current regulations and has all the necessary verifications. In any case, it has materials, which offer great thermoregulatory capacity and is completely breathable.

This is a model that has a core made of high-density memory foam with a thickness of 5 inches. It means you’re going to sink far into it. However, it traps a little bit of body heat. If you are someone that tends to overheat during the middle of the night, you might want to be careful with a memory foam mattress such as this.

What we liked: We like the activated charcoal (ActiveCharcoal) treatment in it. This helps keep the mattress fresh and clean, providing superior thermal absorption. This treatment also helps it to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and makes it antiallergic.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The mattress could be thicker than its 5 inches size. It’s not as comfortable as other memory foam mattresses reviewed earlier.


Drive Medical Quick'n Easy Comfort MattressBest Medical Grade

  • Type: polyurethane foam
  • Profile thickness: 6 inches
  • Layers: fluid-resistant nylon, polyurethane foam
  • Sizes: 1 size available
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Warranty: 14-days return policy

More features: meets flammability standard CFR 1632 and CFR 1633, compression technology, non-slip bottom, 4 corner straps, two one-side carry handles

The Drive Medical Quick’n Easy is a polyurethane foam mattress that comes at an under 200 price. The cover is made of fluid-resistant nylon and the inner foam is made of PU foam that doesn’t include latex. The bottom is non-slip and there are four corner straps that keep the mattress very secure, making it suitable for use in the van while on the go.

The durable material offers good comfort and support. You also have two-side carry handles which make lifting and transportation easier.

It is compressible, thanks to the compression technology, which lets you have a 14 x 14 x 37.5 inches dimensions, convenient for transportation and delivery.

The nylon cover is not only fluid-resistant but is removable. This means it’s possible to remove it and machine-wash it. The cover is also vapor permeable. This protects the sleeper’s skin from moisture and friction.

The mattress meets the flammability standards of the CFR 1632 and 1633.

What we liked: The mattress has a comfortable feel and possesses the advantages of mattresses with latex rubber. However, it doesn’t include latex which may be allergenic. It is one of the best cheap RV mattress models.

What could be better: The mattress is not waterproof as advertised, but water resistant. The material is not organic as well.


Brooklyn Bedding PLANKBest Two-Sided Model

  • Type: foam
  • Profile thickness: 11.25 inches
  • Layers: TitanFlex foam, high-density foam base, quilted top, and bottom layers
  • Sizes: 14 sizes available
  • Firmness: Extra firm and firm sides
  • Warranty: 10-year limited, 120-nights free trial

More features: optional cooling panel

When talking about the feel of this Plank, it’s important to note that this product was designed specifically for those that are looking for a really firm mattress. The Plank consists of TitanFlex foam, high-density foam base, quilted top, and bottom layers. It is a flippable mattress. Below the high-density polyfoam is two inches of Titanflex foam. If you’re flipping this over, this is going to give it more of a 7 out of 10 firmness, so still a supportive mattress but a little bit softer. Titanflex is known as a latex alternative.

It is technically a flippable mattress with one side designed to be firm. Regardless of which side you have up, you’re going to get strong support to help keep your hips from sinking too far into the mattress.

Laying on it, you don’t sink into the mattress at all. Your hips will be right in line with the rest of your back. The best RV mattress for back pain, it is for you if you are a strict back sleeper and you want that firm support even while in the RV. You don’t want to feel like you’re sinking into the mattress at all; the Plank is going to be a good choice for you there.

Why are we impressed? Stomach sleepers tend to need firm support to keep their hips from sinking into the mattress because it’ll bow their back. With the strong support of the Plank, it does a great job of keeping the hips and spine aligned in a good position. That’s something that a lot of foam mattresses cannot provide for stomach sleepers.

What could be better: A lot of foam mattresses can give you that trapped-in-the-layers feeling, but that’s definitely not the case here with the Plank. Side sleepers tend to prefer softer mattresses so you can sink in for pressure relief. There’s no sinking into the Plank at all. It’s a really firm mattress, so I would say it’s probably not the best bet for side sleepers.

Things to Consider

You can use memory foam, latex, or an inflatable bed in your campsite, to rest on a terrace to enjoy a starry sky, sleep during a motorhome trip, or to camp on the beach or in the mountains. We’ve seen the best-rated RV mattress. And perhaps you need additional information that might help you during your purchase. It is important that you know the key characteristics that differentiate the different types of RV mattresses that exist on the market. In view of these, here in this section, we’ll present to you complete information that will cover the features to consider and what these types of mattresses are. Keep reading!

What is an RV mattress?

13 Best RV Mattresses - Sound Sleep at Any Place You Go

An RV mattress is suitable for those who want a lot of comfort when spending the night in an RV, motorhome, or tent. There are different sizes; from twin beds to short queen, queen, and king bed size. They are also made of different materials such as memory foam, PU foam, latex, inflatable polymers, or a hybrid of materials.

Oftentimes, you wake up in the middle of a journey in the RV and your limbs ache. Without a good RV mattress, a long journey in an RV or a night out in a tent can quickly turn into a nightmare. Your body is simply used to the cozy, warm, and soft mattress at home. But an RV mattress solves all the problems as it can give you a home or even hotel-level comfort. With the right underlay or bed support, deep and healthy sleep is guaranteed.

RV types

Now that you’re planning to get your camping items, you need a suitable recreational vehicle to convey your family or friends, as well as the items. Be prepared and patient before buying your first recreational vehicle (RV).  This sub-section will help you in your research to stay focused on your goals and thus eliminate unproductive excursions into fantasy land.

So, what is an RV, and what type of RV is right for you? An RV (short for Recreational Vehicle) is the nickname given to the entire family of vehicles that are suitable for moving around in a living space. These are vehicles that can be used for recreation, camping, and travel. Some of them simply have a place to sleep and eat while others literally offer the equivalent of a luxury suite on wheels.

Motor home vehicles

These are also known as motor homes or motorized RVs. The advantages of a motor vehicle are characterized by having everything under one unit: your home and your means of transport. While on the move, passengers can eat, watch a video, sleep, or just sit in the back of the vehicle. The RVers with families particularly appreciate being able to take their children on the trip. Once installed on a campsite, your motorhome transforms from transporter to home in minutes. Just level your RV, hook up to available water, electricity, and sewer systems, and voila! However, generally more expensive than towed RVs, motorized vehicles do not always provide the flexibility necessary for making short trips or for racing.

Towed RVs

These are commonly referred to as 5th wheel, trailers, tent trailers, and campers. The main advantage of any tow vehicle is that when you reach your destination, the towed RV can simply be detached from the towing vehicle (usually a pickup, van, or just an automobile).

The Class A, B, and C motorhomes

Motorized recreational vehicles (RVs) can be of the Class A motorized, Class B motorized, or Class C motorized type depending on their manufacture. In order to be assigned one of these classes, each of these recreational vehicles (RVs) must be self-propelled. That is, they must be driven by their own engine power.

Class A RV

This is the biggest, the most equipped, and the most luxurious of the motorized RVs. It’s sometimes recognized as the “conventional motorized” vehicles. The Class A RV is virtually “home away from home” on wheels. Adequately equipped, it is suitable for both long vacations and shorter hikes. Built on a chassis specially designed for this type of vehicle, the Class A RV provides smoothness and stability on the road while providing its occupants with the most comfortable RV camping experience possible.

Motorized Class A Specifications

  • Dimensions: 21 to 40 feet.
  • Price range: varies considerably between $150,000 and $400,000 but can reach $ 900,000 or more.
  • Lodge: Up to 10 people, depending on style and model.

Class B RV

Frequently identified as a camper van, a Class B RV is more or less a commercial van for which the interior has been modified to include a rest area, a section for food, and a bathroom.

Erected from a commercial pickup truck, the Class B RV provides smoothness and stability on the road. It provides its occupants with a very comfortable RV camping experience. The special features of a Class B RV include innovative living space and storage possibilities, making this type of RV an ideal choice for shorter trips.

Motorized Class B Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16 to 21 feet.
  • Price range: varies between $45,000 and $100,000.
  • Lodge: Up to 4 people, depending on style and model.

Class C RV

13 Best RV Mattresses - Sound Sleep at Any Place You Go

Sometimes referred to as mini-motorized, a Class C RV offers many of the amenities of a Class A RV but on a smaller scale and at a lower price. Erected on a van chassis specially developed for the concept of pairing with the driver’s cabin, the Class C RV provides smoothness and stability on the road. It provides its occupants with a very comfortable RV camping experience.

Motorized Class C    Specifications

  • Dimensions: 20 to 28 feet.
  • Price range: varies widely, from as little as $55,000 to as high as $ 160,000 or more.
  • Lodges: Up to 6 people, depending on the make and model.

Towed recreational vehicles (RVs)

There are 4 main types of towed recreational vehicles (RVs); caravan tents (trailer tent), classic trailer, fifth-wheel trailers, and mounted trailers. You can make a choice depending on your taste and your budget. Below are some types of towed RVs.

Caravan tent

A tent trailer is a unit comprising a tent with folding side panels inside a light frame on wheels. It is ideal for transport or storage. The Tent Trailer have the tent camping experience with the ergonomics, amenities, and weather protective features you can find in the other styles of RVs. The cost of the tent trailer is the lowest of any type of RV and at the same time offers similar amenities of other types of RVs.

Caravan Trailer Specifications

  • Dimensions: 15 to 26 feet when open (8 to 12 feet when closed).
  • Price range: varies between $ 5,500 and $ 20,000 or more.
  • Lodges: Up to 8 people, depending on the model and interior design.

Classic caravan

The trailer is one of the most versatile types of RV family. The more compact, being 12 feet in length, can be easily towed by a car. Meanwhile, the more luxurious and more equipped can reach up to 36 feet in length and requires, as the towing vehicle, a type of larger truck that is strong like a pickup or an SUV. A trailer is a non-motorized unit intended to be towed by a car, van, SUV, or pickup through an anchoring system. The trailer provides all the necessary comfort and is perfect for weekend getaways, family vacations, and/or “full-timing”. Larger trailers offer many of the advantages of a Class A RV. Depending on its length and interior design, a trailer can accommodate up to 10 people, making this vehicle ideal for larger families.

Trailer Specifications

  • Dimensions: 12 to 36 feet (not including towing vehicle).
  • Price range: varies widely and can reach $80,000 or more.
  • Lodges: Up to 10 people, depending on style and model.

Fifth-wheel caravan

This has two levels of living space. The raised side at the front overlooking the master bedroom has a so-called male anchoring system. This is intended to be fixed in the bed of a pick-up style truck. The two levels of this unit thus maximize the potential of living space depending on the length of this type of RV. With all the usual RV comfort, the fifth wheel is ideal for “full-timing”.

Fifth wheel Specifications

  • Dimensions: 21 to 40 feet (not including the towing vehicle).
  • Price range: varies widely and can reach $100,000 or more.
  • Lodges: Up to 8 people, depending on style and model.

Camper mounted caravan

The camper mounted caravan is a unit that fits inside the bed and on the roof of a pickup style truck. The mounted caravan was popularized by its maneuverability for trips into more difficult or more remote terrain and for family camping.

A mounted caravan is ideal for someone who already owns a truck – the transition to the world of RVs will be easier. The most recent mounted caravans offer the possibility of having an extension, thus providing a little more living space to its occupants.

Mounted Caravan Specifications

  • Dimensions: 15 to 26 feet when open (8 to 12 feet when closed)
  • Price range: varies and can go up to $40,000 or more.
  • Lodges: Up to 8 people, depending on the model and interior design.

Features to consider before you buy an RV mattress

13 Best RV Mattresses - Sound Sleep at Any Place You Go

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate the best RV mattresses. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a certain product is right for you or not.


There are mainly three types of RV mattresses. Using their materials to differentiate them, they include the inflatable, the latex, and the memory foam mattresses.

Inflatable mattress

This is probably the most economical but it may not be a good solution for all vans. It is best on smaller sized vans which need the interior space during the day. You can find good inflatable mattresses for your van at a good price and of different qualities. There is an ideal inflatable bed for every occasion. Some are designed for very specific purposes, while others are more versatile in use. These are the types you will find:

  • Inflatable camping mattress: These are mattresses designed for use in a small RV, for camping on the beach, or in the mountains. They are designed to be easy to carry, so they are usually very They are waterproof and made of high-resistance vinyl, so they can hardly suffer punctures caused by sharp elements on the floor. These types are usually not very long as they are designed to fit into a tent, a sedan, or SUV. They incorporate an air pump that does not need to be connected to an outlet to work. The inflatable camping mattress can use batteries or require some manual work to inflate the mattress.
  • Standard inflatable mattress: Asides from RVing, this is the ideal type of mattress to have at home if family or friends frequently stay overnight. Their size is approximately the same as a traditional bed, so they are comfortable to sleep on. The interior contains an air bag with a height close to 30 cm together. It has a valve attached to one side that can be large or small depending on the location of your pump. Some can have a pump in its interior while others have a separate pump, as is the case with the ISWEES Air Mattress. They can be made with resistant vinyl although they are not exactly oriented to use outdoors. Some incorporate a layer of velvet while others are simpler and you’ll sleep directly on the vinyl.
  • Double height inflatable mattress: In general, it is the most comfortable type of mattress. This is because it is similar in height to the bed we have at home (including mattress and box spring), as it is around 50 cm high. This class of inflatable mattresses is the highest you can find, which allows us to get up and go to bed easily. It is made up of 2, 3, or more vinyl chambers stacked one on top of the other. It is ideal for use inside the home and convenient for even an elderly person to sleep Most have an electric valve that allows quick and easy filling of the mattress.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses help distribute sleeping weights and usually have cooling technologies. Models like the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid or the PlushBeds 8″ Cool Bliss RV Mattress have these features. When talking about memory foam mattresses we find a large number of interesting advantages to take into account.

  • They are perfect for sleeping with your partner: The materials in which memory foam mattresses are made of help absorb movements. They distribute all the weight on the surface of the mattress. This will avoid discomfort ensuring that you don’t wake up your partner with your movements.
  • They are more comfortable: Mattresses of this type provide a much more restful sleep, especially because they offer a much higher level of comfort. With these mattresses, you will be betting on having better health and a greater feeling of well-being and rest when you wake up. Also, when sleeping they allow you to overcome stress and anxiety because they are completely adaptable to the body.
  • No muscular tensions: In this way, blood circulation will be improved, directly impacting on improving health and quality of life.
  • They do not require special ventilation: These mattresses are perfect to use both on a slatted base or on an upholstered base without any inconvenience. For proper maintenance, it is recommended that the room is at a temperature between 15°C and 20°C. Also, the humidity should be 45% to 60%. Make sure that it is never exposed to the sun because this can negatively affect it.

Latex mattress

Latex is totally different from mattresses with memory foam because it immediately regains its shape. When you press down on a latex mattress and lift your hands, the mattress will immediately return to the original shape. There are mainly two types of latex mattresses. The first is the all-natural latex mattress, as you can find in the PlushBeds 8″ Eco Green Natural Latex RV Mattress. The Synthetic latex mattresses are derived from petroleum and are less expensive as latex ones made from natural rubber. However, these usually have the rubbery smell at first.

The latex mattress is ideal for people suffering from allergies. Natural latex is anti-mite. It prevents the colonization and development of mites. It’s also for sleepers looking for extreme ventilation and sustained comfort over time.

Size and how to choose the correct one

All RV mattresses can be moved from one side to the other. However, its size is what usually determines its portability. Don’t buy a mattress “above your needs.” What we mean is that if you don’t need a double mattress, it may be better to go for an individual one. It will be much more compact and easy to store.

Keep in mind that, once folded, these mattresses take up the space equivalent to a third of their size (width and length). And triple or quadruple their height (depending on the number of times they fold in on themselves). Many of them can also be used during the day as poufs or armchairs.

An RV mattress is not frequently used. It is a bed that you can take on a trip or which you can use for guests at home. With this in mind, it is important that it weighs as little as possible. As we have already mentioned, the type of foam directly influences this factor.

Not only that but the width of the foam, naturally, also determines the final weight of the mattress. A 10-centimeter mattress will weigh proportionally less than a 20-centimeter one. As a reference, know that an individual mattress of average quality and thickness weighs between 10 and 20 lbs. A double one weighs approximately twice.

Profile thickness

Another important aspect to take into account when thinking about the mattress for your van is how thick it will be. Factors such as the model of van you have or its distribution come into play again. Choose one thickness or another depending on the use.

You can have a thickness of around 5 to 13 inches. What is recommended for a bed for daily use, like the BROOKLYN BOWERY, is 10-inch thickness. Although everything will depend on the materials from which the mattress is made.

Therefore, if you choose good materials such as natural latex or hybrid foam, a thickness between 10 and 15 will provide you with ideal comfort on your mattress for your van.


Once you know the shape and measurements of the mattress for your van, you must decide on the filling. The first thing you should consider is the quality of the foam (rubber foam or high-quality foam). Then you have to decide if you prefer firmness or density. And, finally, you will have more comfort if you add a layer of viscoelastic.

If you need something different because of your type of van or distribution, you can opt for a latex mattress or a removable inflatable mattress.

Mattress cover

When we talk about a cover, we mean the fabric that goes directly over the foam. The ideal is a cover that protects the core of your mattress from stains, humidity, and other undesirable elements. You must also take into account the breathability of the materials of the mattress. Both memory foam and HR foam are non-thermal materials. This means that they are neither hot nor cold.

Therefore, it is best to use a water-repellent canvas that resists humidity and temperature changes well, as well as having good breathability.

It’s always best to choose a mattress whose cover is removable, like the Drive Medical Quick’n Easy. This is good for ease of cleaning.

Ideally, it should be a fabric that prevents dampness, liquid leaks and has a high resistance to tearing It is necessary that it adapts to the rhythm of our trips and that we can be calm about its durability.

Today in the market there are some waterproof tarps that have all these characteristics.

The choice of colors for this cover will be influenced by many factors such as the interior decoration of your van, personal tastes. It will also depend on how you’re going to use this mattress and depending on the model of van you have.


13 Best RV Mattresses - Sound Sleep at Any Place You Go

Most of these mattresses have a support that allows them to have a firmness capable of supporting up to 25 kg for each cubic meter. This indicates their durability and resistance to deformation. The problem is that many people consider that this gives a level of firmness above the medium, so they see it as very hard mattresses. However, you have to know that, with use, they soften. But since it is a travel mattress, its use is periodic, so it may take time to get used to it. Now, if you have no problem sleeping on a surface with this firmness, still, there is a solution. You can always buy mattresses with a top layer made of memory foam. This will allow them to give better comfort, adding softness, adapting to the shape of the body, and giving a feeling that the position is more natural.

If you’re a side sleeper, you can choose a model with medium firmness like the PlushBeds 6″ MobilePlush Mattress. However, if you’re a stomach sleeper, you’ll need a medium-firm mattress like the Drive Medical Quick’n Easy Mattress.


Durability goes far beyond just being able to withstand weight and shock. The density of this type of mattress allows them to bear weight, so that as the years pass, they will not deform easily. Instead, they withstand the weights and blows that they can receive during each trip. It’s good to know that natural latex or hybrid mattresses are more durable than memory foam mattresses which may sag after a few months or years of use.

Warranty and sleep trial

It is important that you pay close attention to whether the manufacturer offers a guarantee and for how long. In the case of having pets, check if the mattress warranty covers punctures in the event of an accident of this type since not all manufacturers offer it. If you opt for a model with an auto-inflation system, you should also make sure that its warranty covers engine breakdowns or similar problems. Being an electrical element, the possibility that it may fail after a short time of use is not ruled out. due to a power surge. A good warranty period to have is between 10 to 20 years as you can find with most products by Brooklyn Bedding. These periods of warranty are offered in the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora and the Brooklyn Bedding PLANK.

The sleeping trial is also important. Because mattresses are a source of sleep comfort, not every type is designed for all sleepers. So, brands let you put the mattress to test, after which you can decide to return it, have a replacement, have a refund, or continue using it.

A 100-day sleeping trial is enough for you to decide if it’s right for you.

How to maintain your RV mattress?

Most camping mattresses can be maintained easily. You can use a mild household cleaner and a cloth to remove dirt from an air mattress when it is filled and with the valve closed. Then you should rinse the mattress thoroughly again. To prevent stubborn mold from forming, you need to let the mattress dry first before you can deflate it and roll it up again.

To maintain your latex mattress and keep it in good shape, always ensure you flip it over after every 6 months. Use a removable and clean cover and do not directly expose it to sunlight. Don’t block its underside. Let it breathe. If necessary, you can make some spot-cleaning if there are stains.

For a memory foam mattress, ensure you flip it over after every 3 to 4 weeks to keep it in good shape. You can vacuum and remove stains or dirt with a sponge and mild detergent.


Not all RV mattresses are fireproof or fire-retardant. This quality requires the use of chemicals which may result in toxicity of the mattress, therefore, unhealthy. That’s why fireproof mattresses hardly get the nods of standard organizations or laboratories.

Yes, you can, but you have to be careful. You may need to change your bed and don’t want to change the mattress, so resizing is an option. To resize, you’ll need a pair of scissors and pliers each, needle or a sewing machine for the cover, thimble, strong thread, wax tape measure, sharp scalpel, and straight pins.

Whether you can use your mattress immediately after it is delivered depends on the type of material used. Latex has a good recovery rate after having retained the pressure of being packed or slept on. Meanwhile, memory foam takes time – up to 24 hours.

Our Verdict

We’ve seen 13 of the best RV mattresses on the market and here’s our verdict on which are the winners.

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is our overall best model and the Editor’s Choice. Made in the US, it has a hybrid construction. The mattress uses a combination of coils and various foam layers. On the bottom is a one-inch layer of support foam. Then, it transitions up to a 6-inch layer of pocketed coils.

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid wins our nomination for the Best Value due to its built-in technology and the quality of the material. It has cooling technologies built inside and makes you sleep cooler. Also, it has a good isolating motion for a coil bed. It does a decent job in terms of edge support and is good for hot sleepers that want a comfy foam feel.

Choose our Budget Pick, the Sleepez Latex RV Mattress if you want the best RV mattress that comes at a low price. The Sleep EZ RV mattress is made of premium latex with a profile thickness option of 6 or 9 inches. It’s not a 100% natural latex mattress. However, it’s primarily a latex mattress and it’s a flippable, dual-sided mattress. On one side, you get a softer feel and on the other side, you get a firmer feel.

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